Saturday, November 28, 2009

Magic carpet, anyone?

Actual Conversation

Me: Laila what do you want for Christmas?
Laila: A magic carpet!!
Me: Laila, Magic carpet's only exist in fairy tales and on cartoon movies. If you were Aladdin, or a wizard you could have it, but you're not. Think of something else.
Laila: Uh,huh. Magic carpets are real. It would be so great, then I wouldn't have to walk every where. I could whisper into the fringe where I want to go , and we would just go there. Or, I could think about going somewhere and My magic carpet would just show up to take me.
Me: Laila there are no such things as magic carpets.
Laila: That's why I'm asking Santa. If he can have a flying magic sleigh, he can surely make me a magic carpet.
Me: Laila, you find one in a magazine or at a store and we'll talk.
Laila: I'm not asking you for it, I'm asking Santa. He can do it...he's over 2,000 years old. He's magic!

Oh brother.
Laila is relentless about this.
She is sharing no other ideas.
I think this is the "test" year, to see if there really is a Santa or not.

My little girl is growing up.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day is HERE!

I am so happy this Holy Holiday has arrived.
This is a no pressure holiday.
It's just all about family and food.
We went around the Holiday table today to say what we are thankful for... I tried to remember some of what people said.

Truman is thankful for the gospel, missions, and family.....and Team Jacob ( this is a Twilight allusion)
Monson is thankful for 3 plates of Mashed Potatoes and gravy, family and ....that's it.
Laila is thankful for the Girl Table. She sat on a table with all of the girl cousins...this was dubbed Team Edward.
Landon is thankful for cars to drive, and friends who are family. So thankful we came down in family units to love and support each other.
Addison is thankful that his mom makes everyone go around and say what they are thankful for. Family and Food were top on his list.
Wayne was thankful to be in Bountiful this year for Thanksgiving and not in China. We were in China over Thanksgiving last year. We ate Peking Duke and sang "For the Beauty of the Earth" to our Van driver.
I am thankful for the power of the priesthood. I know this is why Laila is still with us. I'm overwhelmed at this beautiful blessing. I'm thankful to have support and comfort from family and friends who bring so much into my life.

Laila wrote this for school. (She has great handwriting, by the way.)
I am thankful for my family because they love me.
I am thankful for Ms.Halverson because she loves me.
I am thankful for my friends because they are nice to me.
I am thankful for my food because it makes me wild.
I am thankful for the sun because it can make me see.

She read it to me then added, "I could have written more, but my hand hurt and it would have taken like a thousand pages."

Thanksgiving is over and we are on to the next Holy Holiday.....!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov 25 Thanksgiving eve

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house...we are sleeping over at Grandmas, feasting on more than a mouse.

Okay, so much for the rhyming.
I'm typing while in a sugar-induced coma...too much I'm not making much sense.

I'm thankful we are having a family sleepover at mom and dad's (Gma and Gpa Cole) for Thanksgiving this year. Our under construction house is a kitchen to cook in and dust we are pretending like we get to travel for Thanksgiving. We packed our bags and moved 10 blocks.

I'm thankful I could spend the day baking with mom. Fruit pies and cream pies, Date pudding and yams....are all ready to roll.

I'm thankful for a pie party at sis Marcie's house. She was in the pumpkin dessert making mood. The night before Thanksgiving dessert idea is a great one!
We had pies of all kinds, pumpkin tiramisu, pumpkin gooey cake, date pudding, pumpkin blondies, little cherry cheesecakes, pecan was so good. I went around trying to just have one bite of everything....but there was alot of things to bite.

I'm thankful for the beautiful, nippy fall weather. We'll have no driving hassles this holiday. Yeah!

Well...... I'm off to get my jammies on and snuggle into my old downstairs bedroom.

Life is good.
I'm thankful.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful on the 24th

I'm thankful for things and stuff.
I got to go through some of Grandma's "stuff" to day with mom. It was weird, and good. It's weird to think that when someone returns to heaven what's tangibly left is just things and stuff. One man's trash is another man's treasure, I think that's how the saying goes.
But.......It was good to smell grandma again and be reminded of her by looking at an old bejeweled purse, a sweater, a necklace or a white glove from her Sweet Adeline days.
Tears came unexpectedly.
She doesn't really have ALL that much, because she got rid of a lot when Grandpa died 17 years ago, but there is still plenty to go through.

It's funny what Grandma kept in her closets and around her house.

The paraphernalia that makes up a life.

I drove by her home for the first time since her death.
It was a teary, difficult road.
The end of an era.
I know eventually the things and stuff won't mean so much, and the memories in my head and heart will carry me through. But, for now, I'm typing this wearing one of Grandma's green sweaters.
I'm so thankful.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful #16-#23

I'm just a little off on my Thankful countdown--26 days of Thanksgiving-- because of the I'm catching up.
I promised myself a thankful thought a day.

I'm thankful, especially when it's cold outside....otherwise I'm a barefoot girl!

I'm thankful for...tissues. I tear up a lot and I'm always appreciative of a tissue being handed my way.

I'm thankful for... an electrician who is working away over my head, so my kitchen can get one step closer to being finished before Christmas.

I'm thankful for... texting. I used to be the Anti-text. But with 4 big boys, this is their favorite way to communicate. Wayne was getting all of the scoop, because he texted, and I was being left in the dark. Ain't no fun in the now I text. I keep informed and get little "I love yous" along the way.

I'm thankful .....that Wayne loves to cuddle and snuggle and spoon!

I'm thankful for....electric garage doors. As I pushed the little button and closed mine tonight, for some reason, my mind flashed back to the prehistoric days when I actually had to man handle the door closing myself.

I'm thankful for...laughter. Gut busting, belly shaking laughter.

I'm thankful for......friends who went to my grandmother's funeral and video taped it for me. Talk about an act of love. I watched it tonight, and laughed and cried.....and just loved it. It wasn't the same as being there, but it was good enough. I especially enjoyed the bloopers with S. and L. whispering and the camera going crazy with pics of an old, bald guys neck folds. It made me cry even harder thinking of my friends sacrifice for me.

I'm thankful

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful for Dancing

I won a trophy as the Best Mom the Family dance party for the Club Carnival kick off. I was just trying to make Laila smile and roll her eyes at me. It worked.
Then is was Wayne's turn. We thought for sure he wouldn't win a ship on a stick trophy, because I just had, but.....this was a competition and Wayne is VERY competitive.
Wayne was on the dance floor working it. While he was dancing, I turned away and spoke to the brothers. When I looked back, Wayne was on the floor. My first thought was, "Man Down.....Help him....He's dizzy!" Then I realized it was part of his dance routine. HE WAS BREAK DANCING!

He got to the middle of a flashy backwards somersault, when the boat shifted and Wayne went back over. I laughed til I cried and my stomach hurt. (Another reason why I love this man)
The boys were in hysterics. They had never seen their dad be so wild....and they laughed and shook their heads.
Wayne won the ship trophy for Best Dad Dancer.

Laila was so proud of her crazy parents.

We had a great time dancing on this cruise. I really loved dancing with my Addison and Landon...they do big monkey dancing like me. Truman and Monson are fun is Laila.....Wayne is just glad all of these kids came with us, so he doesn't have to much.

I'm thankful

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thankful for Pie night

I know I talk about pie way too much....but I really love it.
I love the roundess of it.
The buttery crusts.
The sweet chocolate, creamy lemon or the tart apple cranberry.....I'm salivating as I type.

There has been pie night in my life since I was 10 years old---- My Sweet Grandma and mother began this night before Thanksgiving tradition and thankfully it has stuck! My mom makes GREAT pies!!!!

I was able to go to my good friend's pie night on Friday.   (Si makes great pies too!!!)
It's so fun to be with loving people and share sweet treats and just count your blessings.
 I get another Pie night on Wednesday!!!
Does it get any better than this?

It's especially nice to eat the lovely homemade pie because I'm without a kitchen.  We have a big  open space and walls torn down, and wafer board floors, and no electricity and no water and basically homemade nothing is coming out of this kitchen for while.

I'm thankful for 3.14

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful for Karaoke

We totally karaoked it up on the family cruise and brought the house down!!
We rocked the Kazbah.... I couldn't have been more proud of the Welch crew.

There are a few things I really enjoy about cruising....karaoke is one of them. It's always interesting to see who has the guts to get up in front of a group of strangers, usually drunk strangers, and sing.
There's the old Elvis crooner guy...who shakes his head while he sings. There's the country western singer...who grunts it out. There's Neil Diamond man....we heard Sweet Caroline so many times, even Laila has it memorized. There's the skanky girl singer...totally thinking she sounds like Winona. The silly couple up there on a "dare."
Then there is....US.
Our first night to the karaoke bar was on Elegant night. So the boys were all dressed up in suits and ties, looking more like the Osmonds, or the Jonas Brothers, than the Rap singers they were soon to become. Truman went through the DJ's book to find the one song that might possibly work. IT's not a favorite...but it would do. "Apple Bottom Jeans....low, low, low low." When the DJ heard we were from Utah, he wasn't expecting much. He thought it would be just another act to make fun of.
Well.......... Tru and Mons did the rapping and Add and Lando did the dancing. It was amazing! The crowd went wild. (We have proof on video tape) They couldn't believe a bunch of white boys could do so well. 2 Sexy girls and The Cajun-grandma's in the crowd were dancing with them. The Philipino DJ was agog. I was busy taping it, laughing,screaming and loving it. Man those boys have all of the moves. The crowd burst into a standing ovation at the end.

Not to be out done by the Brothers.... I went back the next night and sang me some Barbra Streisand...."Don't Rain on My Parade." I belted it and got the standing O as well. It was sooooo much fun! A RIOT! I even got to sing a duet with the DJ he loved me so much.

We all sang solos and duets on another night....I loved singing Suddenly Seymour with Addison.

The rest of the trip we were the celebrities from Utah. So many people came up to talk to us and make sure we were going to go back and Karaoke some more. They didn't want to miss it.

Yep...I'm thankful for Karaoke....and guts to get up and SING!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful we put the FUN in Funeral

We flew out to Texas on Friday night. Grandma’s 94th birthday.
We brought a birthday cake with us and candles, thanks for my sweet friend, Si who gave us a beautiful Backer's Bakery Birthday cake for this occasion.
Once at the hotel, We sang Happy Birthday and Wayne went to the pop machine and got diet Pepsi and Pepsi – Grandma’s “sweet aloha” . We poured paper cups for everyone and raised a toast to Grandma. Monson read Gma’s obituary to all of us. Mom wrote it and it’s beautiful, and funny and just a perfect honor for a great lady. Then we went around while eating our birthday cake and shared memories and stories and feelings about Grandma.
Laila loved doing puzzles and dancing to the music box and having Gma give her humbugs. She also loves swimming at grandmas.
Monson said he was her automatic favorite because of his red hair. Plus she loved hearing him sing. So double favorite. He also liked that she loved sports….Jazz and football.
Truman loved all of the big family functions at grandma’s house…the Bash and Christmas Eve parties. She always had licorice to share.
Landon shared about Grandma’s crooked middle finger, and giving people “the bird” too much. He loved her funny sayings, and just talking to her when he gave her lunch. He remembered her jumping into the pool with all of her clothes on. She was very happy when Landon moved out of scary down town SLC.
Addison shared how she pretend strip teased to Steve playing his trumpet at the Bash, and shopping for “gourmet” shoes with her. She made him laugh and always felt like he was the most talented and THE star of the show. He loved to sing for her.
Wayne said he always felt welcome, from day one. She hated when he went to China and worried about him til he returned. (WE stopped telling her about his travels.) He learned Grandmas napkin trick—turning a napkin into a bra and telling a funny story along the way. He has used it all over, from his mission, where he got into trouble, to dinners around the globe. When he tells people his grandma taught it to him....they laugh even harder. LOVE it!
I tried to share some funny things that my kids didn’t already know. I loved when my mom had a baby so we could have sleep overs at Grandma’s house. We also had many cousin sleep overs in the summer time, swimming and skinny dipping in the pool at night, then sleeping on the back patio.
They think grandma never got mad…..well When I was a teenager, Marcie and Krystin and I had just finished painting the bath houses with turquoise paint. It was now sitting on the ledge of the breeze way waiting to be put away. The lid wasn’t on very tight, and Krystin accidentally tipped it over and it spilled all over the flagstone in the breezeway. Grandma came out and screamed and hollered….we were all shocked…. Within 5 minutes she was apologizing and laughing about having scared her grand kids so much and she kept repeating, “People are more important than things.” Over and over, like she was trying to remember it. SO funny. This is a legend in the family now.
Grandma and Grandpa took me and Marcie and Krystin on a trip to California to see cousin Cindy the summer I turned 16. It was a road trip and most of the way we had grandma trying to teach us all how to sing Barbershop. It was a nightmare. I survived, because I got to sing the Lead, but Krystin as an alto and Marcie as second soprano….it was not as fun. We got through the song, “We shall meet, but we shall miss him. There will be a vacant chair. We shall linger to caress him, while we kneel each hour in prayer. “ An old funeral dirge. The lyrics are still very vivid for all of us. Grandpa Butters was such a good sport about all of this…he really just wanted us to be quiet. We sang this over and over , hour after hour.

I remember being in Grandma’s ward choir, as we prepared for a Christmas program. No one was looking up at her as she directed a song. She was getting frustrated. When I glanced up she was doing a strip tease…taking off her jacket and twirling it, seeing if anyone was noticing. So funny.
Anytime we said, Grandma we can see your underwear, or you are untucked, thinking we were helping her. Grandma just went the opposite…she would become more untucked, or pull her pants down more, to show us her underwear. So funny. I was even “mooned” one time by her in the motor home on a family road trip to Disney land. Couldn’t stop laughing!
The kids were amazed and laughing over my tales…and we had a great time remembering her.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful #11

I'm so grateful to be leaving the cold of Utah and be heading to the sun of the Gulf of Mexico and Cozumel.
We are taking the brothers and Laila on a cruise!!!!
It's going to be awesome!!! 
We  planned it long ago, over this week, because it was the only "good" week.  It's between football and basketball for Monson.  It's between plays for Addison.  It's between jobs for Landon and Truman is just glad he doesn't have any tests this week at Utah State.
We wanted to do this before Truman goes on his mission. 
Every time Wayne and I have been on a cruise we always say and think about how much our kids would LOVE it. 
There are shows, activities, karaoke, swimming, games, sports, food 24 hours, and SUN!  IT's going to be a challenge to have all 4 big boys in a room together-- space wise and temperament wise....but it will be good for them.  It's a time of bonding and making memories.
It will be divine.
I'm so thankful we can do this.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful #10

I'm thankful for primary.
We had a wonderful primary program on Sunday.  All of the children dressed in white and sang and talked about forever families.
It was so beautiful to look up on the stand and see those angelic children.
I really liked when the blazer boys all wore their father's suit coats and talked about how they want to grow up to be like their dads.  LOVED IT!  It was a teary time.
All of the my boys came to watch their sis, Laila.  She sang her little heart out and gave her part.
How would you feel if Jesus was right here, praying with you?....."I would feel warm all over and smile a lot."  This is exactly right.
The spirit was strong.
The congregation always looks forward to the bloopers, it seems.
They love the noisy child, the energetic child, the crazy voiced child.....But I love the sweet one.
I'm thankful.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful for Sweet Grandma Butters

My Grandma Butters passed away yesterday.  She was just 3 days shy of turning 94 years old.
She lived a long and wonderful life.
  I will miss her terribly.
It's been amazing to always have her around to celebrate with and commiserate with.
She has ALWAYS been here for me.
  I don't know how to be without her.
I will miss her vibrant personality, her spitfire ways, her spunkiness and wit.

(Pic taken June 2009-  Mom, Me, Grandma, Laila)
It was great to be at her home yesterday and pay my last respects.  I petted her silky skin.  Laila knelt by her bed. We cried.   Grandma just looked like she was peacefully sleeping.  A neighbor friend came in and was crying over Eulala.  Laila piped up, indicating grandma, "You know I am named after her,  'cept without the Eu."  So even though Eulala is gone, we have our little Laila as a constant reminder.
It was really fitting to find a diet pepsi in grandma's fridge, pour 3 glasses, and raise a toast to her with my sisters and say, "Sweet Aloha" Grandma.  Then I came home and made some Ginger Cream cookies in her honor.
Grandma always asked if I would sing at her funeral. ( I sang at my Grandpa Butters funeral) I said of course I would.    Now I'm sad, because I won't even BE to the funeral.  We will be off with our family of 7 making memories on a, long ago planned, caribbean cruise.  We will have our own memorial to honor Grandma while we are away. I know she would want us to go and have fun.  "Kick up your heels" was her motto! But.....I'm still sad.

I posted this last year on her birthday, and would like to dedicate it to her again this  year as some of my memories at her passing.

My Grandma is 93 years old....93! I know I've been writing a lot about age lately, but people around me keep having birthdays....what's up with that?

Grandpa passed away 16 years ago and Grandma still lives alone in the home they built in the 1950's. It's a beautiful home with a swimming pool in the back yard that I have played in, all summer long, for my entire life! We always shared the greatest food around the swimming pool, especially at the 4 summer holidays: Memorial day, 4th of July, Pioneer day and Labor Day. These are the "Holy Holidays" for me, and they wouldn't be the same without Grandma and her pool.

A fond memory I have as a child, is swimming in the pool on a hot summer day and Grandma bringing out hot out of the oven, raisin oatmeal cookies. I recall eating as many of these as I wanted, standing in the pool with the chlorine water dripping into my mouth, mixed with the hot cookie. MMMM... it just makes me smile, even now.

My Grandma is an amazing woman. I know she had an entire life before I was born, but this is what I know about her.

Grandma has always been a great dresser! She sang in a quartet and had traveled all over the Mountain-West putting on shows. She wore sparkly, glamorous costumes. She always looked so put together with the perfect hair, makeup and jewelry. Grandma also danced with my Grandpa and did floor shows and put on dance festivals for the church. I loved watching them waltz around and laugh and gaze at each other. "Let me call you sweetheart," was their theme song.

I inherited these quartet/dance costumes about 20 years ago. For one of our cruises, we (Me, Karen and Christine) wore her 60 's outfits for the formal dinner time. -- it was so fun to pretend to be Eulala.

Grandma was choir director in her ward for over 40 years-- talk about a life time calling. She had a grand ward choir. Every seat was always filled and extra chairs added in. They would totally do productions at Easter and Christmas time. She had special lighting installed in the chapel, that was built while she was in charge, so they could do mood lighting for the programs. The choir even had individual lights that clipped on the choir music folders, so we could see to sing. I say we, because she invited me to sing in her ward choir for about 10 years. I loved singing under her. She was so expressive and a great musician. Grandma has always been a great support for my singing and drama endeavors. One of my biggest fans.

My grandma is a marvelous cook. She makes the best shredded roast beef and homemade rolls. Grandma has always loved roast beef, strawberries, ginger cream cookies and almonds-- oh, and "sweet aloha." ( Diet Pepsi) These are the foods that I relate with her. She cooked a lot when she was raising her 7 kids and 60 some odd grandkids. Now we take turns cooking for her. It really is an honor to do this. She is so appreciative and welcoming. She will even turn off her FOX news or Matlock and sit and visit.
Grandma will tell it like it is. She doesn't mince words and has an opinion about the world around her and what's happening with current events. She loves the Jazz and a good football game too.
I always wanted a daughter to name after my Grandma.... after 4 boys, I got my wish when Laila blessed our family. Laila is just as much a spitfire as the woman she is named after.

My Grandma has taught me to love-- always-- unconditionally.
People are more important than things.... and...
Gratitude is the key to a happy life.

I pray I can be as healthy and Happy as my sweet Grandma when I turn 93!

My sweet Mother in Law, Wanee, sent this to me the day my grandma passed away.  It really made me  realize how my Grandmother has shaped my life.

"LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons,
things you must build upon in order to have a
solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person
and put what you have learned to use in all other
relationships and areas of your life. "

I had my Grandma in my life for 47 years....I feel so blessed to have lived so close by and to have felt so much love and acceptance from her.  She adored my children and my Wayne too. Last winter for a family night, we all went up and sang for Grandma.  Every one performed a solo while standing on her fireplace "stage."  It was a wonderful time.  She always made us all feel like we were the most talented.  We were the "star" of her show.

I know she is so happy to be with my Grandpa in heaven.
I'm sure they are dancing and eating strawberries and almonds and sipping sweet aloha!!!
I'm thankful.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful #8

I'm thankful for Visiting Teaching, and for visiting teachers.
I really love this "care for each other, one by one" principle. 
I didn't always feel this way.
I used to dread this calling.
Now, I look forward to being with other sisters.
Women need women, that's for sure.
I'm actually not really great at VT, but I'm getting better.  Many a time, it's the end of the month, and I'm just getting around to thinking of it....but...
I have had some wonderful VT's and I've had some wonderful people to visit.
I come away inspired by each sister and realize  how we need the Lord in all of our lives.
I'm always amazed at how alike we all are.  We all have struggles and challenges and good times and  tears.  We are more alike than different.
Our hearts match.
I'm thankful.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful #7

I'm thankful for Roses!
This weather has been knock-your-socks off gorgeous!
The leaves on the trees and the colors have been spectacular! 
I even have a few roses coming back into bloom.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful #6

I'm thankful for my sisters.
I had a great time at my Sisties Trip this weekend!
We have an annual girl's weekend we spend together in November each year.  It started the year Landon was born...and we haven't missed ( except last year when Laila hit her head).   It began when we had the Cole Collection singing group and we would use the weekend to practice our Christmas songs as we worked up a program to take around to church and office Christmas parties.
We don't sing around any more, but we still love getting together.  We have broadened our group to include the grand daughters once they hit 18 years old. We had 8 of us at the Park City condo this year. Me ( taking the pic) Christine, Liz, Angela, Marcie, Mom, Megan and Rachel.

It is always so fun to shop and shop and eat and shop some more.  We love our Baja Cantina trip and traipsing around the outlets and main street Park City.
It's great to just get away!
This year, like many past years, Mom gave each of us money that we have to spend on ourselves during the trip.  She always does her best to spoil us!  We try to make the money stretch and get bargains.  We love to share what we purchased and see who got the best deal.  This year it was my niece who got a shirt for all of $2.47.
The annual Sistie-trip is a good thing.
I'm Thankful.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful #5- Addison

I'm so thankful Addison is having a grand time playing Icabod Crane at Weber State.
He does a great job. 
This is an interesting tale.  It's a cross between "Into the Woods" and "The Secret Garden" and "The Salem Witch Trials."  So good.  Or maybe it's not like any of the above mentioned shows.....? I don't know.

Addison is singing beautifully and his acting is right on the mark.
I love watching him on stage.
He got great write ups in the local papers.
This is taken from the Deseret News Review of Sleepy Hollow:
"Addison Welch is an outstanding Ichabod Crane. His lean, lithe frame and elegantly long fingers and arms give him the perfect physicality for Crane. But Welch also creates the perfect mix needed for the character we love to hate."
I would agree!

I'm thankful for Addison!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful day #4: Mission

What a great night we had gathering as family and friends for the big opening of the envelope.  Our home was crowded with people, just how Truman wanted it.
When the time came he was shaking like a leaf and he was crying as he read....."You have  been called to serve in the Manchester, England March 24th."

The room erupted with congratulations and excitement.
This is the perfect spot for my Beatle-loving, Harry Potter-expert Boy.

I'm so thankful for missions and I'm thankful for Tru.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Days of Thankfulness

#3 Bountiful Sunsets

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov. 3rd Thankfulness

#2    I'm thankful for a beautiful autumn.
We have such beautiful weather ahead of us this week....I can hardly stand it.
So,  I'll go out and walk in it instead.
I adore the sound of crunching leaves, and breathing in the crisp air.  It sure beats being in the gym.
I love seeing deer in my yard and running across the blvd.
They are really our friends at this point-- they just keep hanging around.
One of the best parts about living on the Wasatch front, is experiencing all four of the seasons.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful Month

The thankful month is here.
I love November.
I'm going to try and post a thankful thought a day between now and Thanksgiving.
I say try because some where in the middle of this month I may not be getting internet access.... so I'll try.
#1 I'm thankful Halloween is over. 
It's a love/hate relationship with Halloween, that's for sure.

I look forward to it each year, and really love the "cute" stuff associated with this holiday.  I love the elementary parties and the darling costumes on little kids and babies.   I love watching Wayne and the kids, this year only Laila,  carve pumpkins.  I love mom's homemade doughnuts on Halloween night.  I love dressing up. 

This year Wayne, Monson and I spent Halloween night at the UofU football black out game. The weather was great for football!  It was a good night because, thankfully, the Utes won!!!
We dished Laila off to a great neighbor for trick or treating. Then, we all met up at 9:30 for Gma Sheri's doughnuts. Laila and Preston got to help cut out the dough.  

I don't like the gory makeup, severed heads, smashed pumpkins,  rude teenager-ish kids trick or treating, or skanky costumes.

I do love the family time and fun we have being together and the CANDY!!!
This year we were missing Addison because of his Sleepy Hollow he was Icabod Crane for Halloween.   And we were missing Truman.  Tru was up at the big HOWL  party at Utah State.  His costume was a redneck dude with "stache" and mullet and short short levi cut offs. 
......  Any way, I'm thankful We are done with Halloween time and on to Thanksgiving time.