Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hospital Food

We keep trying to entice Laila with yummy Hospital food. Primaries has better food than most, but she isn't cooperating. If she will drink and eat she can go home.
Laila had 3 tiny bites of pancake for breakfast with a small bacon piece, I ate the rest.
For lunch she tried a cheese pizza, an orange smoothie and a chocolate shake-- she took one bite of each, I ate the rest with the help of Addison and Landon.
Re - do for lunch--- chicken nuggets-- she ate one, guess who ate the rest?
Dinner-- mint Dibs and chocolate ice cream. I had the Dibs and she ate 2 ozs. of the ice cream. That's what we've eaten today.
For liquid- she has had one 12 oz sprite that she has nursed all day long. Frustrating.
She is doing great concussion-wise. Neck Brace is off--- head ache is handled with tylenol....but not eating and especially not drinking leads to dehydration.

So we are stuck at the hospital waiting for her to get thirsty. She keeps saying she wants to go home but her belly isn't cooperating.

At home we have food showing up-- and basically it's going in the fridge and freezer til the family gathers once again to eat it. Who knows when that will be.
Wayne is still trying to get a flight home from China-- it looks like Sunday is when he'll get home now.

Blogging helps to clear my mind.....this .....and prayer.

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