Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grateful Season

I am kicking off the "grateful" season a few days early this year. ....

I still am sick of my chub-- and I'm getting chubbier, but currently I'm just grateful for my life!

I'm grateful for life's challenges that make me stronger, and remind me to fall on my knees and turn to God.

I'm grateful for my Wayne-- he truly is the love of my life and I thank the Lord Daily for him and that he loves "crazy 'ol" me!

I'm grateful for what a great father Wayne is. Last night he came home from work with Graham cra- ck -ers, Marshmallows and chocolate. He lit the gas fireplace in the Living room and he and Laila had S'mores and told scary stories, and read books together. What a sight!

I'm grateful for all of the food and dinners and treats showing up at my house. No cooking for me. We have sat at the dining room table, as a family, every night this week, and had great food and laughed and enjoyed each other. What a blessing!

I'm grateful for my friends who walk and talk with me each morning, and bring me Dark Chocolate to melt in my mouth.

I'm grateful for a sweet daughter who holds my hand and says, "When we hold hands it feels like there's magic and nothing can hurt us.”

I'm grateful for 4 strong sons, who handle "crisis" and come out the other end sweeter and stronger and more loving. 4 sons who still hug and kiss their mom.

I'm grateful for art and creativity and being able to make things. I love watching Addison and his Art-- sculpting of elf-people currently. He is inspirational. He just dives in and tries things.

I'm grateful for a supportive and wonderful Mother in Law--- this is a blessed word in our home. Wanee comes each day and plays and reads and takes care of Laila so I can shower and have a break.

I'm grateful for the 1st grade school Halloween program. So darling. It was great to see Laila on the step remembering most everything, after not having practiced it for 8 days. She was expressive and .........a miracle!

I have a grateful heart......may it ever be so.


How Swede It Is said...

I found your blog. What fun reading for a Thursday night. You are amazing and such a good example. I had a friend tell me once she had the perfect food storage. She was going to get a basement of diet coke and could trade for anything she needed. I will send her to your house first.

So Not Telling You said...

Oh heck...and I spent half my day griping. What a blessed attitude you've got going on here. I think I could handle staying fat if I felt that happy and appreciative every day.