Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thoughts about Thanksgiving....

I loved all of the pie parties..... Pie equals Love to I was filled with love and pie all night.  Si and Marcie are both amazing cooks and their homes were filled with laughter and treats!  I love Si's Apple Cranberry pie so much.  It's a lot like rhubarb, kind of tart and the color is perfectly pink.   Marcie does a bread pudding that's to die for....infact Bob Farley says it tastes like what the highest degree of glory in the celestial kingdom would taste like, if it had a taste.  Leave it to Bob to think of something like that.

There were so many pie parties across the country that my mom started..... she was the pioneer in the 70's and I know of 6 that happened last night in honor of her.

Confession:  I cried making the pie crusts for the banana cream pies.  Mom always made my crusts and I only had to fill them. I cried thinking about it for days ahead and cried while doing it....   that's kind of what I do now, I cry before the holiday, missing my mom so much,  and then on the day of I'm fine.

Now that another awesome Thanksgiving has come to an end.....I want to discuss something.
It seems that EVERYONE's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving...which is really awesome, but a little bit sad to me.
I get that Thanksgiving is all about family and being thankful and food and just hanging out and being together and I love all of this.
The part I really don't like about this weekend is "Black Friday."  I want the Friday after Thanksgiving to be "Family Friday" instead.   I think it's a tragedy that stores are now open ON Thanksgiving so we all can get a jump on the big sales.....for the next holiday, which isn't everyone's favorite holiday anymore.  So I'm not participating with the shopping crazed millions.  I will be home listening to Christmas music, decorating and being with my fam.  I'm trying to get the "Things and Stuff" part out of Christmas anyway.

Why isn't Christmas THE favorite holiday of all holidays?  What happened?  Did Satan win? Shouldn't Christmas be all about family and being thankful and good food....and Christ?  The only thing added to Christmas that Thanksgiving is missing is the Christ element.

Anyway...I've been thinking a lot about this lately.
Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but I want to love Christmas even more.....

Top ten turkey day

1,  Laughing with family
2.  Watching Macy's parade and the Broadway shows 
3.  Popcorn and drink at movie
4.  Going to a movie together.. cute.
5.  Playing puzzles in honor of Momma Sheri 

6. Turkey and so much more.  So many cooks in the kitchen and it was all good
7. Filling in the thankful journal each year 
8.  Going around table and saying what we are grateful for
9. After turkey naps
10. Looking forward to the "afterglow" on Friday where we do it all over again.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Shower for Bre and Baby

 We celebrated Bre and Baby Welch while Bre was here for one quick weekend for her best friend's wedding.  It was so great to be together and see her growing baby belly...and have a little "feel."  It was Tru's first time touching a pregnant belly and he was pretty squeamish.  It was funny.  We face timed Addison in and just enjoyed food, family and friends.   Bre was spoiled and was so appreciative and a bit overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  The next time we see her and Addison they will be parents.  I can't believe my baby boy Addison is going to have his own baby boy.  
Landon, Laura, Alex
Sister Love.... Bre and Laila
Savannah, Grandma Welch... 
Bre and Tru
Bre and Grandpa Lyle....  Dad loves how Bre says his she does it a lot
Oh Boy....Oh Boy.....
Checking out the baby bump

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Laila's Alphabet thank you

I didn't know Laila was making up an Alphabet grateful list of her own...but I found it in her school books and wanted to share.

I am thankful for.......
Art that has been made by my mother
Books that transport me into extravagant places
Caramel apples that can extinguish the lack of tastiness
Dynamic Dads watching over us with bundles of love
Extremely magnificent parents
Friends and family that are always there for me
Grandparents that give everybody unconditional love
Holidays filling our hearts with excitement
Ice cream cooling us off on a hot summer day
Jolly ranchers with sweet aroma while the sugar is slowly melting in your mouth
Kids running with energy
Laughter filling my ears with joy
Mother comforting me with times get tough
Nutella spread all over my bread
Open arms welcoming me home
Pointe shoes making you dance around the room with pride
Roller coasters
Telephones that allow me to keep in contact with my friends
Upcoming baby
Valley View or Vacations
X-tremely awesome parents
Yellow because it's my mom's favorite color
Zzzzzz softly humming in your sleep

I think she's trying to soften me up for Christmas gifts.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sheri Thanksgiving 2011/2012

I have a Thankful journal that I get out every Thanksgiving and pass around for anyone who wants to write in it what they are grateful for.  It's a treasure.  I came across my mom's from past years and want to share.  It's in her difficult to read, pointy handwriting that she disliked so much.  It was painful for her to write this in the middle of her chemo treatments.

There is not enough paper nor time to write all I am thankful for.  So I will be selective and brief:
1. Priesthood blessings that brings comfort and hope
2. Family--and all it brings--
3. My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. My knowledge that Heavenly Father knows me by name and loves me
5. This beautiful world we have been given to live in
6.  I'm grateful my sweet Lyle is here to comfort me through this "bump" in the road
7. I'm grateful I can still see as good as I can
8. I'm grateful for America and that I live here.
These are just a few.

I am grateful to be on this side of the veil.
I am grateful my family loves each other enough to play, worship and vacation together.
I am grateful for the people who pioneered chemo.
I love Heavenly Father and Jesus and I am grateful they watch over me and give me hugs.
I am grateful my sweetheart is still with me.
I am grateful for the gospel in my life.
I am Thankful!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Oct 13, 1996
The Welches were driving back from their cabin and passed a herd of cows.  Most of the cows were lying down, but there were two standing facing the others.  Truman said, "Hmmmm... looks like those cows are having a meeting."  

Addison was having a conversation with his Welch cousins about going bald.  They said that they didn't have to worry about it because hair came through the mother's line and Grandpa Welch had a full head of hair.  Addison turned to his mom and asked who he would get his hair from.  When he was told Grandpa Lyle, Addison groaned and said, "Oh no...he is mostly bald already."  

Melinda said that she was watching Monson while driving in the car.  He was glancing in the side mirror  very preoccupied with something.  He was smiling and moving his face like he was posing.  She asked him what he was doing.  He told her... "I'm just thinking how cool I am.   I was born cool."  No self esteem problems there.
Christmas 1996

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Old songs

I love old songs.

I love to sing You are my Sunshine.   It's fun to clap and sing parts with.  It's such a happy song and always reminds me of my Addison....shine.

I have been learning Tonight You Belong to Me  to sing with Truman and anyone else who will sing it with me.  It's awesome to harmonize.

When I was little sitting in the back of the station wagon,  I loved when  my mom and dad would sing old songs all of the way home. I felt safe and comforted by the sound of their voices. All was right with my world.  They would croon  Carolina Moon, Blue Moon, A You're adorable, Let me call you Sweetheart, Show me the way to go home, God gave the Wisemen their wisdom.... (I really don't know the title to this, but I loved how they would sing it.)

We don't travel and sing so much anymore...too much technology keeping everyone happy. It's a shame really.

This little song clip is from last October.... It's a gem.   I love how dad starts to cry...and Mom tells him to stop.... so good to hear them singing together.  She had such a mellow alto voice.  Love it.  Miss it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Alphabetical thankyou

I'm thankful for All my sons.  They are good, loving, handsome men.
I'm thankful for Big hearts that show and give love...and are inclusive.
I'm thankful for Cute Laila.  She is growing up. She has a darling giggle.  She is a fabulous writer.
I'm thankful for Delicious food...especially the sugar and butter kind.
I'm thankful for Feelings.  I've cried a lot lately...but it makes the happy times so much better too.
I'm thankful for God.  I know he lives and loves me
I'm thankful for Holidays that allow us all to get out of the routine and to gather with family and friends.
I'm thankful for Ideas that grow as I paint, if I just get out of my own way good things start to happen.
I'm thankful for Jobs. It's good to have something to get out of bed and do. 
I'm thankful for Kindnesses shown these past months while I am grieving the loss of my sweet momma.
I'm thankful for Ladies who lunch with me.... it keeps me sane 
I'm thankful for My Wayne.  He is my joy, my rock, my sweetheart...I can't believe how lucky I am.
I'm thankful for New stuff in my house....paint, couches, closet, windows,'s nice
I'm thankful for Ordinary people...who go around doing daily things.....
I'm thankful for Pie!
I'm thankful for Questions  
I'm thankful for Righteous parents.  So glad Dad is still with us...and Wanee is just the best!
I'm thankful for Sweet Bre.  She is going to make a marvelous mom.  She is perfect for Addison
I'm thankful for Theatre. Can't wait for "5 Carols for Christmas" to open this December.
I'm thankful for U (you)
I'm thankful for Various technologies that I use every, computer, ipad
I'm thankful for Wonderful extended family.  I'm glad we get to go through this life together.
I'm thankful for X-citing new year plans. Monson coming home from mission and a new grandbaby
I'm thankful for Yelocar.  I love driving around in comfort and singing my guts out to xm radio
I'm thankful for Zzzzzz's.  I love my sleep

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Sept 9, 1996
Landon is playing soccer.  Every time he gets hit he looks over to his parents like..."They hit me. What are you going to do about it?"  But he is the team cheer leader while playing, of course.  He gets every one excited and ready to play.  Truman also plays soccer and is probably the best player of the bunch.  He thinks that the soccer ball is his and he is out to protect it at all cost.

 Then there is Monson.  His new thing is....if he is playing on the computer and things aren't going his way he yells, "There is trouble in this room...There's trouble in this room!"  If he is in the bath room and needs help he yells, "There is trouble in this room."  If he finds himself in any kind of stress he yells the same thing.
Monson has the greatest freckles on his face.  They look like they were put on special by a Hollywood make up artist.  His mother kept telling him that they weren't freckles but Angel kisses.  He kept saying, " yuck."  Well yesterday she told him that he had the  neatest freckles and he looked at her and very disgusted said, "Mom an Angel kissed me...don't you remember?"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Latest painting

I'm going to clear my make shift paint studio out of my basement and use mom's beautifully well lit studio instead. Dad invited me to. It will be good. I will channel all of her creative energy and hopefully make some great stuff. 

This is my latest. Laila loves it and wants it in her room. It's called "rolling Waves".  It's a big 48x 36 canvas 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Family Flashback

Aug. 5, 1996
Marcie and Melinda were trying to teach the kids how to do a "real" dive off of the board. All of the kids were doing quite well.   Landon was having a hard time getting the courage to go off of the board in a regular diving position.  Finally Melinda told him that if he would dive she would give him five dollars.  Well he was off the board in nothing flat.  Next came Megan.  She stood on the end of the board for at least five full minutes, in diving position and not moving.  Nothing any one would say would get her off of the board.  Finally Landon succeeded in getting her off by yelling, "Megan, go off! Think of the money.  Think of the money."

Monson made a great observation as he was watching all of the swimmers.  He said, "Mom, I get it.  Boys have chests and girls have swimming suits."
Monson always wears his underpants backwards.  "So I can see the pictures."
He has a very picturesque scene of Batman and Power Rangers etc... He won't let you change them around.  It's that way or naked.

Saturday was Landon's baptism day.  We were sitting in the chapel and the kids and their dads all walked in in their white baptism clothes  Monson looked at them and said, "Hey, there's the Holy Ghost!"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The party's over....

Our long looked forward to, Florida time has come to an end. We loved being with Add and Bre so much.  Micky and Alex Larsen joined us as well.
Wayne had a good time "spoiling" the kids with things and stuff, food and dinners. 
We went through the animal kingdom and saw the Nemo show and did the Everest roller coaster. We got to hang out in Hollywood and experience the 50's Prime Time cafe with pot roast, shakes and s'mores. The magic kingdom was magical. We got to eat at the new Beauty and Beast restaurant with the Beast. It's booked 6 years out but Bre worked her magic. 
 It was fun to see Addison's work and experience the shows and parades so we get a better understanding of what he does.  He really likes it.  He is in parades as all of the tall characters.  This week Woody
And Goofy
  He does amazing puppetry at Disney jr and as Sebastian in the Mermaid show. He runs around as Beast in the stage show.  

He and Bre continue to try out for other opportunities in the park. 
This is the MI SI CI parade.... Move it. Shake it. Celebrate it.  He practiced this parade over and over in a parking lot at 4 in the morning.  Good thing he likes to dance. 

Bre loved life as Ariel but is so happy to be pregnant. We got to feel baby Welch kick and move. It's very exciting. She is going to be a darling mama 

We got to see the  beginning of Christmas in the park.  So pretty. I only cried a little thinking of my sweet momma and how she soooo wanted to be here. She would be pleased at what Add and Bre are doing-- having an adventure   

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ahhhhh the beach

We made it to Orlando. Oh happy day. Addison and Bre have spent condo time with us and the best part so far is sitting with Bre and feeling the baby move and kick.

We went to church on a most perfect sunny Sunday then headed out to sit on a beach. We are good beach sitters thanks to years of Bear Lake training. We took long walks. Watched pelicans and herons dive into the water and squished our feet down into the sand with all of the other shell creatures that like to burrow. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Family Flashback

June 2, 1996
Monson was sitting with the neighbors at church today for fast Sunday.  The next thing they know the neighbor boy is taking him up to the stand to bear his testimony.  Melinda and Wayne about died. There were others waiting to talk and so Monson had time to wave and say Hi and make faces to everyone in the audience while he sat on the stand.  When it was finally his turn he stood up, smiled and said, "Look I'm talking up here."  Then he would ask the neighbor boy what to say next.  Needless to say he was a "hit" with everyone except his parents.