Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Comments

Although you don't see many comments on my blog-- I do have a few people email me their thoughts and feelings on my constant weight ramblings and some that just call me on the phone, or stop me at church or the store. I appreciate knowing someone is out there.

One thing I get comments on a lot, is the ugly feet standing on the scale on my blog. Please, I already told you they aren't mine. Evidently they are so ugly it's hard for some to concentrate on my eloquence. They get side tracked and have feelings of disgust over whelm them and have to go to a different blog to recuperate.

So , I'm searching for a new picture. I've yet to find something that catches my attention. When I do you'll be the first to see.

I get friends telling me they are glad I'm doing this, that they relate or laugh. I also get sugar addiction comments and some emails that say how witty I am. Well, thanks (now I'm blushing) and I can't help you with your sugar traumas because I have enough problems of my own!!
Just Kidding.
It's good to know we are all in this together.

But enough about me....oh wait, this is about me.

Any way thanks for reading my rants. It's good to know I have a small audience, because I'm always better when someone is


Peggy said...

I read you everyday-love the honesty, love the laughs and motivation. Yes, the feet need to go. How about cartoons, jokes, before and after pictures of you, etc!

barbyb said...

I FINALLY just went to this fabuloso blog. Why, oh why am I such a procrastinator?? The GOOD thing is that I got to read all of this in one sitting, and sit here laughing all the while, making the guy laying my laundry room floor have serious questions about me now. Wait--maybe that's a BAD thing. ANYhoo--this is the pertinent thing: the other day, Melinda and Peggy, as I was sitting on my large rear in my car in the garage, I saw two very slender women walking down the street towards me. (That's what I thought, "who are those very slender women?") Guess who? YOU TWO!! Does reading your blog erase chub?

benji2u said...

Ok Melinda, you are a literary's official. I'm so glad my mom sent me the link to your blog because it's hilarious. If you haven't already, you should seriously consider sending all these off to a newspaper, because you should have your own column!
Your fan in Taiwan,

barbyb said...

HI M! Its your favorite pupil Annaliese-- I love your blog it is hilarious