Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motivation and Habit

Motivation is what gets
you started.
Habit is what
keeps you going.
~ Jim Ryun

Woke up.
Ate leftover brownies while standing in my kitchen doing the dishes from the night before.
My feet hurt. I walked with Si yesterday afternoon. She said she was jet lagged and would be walking slow. I didn't wear my good running shoes. She lied. My feet hurt.
Wayne is off to China.. I will soon follow.
Miss him already.
I'm not motivated to work out today, but habit is taking over. 8:30 will be here and I will get my shoes on and I will do it!


barbyb said...

You guys have a GREAT trip. . .Pat went to Korea today, and he's going to China too at the end of the week. . . everyone but moi. . .sniff. . .I'll miss you!

Si said...

Whaaaaaaaaaa. You were the one setting the pace! I'm always running to keep up with you.