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TGIF.........England Trip.... March 21-28

Manchester, England….. Picking up Elder Welch 
Wayne and I flew all day and over night to England.  We tried to get everything done to leave, but I was sad that I left gifts at home for Pres. Preston and wife…and Doreen.  I don’t now what I was thinking.  Huge travel day.  Walked in the men’s restroom in SLC… didn’t know til a man came out of a stall… very embarrassing.
3/21  Arrived in Amsterdam on our 29th Wedding Anniversary.  This flight to Manchester was a true international flight…probably a lot like Truman’s mission… we had people from Nigeria, HongKong, Uk, Jewish, India, China, Korea, Iran, Ireland, Dutch all represented.  I wanted to go around and have everyone introduce themselves so I could hear everyone speak.   Walked into a woman’s restroom in Amsterdam…but Saw a man in it and thought I was in the wrong restroom again… the man was a cleaning man… it was funny.
This felt like our adoption day… So many memories of when we flew out to get Laila.  We were just biding our time waiting to see our son.    We rented a large Volvo to carry all of our luggage in.  In the first 2 hours of being here, we were lost 3 times, whilst we struggled to figure out addresses and the SAT Nav, and received a parking ticket whilst we ran into a bank in Wilmslow to change our money.  It was a 35 pound funny. Wayne did great driving after that… he thought he could have Truman drive, because he has an English license, but he is too young.
 We got to our Hotel at noon and were able to sleep for 4 hours.   Jet lag is amazing.  We found our way to the mission home in the light, then went to eat  in Altrincham at a pub… The Unicorn… we had fish and chips and mushy peas and Fish cakes with chips.  The chips are fries… and the potato chips are called Crisps in the UK.   We arrived at the mission home at 9 pm and spoke to the assistants as we waited to go inside.  Elder Smart had served with Truman and couldn’t say enough about what a great missionary he was.  “Love Elder Welch, he’s the best missionary ever!”  We found out later as we served in and around  Truman that this is true, especially from the 3 different ward mission leaders we spoke to.
It was so great to hug my boy.  He seemed much taller and thinner than I remembered…but still very smiley and happy.

Pres. Preston and his wife were lovely , very “Brittish” looking and very laid back.  We met the group of missionaries going home that day.  Two other Elders….Hanks, and Stocking and three sisters…. Allison, Suaybagio and Chuo.  They fed us brownies with banofee ice cream and strawberries and cream. 
Pres and Sis Preston
Truman stayed and played with the missionaries that night..and we picked him up the next morning at 7:00 to head to Scotland.  The most difficult part of this now, is I have to remember to call him Elder Welch, and not Truman.   

Elder Welch showing us  "the board"
Daffodils are along all of the highways and byways..... Spring in the UK is filled with daffodils

3/22—Off to Scotland.  We had a bit of breakfast in Wilmslow and began our 5 hour drive to Ayr.  The weather is gorgeous…blue and sunny skies.  Scotland is all about little villages and round-a-bouts.  Green fields with lambs and daffodils are everywhere.  We had some lunch and checked into our hotel.  We spent the afternoon at the wonderful Sharkey’s home, blathering on about anything and everything.  They are in a remodeling mess with their bathroom, and so we ate out with them, instead of Eileen feeding us in.  George took us all out for Indian food with Karen and Liam as well.  Karen and Liam are having a baby in June.  It was lovely food… infact, the best Indian food I have ever eaten.  It was wonderful to be with Truman and just take him all in.  He had the missionary spirit …..he did a cold contact to a store clerk in a little village Tesco, and also out the car window at a stop.  He is brilliant. 

George, Eileen, Karen, Me, Elder Welch, Wayne, Liam at the Indian Restaurant
Eileen walking Brady and Bailey on the Ayr shore
At Castle Culzean... with the Sharkeys

3/23  Up and out to the Sharkeys at 9:30.  Truman is sharing our hotel room, and I love having him so close.  We went site seeing…to the coast of Ayr… with the two puppies, Brady and Bailey in tow…. These little maltese dogs are like Eileen’s and Karen’s real babies.  Eileen says, “would you like…” and they wait for her to say “ a bone.” Then they go crazy.   We went off to Culzean Castle and walked around the grounds. The Castle tour was closed, which was disappointing, but just chatting on and on with George and Eileen was bliss.  There was a bag piper playing there and a wedding happening, so that was fun to see.  It really doesn’t matter to me what we see or do in Scotland, I just like being with the magical Sharkeys…. They really are such choice, wise, spiritual, loving people.  I don’t know why we are so fortunate to count them as our family friends, but I’m certainly grateful.  

Culzean Castle
Lambs are green fields are everywhere
Marlin and Lez Cairn's home for a Scottish food night

We had tea that night at Lez and Marlin’s with Bishop Gilardi and wife joining in as well for a “real” Scottish” dinner…Scotch Pies with Aberdeen Angus made by Bishop Gilardi.  You put baked beans on top of the meat pie….so very good. We also had Haggis Balls and  drank Vimto, and IrnBru.  For dessert we had custard, cakes and short bread.  All very tasty.  Bishop Gilardi was loud and loveable and difficult to understand, as usual, and his wife, Angela is like tinkerbell—so cute. The Scots are so opinionated and just like to tease about the English a lot.  They couldn’t believe that Truman actually likes the English….”all one of them.”  Lez and Marlin are  delightfully, funny people.  All teased Lez most of the night  because of his OCD tendencies.  Lez immediately pegged mine and Wayne’s ancestry…and decided I looked “anglo saxon” but Wayne was definitely scandanavian with some  red headed Norse blood mixed in as well.  He was a hoot.   Marlin has a low , melodic voice..plays the piano beautifully and we ended the evening singing hymns around the piano.  Just a treasure filled night.  It was wonderful to hear Truman’s tenor again, and sing soprano with Eileen.  I couldn’t stop greetin’-- that means cryin'.

3/24 Breakfast at Dobbies garden “cathedral” with Blood pudding…. Black pudding and all the fixins.  Spending time with George and Eileen was so grand… we also enjoyed Liam very much.  We saw Karen’s wedding album…so beautiful, stunning, like Karen would do it…so detailed.  Eileen let me try on her Hattinator that she wore as the mother of the Bride.  Posh. 
British chocolate is lovely… Truman liked to use the chocolate analogy  to help people who were “satisfied” with what they have so they aren’t interested in talking about the Church. He talked about Hershey’s chocolate and growing up with that, and that was all he knew, but once he tasted Galaxy or Cadbury there was no going back…he recognized something sweeter…just like the gospel.  Love this. We had to get Daffodil/cancer  pins for mom and Thornton’s toffee for dad…. Plus more pictures of sheep and lambs.  We must have taken a picture of every sheep and lamb in the UK…atleast we joke that we did.
We drove  to Turnberry…to see the beginnings of Golf , golf course and get some pics and hats, then back down to Chorley.    We had “Mac” donalds along the way.  
Wayne and Elder Welch outside of Turnberry Golf Course

Doreen Winn 

We  arrived  at Tom and Doreen Win’s home at half 7…they had dinner for us.  The Win’s are lovely.  Tom Win is Burmese.  He is a doctor and works up north all week and is only home on the weekends.  Doreen is a Saint.  She was baptized by Clark Bentley 35 years ago and It was great to be with them.  They have a large 5 bedroom home that backs onto the Preston Temple grounds.  We could see the temple day and night…just so beautiful…the weather is warm and blue skies every day.  We can’t believe how beautiful the daffodils and budding trees all are.   Just Glorious.   

Truman says when he arrived here 2 years ago in April, he thought everything he had heard about England was a lie… it wasn’t rainy, there had been a drought, so it wasn’t green and the people were warm and receptive (in Rochdale), and the food was good. ….
Truman is much more proper, dignified, refined and mature.  He enunciates clearly and so it sounds like he has an accent. He shows a lot of reverence for spiritual things.  Such a lovely man.

3/25  Church at Macclesfield ward.  We met so many wonderful people.  Bishop Burgess,  the ward mission leader-Bro. Moss, the Gregson’s who were the office couple while Truman was in the office.  The ward is very close.  There are only 3 girls in YW, 1 inactive.    We sat by a family with 3 little boys under 5—who played at our feet.  I was quite teary.  Time just flies.  That was Wayne and me with our little boys  at one time, and now here we are with our baby T all grown up.  We had a lovely testimony meeting and heard from a returned missionary who just gotten home from serving in Greece.  After church we headed to the Gregson’s home for a nice mission “catch up.”  They know the Schwartz’s and have stayed at their home in Bountiful.  Small world. 

The Elders' Welch walking to Tegge's Nose

We headed up  to Tegge’s Nose- a look out point on the way to Buxton.  Picturesque and pastoral.  The roads are so narrow… Wayne has done a really good job driving with all of the tight parking spaces and narrow, winding roads.  He has only hit the curb on the left side one time… and Tru has helped him master the round-a-bouts.   

Buxton is a famous resort town, famous for it’s “healing” waters.  The sun was shiny and it was hot in the park.  Tru is a great tour guide.   We stopped for a toilet break and I walked in to the women’s room, this time there was a man in there, dressed like a woman- transvestite.  One of the tallest women I have ever seen.  I can’t seem to get a break with the restroom situation.
 We ate tea at the Wilson’s in Rochdale.  They live in council housing and were the first people Tru met, two years ago.  They are humble and helpful to all of the missionaries.  We had all different kinds of sandwiches…including cheese and onion, and then went off to a fireside in Ashdown for the evening.  It was put on by Elder Hanks and his mom and Dad.  His mom is Julie DeAzevedo…she shared many songs she was written including, “Window to his Love.”  It was lovely.  This was a great place as well for Truman to see and say goodbye to many more missionaries and members…and Pres. Preston one last time.
Doreen had “bacon butties”  ( Bread, bacon, egg, sausage and tomato ketchup) ready for us as a late night snack when we arrived back in Chorley.  She is a gracious host and is so easy to talk to.  We are running all day long and are fed at night, so we aren’t at her home much.
OUtside Slattery's with Ann, Jeff and Harry Wilson

Sunshine in Manchester..... and eating at the Sushi Train restaurant

We spent the rest of the afternoon in down town Manchester…it’s a like a mini London.  It even has it’s own Manchester Wheel…  Ferris Wheel for site seeing.  It’s very busy and filled with people and traffic.  We went shopping for clothing for Truman’s after mission stuff.  He wanted to buy it in England so it would be more “posh.”  We found many bargains at PriMark….loved the shopping there.  We found a little something for everyone… then off to NEXT—Tru’s favorite store, and Burtons and River Island.  We had lunch at Yo Shushi…it’s a sushi train restaurant, where you just pull food off of the conveyor belt as it goes by.  Then they count up your plates at the end to charge you for your meal.  Even the water is at the counter, self serve and the condiments.  It was a fun experience.  Wayne will be glad Truman is home to have Sushi with.  

For our evening we were off to Liverpool.  I fell asleep while Wayne maneuvered in bad traffic.  I have been able to get naps in the car, but not Wayne.   Truman likes to look into the back seat and laugh at me, with my gaping mouth.  Oh well. 
We had tea with Peter, Carole, Maureen and Steven in Crosby.  Truman served in this area last Spring time and baptized Maureen.   They pulled out her baptismal suit and  they call it the “oompa loompa”  It  is giant and has about 5 inches of leg left after the crotch.  Peter said it’s the only one that would fit her around…..she was more round last year, and very short…..  We were joined with Elder Hanks and his parents.  We sat in a small room, and ate curry  and cakes.  It’s so generous of all of these people to feed us.  We laughed a lot at Peter’s stories.  They also have a dog named Buster who eats chocolate Easter eggs and anything else you want to feed him…. Buster is always asking for food. 
We went into Liverpool and walked around the docks and saw some church statues and plaques commemorating the saints sailing to the “new Land” in the 1800’s.  75,000 English saints migrated to Zion out of these ports.

Deborah and Rory Weavers and the Hotchkisses

3/27  Baptisms at the Preston Temple day.  I had been really looking forward to this.  We met up the the Hotchkiss and Weaver families.  The Hotchkiss couple are the ward mission leaders…and once again, couldn’t say enough about Elder Welch.  Rory Weaver (16) and his mother Deborah Weaver were just recently baptized by Truman,  and this was their first temple experience.  They brought family names with them.  I was just going to do temple names, but a Scottish sister had 16 family names for me to do.  She was so appreciative.  It made me cry.  It was wonderful to have Truman in the font and Wayne as one of the witnesses.  I was truly choked up…and couldn’t speak with out crying.  The Spirit was so strong. The Weavers love Truman and it was so evident.  Truman just feels such a kinship with these Saints.  I‘m grateful for Facebook, so he can stay in touch with so many, easily.  

Outside of Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley's flat when he was a missionary
Wayne and Elder Welch by the River Ribble

We spent the rest of this afternoon with church history sites around Preston. I read a book on the early saints and growth in this area on the way over in the plane that Sandy and Clark let us borrow.  It was so touching.   Pres. Hinkley served his mission here in the early 1900’s.  We took a picture outside of his flat on Windham road.  The River Ribble was the place that the first baptisms took place in 1839.  They were so excited to be baptized that there was a race to the river.  Heber J. Kimball did the baptizing.  He and Orson Hyde and Joseph Fielding Smith were able to preach to and baptize entire congregations in various villages.  Downham was one of these.  Downham is a throw back in time.  The church and houses all just perfectly 1800’s.  The sheep dotted country side and everything was quaint and lovely.  This was my favorite spot.  So many things to take a picture of. We ate ice cream cones on a street bench and soaked it all in.

Wayne preaching at the church in Downham

Pendle hill is in the background
Dinner with investigator Sylvia...and full time missionaries Ringwood and Palmer

Our final evening we spent with the missionaries… Palmer and Ringwood at an investigator’s home.  Sylvia and children invited us all over for tea and a lesson.  She cooked Spanish food for us…. Chicken croquetas, russion egg salad and tortilla y pappas.   Sylvia loves Truman and can’t stand he is leaving her – she is very dramatic.  (They can now be Facebook friends.)  She has many questions and can’t even believe that she is a child of God and that God loves and forgives.  It was a fascinating evening to be there.  We all bore testimony of our Saviors love and hoped that she would continue to have the missionaries teach her. 
We had a visit at Andrew Stroud’s home… a 6’7” man, and his wife.  They are investigating the church as well.  Andrew is waiting for his wife to join with him to be baptized.   He is strong and ready to jump in.  They have 3 little children. It was lovely to be at their home.   They Love Truman. 
We raced to the church before 10pm to meet up with Rory Weaver and the Saunders mom and daughter-Mia who introduced the church to Rory.  Rory gave Tru some treats to take back home and some Vimto .  Brilliant! A nice big hug and words of encouragement and we were off.

3/28—travel day.  We said goodbye to Doreen…she got up early to make us more bacon butty’s…. My butt is lookin like bacon after everything I have been eating… but that’s a different story.     We took the rental car back… it was a great way to go all around England and Scotland…we put 175 L ( pounds) of petrol in it…total.  Petrol is pricey and sold by the litre…at 1.45 a liter.
Traveling with Wayne is grand…we all got upgraded to 1st class… so better food and full, stretch out, leg room and chairs…. YEAH! 
It has been a whirlwind of a week… really just running from sun up to sun down.  My head hits the pillow every night, and I am “dead’ til the alarm.  We are going to need a vacation from this vacation.  I thought I would have time to email and call home more, but it hasn’t worked out. 

I have really enjoyed seeing Truman as a missionary. It has been a most precious experience.   It’s amazing to be with him 24/7 and watch him and soak up his enthusiasm for the gospel.  When a missionary comes home, I say, either pick them up, or go on a family vacation as soon as they get home.   Otherwise Wayne would just be at work every day and we would be doing “life “ as usual.   
We were blessed to have our English Elder Welch time and I will treasure this trip.

We arrived home to a group of mustache wearing family.  I knew Tru would think this was Brilliant… and I love my family for being such great sports at the airport all sporting black mustaches.  We laughed at each other and Tru laughed at all of us.  It took the “sad” out of the welcome home…which is good. Tru, Wayne and I were all in a “zombie” state after being awake for 22 hours.

The Airport group......
Elder Welch was officially released at 10:00 on the 28th.  It was a bittersweet ending.  He loved being a missionary SOOOOOOO much.  In England as we hugged and said goodbye to so many lovely Saints, and investigators I just cried.  They all loved my boy so much . It was a pleasure to see and feel this.  Truman didn’t cry.  I think he saved up his tears for his release moment.  It was very traumatic for him to know he was at an end to this two year chapter of his life.  His tears flowed and flowed. 
Life is good.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


States I have visited...... I have a lot of traveling still to do...............make your own at

Friday, March 23, 2012


 Truman and Laila playing together on the tramp.  I remember asking Truman to tend Laila.  When I returned home this is what greeted me.  So creative...and fun....Tru did the makeup and the clown get up for him and Laila...he was in that crazy kind of mood.

We are actually picking Truman up from his mission this week in England.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I just finished reading Gerald Lund's newest Book....

It's a compilation of research he has done over the years on the topic of Hope.  It has Scripture, Prophets, General Authorities and Lund's own take on the topic, with many "personal" stories of Hope through out. It feels like Gerald Lund is speaking to me... I can hear his voice in the writing.   There is one "personal" story from my Bro in Law, Bret Reynold's family.  pg. 174.    It's about not telling the Lord what to do... but understanding "thy will be done."..... and "having hope that His  promises are sure."
                     I need to get better at this.
 I'm trying to figure out what to put in this post that touched me and made me ponder and think anew on HOPE...but so much of it did............... really you should just read the book.   It's that good.

Friday, March 16, 2012 shoes

Check out this picture....
Laila doing her  potty business with nothing but her red, sparkly Dorothy shoes on....classic!
I always say..........

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We watched Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, last night.  The full stage version was filmed  Sept, 2011, in honor of it's 25th anniversary.
                                                                 It was Brilliant!
It was majestically done and at the end Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber speaks and  brings on original cast members,  Phantom - Michael Crawford and Christine- Sarah Brightman, and there is a big sing along.

It was most fun sharing this musical with Laila.   She has seen the movie version- and likes it, but it's just so much better on stage...even if it's a stage recording.  The music is just so spine tingling.  The staging was beautiful and the performances, particularly that of Christine and the Phantom were incredible.
LOVED IT!.... we rented it from a Redbox..... $1.

I remember when Phantom came out 25 years ago.  We were dying to go, but with new babies, and little money we knew making it to NYC was out of the question.  When Phantom started playing in LA we new it was our one, fun chance to see it.  We went with Marcie and Gary, Sandy and Clark and Tami ( no Rob) to California..... I think that's right.....maybe others played with us, but my memory is getting bad.
 We played in Disney Land during the day and then saw Phantom at night.  I remember the traffic being bad and we were racing to the theatre.  We ran up the steps and got to our seats just barely before the ushers closed the door  for the first scene.  My heart was racing.  The theatre was dark and eery....then the chandelier got lifted from the stage to it's position over the audience, and I was sucked into the story.

It's a different story than the beautiful one of redeeming love found in Les Miz...but I still love it.  I know the Phantom is a murderer... I know he is crazy.... but I cry every time Christine shows him just a little bit of kindness and it changes him and his plans forever.

Kindness matters....that's what I take away from Phantom.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hyundai Elantra

This is the story of two crazy boys.......Wayne Welch  and Eric Belnap....and their new cars.

Wayne was getting tired of his Jaguar.  Even though this was the car of his boy hood dreams, the repairs were going up, and so was the price of gas.  He was on the look out for many months for the car that would get great gas mileage, still be sporty enough to wear the "undercover" license plate, and have no repair bills for 10+ years.
Wayne spoke to Eric about the changing of his car, and his thoughts about getting a Hyundai.
Eric thought Wayne's reasoning was sound, and 2 days before Wayne got his black Elantra, Eric arrived home in his gray Elantra.


Wayne has had matching cars one other time.  It was with Zac Poulter and their red and blue XAX trucks.
We loved working with Zac and Becky.  We shared XAXdesign for 6 years.   Our time with them was one of growth and happiness. Sad that it ended, but glad that Wayne and Zac transitioned into new work opportunities. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF...2 year old Wayne

Another Favorite Photo for Too Good To Ignore Family Foto Friday.  This time it's Wayne as a little kid singing with his sister's Jane and Sandy.   This was taken in Wayne's home in North Logan.  Love that Wallpaper.
He and sister Sandy had their own language.  For a long time Sandy was the only one who could understand Wayne.  Wayne would speak to Sandy and then Sandy would tell Momma Wanee what he said.  Pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughts on this Tuesday.

"You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row 
or solemness of the third row."
The choice is yours.

 What a HUGE contrast, plus I love that they are all in dresses and hats riding a roller coaster.  

Laila, at ten years old, is still saying the sweetest prayers.  I think she always will.  Her prayers have been astounding since she could speak.  I don't know why I'm surprised.  One of the best parts of my day is kneeling at Laila's bedside for her nightly prayer.  I wish I had a recorder.... but I do commit some to memory...she is just so sincere.

In one prayer she was "thankful for all of the missionaries who serve all over the world and give two years of their life to tell everyone about Jesus, but especially bless the two missionaries I am related to.
...And thank you for Justin Beiber's birthday.
....and thanks for all the love that fills our home."

"And thank you for fasting so I can remember how good it is to eat."

"And thanks for Grandma Sheri that she can beat the cancer."

It just goes on and on....

I am so sad for all of the Tornado stuff going on.  I have cried over and over watching the devastation.  The Story that has touched me so much is  of the mom that tied a comforter around her and her two children, then laid on her kids as the house fell down around them....the kids don't have a scratch....the momma lost both of her legs and is a hero.    

I have two missionaries out for 2 more weeks. It has been a blessing to know they are working hard, gaining testimonies, and growing in the gospel. 
Monson has a new companion after only 6 weeks.  His trainer had to go on an emergency transfer to be a ZL in Kalamazoo.  ( I love the name of that city.)  So Monson is on comp #2.  His wrist is killing him.  I didn't think we would even hear about his wrist for 2 years, with no sports etc.., so I am surprised he is having this trial. 
Truman  hasn't told anyone in his area that his end is near.  I think that is funny. He is in denial, but happy we are coming to get him, and will get to travel around and see his people, and church history sites. 


...............and what about my dad's leprechaun picture as my March header???  He is the cutest, and such a great sport.  I love his little drawn mustache too.   

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My blue hair Momma

I knew something was wrong when we showed up for Sunday night talking time, and I saw a bald head over the top of the couch. 
 My mom always has a wig on...and her makeup.... but not today. 
 Today was a hard day. 
 My Momma only has one Chemo treatment left.  
This last one has been really hard. 
 She has gone through this 5 times now and knows just what to expect.  But it's still hard.  The three weeks in between treatments are really just to gear up mentally for the next one. 
Chemo is all about killing off cancer cells and trying not to kill the patient off in the process.  It's pretty mean.
Mom had about 4 hours today where Dad thought for sure she was checking out of this world.
Mom feels like a little person is stabbing her in the knees constantly.  She can't get warm...their house is like 90 degrees... and of course nothing tastes good.  It all tastes like "gray flannel" in her mouth.
Through all of this, she is a trooper.  
Laila went to rub mom's feet and that was such a blessing. 
 Laila is a good foot rubber.
Mom asked Laila to go and get her a wig. 
Laila came out with the blue funny one, that Mom's friend gave her as a gag.
Of course mom put it on and modeled and smiled and we all took funny pictures of her.

Such a shining example of optimism for all of her children and grand children. 


Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm taking a page out of my friend's book...or blog ( thanks Lesley) ....and doing a Friday Walk down memory Lane photograph....or FridayWDML for short.
or maybe....
Photos that are Too Good to Ignore.... so I'm going to post them on a Friday.........
I'm getting carried away with  just figuring out a title for this series.....anyway....
I am going to post an old Family Favorite Foto on Friday......   (Maybe Friday x 4)
Here is the First ...

Dec 2006
Our 5 week old puppy...... Baby Girl....aka....Cupcake.  She was a little ball of fluff you could hold in one hand.  Now she is a big, wheezy, licky dog.  I actually really like having her around when it's just her and me.  It's hard when someone comes to visit.  She goes crazy.  We have tried different things to solve her out of control problem.  The best solution is to just pick her up.
Baby is more like a cat than a dog.  She uses an indoor litter box, she meows more than she barks, she sleeps on the tops of couches, and stretches and looks at you with disdain...just like a cat.
The boys all call her Kitty.
Wayne's favorite time with baby is when he gets her riled up and she runs in wild circles while he repeats over and over, "Crazy dog is in the house."
I do love having a dog in my house.....