Sunday, May 30, 2010


Uncle Adam is our Hero.
He and Monson, as his helper, Laila's playhouse put together.....finally.
It was been sitting in our garage and back yard in boards and pieces for almost 2 months.
I had to keep my eyes up to avoid making contact with it, or I would get peeved.
Now I'm pleased!
I went away on the BHS choir trip and came home to a finished play set......YEAH!
Laila and 4 cousins are breaking it in tonight with a celebratory sleep over!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

love notes

Laila and Cousin Becca Welch love to have sleep overs.
We only allow cousin sleep overs and feel blessed to have so many great options living with in 20 minutes of us; Savannah, Preston, Abby, Becca, Anna, Alex, name a few.

Wayne and I went to a movie...and left one of my sweet Beehive girls in charge of Laila and Becca for a few hours.
We came home to a clean house, happy kids and love notes for me.
So fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On?

I'm off to San Diego on my 7th annual (minus one year) BHS Choir trip.

I'm hoping the above statement is NOT the motto for this excursion.....

I'm hoping that no terrorists, a.k.a. boys with t-shirts tied on their heads like TRUMAN, show up.

I'm hoping I can sleep on the bus ride down.

I'm hoping I have enough books to read and yarn to knit.

I'm hoping there is SUNNY, WARM weather in San Diego.

I'm hoping to ....Stay Calm and Carry on!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Numbered Coffee table

Take a plain black and cream Coffee Table.
This is a nothing special one I got at the DI a few years back. The center has been painted many different colors. Currently it's cream.

It looks fine in my living room....just a bit.....ho hum.....

So I added some numbers to spice it up.
I call it my lucky number 7 table......
There are 7 in my it's appropriate.

I love it....
I walk by the living room now and smile!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shot gun

"SHOT GUN....battle"
That's the cry that comes out of Laila as we get into the car now. She is tired of the brothers calling Shot gun with "no battle".....she wants the battle.
It's so funny.
We wrestle her and sometimes have to pick her up and place her in the back seat.
She giggles and scrambles to the front.
I don't know where she got the idea that she can go against the "no battle" rules.....

She wins more times than not....notice Addison in the back seat....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday-on Wednesday

1. Thankful that Laila day went well. We went to Yogurt stop and loaded up our chocolate yogurt with candy and cookies. Then off to see the movie Babies. It's a documentary that follows 4 babies from birth to one year old. It was really interesting to see how different the African, Mongolian, Japanese and USA babies are raised, and how a like they all are too. It didn't make me baby hungry. It did make Wayne have a nap.

2. Thankful that Truman is doing well in Rochdale, England. His letters are up beat and positive and he is loving his time there. My mother's day call was great. We all gathered around my bed and listened to him on the speaker phone. He is really teaching in a multi national/cultural community of people. He says he lives in little Baghdad. He sees miracles daily.

3. Thankful for Wayne's work. Orders and money may actually be starting to come in. Laila went and checked out Wayne's work. She said it'a a lot bigger than Wayne's old office. Wayne commented, that's because he has to share it with Bob. Laila thought that sounded fun, "it's just like bunking...with a's fun!" Then she looked around and said, "Well, maybe it's not that much fun...."

4. Thankful we only have 10 official school days left.

5. Thankful for prayers. Laila is always praying that Monson will be good at sports and not get hurt; that Truman won't get so many "door slams" as a missionary; that Landon will make lots of money and that Addison will find a job and make money so he can date Bre and have children. I think she has left some steps out of Addison's life, but it's nice all the same.

6. Thankful for other like-minded Missionary parents. We had a fun gathering with a group from our ward. It was great to share our mission boys highs and some lows---what we affectionately call "growth experiences." It was good to hear about gaining weight, having things stolen, living in lava lava's, getting hit by cars, learning difficult languages, eating "weird" food, crazy baptisms.....but all are excited to be out serving the LORD.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Stephi Dog

Our Stephi Dog came into our lives when Addison was 131/2, just finishing up his 8th grade year. He was so excited to train a guide dog for the blind. We jumped in as a family and had a great time going to meetings and learning all there was about getting a dog ready to assist a blind person.
Stephi came to us the Spring of 2001.
She was a beautiful yellow lab with 'Z" fur on her back bone that faded into her tail. SHe had a great temperament. She was so kind and loving with soulful brown eyes. She was smart, patient and loyal. Everything one could hope for in a dog.
Addison loved taking Stephi to school with him each day, and church...and the store and EVERYWHERE. The attention was good for Addison and the responsibility too. Stephi learned about "one time" morning feedings; about "doing business" on command. Stephi learned to socialize with other dogs and not to smell and lick, fetch and roll over and do the basic "dog" things.....but to be more like a person.

A month before Stephi was supposed to report for duty...she almost died, and it was ALL my fault.
Talk about mother guilt.
We had just returned home from our family Vacation and I walked into my back yard and went "CRAZY!" I didn't have one flower left.....we were under attack by snails. I hate snails. I went into the garage and pulled out the snail bait and went to town in the back yard, sprinkling it EVERYWHERE.
The next night, while Wayne was at a baseball game with Monson and Truman....Addison noticed Stephi was foaming at the mouth and shaking. She wasn't doing good AT ALL. We picked her up and put her in truck and started calling vets one was answering their phones. It was 7 at night, but where were all of the vets? I called all through the phone book....finally one animal hospital answered in SLC....we drove straight there, praying and crying over our Stephi. She couldn't die. She wasn't really our dog. Technically she was on on loan to us for training. This was an expensive puppy...and now because of my snail bait rampage, she was dying. It was horrible.
The vets were all at an annual convention dinner for all of Utah just when I needed them most.
Addison was sobbing. Landon was hysterical. I was praying harder than I had prayed in a very long time for Stephi's life. We carried Stephi into the hospital in the nick of time. The Dr. couldn't believe she was alive after all of the poison she had digested. Stephi was put on machines and a stomach pump and had tubes running every which way. My dad came to the vets after we were told that Stephi was probably going to die. My dad looked at us all sobbing and said, "Have some Faith....she can make it!" He was prophetic. We contacted Guide Dogs...and they said do everything you can to keep her was thousands of dollars in dr. bills that Guide Dogs paid out for her. The doc said it was a miracle that Stephi pulled through. She had a one week hospital stay....then came home and laid around for a while...Soon she was good as new and a month later, Wayne, Addison and Landon were driving her to her new guide dog life.

Stephi was a part of our family....and it was really hard, at the end of one year of training to take the dog up to Washington State and drop her off for her finishing school.
We knew she would be a great companion and this is what our goal had been all along....but we cried, just the same. I was glad to have all of the sheddy pet hair out of my house. Laila always ended up covered in it.
As luck would have it..............
Stephi didn't last long as a guide dog.
She was too allergic to her food, and slobbery. No one wants a slobbery dog laying by them at a restaurant or other public place. She did okay on really expensive-- no allergy dog food, but what blind person can afford that? So......... Stephi retired early in her duties.

And......we got a lucky phone call and asked if we would like to have Stephi for our family dog. Addison and the boys were thrilled. We took her on hikes and family vacays to the cabin. She was just another one of our kids.

I was happy....but not excited about the pet hair everywhere in my house, once more.

We all loved Stephi....even though she was big and hairy.

Stephi always let Laila do what ever she wanted. Laila would pull on Stephi's face, and grab her eyes. Laila would hold onto Stephi's tongue....Stephi would put her tongue back in her mouth, Laila was still holding on to it....clear up to her armpit. It looked like the dog had swallowed my babies arm. It was quite a sight. Laila would fall asleep on the dog, or in Stephi's dog bed.....she would read books to Stephi and have conversations with her.
We had Stephi in our home for 4 years, then , when I couldn't take the allergies and dog hair one more good friend Linda Wangsgaard took Stephi. This was a good time to let go of this dog...Addison was leaving on a mission soon, and he was her main care giver.

Linda is so kind hearted and a real animal lover. This was Stephi's perfect fit.
We still got to see Stephi and tend her when the Wangsgaards went out of it was the best of both worlds.

Stephi was thrilled when Addison got home off his two year mission. She bounded down the steps and wagged her entire body. She remembered with kindness her first boy/master from so many years ago.
Stephi played the role of Sandy the Dog in Bountiful High School's musical ANNIE, last winter. Laila was an orphan, Monson was in the chorus, and Truman played Rooster. I was the proud mamma watching all of my kids and bursting with pride every night when Stephi did her dog thing.....and stole the show ( or atleast the scenes she was in).
Why am I writing and remembering Stephi on this day?
Stephi has been acting droopy with no-energy lately. She stopped eating this past weekend., her hair was falling out. Her face was going grey. Linda was sick about it. She took Stephi to our friend vet...Eric Belnap. Stephi was diagnosed with Lymphoma and put down today.

Addison got to say his last Goodbye's to this sweet boy hood dog of his. I'm so glad the Wangsgaards included him in this. He went into the vets and Stephi saw him and walked slowly over to Addison wagging her tail and gently placed her head in Addison's lap. What a good dog. Addison said, "I was there when she was a young puppy and came into my life, so it was good that I was there when she drifted out again."
I've been crying all day....

We are so sad.

What a beautiful dog Stephi was--so smart, good, patient and loyal.

She will be missed by all of us.......

I know she is happy in Dog Heaven....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Laila Day - Part 3

Laila Day.......continued......

The airplane arrived at 9:00 pm and we drove home to show the boys their new baby sister. Boy, were we ever in for a grand surprise.

The boys with Aunt Cyrrena Welch and friend Laura Belnap and a few of my students, had decorated with balloons, a white stork statue and banners, our entire front yard.

“She’s Here,” the sign said over the garage and she really was. It was so great to come into the house and have so many anxious and supportive family and friends there to welcome the newest Welch baby.

The brothers all took turns holding her—no one else, others could only look at her—Laila was a trooper. So many people to say “hi” to her, and to see how beautiful she really is. Laila was peaceful, just looking around and greeting everyone.

After everyone had gone home, we knelt together in our new family unit –7 of us. We said a prayer of thanksgiving for this wonderful baby girl that the Lord had brought to our family. We all put our hands in the center at the end of the prayer—with Laila’s gorgeous brown baby hand added, and said, “Forever!!!”

Life is wonderful—Laila is finally here!!

Laila’s story: I was born January 22, 2002 in New Jersey to a woman named Roseanne. I don’t remember much about my first 3 months, but I do know that my birth mom wanted to give me a better life—so she gave me to the Welch’s . She loved me enough to want more for me. The Welch family had always wanted a baby girl—they just didn’t know who. They say I am an angel and a blessing. I met my mommy and daddy for the first time on May 15th—it was love at first sight. Our hearts matched. I didn’t grow in my mommy’s tummy. I grew in her heart!

I got to fly on my first airplane that day and come to my home with 4 brothers and Stephi the dog. My brothers, Addison, Landon, Truman and Monson all adore me. They laugh with me and hold me and feed me and they can’t believe how perfect I am.

Life is wonderful—I am finally here!!!

...and we all lived happily ever after.

(Laila meets Best Friend Heather Kofford.... 4 months)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laila Day - part 2

Laila day.........continued......

When Wayne got home we discussed at length the possibility of this baby being an answer to our prayers; of a dark haired—dark eyed beauty being Latina instead of Chinese? We were convinced it was. Money was the big deal—all of the money we already spent was for naught. Where could we come up with all of the money at once? Wayne, being ever wonderful—figured it all out. Wayne’s family helped and other avenues opened. We said, “yes”, and sight unseen, began preparing to fly out to Philadelphia in 5 days.

Word got out and people and relatives began bringing us all sorts of baby stuff. We had anonymous diaper drops at our front door. Bags of baby clothes began to show up. We had a swing and a bouncer and a crib just appear. Sandy and Tami brought Laila’s traveling diaper bag with all of the things we would be needing for our little girl. We are so blessed to have so many good friends and family. We scrubbed down the old cradle that all of the boys had used. We took the boys shopping to pick out the outfit that Laila would fly home in. It was exciting!

ON May 14th, Wayne and I flew to Philadelphia to pick up our little Laila. I had not stopped crying and praying for 5 days. NO matter what anyone said to me, I burst into tears. The night before we were to go to the adoption agency, neither of us could sleep—I wrote in my journal endlessly, about my hopes and dreams for this little daughter of mine. Wayne felt the same way.

We couldn’t stay in our hotel room any longer on May 15th—we had an 11:00 appointment and so we got in the rental car and drove through some pretty interesting and scary parts of Philadelphia. We arrived at a tall apartment looking building on Pine Street . Boy was I ever nervous. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. We were having a baby! We got in the elevator and went up to the 7th floor and entered an apartment that had been converted to offices for an adoption agency. The people were so nice—we knew we had arrived very early, but we didn’t have any place else to go, so we thought we might as well be nervous there. We read magazine articles and pamphlets on adoption while we waited and finished our final paperwork.

There are moments you remember all of your life. Like a snapshot. This was one of those. The striped couch, the Noah’s ark themed room, the many pictures of happy adoptive families. I just took it all in. Then the big moment finally arrived. The front door opened and a worker said, “Here’s your baby.” She swung the infant carrier around and plopped an angel from heaven down on the coffee table in front of us. I couldn’t believe my eyes—a more beautiful baby I had never seen. Black curly hair—soft like feathers, dark eyes, long eyelashes and a smile that said, “I’m yours.” I started crying, of course, and Wayne reached for the video camera. “Hello baby—hello—we are your mom and dad.”

Laila was incredible--just peaceful and calm. I couldn’t wait to hold her, and snatched her out of the car seat pretty quickly. She felt so wonderful. She was dressed in a cute light pink outfit with rose buds across the front. How appropriate coming from her birth mother, Roseanne.

I remember on the birth of my boys, when the doctor presented the baby to me and the flood of emotion I felt having this new little one in my arms, fresh from heaven. It’s just indescribable. Well, I felt that same way when I first laid my eyes on Laila. She was definitely ours. She filled a place in my heart immediately. Our hearts matched. I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous she was.

We were supposed to meet with the birth mother and waited and waited but she never came. It would definitely be hard to come back and see Laila again, after deciding to give her to us. I can’t imagine what kind of selfless love this lady would have to have. We like to think she was probably there, in the lobby or in the parking lot just watching to see what kind of people had this little angel.

Laila was ours, now we just had to get all of the way back to Utah. The flight wasn’t going to leave til 5:00, so we just waited at the airport. We called all of our relatives and told them about beautiful Laila and how wonderful our day had been. How at peace we both felt. This was an amazing experience. Laila slept like an angel and when she was awake she gooed and smiled. We had so any strangers at the airport an on the airplane comment on our beautiful baby---we just smiled and agreed. be continued.........

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laila Day-- Part 1

May 15th is Laila Day. That's the day we celebrate every's the day we brought Laila home on the airplane. I wanted to share the history behind this day. I decided to share what's in my journal and Laila's baby book about this time in our family.

Laila Shanae Welch’s Story—Written Summer of 2002

Melinda’s story : It all started around Christmas time of 2001. Aunt Lynette and Uncle Lynn Poulter were in China teaching English and they wrote home to us about all of the abandoned baby girls that “no one wanted.” The orphanages were full of discarded daughters. Our hearts were touched. For the past 3 years the boys have been begging us to adopt a little girl. We kept saying our family is done—4 is plenty—but there was always someone missing.

At Christmas it seemed everywhere we turned there was an adoption story. Someone’s cousin, friend or sister was adopting from China. We started thinking, “What if we got a little girl for our 4oth birthdays?” It seemed far out, but it definitely made Wayne and me smile. We fasted and prayed about it all and as a family. By the first week of January, we knew we had to adopt a black haired- dark eyed baby girl. I couldn’t stop crying.

People thought we were crazy. It was easy having our 4 boys—we could get up and do whatever we wanted. They pretty much took care of themselves…the youngest being 9. It felt like the Lord was comforting me and helping me sort out all of this emotion. We needed a little Laila in our family. I thought Wayne needed a little girl. I still got all of the smooches and loves and closeness from the boys, but as they got older their dad was being left out. Our family needed the softening of a girl spirit.

We started the process for a China girl. I am sure there are faster ways to adopt—but we didn’t want to take an opportunity away from a couple who can’t have children—so the idea of getting a girl that “nobody wanted” felt right. The boys and Wayne all thought an infant would be best—but I was pretty set on a 2 or 3 year old. I knew this would be harder—the language, for one thing, would be hard—plus she would have attachment issues and nutrition problems most likely, but I was pretty adamant about NOT getting a baby . I am old—40 this year and the idea of starting over was scary. I convinced the family to do it my way.

We filled out a ton of paper work. We talked to a lot of people and even went to the Chinese New Year event sponsored by Families for Children from China. We paid out a little money here and a lot of money there. We got our home study done, our FBI background checks and we also paid $1000.00 to the department of Naturalization and Immigration services. We were told it would take from 1 to 2 years before we got our little girl.

The waiting already was horrible. At times I felt like—“why was I putting the family through all of this?” All I could think about was our little Laila. Was she born yet? What was she doing? How was she doing? I had dreams about a dark haired little girl—but not from China. Money was getting tight—but I knew we were doing the right thing. I kept making deals with the Lord. “Ok—if Wayne stands and bears his testimony this week, then we are really supposed to adopt.” He would bear his testimony. “If Sarah Rigby ( who is adopted) sits by me in Relief Society, then we are supposed to adopt.” Sara would sit by me. It was crazy. I knew I was pushing harder for this than Wayne or the boys, but I really felt strongly about Laila being a part of our family by this time. “IF we are asked to be the witness couple at the temple, we are supposed to adopt.” We were asked.

May was here and more paperwork showed up, I wanted to cry –again. Wayne kept telling me it would all work out. We paid more money for fingerprints again. We kept praying that the adoption would happen quicker.

The next day, while I was teaching at the high school, Wayne called and said that cousin Paisley Poulter Callister had called him about a little Hispanic girl that “nobody wanted”—out of an agency in Philadelphia. They had no family ready to take her, and had been calling adoption agencies all across the country trying to find a family that was ready for her, with their background checks and homestudies all in place. There was no one. They contacted an agency in Spanish Fork that Paisley had adopted from last year. They called her. She called us. We had to decide in the next 24 hours. She was wondering if our hearts were open to a 3 1/2 month old Spanish baby—or if we were set on the China route?

Were our hearts ever open!!!

But this was a baby—not a toddler. Well the boys were thrilled. Just what they had in mind all along. Wayne said, “We can get the 2 years old in 2 years, or have this little baby who needs us, right now.”

Now it was all happening too fast. Nothing was ready—we were going to have 1 to 2 years to get all of the bedrooms and money figured out. Now we had to pray and decide immediately. It was turmoil. be continued.......

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Poulters

I LOVE my Cousins!
Zac and Becky Poulter are the kindest, nicest, most original couple around.
They are true individuals!
Zac and Becky were high school sweet hearts and have been having a love affair ever since. They are so tender and sweet to each other.

Zac is so creative, he is a true Artist. He really is amazing. He sees the world different than other people. He designed his own house with the kitchen literally being the biggest room in the house and the center- hub of the house that all rooms go off of. He is always changing, painting, decorating, moving, re arranging something in his house, yard, life.

We were partners with Zac and Becky with XAX Design from 1997 to 2003. We did signs and banners, car wraps and stickers....anything with vinyl and we were in. We were on the cutting edge of sayings in houses. We had van "wraps" on our cars. I drove a huge dinosaur van around for 2 years. The grade school set loved it. IT was advertising for what XAX did. I painted furniture pieces with big sticker pictures on them that looked like a painting. It was fun.
We made a "good" living, but the best part was the creative aspect and wives day.
Becky and I would go to work with "the Boys" once a week. We would organize or do what ever was needed, then go to lunch and some days to a matinee movie. It was great to be together.

Zac always talked about having a limo as the ultimate family vehicle. The kids would love it, the teenagers would use it for dates--prom etc..., and as the parents you could just roll up the dividing window and not have to listen to the kids fight while you traveled.

Well this past spring the Poulter family got their wish. They were shopping around for another suburban ( boring) when they stumbled upon a Limo ( exciting) on ebay.
What a hoot!
Can you imagine pulling up to the grocery store or church in this?
I love it!
That's Zac as the chauffer for his daughter's prom date.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Laila...

This is the note placed on my pillow tonight by one, Laila Welch.
I don't know why she was reminding me and not Wayne....but....she did.
She's always doing something that makes me either smile, or shake my head.

Laila has a "rival" at school.....Will. Someone who, she says, Hate's her, and she Hate's him right back. I don't know why she uses such a strong word, but she does. I over heard her talking about this rival to her friend, Heather. She kept saying that she was going to have a "rumble" with Will.
After a while, Heather said, "Rumble? Who even uses that word....what does it mean?"
Laila chimed in, "You know...a fight with dancing?"
Too much West Side Story, that's for sure.

Laila got voted in as Class president in her 2nd grade class. She gets to open doors and help the teacher let the class in etc..... I asked her why all of the kids voted for her? She said, "because I said I would be nice to every one and help them....but now I have to be nice to WILL!!!"
She was doing her scripture study tonight. (She actually has a journal that she writes a question in, every night, that she wants the answers to in the scriptures.) Tonight she wrote....."How can I be a good class president?" She found her answer in Josh 2:12....."Show kindness, and kindness will be shown back."
"Yep," she said....."I have to be nice even to Will."

Laila is always talking to our dog - Baby. She asks Baby questions then holds her hand in front of the dog's mouth and says, "If you agree, lick my hand."
The dog always agrees. The dog ALWAYS licks anything and everything.
The dog can't stop licking.
That's why what Laila does and says is so funny!

Laila went to school on Monday with only one "hangy-down" earring. She said she wanted to be a pirate, and off she went.

Laila has a ton of clothes. She is so blessed because she gets "hand-me-overs" from cousins and friends. Laila has been blessed so much, she couldn't close her drawers, they were just bulging. The problem is, I can never gether to give anything away.
I just have to sneak clothes out of her room.
Well....on Family night we had a scripture hunt on service, generosity and giving to the poor. Laila was touched. When I asked her what she thought she could give away, she answered,
"My clothes."
I was proud of her for coming up with this on her own, this time.
We spent the next 1/2 hour going through drawers and clothes filled plastic bags. She actually filled a giant black garbage bag with clothes and we took them to the DI today. It felt good!
Laila is her own best advertisement. She has a musical theatre class showcase on Saturday. Laila wants an audience. Last night she made 20 flyers advertising this event and passed them out at school today. She has a lot of gumption. Now she wants me to drive around and pick up the kids that tell her they are coming, and drive them to the show. She is very bossy!
See what I mean? I'm either smiling, or shaking my head...........

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Funeral Singer

I just got back from singing at a funeral for the Rist family in our ward. It was a grave side service and I sang, "I know that my redeemer lives." It was sunny but windy and cold. I was shaking as I was singing.

It's always a blessing to sing at a funeral.

I sing in about a funeral a year.

I was supposed to sing at my Grandma Butters funeral last Nov....but I was on a family cruise. I'm sad about this.....
I've sung at my cousin Danny's funeral, my father in law Tom's and my Grandpa Butters. I sing at funerals for people in my "growing up" ward. I sing for people I know and some I don't know.

I'm a funeral singer.

When we first moved into this ward, I sang at a lot of funerals. In about 4 years we had so many sudden, unexpected deaths. I sang at Mike Sants, Greg Allsops and Kristi Merrells, Sis. Bellistons. I remember these distinctly. I sang at other ones that Bishop Lund or Bishop Beck would arrange. People I didn't really know, but I was happy to bring the spirit in to the funeral with music.

The problem with singing at funerals, or in church for that matter, is I CRY when I sing hymns or songs about my Savior. I'm a baby. It's hard to keep it together when I'm singing and I look out to the audience and see people dabbing their eyes wiping a makes me CRY. There have been many times when I would get through half of the song, and the accompanist would have to just keep going on with out me.
It states in my patriarchal blessing that I should "use my talents in the service of my fellowmen and in so doing I will receive blessings." So...when ever I get a call to sing, I say yes, even though I know I'm probably going to cry.

Today was uneventful....sad, sweet and uneventful, besides the shaky body that is.

I recall a very eventful funeral service.
I sang at my Grandma Butters' sister, Elsie's funeral. It was a grave side service in Salt Lake at the Redwood Cemetery. It was on a bright and sunny summer day. I was singing ,"Amazing Grace." Everything was going great. I was half way through the song...I wasn't even crying...when there was a hissing sound, and the rainbird sprinklers popped out of the ground and were arcing their way towards us. All eyes, including mine, were glued on the spraying water was it chugged along. I just kept singing. All of a sudden, a man in a suit, from inside the mortuary, came sprinting out. Running as fast as he could towards the advancing sprinkler.
It was like out of a movie.
The rainbird was sprinkling, I was singing, the mourners eyes were getting big as saucers, the man was racing.
Just as we all thought we were going to get drenched, the man seized the rainbird and held on, soaking himself waiting for the sprinklers to get turned off.
It was something.
I just kept singing. I finished the song, and the water stopped at the same time. The mourners almost wanted to applaud when it was all over.......... for the sprinkler man.

Yep. I'm a funeral singer.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bedroom change

Before: I made this quilt 2 1/2 years ago. I love the red, brown, cream and blue of it. I had a red catch all bench at the foot of it. The quilt was fun to make and I've enjoyed it on my bed....but I wanted to lighten up my room and I crave

After: This is was I am living with now. New cover, pillows from Tj Maxx and Target, and I painted the bench the light blue left over from the family room. I like it.

Now I want to repaint my room, get new closet doors, chandelier draped over the bed... Maybe this Summer!?!