Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random thoughts.

The house looks as though There's no one around;
There isn't a light There isn't a sound.
In darkness each year, I feel the same shame--
Having eaten the treats Before the kids came.

I didn't buy any candy this year, because I'll be in China, and I told the boys to leave the house before it gets dark and hang out at grandma's or a friend's house. No need to have candy just sitting around the house if I can't eat it.

I've been doing my on 20 days of eating good and then off 20 days and I've noticed that I've now been off 30 days, going on 45. ...Hmmmm...
I have another confession, I haven't stepped on my scale for over 3 weeks. It just dustily sits on the floor and haunts me anyway. It's the scariest Halloween decoration in my home.

I'm still wondering about my food survival plan in China and if I should be taking some Dove Dark bars along for the ride?--- I figure I can always get one at the airport, if I hear it calling my name. (Please call, please call)

I have a list a mile long to wade through so I can feel prepared enough to leave for 12 days. 12 days is a long time to be away from the fam. Yeah for modern day conveniences though. Skype, Cell phones, email, internet. I can easily check School grades and absences from Bejing. Keep the boys in line from a distance.

I'm excited to be off--- freaky food, terrifying toilets and fun adventure awaits!

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