Monday, October 27, 2008

Imperfect Life

We are so grateful to the Lord for keeping our Laila with us!!!

Laila is home and happy and has to "stay down" for a week, then slowly get back to school and life. I've taken her out of all of her lessons, and spoken to her teacher...etc.... She has had visitors and presents and Perlerbeads galore.
Now, I have to find quiet activities for her to do --wish me luck. Her grandmas have come by already this morning with activity books, tray puzzles, and a Halloween gingerbread house to construct.
Spending all this time with my darling girl has it's ups and downs. She is a cuddle bucket, but very bossy. She wants to watch the same DVD-- Hocus Pocus over and over and over...I'm trying to interest her in a new show.
Her head is pounding, which is to be expected, but her memory and motor skills are good--- which is such a blessing.

Being this close to Laila -- physically close--all the time, has made her look at me in a new light.
I would want her to see me as "perfect." She totally doesn't, she sees me as me.

I have a chubby lower back that amazes my Laila. She has asked me more than once, what this part of my body is called, as she pokes it over and over again with her finger, "What 's this pushy part called?" I tell her it's my back, she disagrees. "It looks more like a bum."

What surprises me most, is she is right!!

So now as I look in the mirror I realize I have 3 bums-- upper bum, bum and lower bum--the part that has slipped into my thighs.
She was this physically close as a baby and toddler but didn't have the verbal skills to comment on my body.
Now, I don't want her to see my hairy face, bulging belly or notice the other things "wrong" with me.
I know Laila is just innocently commenting-- not being mean or negative. I put the negative spin on it.
Oh, I can laugh about it...but it is interesting to note how I felt when she said this.

We are all imperfect beings with imperfect bodies having this life experience.

I'm just glad her perfect little body is on the mend.


barbyb said...

Hahahaha. . .and reminds me of when Gretch was little and saw my ginormous pregnant-with-PJ tummy, unclothed, stopped dead, and said in amazement, "Is that YOURS??"

barbyb said...

(oh, and my 'hahahaha' wasn't laughing AT you (well, it was laughing at your writing style, as usual) but it was laughing WITH you. At with happiness that everything is GOOD!)

The Bentley Family said...

Oh man. I think I may have just wet my pants laughing. I love your 3 bum analogy. That is classic. A comedian would love to steal that and make some money of it I'm sure. You gotta love kids and their honesty!