Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday #4

I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is here, I can't believe it.  I can tell I'm getting older because it feels like we just had Thanksgiving...... but it's gorgeous weather, and the wedding is over, so on to the Holidays.
We are joining with most of the Welch side at Mark and Jill's home in Farmington.  It will be awesome. I'm looking forward to being with my people, eating delicious food, writing in the thankful journal and relaxing.  We always go to a movie Thanksgiving night as well.....this year it's
  Big Hero 6.   This is a tradition all of my children look forward to.  Landon is  cooking his first Thanksgiving dinner for the Buzelli family.  He got permission from Alex's mom to do most of the cooking since it's an American holiday and he should know how to cook American food.

I'm thankful for my Wayne...he really is amazing.  So patient, loving, kind, generous, caring,  smart, helpful, and supportive.   I couldn't ask for a better mate to do throughtout this life with and forever.

I'm thankful for Sunsets....this is my most favorite time of the day.  I feel closer to heaven and my Heavenly Father when I take in a colorful sunset.

I'm thankful for sewers and roads to drive on with stoplights and lanes, and garbage trucks and snow removal and all of the daily necessary stuff that fills my life but that I take for granted.

I'm thankful for diet coke and chocolate....all though I probably should learn to do with out.

I'm thankful for Mexican Food... it's my favorite....just saying chalupa makes my mouth water.

and while I'm on the food band wagon......

I am thankful for pie!.... My mom was a master pie maker.  Pie makes me think of her now.
She was a Pie Party Pioneer...and she coined the infamous "Russian serving"  Which is one of each kind of pie on your plate.... a one-of-each....or said really quickly it sounded like "wonifich"--which was kind of Russian sounding, hence the name.
Pie parties were happening all over the state last night thanks to my momma....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Post Wedding highlights

Well... we are all cleaned up and washed and put away...The wedding day  is now  a memory and thankfully we all survived and are happy.

Official Wedding Party:  Laila, Alfie, Sophia, Andrew, Truman, Monson, Lexi, Katelyn, Lindsey, Bre, Addison, Landon and Alex
My friend Laura recapped the day in a text like this:  "The ring ceremony was very spirtual.  I was thrilled and surprised.  Lexi's parents were kind and helpful all day.  The temple was over the top!  Elder TIngey said the perfect words including mentioning those  who are attending from the other side and Lexi's family who she will be the example to.  The venue was so pretty and so fun.  Swonny announcing the wedding party like a basketball fun. Because of the warming trays the food turned out just fine.  Ran out of some food but everyone was fed.  The Italian Soda bar was a hit. Melinda's ear and neck bling added to her beauty for the day.   All is well in Zion.  Satan had a bad day yesterday as a new eternal family was created.  Loved being there."

New Welch Girls

It was kind of a blurr for me but a few moments stand out....

The ring ceremony rehearsal dinner the night before with a house full of crazy family members, Mickey planner extraordinaire.... ordering us all around trying to keep it "light"...and all done without Monson because he couldn't miss  school.

Finding a 44 oz. Big coke and a Si cookie on my counter for breakfast.

Laila looking gorgeous  and much older than her 12 years  in her blue dress, heels and amazing hair done by Emilee Dahl.

The Billy Ball Boutinere fiasco...with allergy, puffed, tearing eyes of Addison and Landon.  Once we realized the "weed balls" were causing  problems, we quickly took off the boutinere's and chucked them.
Monson and Lexi in a "wedding kiss dip" just outside the temple doors.

All of the bridesmaids and mommas piled in the down stairs bathroom getting Lexi ready.

Lexi informing us at 4pm the day of the wedding that she hadn't spoken to the cake lady and didn't know if she would have a cake or not..  The cake lady came through with a Michigan glutten free carrot cake and an amazing strawberries dipped in chocolate cake.

The wedding party being introduced like a basketball team, all coming in carrying giant Maverick drink cups because they stopped the limo on the way to the dinner and picked up drinks.

Monson and Lexi dancing to "All of Me"....  and Sophia and Andrew slow dancing as well.

Truman trying not to cry as he said such nice, funny and appropriate things as the Best Man.

Being in the Bride's Room in the Temple, getting Lexi ready in her temple dress and priesthood robes to be sealed for Time and All Eternity...then changing her into her wedding dress.  She is sooo beautiful no matter what she is wearing.

Pinning Monson's boutinere on and kissing his cheek telling him he's my favorite.

Holding lauging, noisy Alfie while the Ring Ceremony went on.

Setting up the Wheeler Farm venue with tables,  chairs, cloths, burlap, dinner wear, lights, fabric... waitng for Olive Garden food and our guests to arrive.

Monson and Buddies picking Lexi up for a silly picture..

Having my dad show up in a happy he made it to our home and the Temple.

Looking around the Sealing room in the temple and seeing so many family and friends and feeling so much love... missing my  momma  but knowing she was there.

Monson playing his guitar and singing "Lemonade" to Lexi

Lexi saying, "Oh yes" when  Pres. Hess and Elder Tingey told them they should kiss...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Monson is Married.

These are my comments I shared  at the Wedding dinner..........

Monson is to say about my baby boy?
Monson was born red haired and happy.  He had an infectious smile that he would generously share with everyone right before he threw up on them because of his reflux.  Good thing he smiled all of the time, or no one would have wanted to hold him.  He really was a jolly little elf.
At age 3, Monson and I had a conversation while riding in our car that pretty much sums up his whole life.  He was sitting in the front seat for the first time kind of nodding his head, biting his bottom lip  and glancing out the window.  I asked  him what he was thinking about and he replied, “I’m just thinking how cool I am.”  What 3 year old says that? Monson…

His nicknames were Monster and Monsoon because that’s how he acted and survived with his three older brothers.  I remember phone calls when I left the big boys, Addison  and Landon to take care of the Little boys Truman and Monson while Wayne and I had a much needed time out.  These phone calls were from the big boys begging me to talk to Monson who was out of control… He would chase the older boys around , brandishing knives and a sundry weapons scaring them all.  My conversation would go something like this, “Monson you are  not in charge.  Put the knife down and obey and  we will settle this when I get home..  NO Monson, you are not in charge, put the scissors down. Monson I mean it…..give the phone back to Addison, Now Monson…give him the phone… Monson You are not in charge.” 
Monson’s raspy, little voice reply, “But Mom they are driving me crazy,”
Monson actually liked his brothers…. Just not when they tended.  He became everyone brother’s  defender…he was the go to kid.  One of our family’s legends is when Monson as a 1st grader took down a 3rd grader who had been bullying Truman and told him to” leave his Brother alone…and to kiss the dirt.”  Truman told me this story with wide eyes and a bit of pride in his brother.  He was born cool.

Age 8 the only thing Monson wanted for his birthday was a monkey and a tuxedo. He wore this tuxedo to church every week for 6 months, until it was too tight and too little to continue.  He was the only 2nd grader to have his mom bring his tuxedo to change in while every other kid was just in normal school clothes for his school class Best Friends program.   I asked him over and over about this choice but he was determined to dress up “for the girls”…. So Cool

Monson loved football and began playing in 3rd grade. This was a good thing  because it helped him get his aggression out somewhere besides on his brothers.  Everyone was happy when Monson was hitting and tackling on the football field and not in our house.  Monson had great coaches and played with the same group of great boys clear up through his senior year at Bountiful High.  It was on the football field that Monson got the nickname “Money” from Big Swony..the nickname king!  Money because of his name  and also because he brings the money plays…  this nickname has stuck because it’s pretty Cool

In Jr. High Monson grew out his hair into a giant red afro….he got best hair in the Year Book , got his pic taken and then shaved his head bald.  He just has never cared what other people thought. … cool.
Monson is not just a sports fanatic…he is also a singer.  He was in 8th grade boys choir where they wore red vest, red bow tied and white fedoras.  I have seen many 8th grade boy groups and they have soft, cracking voices  and  are  mostly embarrassed…but not this group …there was never a bunch of 8th grade boys so sure of their” Coolness” in the history of choir at MPJH. 
Monson has always had a girl friend since JR. High…usually one or two years older than him and always dark haired……that is so cool… (so it’s interesting  that he is marrying a blonde who is younger than him.)  

Money was a great leader on the football field and the basketball court.  He was the one that was asked to “walk “ the other football players who needed to get their grades up to classes and check up and encourage them. The other players were glad it was Monson.  Always kind to everyone off the field…. but on the field he was tough… and crazy….especially when he would tackle some big guy then look right into his face mask and meow…. Crazy like a cat…cool

  Money  was the one on the basketball court that could get things done.  Monson was almost the size he is now as a 9th grader…so he was a big center then… he was a presence under the basket.   As a JV player at Bountiful High…we were playing Skyview and the game was getting out of control—too many mean fouls, too much physical playing and not many calls thanks to the” blind” Refs…so after one of our players got hurt our Coach Seljass called the refs over and told them that they had better get the game under control. Or else he would send Money in and he would get it under control.  It was crazy knowing my son was the enforcer…  SO Cool
Monson has always had a lot of friends…he actually sounds like a fighter, but his tough reputation preceded any need to actually fight.  Just showing up was enough to make others stop.  He has a calming influence.
Monson is also a lover…he gives the best hugs…and is a great shoulder to cry on and is always the go to brother to pour out problems to.  He is a great listener.  Monson is kind,  generous, a bit messy, an amazing gamer, crazy about sports especially Uof U and Michigan, sweet, loves my cookies and is a spiritual giant who has a strong testimony and loves the Lord…. and that’s what  makes him really cool.

I love this boyfriend of mine….Monson is my favorite….and today, I'm just thinking how cool he is.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday #3

I am thankful for Alexis Rae Jewell. Tomorrow I get a new daughter in law and member of this family. It's exciting. Lexi is caring and kind....more so that I will ever be.  She is service oriented; loves to play cards;  has  amazing flawless skin and gorgeous hair.  She has a pure testimony of Jesus Christ and loves  to learn about the gospel.  Lexi is a U of Michigan sports fanatic and really enjoys all college sports teams....which is a great fit for Monson.  She is messy but loves to clean.  I'm sorry she has so many health problems that take her down and keep her from feeling her best.
I am thankful for weddings.  It's great that two people get together to move through this life.  It's nice to find your "person."  Even though we are crazy busy, weddings are a wonderful thing.  Monson and Lexi get married tomorrow.  It's been a long 8 month engagement, but also a good time to get to know each other in all types of situations and moods.  Monson is very protective of Lexi and will be a loyal, loving husband.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Student of the Month

Laila was honored today at MPJH as Student of the Month, nominated by her Science teacher, Mr. Moss.  It was very nice.   We were invited to a breakfast for 6  students given by the Principal. This is the letter  about her:

Dear Laila Welch
This is the first time I have had the opportunity to choose a student of the month, and I am hapy to nominate Laila for the recognition.

I remember well the first hard question Laila asked me.  It was a conceptual math question, "If the square root of negative one is called an "imaginary" number, how are we able to assign a specific value to it?  Like, the square root of negative four is 2i.  But if the number is imaginary why is it not 4i or 7i or whatever we want?"  this is not the type of question one usually expects from a student, but I've come to realize that they are par for Laila.

Laila is a rare student who is able to go beyond learning the material to understanding its implications.  As a teacher I can never get too relaxed with her around.  I never know when another such question will appear, challenging her understanding and mine.

She has been an upstanding and intelligent student and it is this kind of inquiry and spirit that makes teaching worth it.  However the day goes, I can know that I'll have Laila ready to go in my last period as something to look forward to.  And with that I nominate Laila for Student of the Month at Mueller Park Junior High.
Mr. Moss

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday #2

1.  I'm so thankful for Family Night.  Wayne and I have always tried to do something for family night... a lesson, activity, treat, or an outing ...something that brings us all together.  I'm thankful that my kids have always bought into this.  Our family night's have not always been the best, some are definitely lacking, but just being together in a common cause, that of strengthening the family is such a good thing.  We have a song, and then discuss calendars and family business.  We take turns with a short lesson, the key word is short, and then we always have a treat.  The treat is really the only mandatory thing of the entire night.   I remember when our boys were little and how they would just run around and wrestle and not really pay attention, but we did it anyway.  As I look to our future, we will have just Laila maybe we will need to be asking another family to join us.  Whatever comes, FHE is a good thing, and something I'm glad Wayne and I committed to 30+ years ago.

"Regular participation in family home evening will develop increased personal worth, family unity, love for our fellowmen, and trust in our Father in heaven.  It is our promise that great blessings will come to all who conscientiously plan and hold weekly family home evening." 
The First Presidency 1915 (Joseph F. Smith)

2.  I'm so thankful for Family Prayer.  I love kneeling down and praying as a family.  It's good to hear what needs and concerns we feel need to be expressed in prayer.  It's good to feel the love in the circle.  When we are finished we always put our hand in the middle of the circle and then do a "game cheer" or shout of "FOREVER."   It's a good reminder of what our goal is as a family.

3.  I'm so thankful for Laila hugs.  These are few and far between lately.  When Laila turned 12 and hormones kicked in, my loving child became a stereotypical teenager who rolls her eyes and mumbles at her mother.  It kills me.  I'm trying to be mostly patient and just love her through these years, but I do appreciate a good Laila squeeze now and then for my efforts.

4.  I'm so thankful for my Grandma Butters.  Always in November I think about her.  She was born and she died in this month.  She's been gone 5 years, but I still remember her vividly and the warmth she generated and the fun conversations we had.  She was always good for a laugh or a love. Sometimes I catch myself doing things that she would have done...a little "jig" for the kids, making an embarrassing moment less embarrassing by just embracing it and laughing,  singing the "garbage" notes in 5 part harmony, trying to keep it "light" at ward choir practice, paying for the "gourmet" shoes, getting the sweater or shirt with the design that goes all the way around not just on the front, being excited when a baby drinks out of a straw, sneaking diet coke to the baby.... all Grandma Butters stuff.  She was a spiffy lady, a classy lady, a loving lady.....oh to be more like her daily!
I still see her "holding court" in her chair in the corner or in her chair in the gazebo.  She was the Queen!  So happy I get to count her as mine.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday #1

I have decided to revive a long ago tradtion on this blog of Thankful Thursday.  I love Thanksgiving and taking time to reflect on blessings and what I have learned from trials.  I'm going to focus on the next 4 Thursdays what I'm thankful for.

1.  Thankful for my dad.  He is really struggling with health issues lately:  A bad knee that  made it dificult to walk...(he got  a cortisone shot and is doing better.  He won't have surgery at this point. )  He is working on keeping his type 2 diabetes under control.  This means testing every day and eating correctly.  This is such a burden for him.  It's hard to just get into the kitchen and remember to eat.  AND...he misses mom so much.  He is so lonely.
 BUT.....through it all I'm thankful for his sparkling conversation and great attitude.  He is a lifter by nature and a cup half full kind of guy, so as an "old man"   he is really delightful.

2.  Thankful for my 5 Carol's ladies.  We have such a great time together and we love to sing, laugh and sing some more.  I'm looking forward to being in this show for the third year in a row.We are performing at the Sandbox in Midvale for 7 shows.   5 Carols For Christmas really lifts my spirits and it is such a riot to put on Miss Q each holiday season.  This show is such a good reminder of tradition, friendship, and lifting others when they are in need.
This year Bre is taking 3 of the shows in the Kitty I'm really looking forward to being on stage with her Dec. 5, 6, and 12.

3.  Thankful for this beautiful fall weather.  I love when we really have an autumn.  It's crisp and gorgeous and the perfect walking weather.   I'm even grateful for the fall cleanup of all of the leaves.

4.  Thankful and SO happy my dear friend Laura won her election for State School Board.  It's been quite a journey supporting her in this and doing my little part to get the word out of who to elect and why.  She is passionate about education and kids and it's the perfect fit for her.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween at our house

Halloween was a riot. We had a party at our home that Bre and Addi were in charge of and it was great fun!  Addison painted a back drop  for Halloween mug shots and  everyone was in costume.  

Add and Bre and Alfie  were the Adamms Family…Gomez, Morticia and Baby Pubert.  They were perfect.  Tru and Laila were skeletons…Laila a Mexican Day of the dead skeleton that Jenna Cole did….it was so perfect.  Monson and Lexi were white rappers…M&M and Iggy…and Landon and Alex were a convict and policeman.  Sophia was Snowwhite and so was I… Andrew was Robin Hood.   The  best one was Wayne as Santa Claus…it really threw the grand kids..they didn’t quite know what to think. 

 We had a lot of people stop in, and many trick or treaters.  We played games, and visited and ate good food.  No doughnuts this year to stress me out …that was my mom’s thing..she was the queen of it,  but I only dreaded it, so I changed it up, thanks to Bre, and we did soup and pie and caramel apples.   

I love Baby Pubert....aka Alfie