Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top 5 for Memorial Weekend

1.  Visiting Gravesites.  I know when I was younger I didn't really get why we "had" to do this, but as an adult I really want my children coming with me  to remember.  We had a family gathering at Wayne's dad's site.  We always get together on Sunday at 6 and sit in a circle and sing "Love at home" and reminisce a bit.  My brother in law, Clark Bentley has made laminated life sketches for all of his Farmington Cemetery relatives.  It's really wonderful to wander around and read about these people.

We also put flowers on my Grandparent's grave.  Laila remembers Grandma Butters so clearly.  It was beautiful to be up there at sunset and feel of their spirits.  I miss my grandparents soooo much, but especially on summer holidays.  The 4 summer holidays were always filled with swimming and cousins and my Grandparents holding court in the gazebo.

2.  Tennis.  Wayne and I went over to the courts to hit some balls with the Belnap bunch.   We are trying to do this more. Wayne is getting better, and I am staying the same.  A few lessons would help.

3.  Movies.  We saw Men in Black 3 and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   A movie for Wayne and a Movie for Me.  Guess which is which.....?

4.  Naps..... sleep, sleep and more sleep.  I love an afternoon nap where I take out my contacts and get under the covers and just totally give into it..... mmmmmm

5.  Missionary Email.   I look forward to Mondays so much because that's my email day.  Monson is doing well.  He has set some sort of mission record, I'm sure, with 4 companions in 6 weeks.  I still shake my head just thinking about it. He continues to be positive and has a new companion this week, fresh out of the MTC, that he will be training.  "Come what may and love it,"  that's his motto.

Friday, May 25, 2012

TGIF... dresses

Marcie and I showing off our dresses that mom made, 1964.   I am 2 and Marcie is 3.
Mom used to make most of our clothing.  These dresses were reversible and half way through the day, mom would turn them inside out and we would have a clean dress on once again.  Genius.
Mom was a great seamstress....then she had a nervous breakdown from trying to be the "perfect molly mormon" and never sewed again.

 I think of this bleak time in my mom's life every once in awhile  and I am so grateful for her and the lessons she learned during this time that she passed on to all of us.
Happiness is a choice.
Relationships are important and take work.
Good enough is good enough in so many areas.
Heavenly Father is real and knows us individually.
Life is hard and worth it.
Unconditional Love is the key.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

Kimi... get off your phone and look up...there is an eclipse happening.
Wayne was looking forward to this Annular Eclipse for quite a while.   He got excited about Eclipses by talking to Pres. Eggett in our Stake Presidency.  Pres. Eggett travels all over the world to witness these solar events.  Pres. Eggett likes to tell the story of people who know about the Eclipse and witness the event by looking up and being prepared, and those who just go on about their day, looking down without any knowledge.   HE compares this to the gospel  and the coming of Jesus Christ.  It's a good analogy.

The next "big"Eclipse is in 2017 in Wyoming.  Who's coming with us????  I wonder if the Belnaps have a home in Wyoming that we can stay in???? They have 5 years to work on it.
Our impromptu Eclipse party.   The Belnaps, Farleys and Welches all traveled down to St. George for the eclipse viewing.  (Laura was just as excited as Wayne. ) The Binghams had just gotten back home to St. George, having been in Bountiful all weekend and the Lakes were in their  St. George vacay house that we all got together and worshipped the sun.
Laura taught me the words to the Johnny Cash song:  "Ring of Fire."   We all sang it when the moon was directly in front of the sun. It was phenomenal.  Such a rare event.  I was so glad to have witnessed it. There was even a temperature change when the sun was covered.
 Heidi, Laura, Me, Kimi and Diane.... with our Eclipse glasses on..... St. George was gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Gifts of Imperfection...

I found all of these wonderful quotes and they really made me stop and think.  I of course thought of my amazing women friends and family and  wanted to share.

Quotes from Brene Brown
If you’re not familiar with BrenĂ©, she’s a researcher, speaker, and author of “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

1. We need to change what we say and what we allow to be said in front of us

2. There are infinite numbers of do overs for your teen girls.

3. The most powerful teaching moments are the ones where you screw up.

4. Do you light up when your kids are coming in the room or do you become the instant critic?

5. If we own the story then we can write the ending.

6. Every time you watch the Jersey Shore, a book commits suicide.

7. You need at least one friend who will help you move a body. No judgment. There in a second. No explanation.

8. Midlife: when the Universe grabs your shoulders and tells you “I’m not messing around, use the gifts you were       given.”

9. We have to be women we want our daughters to be.

10. Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.

11. It’s no longer a question of can I do it. It’s a question of: Do I want to do it?

12. There’s nothing more daring than showing up, putting ourselves out there and letting ourselves be seen.

13. In our moments of most intense joy, we realize how vulnerable we are.

14. You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.

15. What would you be glad that you did…. EVEN if you failed?

16. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.. Definition of courage: Tell your story with all your heart.

17. We cannot give our children what we don’t have.

18. You are imperfect and you are wired for struggle; but you are worthy of love and belonging.

19. Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.

20. Talk about your failures without apologizing.

21. It’s not about “what can I accomplish?” but “what do I want to accomplish?” Paradigm shift.

22. Think about what’s pleasurable, not just what’s possible.

23. Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.

24. You can’t dress rehearse the bad moments.

25. Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

South Pacific

South Pacific is finally over.  
I have seen  the show 8 times. 
It takes a lot of time to be in a show, or to have your 10 year old in a show.  Laila is basically sleep deprived and taking it out in the morning on me.  She has only missed one school that's pretty good. 
 Laila loves being on stage. It's truly fun to watch her at the end when she is greeting people .  She is very well mannered and sweet to everyone. 
 It's been a joy to watch Bre as Nellie, Landon as Lt. Cable and Laila as Ngana.  I also get a kick out of Rob Madsen as Stew Pot.  

I like this show.  It's an old musical with a great message about love and acceptance no matter what color people are.  
It was really fun for me to tell people I had three kids in the show and a brother in law.  
They were always so amazed at the talent and complimentary towards my peeps performances.

Friday, May 18, 2012

TGIF.... missionary TOM

Thomas Nash Welch 1953
Elder Tom Welch... Wayne's dad, ready to go out and serve the people of Samoa.  I can't believe how much he looks like Wayne and Monson!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I haven't had a Thankful Thursday post in a very long time.  I continue to be thankful every day of the week... but I wanted to express  special thanks on this day.....

1.  I am thankful that Bre made it up to West Yellowstone to be with her Addison boyfriend.   They were apart for 2 weeks, and now they are back singing and dancing together night and day and getting paid for it.  Bre left the South Pacific run a week early so she could start her Playmill time. They have their own little apartment and are happy that there is only a little snow left in the Park. We can't wait to go up and see them!!

2.  I am thankful for Laila day.   Her "gotcha" day is May 15th.  We celebrated by getting her KFC (Landon and I watched her eat while we sucked up another green smoothie), going to the Chimpanzee movie ( we all loved it, and who knew it was about a little chimp being adopted....darling),  playing in the park and shopping.

3.  I am thankful my parents are  heading to Scotland in just a few, short days.  They have wonderful neighbor friends who are taking them.  When Mom and Dad couldn't go with Wayne and I to pick up Truman we thought their Scotland days might be over, but the awesome Ericksons have come to their rescue.  They are going to help them through the airports and drive the rental cars and fetch and carry and help make this trip amazing for my momma and daddy-o!  The Sharkeys and McLeans are thrilled that the Coles will be back in Scotland!

4.  I'm thankful that we are almost at the end of the school year.  Only 2 weeks to go...then FREEDOM....sleeping in, swimming,  sunshine and road trips!

5.  I'm thankful my green smoothie/raw commitment is almost at an end.  I  want me some HOT food..and I want it NOW!.  It hasn't been too bad actually-- I have only "cheated" on a bite here and there.   I feel detoxed and I have lost 12 pounds.  It has definitely helped Landon's head.  He has gone from 80 hours of migraines a week to 25.  Landon still has headaches, but he can handle those. He is going to continue to eat Vegan and mostly green smoothies for another month.  Wayne and I are doing green smoothies every morning...and adding other whole, good foods in for our meals.  NO more boxed, canned or microwaved food for us.    I hope I can walk the walk ( or should I say eat the eat?) and not just talk the talk when it comes to this NEW way of eating for our family.

6.  I'm thankful for my time in Young Women's. I got released on Sunday, and I have my Tuesday nights back now.  I love being in the YW organization.  I worked with some incredible women in our presidency...Kathleen Newman, Nan Bruske and Jan Hedberg.  I just love them all so much.  I am sad that Kathleen, aka Fearless,  and all of the Newmans are moving to China for the next 3 years.  What an amazing, inspired leader she has been.
 I wonder what my next calling will be?  I feel like a man without a country.  Nobody wants me... I'm a float.  Good thing I have my stake road show calling to keep me busy for another month.

7.  I'm thankful.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day recap

I had my three Mother's Day phone calls... Truman, Monson and Addison.  Loved every call.
My missionary cute
  My ward handed out Nielsen's custard I will be getting a treat soon.   
 Landon......... We are so much alike.  His headaches are getting better by being on the Green Smoothie raw diet for 3 weeks.  He has a lot going on right now.  Landon is such a sweetheart.
 Bre... I love my Daughter in law.  She is a joy to be around and she loves my Addison.  No pic of Addison this year.  He is in West Yellowstone.  It was great to talk to him on the phone.  He left me a sweet message saying I was not only his mom, but his friend.  I love that!
Laila is a joy.  I am always so grateful every Mother's Day for Laila's Birth mom.  What a sacrifice she made so I could be the mom to this beautiful, bright child of God.  Laila made me a sweet card, coupons and a purse with love notes in it.  

Grandma Welch is so wonderful.  We gave her a digital frame loaded with 500 family pictures from her 9 children.  She loved it. 
My momma is just lovely.  She has taught me so much when she thought I wasn't looking.  I found this poem that says so much about her and Wanee.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Lyle and Sheri....Dec. 1988
Now that's some amazing hair!  The 80's were good to all of us BIG hair women. 
  I love this pic because it shows my mom with HAIR..... lots of hair. 
 She doesn't have hair right now. But she doesn't complain.  She just pulls on a wig and smiles. Mom does have some stubbley fuzz growing back on the very top of her head so that's good news.
                                         My  momma  had her birthday this week!!!  She turned 73!
We are so glad she is feeling good and moving forward after chemo. 
 She is an amazing woman of faith, optimism and unconditional love..... and a great example to all of us. I'm so glad she is still on this side of the veil......I love her so much!
Happy Mom's Day

I'm looking forward to my  Mother's Day missionary phone call...although I don't know when that will even be.  I will get three boy's phone calls this mother's day...and  I have two in person kids right here in Bountiful for me to hug and love.  I love being a mom.  Who knew?  I'm sure my 21 year old self didn't know how much it would mean to me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Short people have.....

Laila hates being short.  
It probably doesn't help that her brothers are "giants,"  that's what she thinks, anyway.  
She is always measuring  herself and complaining about all of the things she can't do because she is so short.  We have a stool in our kitchen to help her get the glasses, plates, food etc.... she does not like to use it.   Being vertically challenged must be tough.
She is the smallest in her class, and there are kids who are younger than she is.   She couldn't do rides at amusement parks for such a long time.    
I could go on and on about her nagging petite-ness...but I think she is perfect.  
I sent her this saying in her email.  When she got it she gave me a big smile and said, "Thanks."

Friday, May 4, 2012


Tom and Wanee Welch Family.....1969.  I love Wayne folding his arms.
Wanee is holding baby Tami, Tom, Jane, Sandy, Wayne, Terry and Dale in the front.... only 3 more kids to go

Thursday, May 3, 2012

right now I am....

thinking about: NYC

watching:  Scandal...a new tv show (on demand)

feeling: antsy

dreaming of: vacation to Disney World with my family in November!

planning for: end of year reports for school

wanting: to live through Laila's mood swings that will probably continue for the next 8 years....

craving: cooked food...and chocolate!

laughing about: all the green speckles that are EVERYWHERE from our green smoothie fest around here

avoiding: doing online reading tests

wishing: my yard was weeded, done and beautiful

missing: my Monson missionary in Michigan

thankful:  for my chance to work in the Young Womens for the past 2 1/2 years

wondering: if I will be in a show this year....

excited: my friend Erica just had a healthy baby Boy... Now Laura is a double grandma.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Laila's Creative Arts Shows

Laila performed for the Creative Arts Academy  Dance show April 11.  She was in the Autumn and Michael Jackson routines. 

Laila dances with  Heather Kofford, her good friend.

Creative Arts  (and Director Megan Call) also put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  I was really impressed.  It helps when there are 5 year olds all of the way up to 17 year olds on stage.  I appreciate these type of shows.  It shares the love of theatre to all ages.  
One Last Angel in Heaven

Those Canaan days.
                                       Laila with Grandma Sheri and Nash (Alex) Madsen...
                     Laila got a lot of support from her grandmas, grandpa, cousins,  brothers and of course, ME.
Laila with Max Eiting-- her good friend.
Director Megan and Laila

Laila loves hanging out with the older kids.... and being on stage.