Saturday, October 11, 2008

Parents and Pastries

I boycotted parents and pastries this year at our local elementary school.

I didn't want to go down to the school in my mismatched sweat suit with non combed hair, with glasses and my "boy" face on. I didn't want to be enticed with the smell of sweet rolls wafting my way while I tried to concentrate on what Laila was reading to me. I just said had to say NO.
I let Laila sleep in and drove her to school right at the last minute so she wouldn't know of my evil plan. She'll probably come home to day complaining about our missed carb opportunity. OH well.

I loved when the school just had Dads and Doughnuts-- now that's a good plan. Dad's can roll out of bed, put on a baseball cap and they are ready to be seen. They don't care about their weight and can afford a few extra carbs in the wee hours of the morning.

Mom's and Muffins was another morning my school tried. Bad idea! I try to eat protein in the morning, whether I want to or not...I can't be eating doughnuts and muffins and sweetrolls before noon....I'm good every day, atleast until noon...Then I only have a half a day of eating poorly left. IF I begin this sweet carb eating at eight, my day is all down hill from there.

Maybe if they called this Parents and Pastries and Pathetic attire-- I would go. I mean the thought of sweet treats that I didn't have to make, is exciting. But what to wear? There's always the outside of the home, working moms who are dressed and make-up'd and ready for their day. Then there are the mom's who actually got up an hour earlier for this event and showered and dressed and are looking all perky and cute. Then there is me....groggy, grumpy and gross shoving doughnuts in my mouth trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Not a good thing.

I know I shouldn't be so vain....but I am what I am...
I know you are thinking...isn't this about education and bonding in a school activity with your child? oh, yeah right.

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