Sunday, September 30, 2012

Primary Program

We had our primary program today.... I loved it.  The spirit was so strong and the children were so clean and beautiful.  There was one little 4 year old Mason boy who sang his heart out in every song.  He really was the only one anyone watched.  It was just so sweet. All of the children took turns at the  microphone sharing a Choose the Right moment or experience.  Nick Cash, the music leader just cried through every song.  I know this, because I got to sit on the stand with my 9 year old class and watch the congregation smile, laugh and cry.  I love Primary Programs.

Nick Cash really is a wonderful man and a great asset to our ward's primary.  He shares touching, testimony building stories each week as he teaches new songs and sings already learned ones.  Even the Blazer boys sit up and pay attention.  I like to think of him as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick.

Nick bakes cookies every sunday and takes them around to whomever spoke in church that day.  We have had our fair share of Nick cookies.  It really is a sweet tradition.  Well....all of the Primary children spoke today, so he had an individually wrapped cookie for each kid to take home with them.
Heather Kofford, Nick Cash and Laila
Laila said this about Nick Cash one morning as we were getting ready for Church.
"I think Nick Cash could be our Prophet or atleast in the Quorum of the 12.  He tells the best stories and has a strong testimony every week."

I shared this remark with Nick and he said....."Wow, she just made my millenium."

What a wonderful role model for all of these primary kids and what a wonderful family friend.

Friday, September 28, 2012

TGIF....little Lyle

This is my dad and his sister Phyllis holding cats on the farm.  Dad was such a cute little tyke.  1934.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Catch Up...

My Monson Missionary is in pain.  He has aggravated his 5 year old wrist injury and can't function in Michigan.  The pain is in his wrist and radiating up his arm into his shoulder and back. He can't drive the car.  He can't hold his scriptures.  He can't write or type with his right hand.  His scar is hyper sensitive and very painful.  Pres. Hess, Monson's mission pres, has called Wayne many times to try and figure out how to help our boy.  We have had Dr. Huish and Doc Johnston in the conversation and currently we are bracing, icing and "alleve"-ing.  He probably needs physical therapy and some narcotic...but that can't really happen on a mission.  Pres. Hess spoke warmly about Monson.  He said, "the mission can't afford to lose a missionary who is so mature and  one who is really making things happen."   It was nice to hear that atleast.     Monson writes, " But man it's been rough.   All I wanted to do was just be a normal missionary and just be able to work hard everyday.   I know that's exactly why this happened because I was just great working everyday and having a swell time so obviously I needed a little more opposition or something.... but I'll make it :). Sorry I'm broken."
I miss my boyfriend.  We are fasting this next weekend, along with his entire mission and praying for him constantly.
He is still sending me silly pics of himself in North Muskey.

My mom- Grandma Sheri-- has started her second round of Chemo.  She only made it 4 months cancer free, and then all of her bloated symptoms came back and her numbers shot back up to over 2000.  Chemo means a bad week, a better week, and a good week...then she starts it all over again in a 3 week cycle. She is being a good sport about this, but it's definitely not fun.   Mom just got about an inch of hair growth and all of her eyelashes back in....and now she will be bald and wigged for the winter.  She had a great summer though-- Scotland trip, Bear Lake, West Yellowstone..   On the bright side, the Scotland Sharkey's are coming to visit for 3 weeks and play nursemaid to her and be pals for my dad.  They are angels!  We can't wait for Oct. 16th!


The Show must go on.  We  are always in a show,  finishing a show or auditioning for a show.  If you are a Welch, it's just what we do.  Landon just finished playing John Brooks in  Little Women at CPT.    Addison and Bre had a show filled summer at West Yellowstone, have auditioned for the Disney company and are playing the "waiting game" so they are going to be in A Christmas Carol at Hale .. while they wait.  They have more disney auditions in Oct. and  Nov.   I am going to, hopefully, be in a show for the Christmas season, 5 Carols for Christmas at CPT.   Laila is trying to figure out what show she can do.  We always have to be on stage and have someone clapping for us.  Good thing Wayne is patient and supportive of our addiction.

I was so sad, when I pulled on a pair of long pants and a sweater yesterday and again today.  My summer is slipping away so quickly.  I'm praying for good weather clear through the end of October.  Come on Indian Summer!!!
This is typical Lyle in his typical beach attire.  You know he is on vacation because he has his shoes off.

It's my dad's 81st birthday TODAY!  Happy Birthday Grandpa Lyle!!  
He is pretty awesome.  He taught me to love baseball, to love when BYU beats the U in Football, to always know where my shoes are in case there is a natural disaster, to work and then  play, to put your spouse as #1, to be kind and nice to everyone you meet, to follow the gospel plan and to cry at the drop of a hat.... literally. 
 My dad is a real gentleman.  If men still wore hats...he would!  He looks great in a suit, white shirt and tie.  Always so sharp!  
He served two honorable missions.  He loves the Lord and loves his fellowman. He speaks to all of the kids/teenagers in his ward --and they know him and love him right back.  It's great to watch.  
Most importantly, my dad adores my mom.  They are so sweet to each other. I'm so glad he is here to help her through her chemo/cancer days.  They make a great team!
I'm so glad to celebrate another year with him.   


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tree of LIfe

FINISHED:   2nd painting from my online art class.  I call it, "Tree of LIfe."   This is a 2x4 acrylic painting. 
I am learning that :  
1.  I'm not afraid of color. Of course the colors don't really translate well in this picture...she is pretty vibrant.  
2.  I see faces in many of my canvasses and It's hard to know when a painting is "done."   
3.  I like to paint big... I need to get more big canvasses.  
4.  I need to paint every day if I'm going to get any good at this.  
5.  It's difficult to stay out of my head and to just let things flow.

Friday, September 21, 2012

TGIF......29 1/2

29 1/2 years ago TODAY.... Wayne and I got married!  Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite Boy names

I have now named my baby on to my imaginary baby boy.
Boy names that I love.................
I love the names of all of my boys...still do.  No regrets here.
If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a name.  I love last names as first names.
Addison ...Monson ....Landon ......Truman
Now to add to my list:
Max -  It means the greatest.  Maximillion, Maximus, Maxim.... like them all, but all would be shortened to Max.

Rex - it sounds so rugged and romance novel-ish.  It means King. It was just hard to put with the last name Welch so we have no Rex.

Steven -   The meaning of the name is crown.  It doesn't hurt that every Stephen I have ever known is kind and generous.

George-- Great Grandpa Heiner's name. Father of our Country.

Samson - okay, a favorite  Bible name.... but I like Sam and Sammy too.   Samson...sounds strong and masculine...and a little bit hairy.

Beau- this goes back to Gone with the Wind times.  I watched this movie so many times as a teenager and read the book twice.  I even visited Margaret Mitchell's home where she wrote this great novel. This has been my favorite boy name forever.  Wayne said no....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Couple's trip 2012

Top 10 highlights : 
1.  Biking every morning all over the St. George Bike trails
2.  A  "most excellent" BBQ at the Belnaps, with "most excellent" meat and an "awesome" salad
3.  You tube movies, games, gospel discussion and non stop talk
4.  Hiking Zions canyon to the lower, middle and upper Emerald pools and finding a tarantula on the trail
5.  Eating at Oscar's in Zions 

6.  BIRTHDAY lunch for Bob Farley complete with dinosaur cake
7.  Where's Waldo glassses
8.  Rivalry game  BYU vs. Utah....having Bob Lake and Brett Blake in the same room with no bloodshed
9.  St. George Temple Sealing session with Lynn Blake.  
10.  Kissing over the altar once again.

I always feel so blessed to have so many wonderful, different groups of friends. This was a great group to be with:  Lakes, Belanps, Farleys,  Johnstons, Binghams and Blakes.  Getting away for a weekend takes effort. It's never convenient.  But it's always worthwhile and wonderful. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

TGIF....Cole cousins

Laila and Preston 2006... Bear Lake.  I love this picture.
Laila and Preston are the only two, young cousins on the Cole side. 8 years separates them from the next, older  batch of kids
I'm so glad they have each other.
They aren't a lot alike.   Boys and know.    Preston loves cars and riding  his bike.  Laila loves dance and performing. They don't have much in common, but they do share the same school and have some of the same friends.  Preston comes to our home 2 mornings a week.  He has prayer with us, reads scriptures, hangs out ont the computer, plays with our dog and eats breakfast. Then he and Laila walk to school.
I love this kid.
         --- Prestony
                   ----  PT
Laila is always so concerned for Preston and his skin.   Preston was born with very bad eczema and psoriasis.  It's like he is allergic to his own skin. Preston and Laila have both been "saved" through primary children's hospital though.  Preston with his skin condition and Laila when she hit her head.  So they share  that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

8 things I hate about Fall.

Okay.... Hate is too strong of a word.

Laila  is funny.... we were discussing my love of tomatoes and she said.... "I hate them... well I don't hate them, I just dislike them with a highly fierce expression."   That's kind of how I feel about the change in the seasons.  I get so sad when Summer and summer type weather comes to an end.  I try to stay on the sunny side of life, but there are some things about Fall I just don't like.

I don't like having to wear shoes...and socks.  I love naked feet and sandals and a way to show off my brightly painted toes.

I don't like having to bundle up.  I could live in capris and a short sleeved top my whole life.

I don't like not seeing relatives/family as often.  We get together a bunch in the summer then really not again til Thanksgiving/Christmas time.

I don't like seeing my neighbor's houses.  Leaves start falling off the trees and I remember once again that I live really close to my neighbors.  What's up with that?  They can see into my windows once again, and I can see in theirs.

I don't like having it get dark earlier and earlier.  I like having a Sunset at 8:30.

I don't like getting back into school and structure.  I like freewheeling it through my days.  If I want to paint, I paint. If I want to read, I read.  If I want to sleep...well you get the picture of what my Summer looks like.

I don't like the brisk air.  I want to walk outside and say ..."Now that's hot."    (Why I like St. George so much.)

I don't like being the bed time enforcer....or the we have to be up and moving by 7am  gal.

I do like  sweaters, pumpkins, apples and Halloween.

I do like Football games, being in school and new school supplies.

I do like  colored leaves, boots and fresh baked pie.

I do like that we have the routine of scripture reading and family night again..... ( If the second coming happens during the Summer we are in big trouble.)

Okay....maybe I don't dislike Fall with a highly fierce expression...but I just really, really love Summer more!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Mathematician

That's what I would answer if I was asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?'
"A Mathematician?"  What was I thinking...?
I look back on that answer now and it makes me shudder. What does that even mean?
It was a long time ago.
I loved math, and numbers and being the fastest to answer multiplication math facts as I moved from one desk to the next facing my fellow students down in the math challenge.
It was exciting.  I loved it!!!
I was the champion of math facts in my school.  Wayne said he was the champion at his elementary it's a good thing we didn't meet in Elementary school.  We would have hated each other and never gotten married?

I actually loved all of school and was very good at it.
I did all of my assignments and got straight A's.....except for two times -- Home Ec and Drivers Ed--the only two classes where I still use the skill sets taught to me, on a daily basis.

I'm drilling Laila, nightly on her math facts.  She doesn't really love numbers.
When she grows up she wants to be a surgeon for Operation Smile.  I hope she does.

Friday, September 7, 2012

TGIF...Little Soldiers

Landon and Addison as soldier boys.  1997.  Don't they look fierce?  
  These are two of my heroes.  They have both faced challenges in their lives, yet  they rise above, press on and keep up a great attitude.   I'm proud to be their momma.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Many faces of Laila

First day of 5th grade....Mr. Griffith's class watch out!
Puttin on the SWAG for Tru
An old lady with a mustache?   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elder Welch

 "Night never had the last word. 
The dawn is always invincible."  Hugh B. Brown

My Missionary's new, favorite quote. 
Monson with Elder Newman on the shore of Lake Michigan
Monson is doing great in Muskegon!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welch Family Reunion

 The Welch reunion was a blast!  Heber Valley Camp is the perfect spot to hold this.  There were 48 of us total.  Sandy did a great job organizing even though she just had surgery and is healing slowly.   She put together an awesome baby picture poster of all 88 of us.  The game was to guess the baby pics. I missed 20. Jane won.. she only missed 4.  It was fun for all of the kids to gather around and ponder and guess. The only 3 obvious ones were Laila, Alex and Gabe.
We all went on the zip line course…. In the rain.  I was so proud of Laila and the younger cousins who did the zip line.  You have to be in a harness, climb up a telephone pole then figure out how to step off on to another pole… walk across it like a circus performer to another pole where  a missionary worker puts you on the zip line.  Then you go sailing off.  It’s actually really fun…and scary all at the same time.  If you are good at rock climbing and know to trust the equipment…it’s not scary at all.  I don’t know to trust yet… my heart was pounding out of my chest as I scooted across the pole.  Even Wayne walked the “tight rope” and didn’t fall. He knew he had to do it fast or he would.  We all did this in pouring rain.  We were drenched but happy.  We had to dry out jackets out over the propane grills when we got back.
 The thing that touched me so much about the zip line experience was the missionary sister who checks your gear before you climb up. She compares it all to the gospel.  Putting on the armor of god, and holding to the rod, and walking out with faith.  It was beautiful.
The other fun event was the giant swing.  You are harnessed up again, then they pull you to the top of a pole where you let go of  a rope and go swinging out.  IT’s so much fun!!!    We all voted that we should put one of these at the Welch family cabin. So freeing and you just have to scream for joy.  My face hurt from smiling so much.  We did this in almost rain.  We kept doing the “sun dance” to keep the drops from falling.  At the end the rain came so we hurried back to camp wearing garbage bags to keep dry.
 We played lots of fun games:  quarter slap, squeeze hands- bottle grab, cards, zoomie-zoommie.  Slept in bunk bed cabins with cousins.  Did Minute to win it activities.  Played in the rain.  Ate lots of food and treats….especially fresh peaches.  Had devotionals and learned a unique fact  about each family member to help get to know family members better.  We watched old videos and even sang  We are the Cabin Singers.  Wayne had fun being the Monster or the Bear and playing with/ scaring  all of the little  great grandkids.  It rained a lot…. But we were under a covered pavilion and stayed dry.
The highlight was just being together.  Not everyone could make it…and that was sad, but we were thankful for the ones who did.