Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lagoon a Beach

Review of Lagoon a Beach or as I now  call it  
So many bodies...too little suits.

This was my first experience at Lagoon a Beach.  Actually,   I think I went one time when Tru and Mons were little guys...but either I blanked it out because it was such a wonderful experience, or I have "over 40" amnesia......but this felt like my first time.  It reminded me of a hymn....."I stand all amazed!"

I am constantly surprised at anyone wearing a teeny little string bikini out in public...I'm even more shocked by the weird body shapes and sizes that wear bikinis.  Don't they have a mirror? Don't they know people are looking at them?   I spotted disaster after disaster.   So many "befores"  and so few "afters."

So many tattooed bodies.  I really don't see the allure in this body painting.....permanently.  I saw tramp stamp after tramp stamp.  Big bellies and shoulders filled with ink.  My friend Annett assured me that on Sunday it's  even worse!

I stood in long lines holding my tube in the hot sun for a little thrill on a short water slide.

I wandered around trying to stake out a spot for the day...and found chair after chair holding only a towel or a shoe ..... no people.  Those towels were getting star treatment, while I almost had  to settle for sitting on the concrete.  

I did enjoy my large Diet Coke...and being with Laila and her cousins and my friends.  This small group was great.  I sat hour after hour and had to forget about all of the things I "should" be doing and I had to remind myself  that this was (quality)  time with  my Laila.

I have bought into the Lagoon Experience this season......I will go and learn to enjoy.  Today, I only tolerate Lagoon...but Laila LOVES IT!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer time

All right...another Summer weekend over and I can't believe we have July 4th coming up.  How come summer "time" moves so quickly and winter "time" takes forever?

Ou weekend was awesome!!!
  We ( Landon, Monson, Laila, Wayne, Grandma Welch, G-ma Sheri, G-pa Lyle, the Wangsgaard family  and I)  had a great time in Yellowstone with Addison.  We saw two of his three shows...and it was so great to see him be the romantic leading man with a New York accent, the nerdy Principal and the Marlboro cowboy all within 24 hours.   
We went into Yellowstone in search of Bears...saw none.  We did see a lot of Buffalo/Bison though.... but if Wayne happens to show you a picture on his phone of a Bear- it's just one he down loaded off of the internet, not one that he actually took in the park.  He was trying to trick Just Linda. 
We waited for Old Faith-a-lot--- and were not disappointed in that natural phenomeon.  We hiked down to the lower falls to see the amazing rainbows.  We bought cowboy hats and jackets and ate a lot of FOOD!  It was a quick trip... 3 days, but one I hope my kids remember with fondness.  The grandparents told many old stories about their lives, and it was so great to have us all together.

We are still doing Grandpa's Boot camp three days a week.... It's working out well.  Now if I would just stop going to my Mess tent, aka kitchen, and eating like a soldier all day long.... I would be doing better weight wise.  

Truman had a riot in Cali with 7 of his friends this past week. He fell asleep on the beach and got totally fire engine red burned on his belly.  Tru is so brown he  actually looks like Laila's brother fer reals.  
 I asked him if he did anything "stupid" while on this trip and he said , "No."  Then as stories unfold I hear about them "catching fish with their bare hands and throwing them on Kimball because he hates fish."  I find out about them "boogey boarding at 2 in the morning.  It was awesome and so dark you couldn't even tell if a wave was coming until it hit you. "  I hear about going into "the Exit lines on all of the rides at Six Flags,  and being  able to do the whole park in only  8 hours"   He also decides to "drive home all night from 10pm on Saturday in Cali to our home in Utah-- and I wasn't even very tired til we hit Provo"....   
All of these things I later inform Tru fall under the category of "stupid."  Obviously what he thinks is stupid and what I think is stupid are two different things.    I am just glad he returned safe and sound...and Master P-- did great as well.   

Now...on to another weekend...it will be FUN and much too Fast!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1.  I'm thankful to be heading off to West Yellowstone!!!  We are taking the grandparents, and 3 kids, ( a full Expedition for sure)  to see Addison's shows.  We are going up with Just Linda's family too, so it will be a ton of fun.  Between, Old-Faith-a-lot, Bison, a crowded vehicle, a shared bathroom and Musical Theatre......well it just doesn't get much better than this!
2.  I'm thankful for SUN!!!  I got burned the first day in the sun at Grandma's pool-- I'm blaming it on old sunscreen, but it could have been too much time in the sun as well. I've learned my lesson, and I will lotion up the rest of the summer!
3.  I'm thankful for my Grandma Butters.  I know I've mentioned my thankfulness before....but she is doing GREAT! Grandma was on "death's door" this past Spring.  Now, she is up and happy with her makeup on and dressed every day. She walks around her house, comes out by the pool and  visits, she goes to family weddings and gets her hair done still.  She is amazing.  I'm so glad Summer and sun is here for my Grandma...it makes a big difference in her life.
4.  I'm thankful for FISH...we have had it the last 4 dinners., and probably again tonight.  I'm learning many different ways to fix it and serve it.  It's fun to try new recipes and  have Wayne at the grill doing his "thing."    
5.  I'm thankful for health and strength.  We have had a great time at Grandpa's boot camp.  It's great to get out of bed and get moving.  IT's great to catch up on the day to day "stuff" that makes a life.  It's great to be walking with my momma.   I'm so grateful my dad had his "vision."
6.  I'm thankful for Marie Callendar's pie sale.  I haven't bought any pies this month, but I'm thankful that  it's going on.  I love PIE!
7.  I'm thankful Laila has cousins and friends to play with this summer.  We were going over all of the fun stuff she gets to do this summer.  Swim,  Lagoon, sleep overs, popsicles, park dates, movies, theatre camp,  tramps, yellowstone, bear lake....the list goes on and on.  Laila piped up, "I have the best life.....it would only be better if I had a Limo and I was famous!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lagoon-that's what fun is?

This is mine and Laila's Lagoon summer.
My friend/cohort in crime - Annett convinced me/pulled my arm behind my back - to buy two season passes this summer. Laila and I share in this sweaty, amusement park activity with Annett and her son Max. She said I would like it better if I took Lagoon a few hours at a time, instead of one 13 hour- this- is -costing- me- an- arm- and- a- leg- and- we- will- eek-every-minute -of- fun-out-of it - day.
We'll see.
We have been three times already...the pass is paid for...so now it's just fun.
Lagoon is what fun is, after all.

Last week, on our way out to Lagoon, Annett and I stopped for 32 oz of diet coke, so we could make it through our bonding with the kids day. I buckled on my fanny pack - an amusement park necessity as far as I'm concerned...and an attractive fashion accessory, and placed my big glass of DC in the drink holder in the fanny pack.

Our first ride was the Spider.
I had never been on the Spider before and didn't really know what to expect.
As I sat in my spider seat, I thought, "hmmmm? Maybe I should hand this cup to the attendant of the ride. " That thought quickly left my mind, as the 16 year old checked my bar, but didn't seem to care that I was taking a drink on this ride.
"I'm sure it will be fine," I thought. "After all, it has a lid on it."
We started up the first hill...my body slid to the side of the car...the cup squished...the lid popped open and soda was pouring down my backside into my seat. I was shocked and grabbed the cup out of the holder. Immediately the ride began to get wild...and with one hand bobbling my DC-- and the other holding on for dear life, it was like riding a bucking bronco.
This is a jerky,wild mouse type of ride, but with twists and turns.
Sometimes you are riding backwards, sometimes front. It just spins and slides and goes up and down hills.
Pop was flying.
The lid and straw went one way.... my body and arm the other.
Pop was splashing on my face...down the front of my shirt. Everyone with in any proximity of my spider car was getting soda flung on them.
Laila was laughing hysterically.
I had pop everywhere. Completely down one side of my body...front and back.
I got off the Spider soaking wet , holding my almost empty cup of soda like a trophy......really! I took my last, little, prized swig and threw the cup away.
Try dumping a 32 oz cup on your head and body and see how much liquid that truly is.
I looked as if I had just come off of Rattle Snake Rapids. (a real water ride)
I had to laugh.
A stranger even stopped and asked me if "the Spider is a water ride?"
I still don't know if I like this ride or not.
I was so concentrated on not spilling my DC...that I missed the fun part.

I'll go back for more punishment next week...Lagoona Beach. I'll be sitting around in a swimming suit with hundreds of strangers. That's what fun is!!!?
THANKS Annett!

Live imperfectly with great delight

I have an awesome friend....Laura...She is the best!!!!
She is going through "stuff" right now with her hubbie's health...but she is always thinking of others....that's her way.
I love her.
She sent me this card...I had to share it.
Have an imperfect day!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

50 Years

We are celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary this month. It was official on the 9th, but we partied on the 20th.
We partied like it was .... 1959!
50 years...that's a really long time to be together, especially in this day and age.
I have been frantically gathering pictures and putting together a memory book of the last 50 years to present to them. I had my parents write a few things down for what happened during each of the 50 years. It's so interesting. It all comes down to jobs, church callings, vacations, babies born, weddings...basically, it all comes down to FAMILY. That's what makes a life.

Try this same exercise and you will see...that's what you write down.

It was awesome to be all together and inspiring to see my parent's love for each other. They really are equally yoked...and when one yings the other yangs.
She is the cream in his cocoa.
He is the cherry in her pie....
You get the idea.

I feel blessed to live so close to them and to be so involved in their lives. My kids love it too. My parents are wonderful supporters of grandkid shows, activities, sports events....you name it...they attend it.
My two older boys definitely think they are my mom's favorite grandchild-- they love to talk and do art projects. My younger two boys believe they are my dad's favorite--interested in sports and funny stories. (Laila knows she is everyone's favorite.) I love that they think this. It shows that my parents are interested and concerned about their grandkid's lives.
They deliver hugs and kisses when we show up at their home and 3 kisses when we leave...this stands for

We sat around at the Anniversary dinner and did an exercise with the letters in my parents names. Here's some of what we came up with.
L : loves the Lord
Y: youthful, or yodeler
L: likes naps
E : example of goodness

S: Stunning beauty
H: humorous...loves to laugh (Liz actually voted for Horny on this one, afterall, they had 5 kids.)
E: eating....loves to eat...food is love... a great cook
R: righteous ...sprititual
I: inclusive...everyone is invited and everyone is loved

I'm always honored to say "I'm Lyle and Sheri's daughter." Only good things and sweet comments come from this declaration.
"Oh your mom is so talented, so beautiful, so giving"...or...."you have the nicest dad, he lifts everyone."
It's awesome to be so close to this "greatness."

I hope to be with my Wayne for 50 years and beyond.....
It does feel sometimes, as if I married my dad. Before you think..."oooh...gross"... what I mean is, Wayne is peaceful, and nice and spiritual...just like my dad.

My parents are a great example of enduring love.....
Old love definitely is beautiful!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

"May laughter fill your home, relieve your stress, and strengthen your friendships. Do not let a day go by without laughing; it is good for your health."
~Catherine Pulsifer, from Seven Gifts To Give To A Friend

1.  I'm thankful for rain?  I haven't had to turn on my sprinklers, but I have had to remember to water my dying pots.  I'm trying to laugh through, yet again....a rainy day.  We have had a Lagoona Beach day planned all week....and now this!?  We are going to Lagoon, anyway,  to ride some rides, get some germs, and  grow a head ache...you know the routine.

2.  I'm thankful for ginger cream cookies.   I made some yesterday to get me out of  my funk.  These are a Grandma Butters  family recipe.  It's a soft, frosted gingerbread cookie....my kids LOVE THEM!  I took one up to grandma for her dinner/dessert and she raved about them.  

3.  I'm thankful my Wayne made it home from Alaska safe and not too fish-smelly.    He brought me a freezer full of fish. Too much for us to eat; we'll have to share with friends and family. He didn't shave while he was gone.  He came home a mountain man...it was cute, or should I say gruff.... I like it!  

4.  I'm thankful for Laila prayers.   She is so sweet.  I want to share some of her last night prayer.    She asked Heavenly Father to "bless everyone in the whole wide world even the people that do bad stuff.... and bless my brother Landon that he will get the money that he needs and not have so many hard knocks."     Laila is at that stage where her ears just tune into every  inappropriate conversation that is going on around her; then she asks me what does that mean, or this mean, or what are they talking about?  Laila is especially worried about what she hears on the news-- or what her brothers talk about.  I have to be more aware and change the channel--stop the brothers.  I have started to tell her that life is rated PG 13-- and I need to protect my sweet 7 year old.   It really is different having a child in an adult household.

5.  I'm thankful

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Fish

I like fish.
It's a good thing I do, because Wayne caught a 60 pound Halibut.
He's having a great time in Alaska. I'm missing him desperately, but he's checking one thing off of his bucket list.
The fish is bigger than Laila.....
He got it all filleted out and flash frozen, then fed exed to our home.
It comes out at about $85.00 a pound. What a deal!?!
He's still fishing...and hoping to bring home a lot of king Salmon as well.
I'm hoping he just comes home in one piece and is warming my bed tonight!!

30 pound King Salmon

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grandpa Camp

My dad is so great!!!
He takes his job as patriarch of our family seriously.
He is worried about his grandkids. He's worried about them not being able to find summer jobs. He's worried about them sleeping their day away. He's worried that they don't have any fun money to spend with their friends on movies and such. He's worried about their health and fitness. He's worried about mental health issues too, like depression.
He's worried......
He's doing something about this worry.
He had a "vision" and came up with a "save my family" plan. He has all of the grandkids who don't have jobs coming to his home three days a week and working out at Grandpa's bootcamp. We ( I help them) do weights and exercises and then walk/run around the track. We go for about an hour and a half. Dad pays the grandkids for getting to this Boot camp on time, working out hard and not whining.
He's so cute.
The kids were thrilled with this deal.
They love their grandpa and they love $.
This is a family summer activity for the memory books, that's for sure.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Running away to a matinee movie today with my Laila, was CRAZY!

What's that saying..." the best laid plans of mice and men.....?"

We, Heather, Laila and I, left plenty early for our 1:45 date with Landon  to see the movie, "Up."
I had to drop by the bank first...no problem.  It will just take a few minutes.
I noticed 5th south was packed with cars, so after the bank I headed to 4th north hoping to avoid the traffic.  I soon found out why 5th was packed....4th is closed.  A large U turn, and I was back  in the 5th south mess.  After waiting through two lights, and moving forward only  a few yards, I ditched the line, and went down through a shopping center parking lot.  I tried to get back into the "getting on the freeway line"  No luck.  I went down to West Bountiful, flipped a u-ey and got on the freeway coming from the west instead.  This whole escapade had eaten up 15 minutes.  Now, I'm on the freeway and much to my dismay...orange cones, and lane closures.  
Summer in Utah = road work and road closures!

10 extra minutes.

We crawled at a snails pace to 600 North in SLC...and finally I was able to hit the gas and go as fast as prudently possible..."seatbelts everyone"... to the freeway exit.  We waited through more red lights, and finally pulled into the gateway parking with only 7 minutes before movie time. 
I'm starting to stress. 
I love previews, and we still had to pick up tickets, buy treats and PARK.
No parking spots.....
Everyone was having the same run -away -to -the -movie idea as me.
We parked in the basement and waited for the elevator.  Finally gave up on that idea after about 30 seconds.  We raced for the escalator.  Escalator 1 and 2 worked great.  Escalator 3 was broken.  We hiked up the stairs quickly.  Too quickly.  I caught my sandal and went down hard.  I sliced open my big toe...blood is starting to show....but I have a movie to catch...so, "I'm fine....no it's just a little scratch" I bravely tell Laila.
Tickets purchased.
Tickets for the wrong show came out of the machine...
I had to wait in a line now and explain about the wrong tickets and the tickets I wanted..blah, blah..
2 minutes left.
Popcorn and drinks ordered..
I look down at my foot-- I have blood streaming out of my sandal and on to the floor.  Gasp.  I know if I really take the time to look at it, I won't be going to the movie anytime soon...what's 2 hours of blood-letting  anyway?
  I shove napkins under my toe and hobble into the theatre just as the first preview is showing...  I put my foot up on the seat  in front of me and try not to look at the blood soaked, wad of napkins.  
I love a "relaxing" afternoon  movie.

Now for my movie review....
UP--  is sweet and sad and funny and did I say sweet?  I loved the look of the animation.  The story was great.  I cried, and cried and laughed and cried and laughed some more. I loved it.  I want to see it again, without a bleeding toe.
Hey,   Maybe that's why I was crying?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


1. I'm thankful my scale was the same this week on Wednesday weigh-in , as it was last week. Atleast it wasn't higher.

2. I'm thankful my sis-in-law Wendi and husband, Bret and kids are all here from Washington State. It's so great to have the little cousins together playing and laughing and planning sleepovers. We miss having this wonderful family around.

3. I'm thankful my neice, Nicole got married yesterday. It was a tender, teary, rainy day for all involved. Nicole is such a pure spirit. She would never say or even think a bad word, or a bad thought about any body. She is an angel. She desperately wanted a garden reception-- so last night, during a heavy one hour rain storm she was determined to be happy and cordial and not let the pouring rain dampen her spirits. The large yard canopies and umbrellas helped, but it was still a muddy mess.

4. I'm thankful for my dog groomer and my clean, silky puppy who's sitting on my lap licking me as I type.

5. I'm thankful for my friend Annett who generously took Laila with her family on a little vacation to Bear Lake. She is a glutton for punishment-- and spent too many rainy days in the condo with 2 - seven year olds, going crazy.

6. I'm thankful for my bro-in-law Clark and his slip of the tongue. We were talking about security measures being taken for different ways to get into the Temple. Clark meant to say "Retinal scanners" and it came out "rectal scanners." I'm still chuckling at the visual-- man, it was a good laugh for all involved.

7. I'm thankful for my Addison. He has given me some good chuckles this week as well. He had an infected cyst in a "private spot" that required going to a clinic in West Yellowstone. A female clinician looked at it, then a heavy duty antibiotic was prescribed for the infection. Later, this same girl came and watched him in FOOTLOOSE, and cheered for him and told him how great he was! -- He was so embarrassed. His exact quote. "She had a pre-show before the show!"

8. I'm thankful that my friend Bob has sink skills....in particular faucet know how. He got my new faucet in quickly and with out any muttering under his breath or swearing.....I was impressed.

9. I'm thankful.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

random ramblings


The All Night Party at Bountiful High for the graduates is such a good thing. I'm always amazed at all of the fun things that are planned, and all of the food. It was awesome to be chaperoning til 4 in the morning. When I left, the party was still going strong. I couldn't believe it. The activities were great-- Sound system and a DJ, blow up slides and obstacle course, tramp basketball, board games, video games, give aways, a money grab booth, love sacs, massages, manicures, hair cuts, a climbing wall......WOW-- so much to do. So much food to eat.
There was Chipotle, Costa Vida, Chiles, Marie Callendar Pies, Pizza, a Chocolate fountain, baked goods, candy, snow cones, ice cream, popcorn, hamburgers and hot dogs, then at 5 the breakfast food was brought out...bagels and doughnuts, and muffins and juice, oh my....sooooo much food was left over. It really is an embarrassment in abundance.
It's great to have a place for all of the seniors to gather and be together and enjoy their shared school memories.


Laila is gone with a neighbor family to Bear Lake til Thursday. It's so weird not having little sis around. Usually when I'm not here, she's not here. But I'm here...and it's really odd. I slept in til 9 and didn't have her yell, "MOM!" at the top of her lungs, at 7:30 am., or snuggle in bed with me.


Summer is here and so is RAIN....we have had a ton of rain in June.... My hopes to swim every day this week, are slowly fading. Even with all the rain, I 've managed to kill one of my flower pots already.....dry, dry, dry.


What are my boys going to do to make money this summer? I have some ideas with dump runs for people and car detailing. We are brainstorming today.


I love reading missionary letters. I have some nephews, cousins, and friends out right now that I get to read their shared letter each week. LOVE IT. I feel of the spirit and the hardship and the growth and I'm amazed. I'm really looking forward to Truman going on a mission next spring.

My kitchen sink faucet is cracked and water is running down and ruining/rotting all under the sink. I just found it. NOT HAPPY. Wayne said, " you know what this means?"....before he gave his "time to get a new faucet" answer, I jumped in with , "yep, time to get a new kitchen!"
I guess it's just a faucet for now.
I can dream can't I?

Well that's what's rattling around in my brain this Tuesday.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tru Graduates

My "T" is the boy on the top-left with the bushy hair and infectious smile and laugh.

Truman graduates from BHS, TONIGHT.
Where did the time go?
Just yesterday he was a sweet, crazy, talkative little boy....now he's a sweet, crazy, talkative big boy!
He has had a great time in high school, and especially his Senior year. Three of my boys have been Student Body Officer's at BHS.....but Truman has loved it the most!!
He has been totally involved and service oriented. He has enjoyed all of the choirs and musicals.
He supports everything, is excited about sports, dances and assemblies, and is always volunteering for the next "big" thing......all for the sake of his beloved school.

I was going through Tru's "permanent record" that he just brought home. It's fun to look back and see what his grade school teachers had to say about him. "Creative, intelligent, responsible, organized, fun, too much talking."

I could have told them all of these same things.

I have never had to beg, cajole or make Tru go to school.... he has always wanted to.
I have never worried about him being in the wrong group of friends... he has great girl and boy friends.
I have never worried about him having "nothing" to do on the weekend... his schedule is filled with "crazy" things to do.
I have never worried that he would graduate from Seminary...okay I did a little bit, but he pulled through.

I get to be a chaperon at the All Night Party after graduation. I love doing this. It's good to see my boy and his friends and feel of their joy and love for each other and their shared school experience.

I told Tru if he loved High School , he will love College even more. It's all in an attitude.

I keep having the words to a song I made up for T, when he was just born, run through my head. I sang it to him over and over again as a lullaby.
He hasn't heard it much since.

"Truman Truman Truman ... I love you
Truman Truman Truman... yes I do
Heaven sent you down from above,
to come into our world and love.
Truman Truman Truman ...You're my guy
Truman Truman Truman ...don't know why...
I'm so lucky to have you
You are strong, and handsome and TRUE.."

Now on to real life. The real world. The world not peppered with dances and games and activities just for Tru. The world filled with some difficulty, work and responsibility.
I know T can handle it with the same creativity, fun and optimism he has already shown.

The Welchs are movin forward.......

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Another Laila story!

Laila has watched me make lists and check off lists for so long, that now, she has started doing it.
She makes lists for what to buy at the store. They are little-girl printed with check off boxes to the side of each item. She puts what she thinks is needed in our home.
mouth wash
ice cream
silly string
When she hands me the list, she gives me a hug and checks off the box. She loves taking the list to the store and checking off items as we go along.

Laila is also writing up a weekly calendar and putting it on her new magnetic board in her room. The other day she brought home a cup with grass growing in it from school.
Her Tuesday list shows the following:
9-12:30 work
water grass
cut grass
look at grass
read books about grass

She is one BUSY girl, and the cup of grass is very well taken care of.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weigh to go

Wednesday weigh in is proving to be a big bust.
I ate my way through Yellowstone-- road trips mean junk food and sittting and fast food and more sitting.
I got on the scale this morning filled with trepidation. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I was correct.
Maybe I should have taken my glasses off...that might have made a difference.
Maybe I should have stripped all the way down.
Maybe I shouldn't have eaten everything in sight!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 23

I just got back from visiting Addison up in Yellowstone. It was so fun to be there for his 23rd birthday. The 10 hours of driving was definitely worth it!
We (Laila and I) showed up with shredded roast beef, that I had slow cooked all night, rolls, salad and birthday cake. For kids living on top ramen and cold cereal, I was a HIT! They think I totally cook! They asked me to be their house mother...and make food every night, yeah right. Addison had to burst their bubble.
It was so great to get hugs and kisses and just be with my boy.
Add is doing well. His "mansion" is definitely weird. Lots of little rooms, few bathrooms, and a commerical kitchen...all for 16 people. He sleeps out in the open-- in a main traffic area. It's crazy.
We got the grand tour, made Addison open his presents, then checked into our hotel.

After lunch we spent the day in Yellowstone National park. We saw buffalo, a coyote, chipmunks, interesting geyser's and hot pots. We made it to "Old Faithful"-- or as Laila liked to call it "Old Faith-a-lot"....just in time to see it go off. It was fun to have my oldest and youngest laughing together all day. Laila made books for Addison's birthday and gave him a card that read:
"You are such a good fried and a bother." She left out a few letters....she meant Friend and a Brother. Hee Hee.

I got a hotel room with a pool so all of the theatre kids could come and swim. They don't get much time off, and swimming is all they can think about. It was fun to watch everyone play in the pool together, including Laila. Laila also loved jumping back and forth on the hotel beds and being in charge of the electronic key card. It doesn't take much to entertain her.

On Monday, we spent the day at Addison's rehearsal for "Guys and Dolls." It opens this Saturday... Everything in Summer stock has to happen so quickly. Everyone has to be memorized quickly. The show gets put together in less than two weeks and it's up and running.
Addison is playing Sky Masterson...the romantic lead. It's good for him, and it's difficult, because he can't rely on his schtik to get him through.
I'm excited to take the grandparents back the end of June and watch this play, and "Footloose." Plus, for the preshow Addison is doing "Craig and Peg" the three legged man routine Wayne taught to him. Addison says, the audience loves it.... How could they not?
Addison is having a great time being in three shows and singing and dancing every day and night. When you are a theatre geek, It doesn't get better than that.

I loved my two seasons of Summer stock.
Addison is loving his!