Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love Sunday

That seems so weird to actually write that statement.
I love Sunday.
There I did it again.
I remember years....and years of tolerating Sunday and just counting the minutes and hours until I could get back into my cacoon-of-a-bed and gear up for Monday. It was a struggle to feel of the spirit and to want to go to church.  I just did it because it was the right thing to do.
 It was hard when I had 4 boys under 6 years old.  It was definitely  easier having just one little baby on a Sunday.   ( Addison, Laila)  I know it helps that my kids are older now.
I said," I hate Sunday "so much when my boys were little, that I think I totally gave hem a negative mind set towards this beautiful day.
I say, " I love Sunday" so much around Laila, that she feels the same way and loves it.
I'm glad I have gone through the babies and small children stages  and have come out on the other side Loving Sunday.

Oh Sunday I love you.....How do I count the ways.?....
I love getting regenerated at church
I love hearing testimony
I love being among other like minded Saints
I love being with good people and knowing we are going through struggles and successes together
I love being with family at birthday gatherings, or Sunday circles or game night
I love to talk and catch up on everyone's week
I love to take the time to count my blessings
I love the different pace...slow or fast ...of this day
I love having everyone home
I love partaking of the sacrament...and getting a fresh start....a course correction.

I read Stephen E. Robinson's book Believing Christ, a while ago, and it really helped me think of the sacrament in a more personal way.  Essentially, as we partake of the sacrament we are going to the Lord and saying:
Heavenly Father, I wasn't perfect again this week, but I repent of my sins and reaffirm my commitment to keep all of the commandments.  I promise to go back and try again with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I still want and need the cleansing that comes through faith, repentance and baptism.  Please extend my contract, my covenant of baptism, and grant me the continued blessings of the Atonement and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

I love Sunday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missionary T

We are finally on the countdown for Truman's mission.
 4 weeks from today we will be dropping him at the Provo, MTC.
Manchester, England Mission........WATCH OUT!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


We held our Welch family annual Sweetheart's dinner.  It's always good to get together and celebrate Wanee's birthday with all of the siblings and spouses.
Wanee is an amazing woman.  She is an angel mother.  She loves a good story and loves to laugh. She is so full of service, compassion and unconditional love. (Believe me she has lots of "conditions" that surround her....and she loves them all, us all, anyway.)

I had this Sweetheart's dinner brainstorm years ago..... We used to all get together and could only spend $2.00 in proclaiming our love for our spouse publicly.  It was fun to see how clever everyone could be, as we went around a circle and talked about why we loved our spouse...... And... if they couldn't be clever, atleast they were  sincere and heart felt.  We would clap at the end of each presentation. The husband and wife would smooch....all very lovely.

Gifts from the past, that I recall......include:
 Top Ten Reason's Why I love Wayne,  in a David Letterman List book.
Original poetry
Batteries  to the tv remote control relinquished.
Lemon Meringue pies.
Scout memorablia organized
Mission letters organized
Videos put together
A "to do " list accomplished
Nights of "lovin" promised...
Rare things talked about....
Songs sung
It was actually really great while it lasted.  It's been years since we celebrated this way.  When  Wayne's dad, Tom, passed away we changed this to a Sweetheart Birthday celebration to honor Wanee.
Laila got an email account this week.  It was a huge reward for reading minutes etc....  SHe has been begging for one for a long time.  I figure I'll help monitor it and we'll see.  It has actually been fun.  She checks it a lot, and is thrilled when she has mail. This has taken little-kid-notes to a higher level.
This past week I received  a ...."glad you are my mom, thanks for feeding me." And a note that said, "I like your home made hats."   
I just checked my email and she informed me of this:

------ Forwarded Message
From: Laila Welch >
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:04:28 -0800 (PST)
To: Melinda Welch >
Subject: Re: laila
glad I'm not in haiti

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Enforcer

Monson loves Basketball !!!
He only has 2 games left, then region play is over for the year.
 He plays great JV ball and a little bit of Varsity.
He was playing tough tonight  against East High.
We were up by 20 in the 4th period.   Monson and a bunch of starters went out.   New guys came in, and East went on a 16 point run.  Partly because of a kid from East who was crazy...out of control.  Our boys kept getting hurt.  Elbow in the mouth.  Thrown to the floor.  Fouls were being called on us time and again, nothing on East.  After a pretty flagrant foul, that wasn't called on East.  Our Coach called a ref over while East was shooting.  He many of us could hear.......
"That kid is out of control.  He has hurt a number of our players. You get him under control.  IF one of their kids touches another one of my players  I'll send  him in ( gesturing to Monson) and he'll take all of them out.   It's your choice."
Monson's face was startled.  He got knuckles all around from his team mates.
Monson went in....
East got scared...
or the Refs did......
Monson made 4 clutch free throws.
We won by 7.
Monson as the's a good fit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts on this Valentine's eve

The Love at Home song that Laila and I sang in church turned out lovely.
This morning was a new day...and Laila was excited to be singing.
She sang the first verse of Love at Home by her self, then I sang the second and we joined in on the third.  When she sang her last words...she was ready to dart off of the stand.  Good thing I was standing behind her, holding her shoulders, so she couldn't.  But she did roll her eyes, and  have a funny expression on her face as we waited for the music to end.   It was great.
Addison had a wild week in St. George with his Sleepy Hollow the Musical performance.  The show went great  and was so well received.    They received many ovations...and great comments from the judges.  Addison was singled out for his performance of Ichabod Crane.  Addison got a feel of what fame is like.  He had crazed fans begging for his autograph, getting his picture taken, and even had some girl just run up and kiss him on the lips.  Wow.  He didn't know quite what to think.  Good thing his girlfriend was there to bring him back to real life.
They aren't going to the Kennedy Center to perform.  Too big of a show and with budget can't happen.  Jim Christian and Tom Clark, the writer and composer...did get a special award and will continue to work this show in NYC.  This is an award that would have come in Washington DC, but because of arts budget cuts they received it at regionals.  So it's the end of the line for Ichabod Crane.
                        THe good news is Addison can cut his hair and shave his chops!!!

I gave Wayne a big map of the world for Valentine's...... I told him, "You rock my world!"   It's going up in the Family Room.
Wayne gave me three clocks....."Happy Valentime's"   or   "I've had the time of my life, be my valentine."  or  " I love you through time and all eternity!"   You get the cheesy idea
We love cheese at our house.
"More Cheese Please...."
I'm having the three clocks set to China time, England time, and Utah time.....
Wayne also gave Laila and me flowers.......mmmmmmm

I had a family Valentine's dinner with roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy--the works.  All of the foods the kids love.  It was fun to have them all here, and Addison's girlfriend Bre as well.

 It was great to set my table with my wedding china.   I pulled it out and have 7 plates and only 3 original pink glass goblets.  Oh well.  27 years's good they are not all broken.  

We made Ginger Cream  frosted Valentine cookies after dinner.  Well, tried to make them.  I had to send a boy to Kimi's house to borrow flour, so we could finish the dough, then 20 minutes later as I started  to make the frosting....I sent another boy to Kimi's house to borrow powdered sugar, so we could frost our cookies.  Good thing for friends with deep pantries.  
Happy Valentines!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love at Home?

Wouldn't it be sooooo funny, if while practicing the song, LOVE AT HOME, with your 8 year old daughter, she would have a snotty attitude, get in a "mood" and refuse to sing. Which in turn "pushes your buttons", which sends you flying off the handle-- spanking her bottom and sending her to her bed room?

Wouldn't that be so ironic?


Well that's what happened while Laila and I were preparing our special musical number for church.

I was asked to sing in church a while ago.  I thought Love at Home would be great for this Love day.  While I was practicing it, Laila wanted to know why they never asked her to sing.  I said, tno problem.......she could sing with me.  I was suppposed to put something this would be great.  She was excited and agreed.  She has a lovely, mostly on pitch soprano voice.

What should be a lovely mother/daughter experience, has turned into a fight.   

Why did I put her name on the program?
Why didn't I just leave mine on it, and then, if she was in the mood to sing--- announce her? could have turned out so differently.  Why am I such the "natural-mom"?

We have since forgiven each other.
We are smiling and breathing....and moving forward.

We have practiced a few times through.....never with accompaniment, and never the right words......
We will sing LOVE AT HOME.....on Valentine's day.....whether we feel it or not.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We loves us a good "Valentimes" day.......that's how all of my kids used to say it.

I helped Laila put together a Valentine box for her school party.
She is making one at school, but still wants to make her own, so it's not like everyone else's.   Laila picked out Harry Potter valentine cards to give away this year.  She thinks the boys and the girls will like these cards, because EVERYONE loves Harry Potter.
 Her candy of choice is Jolly Ranchers.  "They really last-- and no stick to worry about like a sucker."
Laila is picking out just the right card and sticker for each kid in her class, (and candy flavor).

 She doesn't want to send any thing too mushy to the boy she has a crush on....and she doesn't want to send the wrong signals to the boys she doesn't like.

 It's all very complicated.

I remember these same issues when I was in Elementary school.
We had very few candy choices to include with our cards. 
  Conversation Hearts.....that was it.
I checked and rechecked the tiny pastel hearts, to make sure they said just the right thing....knowing this was a way I could get my message across without appearing too bold.
"Be Mine"
                  "#1 fan"
                                    "Hug Me"

I couldn't give the "True Love" heart,  or the "Let's Kiss"  ......only the " like " ones......but then only to girls, because if a boy got that, he might really believe it, and then where would I be?

                              I  had crushes on a lot of different little boys back then.
I remember getting a Valentine that was Humpty Dumpty falling off a wall that said...."I have fallen for you Valentine."
 I knew this was a declaration of true  elementary school love and I saved this under my pillow for weeks.  I read and re-read it.....then one day walking home from school, this crush made fun of me and my sister. He even threw snow balls at us.
We immediately tackled him and told him to "shut up"....and that was the end of that love affair.

I recall  one Valentine day getting a box of orange sticks from my 5th grade crush and hid them, embarrassed, from my little brother.  I didn't want to be teased.   I ate a few of these and threw the rest away....."how dare he give me such an outrageous declaration of love?"  Obviously he was not the boy for me.  The crush was crushed.  I  avoided eye contact for the rest of the school year.

It's a good thing I met my Wayne when I was 15-- since then, all of my Valentines  have been filled with flowers, poetry and love..................
ahhhhhhhhh.... oh,....... and chocolate!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Laila is Baptized

Laila’s Baptism day is over!
It began with her waking up Wayne and me at 7am and shouting,” it’s my baptism day!  Wake up, wake Up.”  It was better than Christmas for her.  We tried to convince her to let us sleep til 8—but she kept giving us time updates every few minutes.  7:07, 7:23, 7:38….you get the idea. 
She asked everyone at our house and anyone who called on the phone, "what it felt like to be baptized?"  I told her…"it felt Wet.”.   She didn’t like that answer.

The Baptism time finally arrived.  She got in her beautiful white  dress and we took pics with everyone in the house.  I knew it was only going to get crazy from this point and we wouldn’t have any type of picture time later…..I was right.

We had a stake baptism with 5 kids.  Monson was the speaker…he spoke on the gift of the Holy ghost.   The Bishop presented Laila and said in the interview Laila said, she was “thankful for her family the temple, being sealed, well really I’m just thankful for everything in the whole world, except for spiders.”
Laila got to share this day with Heather Kofford.  Her best friend since birth.  We had pictures displayed showing her and Heather sharing a blanket at 4 months, and now today.  It was precious.    
Truman baptized Laila.  She wanted to give him some practice before his mission.  
We all crowded into the font room---literally standing room only—there was 3 kid's families and friends all there….it was crazy.
Laila got baptized and her feet almost came out of the water…they just flew up….that’s all I was focused on.  I couldn’t see her face—too many people. 
When Truman pulled her up, Laila thought her feet had poked out too—she had a dazed look on her face.  She was fine. Her feet came up but didn't break the water.
  By the time I got back to the dressing room, she was standing there dripping and cold. 
I asked her what it felt like and she said, “Cold on the outside and warm on the inside.”  We got her dressed and out to the chapel for the confirmation.  We had to wait a while for Heather—but that’s okay because Laila got to sit by and chat up the Bishop. 

Laila’s confirmation circle of love was huge.  We had plenty of family and friend support.  We feel very blessed in this area.  
Wayne offered a beautiful, sweet and very thoughtful blessing to our little girl.

I (we) presented Laila and Heather with baptism- towels to remember this day.  (Thanks to Nan Bruske for getting these together.)  Laila bore her testimony and told the congregation how she felt about cold on the outside and warm on the inside.  She also said she couldn’t stop smiling through all of her confirmation and even through all of Heathers.    She put in a little missionary plug at the end….”you can get baptized at any age…” then quickly sat down.  So cute.   Good thing she is used to having people chuckle at what she says….because she is funny and we all were laughing.

We came to our home afterwards and had a huge shindig….so many people and great food.  This was a rehearsal for Truman’s big day when we will probably have twice as many here.  

Laila wrote in her  new journal about being baptized….and her day…she now wonders what it will feel like to be baptized for the dead.  In her night prayers…for the first time…she asked me to leave the room.  She told me she had some repenting to do and that’s best done in private.  She’s right.  I listened in though, and she asked the Lord to help her not to have melt downs and to be kinder to her brothers. 
She is fasting for the first time with the Holy Ghosts help.  
She is fasting for the children in Haiti.  She came up with this one by her self, of course.

That’s my baptism report

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baptism Countdown---Thankful Thursday

Laila's Baptism is coming up.
She had her bishops's baptism interview while I was away.....( teacher meetings)....but Wayne was able to go and just had a great time with her and Bishop Barlow.  He said, that Laila really made both of their nights.
The bishop asked Laila to pray.....

"Thanks that I could get baptized.  And bless that no part of my body will poke out of the water so I don't have to get baptized a second time.  And thanks for the promotion...well not really a promotion, but thanks that I could do this thing...."

Laila bore her testimony to the bishop and pretty much covered everything......
Wayne recalled the following comment.......

"Joseph Smith is my favorite person in all of the Scriptures because even when the devil was distracting him,  he just kept praying. "

Laila is ready to get baptized.

She came to us very spiritual and continues to amaze us with her insights.

We have the dress.
I have to get white underwear still......she reminds me of this daily.
I have the invites out, and the food for the party afterwards all arranged.
Truman is doing the baptism.  Laila wants Truman to practice before the goes on his mission.
Laila get's to share this baptism day with one of her dear friends...Heather Kofford.  This makes it just perfect for both of them.

My baby is getting "promotion"...where has the time gone?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laila Notes

Laila left me a note last week....she tried to trick me and write that it was from Truman....but I knew it was from her. It was a pleasure to find it on the counter.......
She really is sweet.
I had to sing her to sleep a couple of times this week over the phone while I was in St. George.  It's hard to parent from afar.
She told me her only prize upon my return  
Is it hard being a mom? 
Is it worth it?

Laila has made up her own job/chore list.  It's posted on the refrigerator.  
I love it that she is concerned, even though her big brothers could care less about the cleanliness of our home.