Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chicken Li'l

Laila is definitely growing up....one of the newest rites of passage was the requirement of a personal thumb drive for her 4th grade school computer work.  She was thrilled.  In my 4th grade class a thumb drive was probably found in some fantasy children's book about Mr. Hand and his travels around town.
  Times have changed.  
Wayne got her a chicken thumb drive. A cute little contraption with a thumb drive inside.  Laila was concerned that it was only 4 G... and her ipod is 8 G, so she knew it wouldn't be big enough.  I tried to explain in simple terms about the memory.
 Me:  Laila 1 Gig is a lot...it's like having all of the books  in your library in that little disc.  Are you going to be writing more than all of the books in your library?
Laila:  Yes, of course I am.
Me:  Well then you are set, because it's 4 libraries.
 I was thinking of actually stepping foot into the dreaded "Hot Topics" store  and getting my Wayne this sweatshirt....  What's your vote?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday 5 fave.........Movie Musicals

These are Musicals that I love, but are so much better in movie form than on the stage.
1.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.   I just saw the stage version again at CPT....and it was ok, but too many weird extra songs.   Howard Keel and Jane Powell are the only people I want to see in this show. I remember having ward movie nights when I was a little girl in the Bountiful 4th ward building.  It was fun to be in the cultural hall on blankets and chairs and watch this show with family and ward friends.

2.  Singing in the Rain.  Donald O'Connor makes me laugh, Debbie Reynolds is darling...and the dancing of Gene Kelly is dyno-mite.   "Yes, Yes, Yes.....NO, No , NO"  While dating Wayne, I made a big fuss about  this movie.  I knew if he loved it as much as I did, we were a match made in cinema heaven.  This was pre -video/dvd time,  so we had to wait for it to be on tv...and when it was, it was dinner, dessert this movie and cuddling on the couch.  He even got used to my  high pitched, Lena Lamont impersonation...."I can't stan 'im"

3.  The Sound of Music--- Usually when a play comes first the movie is NEVER as good.  This is the exception.  I even appreciate the new movie songs added like:  "I have confidence" and I was happy they took "Crazy planet" out.  They really made this story work so much better in movie form and the Alps were gorgeous.  Landon loved this movie as a little boy and spent about a year of his life with a blanket on his head acting like he was a nun; he even prayed with his hands in steeple form.  He sang high soprano and knew the words to every song.

4.  Newsies-- I have a soft spot for dancing teenagers.  Love the brooklyn accents...and I even tolerate the Santa Fe song--probably because I have a crush on Christian Bale.  Don't put this show  on the stage.........please.

5.  Yentl -- I was amazed by this story, based on real experiences of a Jewish girl who really wanted to read, learn and study like the boys.  I  know many would discount this show as a "Best" of movie musicals, but the music is expansive and  the story touches me....plus I love to hear Barbra sing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

4th grade

Laila's first day as a fourth grader.
And yes, I cried.
  Laila  was so excited.  She LOVES school and learning.
We are back on schedule...up at 7, scripture study, family prayer, piano practice, get dressed, clean room....so wonderful.  
 We got in the car to head down the hill and I was so excited for her, then I started getting teary thinking about how grown up she is and how time just flies and the Bruno Mars song was on the radio singing how ..."you are amazing just the way you are..."  and the sun was in my eyes, and Laila was smiling.....and, yes, I cried.
Who wouldn't have? 

Other News:  Laila has informed me and Wayne that she can't really trust our opinions now because we like pickles, and she doesn't.  

We had a fun meeting with Truman's first mission companion, Elder Cowley Sunday night.  He has been home for a month.  He brought pics from Rochdale and talked about the Manchester mission in general and Truman in specific.  He said the best way to describe Elder Welch is he never stops smiling.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday 5 fave.....desserts!

I have a confession to make.  
I am addicted to sugar. 
 If I eat something "sweet" in the morning, I can't stop eating sweets the rest of the day. 
 Totally hooked. 
 I have a deep, loving relationship with desserts.
  I have been known to eat it before many a meal. 
 On our recent cruise I had 5 chocolate melting cakes in one sitting. 
  Bad.... I know. 
 Choosing top 5 desserts was difficult, so I glumped type of desserts together.   I also am going to do a top 5 cookies.  They get their own post.

1.  Dense chocolatey, chocolate cake with butter  cream frosting. This also includes Tuille Bakery's Bouchons.  Mmmmmm

2.  Cheesecake....Carnegie deli cheesecake from NYC  preferred, but I like most cheesecakes.  The denser the better.

3.  Rhubarb pie...heated with ice cream.....any pie really...but my first pie love was my mom's pumpkin pie.  One year she made us each our own pumpkin pie.  I was in heaven.  I could eat it as fast or slow as I wanted, and straight out of the pie tin.

4.  Trifle type desserts..... meaning cake, pudding, whip cream, fruit....all whoogied together.....mmmm, including bread pudding.... I guess you could call it hot trifle.  I am also very fond of a Cole Family favorite:   yellow cake with homemade carmel sauce, ice cream, whip cream and pecans.....I look forward to my Brother's b-day every year, because this is his celebratory cake.

5.  Home made ice cream--- all flavors..........Neilson's custard Concretes too.  The softer texture of these treats just melts in your mouth, literally.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art ...ta dah..

This is my first mixed media canvas.. It's 8x10 and I had fun creating it with paint, scrap book paper, card board, books, bubble wrap, decopage, ink, stamps, magazines  etc...   I am taking an online art class from mixed media artist, Christy Tomlinson.  She shows all different techniques that I have been playing with in my Art Journal.   I have set up a make shift studio in Monson's room, so I don't have to clean up my art mess and I can just play, play, play all day.  I wish it was all day, it's mostly a little bit of time here, a little bit there.    

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday tidbits...Monson is an Elder

We ran down to St. George on Sunday and ordained Monson to the office of an Elder.  We had Bob Lake-- Monson's Priest quorum advisor and Lance Bingham, his Teacher's quorum advisor stand in the circle.
Wayne, Monson, Lance Bingham ( with something weird behind his head) and Bob Lake
It was good to be with Monson because he is much more talkative in person than he ever is on the phone. Here's what we learned:
--He is more sore than he has ever been in his entire life.
--He has to be in condition for this coming week and be able to run 16-  100 yard dashes in a row, at under 18 seconds each dash with only a 40 second turn around.  Good luck with that.
--The linebacker coach is from Scotland and looks like Braveheart with long flowing hair.
--It's hot in St. Geoge... I think Monson even has a tan, which is hard to do for a red head.
--He is  totally appreciating Coach Wall from BHS for his football training and team knowledge.
--He hasn't told anyone, including his Bishop his real name....it's only Money......Money Welch.
--He is always starving.  Once regular school starts, the food court will have better hours, which will help in Monson's food troubles.
--He is the champion at Call of Duty out of all his room mates.
-- There are no cute girls at Dixie.............yet.

 Laila is great to travel  with and difficult to travel with.......if she is hungry.  Hunger makes Laila unreasonable.....it's miraculous what a little turkey subway sandwich will do for her.  She made Monson pinky promise that he would stay crazy and not get too mature....."Well," she said, "You can get mature just not mature-mature."  Whatever that means.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grandpa Welch--- Fitisemanu

Grandpa Welch shared this Samoan story and picture with all of his sons and grandsons when they received the Aaronic priesthood.  It is a priceless gem in our family.
We are so grateful for Tom and his good life and Mission to Samoa.
We are thinking of him today on  his birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday!!
You are now old enough to have the Aaronic Priesthood conferred upon you and be ordained to the office of a Deacon.  I want to tell you a story:
In the Islands of Samoa there are three royal families, and the king is always a member of one of these families. He is chosen by the chiefs of each of these families holding a council and all agreeing on the person to be the next king.
Fitisemanu's family was one of the three, and it was time to choose a new king. The chiefs met and after much debating, it was decided that Fitisemanu should be the next king.   Then someone said, "Do you remember that Fitisemanu is a member of the Mormon Church?"  It was then decided to offer the Kingship to Fitisemanu but only if he would denounce his membership in the Mormon Church.  he was called into the council meeting and was told of their decision.  He immediately replied, "I would rather be a Deacon in the Mormon Church, than to be the King of Samoa."   He knew that a "Deacon" held more Authority and it would be of a much greater value to him, and he could help his people in more ways than being king could ever do.  At the time, Fitisemanu was an elder in the Church, he had served as Branch president and District President, and was one of the official interpreters for both the church and the government.
When I first arrived in Samoa he served as my interpreter when I had to talk in meetings.  I didn't, however, know anything about him at the time.  Later in my mission, when he was serving as district president, I had the opportunity to travel with him.  During those travels, we visited much and often ate together.  Occasionally I slept in his home.
I know this story is true, as I have heard him tell it many, many times.  And he would bear testimony of the importance of the Aaronic Priesthood and the need to magnify your calling and of doing the best that you could at all times.  I hope that you will remember this story and that it may help you in times when you have to choose between things of the world and the Church.

 Remember that I love you and pray for you to always do and say the things that our Heavenly Father would have you do.  If you will do this and remember to say your prayers, He will bless you and help you in all your endeavors.
Love, Grandpa Welch

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Friday 5 fave.......MUSICALS

I love Musicals.
It was the first music in my childhood home.  I remember Musicals from when I was little, more than I remember primary songs.  Musicals were always playing on the family record player. My mom did choreography for Bountiful High school, Bountiful Community Theatre  and at Promised Valley Playhouse, and we kids were always there at the edge of the stage watching and listening.   I have been doing choreography off and on at BHS as well.  Musicals are always playing in my home.  So my kids love-- or tolerate-- musicals too.
Ahhh.....The circle of Life.
So in keeping with my new Friday Favorite 5 series I am going to tackle my beloved Musicals.  There were too many to really do in one big clump, so I have divided it into 3 weeks:  old musicals, new musicals, and movie musicals.

OLD MUSICALS  (pre 1980)
 This has been really hard for me to decide.  It felt like I was choosing between my children, which to keep and which to discard?..........IMPOSSIBLE.  But with much thought, I have come up with the following 5  and some memories or what I like about each one, in no particular order.
 (All you other classic musicals out there, please forgive me.)

1.  West Side Story.-- This was my first true musical love. The Romeo and juliet story line set in 1950's NYC. I  watched the movie over and over and cried everytime.  My first seeing it  live stage experience was as a teenager and the bows were done in silence.  I cried so much, I had to be practically carried to the car. Totally moved me.  I have also seen not so good productions, (PTC)  and one memorable one that my sister tells about where in  the dramatic end scene,  Maria picks up the gun and is pointing it at everyone......well the gun wasn't on stage so this Maria picked up a shoe and pretended it was a gun.... so random.....and funny.  The latin dancing and the teenage angst in this show is amazing!

2.  My Fair Lady-- This is a different type of love story.  Henry Higgins makes a bet that he can change Eliza Doolittle from a commoner to a princess just by teaching her how to speak properly.   He succeeds and gets more than he bargained for.   I have been Eliza Doolittle twice and really love this part, once in High School and once as an adult.   I love musicals were characters grow and change.  I really liked playing opposite Wayne's Henry Higgins many years back at Terrace Plaza Playhouse.  We had a wonderful time. I do remember my quick costume changes and one time, thinking my skirt was all done up ntil it fell to the ground while singing, "Show me now."  I just picked it up and kept going.  Live theatre....gotta love it.

3.  The King and I-- SHALL WE DANCE?  Ah.....Rogers and Hammerstien music!! This is such a poignant show about a real story in  Siam, 1850. The king of Siam brings in Anna from England to be a school teacher to his many children.  Anna helps the children and the king become more learned in the ways of the ever changing world.  Eventually the King dies and Anna helps the new King.
           I played the part of Anna in College and fell flat on my rear end  during the Shall we Dance scene with the King.  I tripped on my big bell skirt.  The  King just gasped, "Mrs. Anna!" -- and picked me back up and we kept going.   I flashed all of my vintage underthings to the audience.   I never could whistle a happy tune....someone had to do it in a microphone for me off stage.
       We were also in this show as a family when the boys were little.  Landon  did a great job as  Anna's son.   The rest of us were in the Ensemble.  We had to  hairspray-paint the boys hair black and use a lot of dark make up to make us look Siamese.  Monson would run around like a crazy 4 year old back stage, so by the end of the show he had black streaks pouring down his face, with red hair showing through...he looked like a tabby cat.  In one scene Monson  jumped up and his elastic waist pants did not. He accidentally stepped on them, so he had his power ranger under-roos showing until he got his pants pulled up again.  He wasn't embarrassed, so that's good-- just taking after his mother and flashing his underwear around.

4. The Music Man-- A dreamer named Harold Hill comes into a small Iowa town at the turn of the century and sells the town on band instruments and a band to keep the young-uns out of Trouble.  On the way he falls in love with the librarian, Marion Paroo and has to give up his "shifty" ways because he falls in love.   Meredith Wilson's music is rousing!  I have never  been in this show but I have choreographed and directed it numerous times.  One of my funny memories is choreographing this for a Stake  up in Kaysville.   The "Shipoopie" song lyrics had to be changed to "Shipookie" so they wouldn't be so offensive.  I laughed hard at that one.  

5.  Guys and Dolls --  Love this show as well....Wayne and I played Nathan Detroit and Adelaide at TPP in Ogden.  We had such a good time with our big accents and funny faces.   This is such a great love story and one where the good  mission-girl changes the "bad" gangster- boy to being GOOD like her.   (Usually it ends up the other way around, which is why I only tolerate Grease.)   Addison played Sky Masterson for a full summer in West Yellowstone a couple of years back....we was a joy to watch!

SO that's my list.
All you theatre geeks out there, try narrowing your  Old Musical list down to just 5!!!  I would love to see  it.
I'll post a New Musical list next Friday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Pics and Movie

I love the above picture.  It's my Dad and Mom standing at the shore of Bear Lake this past July.  I'm calling it, "The Old Man and the She."  
They are really sweet on each other still, and it makes my heart feel good to watch them.  Old Love is so much better than Young Love.

We--the extended Cole/Call/Welch/Brown girls--  just had our first movie date.  We are hoping once a month to get together and see something, do something or eat something..  Today was  the first day of the new movie, The Help.  Most of us had read the book, so we were really looking forward to this movie.  It didn't disappoint.  I laughed.  I cried.  I loved it.  This is my kind of movie-- historical, great characters, beautiful cinematography,  plus it takes the time to develop all of this....the movie ran over 2 1/2 hours long.  

Did I say I loved it?...cuz, I did.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monson is off to Dixie

We did a drive by dumping of our last boy to Dixie State College on Saturday.... well, maybe not exactly a drive by.

We loaded Master P to the hilt with suitcases and Monson paraphernalia... including 10 baseball caps and Winston-- his stuffed ball bear.
We checked into his scary Canyonlands apartment in St. George and moved his stuff in.  Landon's UVU apartment was a mansion, Truman's USU Snow Hall place was fine...  but Monson's is ...... just ok.
I just keep telling myself that it's good training for his mission.  So dirty and run down, but  I know he will stay in worse places than this.  Monson's room mate- JP --and his mother were less than  thrilled.  

I asked him if he was excited or scared or happy or nervous, or just what was he feeling? He is really hard to read.  Monson reminded me that his range of emotion from sad to happy and mad to glad is about  this much...... he indicated  an inch with his fingers.  So, yes, he was happy and looking forward to this school/football experience.  

My home is quiet and empty.  
Laila and I stood at Monson's clean bedroom doorway on  Sunday, and looked in longingly... and shed some tears.....almost like someone died.  
We were out of control.  
Laila actually spent a lot of time in his room yesterday and slept in his bed last night.  This is interesting, because she didn't show much interest while he was living here.  
Maybe it's clean and doesn't smell like sweat and shoes now.  
 I think she will miss him telling her to change the channel and stop watching stupid disney shows.  Brotherly love.

I am just hoping he doesn't spend too much time playing mindless video games.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's 5 fave............Movies

These are the movies that if I walk into a room and they happen to be playing..... I can't walk out, or turn  them off.  
I am hooked. 
 I am rooted to the spot and life must go on without me for a while.  
These are movies that when I'm flipping through channels at 11 at night, and one of these is on, I stay up and watch it.  (The following are in no particular order)

1. Life is Beautiful.    I love the title of this WW2 picture.    Life is beautiful even when it's hard and unfair is the message of this movie.   The Father's sacrifice touches me every time.  I think it's because it's mixed with sweet humor throughout.  Roberto Beignini wrote, directed and starred in this....( I loved his enthusiasm at the Academy Awards, as well, when he was walking on the arms of the chairs to get to the stage.)

2.  Lawrence of Arabia   Peter O'Toole stars and is fascinating as  British Army Lieutenant,  T.E. Lawrence  turned Arab activist during WW1.   The scenery is stunning as are Peter's eyes.  

3.  The Godfather.  Puh-lease..... I never have seen any of these in the theatre, only on AMC, and not particularly in any order, just snippets here and there.  I just finished another AMC Godfather marathon.  Can't. Stop. Watching.

4.  Gone with the Wind   Seen the movie many times, read the book twice and visited Margaret Mitchell's museum while in Atlanta.  Frankly, Scarlett......I Can't get enough!

5. The Way We Were.   Love the chemistry between Barbara and Robert.  It's about two desperate people having a wonderful love affair, yet their political views and personal convictions keep them apart.  Plus, I heart the song!

And that's my list..........
I am a sucker for Romantic Comedies and Chick Flicks....but I really love any kind of historical drama.   
Slow is okay with me as long as characters are developed. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kansas City

"I got to Kansas City on a Friday...By Saturday I'd learnt a thing er two.  For Up til then I didn't have an Idea of what the modren world was coming to.."
I am helping with choreography at Bountiful High School, once again.  
We are doing Oklahoma and Beauty and the Beast this year.
It's going to be a lot of fun.  I only have Laila left to be in these shows....so it's a good thing that she likes doing that.
I am working on moves for the song, Kansas City from Oklahoma.
I love this song, because it sends me back to my own high school days and being around Wayne Welch.
I have a vivid memory of Wayne and Joel LaSalle singing this entire song at the top of their lungs while dancing around on tables and chairs at Leatherby's ice cream restaurant.  (This used to be down at 5 points shopping mall, before the mall was torn down to be doctor's offices and piles of dirt.)   
The song came over the restaurant's airwaves and Wayne and Joel started entertaining me and a whole bunch of people they didn't know. 
 It was a hoot.
That's probably the first moment I knew I was going to marry that marvelous man!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Goal

GOALS!!!!    I set my July Goal to become more active..........well,
 I did get off my behind a bit more and activate it.   Not as much as I should have, but atleast I was mindful of my activity or inactivity as the case may be.

August I am focusing on Giving Warmer  Greetings and Fonder Farewells.

This includes taking the extra minute for a hug, to make eye contact and connect.

To say, " I love you" more....and really mean it.

My friend Erin got me thinking more about this.  She was on a eating/bicycling trip through France with her hubby.  She wrote about a little cafe she stepped into to get out of the rain...........

"In this little cafe, there were 4 old pals playing cards at the bar, staying out of the rain. While we were eating, an old rough looking guy walked in and one by one went to each man and kissed and hugged them. Kissed them once on each cheek. It was sweet to see their friendship. We should kiss people on the cheeks when we see them. Definitely hug people. People need human contact more I've decided"

I was touched by this. 
 I have also been going through appointments with Landon for headache/eye issues and sitting at the hospital with my mom for fluid in lungs/cancer  issues.  I want these two (and many more) to know how much they mean to me.  Health scares really put things into perspective-- how important we are to each other--how we are connected and shaped by every person we come in contact with.

SO If I grab you and hug and kiss you and tell you how much you mean to me............it's ok...it's just August.