Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Laila and Les Mis

Laila loves Les Miserables at the high school. She has seen all 10 performances and would see more. She loves the whole highschool experience, the kids, the rehearsals, the shows. She is a drama geek already and I love it.....YEAH!

Truman plays Marius and Monson plays 5 various parts-- (convict, thief, tavern boy,wedding guest and alternate Jean Val Jean muppet character-- don't ask) so she has brothers to watch on stage, but beyond that, she really likes this dramatic show and loves the music. She is always singing random bits and pieces of it: Lovely Ladies, Empty Chairs, Do You Hear the people Sing? Every time the show ends with , "to love another person is to see the face of God," she cries.

This show has been the perfect baby sitter for us. I've seen the show a number of times, but I just can't be there every night. So..... I drop Laila off at BHS before 7:00 with a dollar in hand. She goes back stage and wishes the actors luck, sits on the front row, on the side, so she can give the actors high fives as they come off stage in the blackouts. At intermission she buys and eats half of a Snickers bar. She claps hard and laughs in all of the right places. When Les Mis is over she hugs all of her actor friends.
I pick her up at 9:30.
She then hands over to me what's left of her Snickers and I eat the other half.

It's the perfect arrangement.

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barbyb said...

a. AWESOME new side photos, or whatever-it-is you call them (where the feet on the scale used to be).
b. ADORABLE story about adorable Laila, the theatre mouse. (I so wish Annaliese loved to see theatre that much. . . .I have to DRAG her to performances. . . .I don't think she'll be following in certain siblings' footsteps, as Miss Laila obviously will be)---love the Snickers story, too.