Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful Wayne is home safe and sound from China.
Every time he goes, I'm a little bit worried. This is difficult for me, because I am not a worrier. It's just not in my nature. But....Wayne and China have had a hard time mixing in my brain ever since four years ago.

My Wayne went on his April trip, happy, strong and healthy....and returned 10 days later, a crumpled man.

It was four years ago this day that Wayne crawled off the plane from his China trip. He got a virus "bug" while there. ( To be fair, we don't know if he caught it there, or before he arrived there....viruses are funny that way.)

He couldn't walk upright, couldn't open his eyes, couldn't stop puking, couldn't stand up straight. He was in a lot of pain. It's a miracle he even survived that 14 hour flight or that China let him leave the country and didn't just quarantine him.

Wayne was so sick. While waiting in the Taiwan airport...he had to throw up and they only had squatter toilets. He did his business. Later he touched his chest pocket to make sure his passport was there. It wasn't. He crawled back to the bathroom and went to the squatter, the passport was floating on top of the squatter. He crawled to the sink, washed it with soap and water and blew it dry with the hand dryer. He did this, mostly, with his eyes closed, his world spinning and feeling like he was going to be sick again. It was horrible.

Wayne just kept praying.

He got home, we went to the Emergency room....they told him to open his eyes. That's the only way his eyes would ever help his brain to stop spinning. His skin was literally green.
He spent about 2 weeks in bed. No lights. No sound. World spinning! We went to see a lot of ear and brain specialists. It was a virus that attacked his middle ear ....the "parts" would never be back. Wayne just had to wait for his other senses and brain to adjust.
At the balance center they gave him some skills to help re-train his brain and balance his body again. He had to re learn to stand up straight, walk, and cope.

We just kept praying, asking for a miracle so Wayne could go back to work and life.

It was a long process...but Wayne was/is determined to get back to "normal".

Four years later, Wayne is still dizzy. Most people wouldn't even know. He is happy. He drives his car, even at night. He rides his motorcycle. He goes to work every day....some days he comes home totally exhausted from trying to hold his world still...but he endures.

I'm thankful there haven't been any more "wierd" things happening to my Wayne while in China.

The miracle of this is not that Wayne's dizzyness has gone away. Some days it's worse than others. The miracle is he can move forward in his day.....and carry on.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 second rule....

I love this.......I pretty much Eat it.....

Food and I have always had an interesting relationship....

found over at SHARK BAIT Blog

Monday, April 26, 2010

"You made a Difference"

We presented a "You made a difference" ribbon to a cute grandparent aged couple up the street.
We took a vote for family night, about who makes a difference in our neighborhood?.....and the Olson's won.
The Olsons were surprised!!
We took pictures. and dropped off a card.

When this couple moved into the neighborhood a few years ago....the kids weren't too thrilled. We all thought we wanted some family with children and teenagers...instead we picked up another home with "empty nesters." We knew they would be nice, but probably keep to themselves and only wave "Hi" as they drove by. We figured that's about all our relationship would be.

Well, we were wrong!

Laila loves the Olson's and all of the neighbor kids do too.
The Olson's have invited the kids over for milk shakes, sugar dipped strawberries and other assorted sweeties.
Laila has make sock puppets at their home.
They have a great play room. It's filled with all types of games and costumes.
The BEST part of the Olson's is their convertible. The kids love to go on rides around the block with the top down.

One day I heard honking and cheering...
My little witch was having the best time.

It's funny how we wished for kids in that home. I guess we got our way. Two big hearted kids who play, play, play--- Dale and Chris.
What great neighbors!
The Olson's really have made a difference in our neighborhood.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Laila's prayers:

And thank you for all of the animals that give us food, and all of the animals that are just to look at. And just, thank you for everything...except black widows. Amen.

After the Prayer:

"Mom cuddle with me....cuz one day I know you'll die when you are 78 and then you can't."


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I asked Laila if she wanted to take a bath last night?

Her response: "I don't like resting in my own filth."


I don't know where she heard this from, or who said it, but she has been waiting to use this line....that's for sure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday

What totally random thoughts are bouncing around in my brain?

So many beautiful blossoming trees outside....I loved driving down main street.
I noticed that the prettiest and most abundant white blossoming trees are circling KFC....ah the colonel with his secret spices and now the blossoming trees.....He knows how to get me!

I teared up watching Laila in her dance rehearsal. She messed up twice. Literally went the opposite way as everyone in her entire class. Her eye roll and exasperated look really got to me. I teared up and I'm not even PMSing.

I burned my hand on a hot pan while making mac and cheese from a box. Now I'm mad. I can't even say I burned myself cooking...because that doesn't count.

The playhouse/swing set boards sit and mock me every time I pull into the garage. When will it ever be put together in the back yard? Will it lay around FOREVER? It's a metaphor of my life, my hopes and dreams, right? Or maybe it's just an undone playground.

Online school testing is a pain. I have to be up, put together with make up on and looking professional by 7:15 for 9 mornings . I can't believe I taught high school for 12 years and had to do this all of the time. I love being in my green work out suit til noon...with no makeup on and no hair is my costume of choice.

I am either gaining weight and eating non stop or losing weight because of a diet and not eating much. There is no middle ground. There is no maintaining weight. What is wrong with this picture?

Why can't my obviously talented son get a theatre department scholarship? Who are these scholarships going to? I want to know.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1. I'm thankful to hear from my missionary,Truman. He called from the Chicago airport...and even though we only had 4 minutes...I could tell he was happy and excited to be on his way to England. I'm thankful that his first companion is going to train him well. I'm ready for the mission letters to begin. I'm ready for Truman to be inspired and humbled and happy and homesick. I'm thankful that I have another son to help share the gospel for 2 years.

2. I'm thankful for nature. I love watching the seasons change. So many different shades of green. I think that is my true favorite color. I never tire of it. I love the daffodil's and tulips and crocuses popping up. I love the stark branches preparing to bud with the first light green on the tips. Popcorn trees are popcorning! Love it.

3. I'm thankful for my Wayne. He left his work 10 days ago...and has jumped into a new project. He is happy to be in charge of his own schedule. It's certainly different to have him around in the mornings....a good different. I'll have to work him into my schedule, since he won't be heading out til about 8:30. He seems "lighter" and less stressed already.

4. I'm thankful that I still have two kids left at home. My two babies. Baby Boy Monson and Baby Girl Laila. They keep me laughing and using my referee skills daily. Their current fight is over what kind of avatar they are... airbender, earth, water or fire... Truman was the "know it all" when it came to this, so if you say you are a different bender than Tru says you's a fight. Guess who likes to disagree and fight? Mons and Lai!

5. I'm thankful for Dancing with the Stars....and specifically that Kate Goslin got voted off. She needs to stop whining about how her life is all over the tabloids and on TV and get home and be with her kids. We all know her dead beat ex won't. It's I guess it makes me thankful that atleast my dysfunctional family is a lot more functional than most! OH, that's right...she didn't get voted off...aaarrgh...what is wrong with the tv voting audience? SHE CAN'T DANCE and SHE'S ALWAYS GRUMPY! Better luck next week.

6. I'm thankful for an exercise partner. We go to the gym or walking atleast 4 mornings/afternoons a week...rain or shine, summer or winter. IT's good to be accountable to someone that makes me do stuff that I don't really want to do. AND....I just say, "You faddah than her" and she is more than willing to come.

7. I'm Thankful that I look better in person...hopefully....than I do in pictures. I just saw a really "flattering" pic of myself on another blog. It's a beaut. Good thing I have a sense of humor!

8. I'm Thankful!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tru's in ENGLAND!

Truman with Pres and Sis Bullock outside of the mission home.

Truman's first companion is Jared Cowley......Lizzy Cutler's boyfriend ( girl from our ward) .

It's a small world!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spontaneous Spring break

Wayne went to work on Monday and two hours later he was home-- HE QUIT!
So....we ( Monson, Laila, Wayne and I) all jumped into the car and took off for Palm Springs, La Quinta, to be exact.
We drove to Vegas the first day, slept over, and proceeded to the sunny, warm, vacation home of the Morley's.

It was so beautiful, so warm and so awesome to get away from the cold and snow.

We swam in the pool and hot tub
We played Card Games

We played Wii games

We ate good food
We sat in the SUN!!!

We hung out with cousins

we got lots of SUN and SWIMMING!

We slept...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April fooled

The biggest April Fools joke of the day is the weather!

This is what greeted us this morning in our back yard.

Laila thinks Mother Weather Nature is having a good laugh.

In other news.........
We just found out Laila has an identical twin.
Maybe even an identical siamese twin.......