Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Save our Planet.....Plant a Tree

"E C olog WHY?...Ecology...."
It's a chant that Laila is learning in school as they prepare for their Save the Earth program in the Spring.  She is serious about saving the planet. Laila is worried that there won't be any trees left on our earth when she is an adult.  She spreads this sad news a lot.
I am happy that she is learning to be aware of our world, and not liter or be complacent....but she is worried.  She wants to plant trees and more.....ALL OF THE TIME.  
She doesn't need to be worried about this.   
I know, I am shallow...but I want her to be a kid while she's a kid and not worry about environmental issues.

I read a book recently called "101 things to do with your kids before they leave home" idea was to plant a family tree.  I liked this idea, except if it gets diseased or  dies, then what kind of message is that sending to your family? So we adapted Laila's need for saving the planet and the family tree idea, and had a pear tree planting for family night. ( no partridge)

We went to J&L nursery and picked out the "perfect" tree.

Hauling it home in the Jaguar was a hoot.  We stuck it through the sun roof and hoped for the best. We only had a little bit of dirt to vacuum off of the seats.

We decided to plant Mr. tree on the sunny, west side of our house....and Laila said she would check on it and water it daily.

Wayne dug directly onto a sprinkler pipe...and into many giant rocks.  He couldn't have found all of this if he tried and had a map. It was pretty funny.

The discussion around this tree was  really good.  We talked about  how deep roots help trees and people face the storms of life and get through.  We talked about having a firm foundation in the gospel and making sure our gospel roots are deep and cared for.  We talked about neglect...and that's how plants and testimonies die.
Monson only helped in spirit.  He just collapsed after a difficult football practice. 
 "Everything hurts."

Laila thought about eating this worm, but decided slurpies sounded and tasted better.

We also talked about family trees and how Laila's looks a little different than Monson's because she gets two starter branches from her birth parents, and two long full branches from her mom and dad.  We also talked about how in the future she won't be at the bottom, trunk section...but she will be a mom and grandma and be in the leaves.  She liked this.

It was a great family night.  It was good to be together, moan together, work together and have slurpies together. 
We can learn a lot from trees.  We need them. 
 It would truly be sad if Laila's future included nary a tree in sight.

Monday, September 27, 2010


As you button up your shirt, you ask, "So, what's your diagnosis, doc?"

He pauses and then replies, "It appears you're suffering from touch deprivation."

Somewhat taken aback, you sputter, "Is there a special treatment for that?"

Smiling, the doctor answers, "Yes … lots and lots of hugs."

I have been trying out the 30 second hug around my house.  It was on a news show recently, that hugging is good, but 30 second hugs are better. It takes 30 seconds for your body to relax and release the mood lifting endorphins that we all crave.  
I have good huggers at my house...but watching the clock with the 30 second deadline in mind is hard.  It's a long time.  It feels good....and it feels lengthy. I want to get better at this; just being in the moment and connecting.  

Top Ten Benefits of Hugging ( I didn't make these up.  I did my research, thank you very much!)
  1. Costs nothing
  2. Boosts your immune system
  3. Builds self-esteem
  4. Fosters self-acceptance
  5. Alleviates tension
  6. Helps curb appetite
  7. Saves heat
  8. Is portable
  9. Requires no special setting or equipment
  10. Feels incredibly good!
We need 4 hugs a day for survival
We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance
We need 12 hugs a day for growth
ONE LONG- 30 second hug.

Just thinking about reaching out and touching someone.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday--officially Autumn

1.  I am thankful for fall.  I have had some positive feedback on the new look of my blog...Thank you.  Just want you to know, I took the autumn tree picture last fall in front of my house.  We had a gorgeous, colorful fall last year, and I hope this year will be the same.  It makes transitioning into winter easier for me.

2.  I am thankful for Missionary Parent Gatherings.  We had all of the parents of missionaries serving in our ward to our home.   It was great to hear how every boy was doing, and about some of their ups and downs. It's good to share ideas on how to be more supportive.  I was amazed at the strength I felt knowing ours sons are out sharing the gospel around the world.  Truman's letter this week was spiritual, and filled with courage.  He admitted he thought about calling it quits...but has stuck it out, and is happier and more positive than ever.

3. I am thankful for cobwebs and dust.  Instant decorations for this time of year.   No house cleaning for 6 weeks..... It truly is the best!!!!  I just need to add a little glitter spray and voila!

4.  I am thankful for the three pumpkins that sit by front door already!

5.  I am thankful for friends and getaways and laughing and sharing together.  California was colder than Utah, but the company was warm.

6.  I am thankful the BHS football team beat WX this year.  It's the 21st year in a row this has happened, so odds were BHS was in for a loss....I am just glad it didn't happen on Monson's watch.  He would have been impossible to live with.  I keep reminding myself and him, it's only football....but sometimes it feels greater and more important than "just football."  Monson is doing great as a defensive tackle.  He actually plays bigger than he is.  He is loving his senior year.  We play Viewmont this Friday, another cross town rival.... I hope we win.....for Monson's sake.

7.  I am thankful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cussity, Cuss , Cuss

We just finished watching "The Incredible Mr. Fox" for the 4th time.  I get a kick out of the dialogue.  It's a grown up kid movie.  Something for everyone.  It's really weird.  Not my favorite, but I gravitate towards it again and again.  One of the crazy parts is the use of swear words.  They just say the word "cuss" to replace all expletives.
"What the cuss?"
"Get the cuss down here."
" Oh, cuss!"
It's up to the viewer to fill in with their own imagination.
What swear word do you want to put there?
Fill in the blank.
It's an interesting concept....and it's interesting the swear words my mind fills in.

Laila came home the other day wanting me to solve an argument.
"Mom, Andi said the worst swear word you can say is the F word, but I told her she was wrong, it's the G and J word.  Which is it?"
I had to think for a minute.....I knew what the F word was, but what G and J words were Laila talking about.
She explained...."It's a commandment not to take the Lord's name in G and J are worse to say, right?"

Well.....we had a good discussion.  The American society would say, Andi was correct.  The English don't think the F word is a big deal..... but the Bible would definitely be on Laila's side.

The crazy part is the Lord's name is taken in vain constantly on TV(even Disney)  and in the movie's and no one even bats an eye.  But drop the F bomb and people are up in arms and walking out of the theatre.

I am not advocating any swear words are good.

I don't swear.
Wayne doesn't swear.
We have a rule that we live by and try to teach our kids... "Welches don't swear."  We don't allow it in our home.  Outside of our home and as adults, they can govern themselves....but growing up Welch....swear words aren't spoken.

Wayne does have an Uncle Glen who's favorite swear word expletive is ....."by fetch!"  He uses it for everything and all of the time.  I don't really know what it means.
I like his idea though...just make up your own cuss words.
We recently got an 80th birthday announcement about him.  It read....
"By Fetch, Guess who's turning 80?"

This actually reminds me of the father in the classic Christmas movie, "The Christmas Story."  I get a kick out of him when he's fixing the plumbing or changing the tire and he is muttering all sorts of fake and real swear words under his breath....."cussity, cuss , cuss."  As soon as his boy says....fudge....the poor kid is sitting in the kitchen with a bar of soap stuck in his mouth.  The father is amazed. Where did his son learn to talk like this?!?

Where do you stand on swear words?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Potty organizer?

Yes We own this......

Who wouldn't want this sitting on their desk to remind them to stay organized with your office stuff and don't forget to go to the bathroom....both good messages.

This really is crazy.  

Wondering what's in the toilet bowl?

"Not the feces.....but the paperclips"...that's what the ad says.

Magnetically hooked on no less.....
Laila is doing the "gross" reaction that most people give when they first see this.  Then they laugh.

Friday, September 17, 2010


My Alien Children, or what happens when Addison has too much computer time on his hands......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Flipped" for this Movie

We went as a family and saw the new movie, "Flipped" the other night.
I really liked it.
Laila really liked it.
Wayne, Addison and Bre, all really liked it.
I have probably never even heard of this flick.
There has been zero advertising surrounding it and by chance Wayne heard the movie guys mentioning it on KSL.
I looked it up and when I saw it was rated PG, directed by Rob Reiner and compared to "Stand By Me," I knew it would be good.
It's set in 1963 and is a story about a  12 year old boy- girl relationship.  It's actually about a lot more than this, but I want you to see it.  I'm not going to be the spoiler.
It's very sweet.
I cried.
Laila cried.
Wayne, Addison and Bre even teared up a little.

There were two lines that I especially liked.

"Most people aren't equal to the sum of their parts."

"Some people come dipped in flat, some in satin and some in gloss....and once in a while you'll find someone truly iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."

Take some time out to see this movie.  It's not all pure...there is some angry swearing adult parts that Laila had questions about, which always leads to the answer, "Welches don't swear.....we just don't."  Atleast the swearing was "biblical."
There are many themes in this movie worth discussing.......

Next Movie We are going to see?.....Expecting Mary.....another PG, good for the whole family to talk about flick.  Me likey!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Important things I've learned about blogging

I  have been blogging for 2 years.  I started out moaning about my weight issues.  I gave my entire history of food and eating, and all of the craziness surrounding it.  I got tired of that, and it wasn't helping, so I switched to writing about my life.

When I first heard of this online medium--the blog-- I kind of viewed it with disdain.
What? People think they are connecting, but they're not really. 
I have since changed my opinion, and have learned some things about myself and about blogging along the way.

1.  Be varied.  It's good to write about many different things.  Don’t set rules about what you will and won’t blog about…too narrow of scope hurts.   My blog, only about chub, was weighing me down.  I ran out of words.  How many different ways can I say, "I am always on a diet"?  It has really helped to change and write about family and memories, funny sayings and friends.

2.  Blog often.  I find this very important.  Even if I have nothing to SAY....I always have something to say.         If you have writer’s block, push through it…  Blah, blah, blah  blog.

3.  Be yourself.  I write like I talk.  With a lot of dots, commas and blurts.  Please forgive me....but it's me! 
I think I am telling a story to my sister or girlfriend, and then just let my fingers fly.  I am not a writer, full of literary merit and amazing thesarus usage.....I am just me, one who writes things down. ( Kind of like Stands with Fist in "Dances with Wolves"..... but more like Foot in Mouth.....)

4.  Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.  Embarrassing moments, mine and everyone else's, make for the best blogs.  I have shared a lot..... maybe too much.  I can't stop myself.  Atleast I haven't overshared about my "bloody" embarrassing times.

5.  Try to use good spelling and grammar.  I try.  I try.  Some days I am better at it than others.  If I worried too much about this, I would stop blogging.  If I do catch a mistake after I have posted, I go in and fix it. I know this bothers my more punctuation-ally correct, grammar nazi friends.....again, I'm sorry.

It feels good to blog about my imperfect life.  It feels good to get my thoughts on cyber-paper.
If feels good to know that some people read this....and like it....and cry with me and laugh with me and ponder about life's challenges with me.
Happy 2 year anniversary!
I am just going to keep on  Blah, Blah, BLOGGING!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tom and Wanee's Fam

Tom and Wanee Welch Family 1977
I love these people.  The Welches have been a part of my life for over 30 years.
I started hanging around Wayne and his family as a Sophomore in high school.  I was amazed that Wayne had 9 children in his family.  He told me their names, as quickly as possible--Jane, Sandy, Wayne, Terry, Dale, Tami, Wendi, Mark, Holly.  He said he had the record in his family for being able to say this the fastest. I believed him.

I knew Wayne and his older sister, Sandy because of the school musical.  Sandy was beautiful and talented and everyone's friend.  She played the piano like a dream.  I noticed that Wayne took care of his big sister.  He would drive her to school in an old, blue truck.  He would always open the truck door for her in the school parking lot.  He was so gentlemanly.  I liked that.  I later learned that her passenger door wouldn't open from the inside and only way she could get out of the truck was if Wayne opened it.
When I met the rest of the bunch I was equally impressed.
Oldest sister Jane- the smart, Home-Ec sterling scholar.
Terry the year younger brother who was a be-spectacled brain.
Dale, the shy one who didn't say much and  stayed close to his brothers.
Tami and Wendi the "twin redheads" with energy to match.
Mark the quiet, cute littlest brother
Holly the special Angel, fresh from heaven.
Ages ranged from 18 down to 1 when I first met them.
This was a full household in a very small house, that barely held them all.  I later learned that Wayne slept in the family room and Mark slept anywhere he could.

I was accepted immediately by Tom and Wanee.  They were/are "salt of the earth" type of people.  Never a negative word about anyone.  They are/were real, genuine, full of faith, hard working, gospel loving parents.
I often refer to my mother-in-law as a saint because SHE IS!  Tom passed away over 6 years ago.  We all miss his kindness, his humor and his phone calls about what's on sale and where to shop.

We had this family picture taken this summer.  This is how we all look in 2010.

 Front: Cyrrena, Terry, Holly, Pic of Tom, Wanee, Wendi, Bret.  Middle:  Dale, Rob, Tami, Jill, Sandy, Melinda.  Back:  Jane, Steve, Mark, Clark, Wayne.

All of the in-laws and out-laws are remarkable as well.  All unique. All adding to the Welch family picture.
Steve-- The pragmatic, breakfast making,  lawyer-- husband to Jane
Clark-  The practical, do it yourselfer, pharmacist-- husband to Sandy
Cyrrena - ultimate Homemaker, giving, always positive --wife to Terry
Rob - Funny, Computer guy, McGiver type - husband to Tami
Bret - fisherman, Carpenter , outdoor lover - husband to Wendi
Jill - warm, interested in people, crafty - wife to Mark

We love to travel as a family when we can get everyone's schedules to work out.
 We have tried to set up adult trips and whole family reunions alternating every other year.   We have gone to  Bryce, Zions, St. George,  Puerto Vallarta, Logan and Chicago.
 We have been known to be on a bus ride, on a zipline, or waiting for an airplane and to "quiz" total strangers on who they think the siblings are and who are the in-laws.  Or...  we have strangers put the Welch kids in order oldest to youngest.  No stranger has ever won any of these contests.  We all get good laughs out of it though, and make temporary friends along the way.

We have had some great times and some hard times......
 just like every family.
 I count it a huge blessing in my life to have hooked up with the Welch family.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Monson likes to Meow.
He's been making this cat sound for about 2 years now.  He can't stop.  It just comes out.
He loved meowing in his different classes last year and driving his teachers nuts.
"Is there a cat in here?"
"Who's meowing?  Stop that right now!"
"Why is there always a cat at my window?"
Monson  always looked innocent and helped to look around for that elusive cat.
His meow sounds pretty authentic.
He even had a meow ring tone for while.
"Meow, Meow, Meow"
This is all pretty surprising since Monson doesn't even like cats.
He just likes to Meow.
He meows during church.  He meows while shopping.  He meows at his friends.  He meows when he likes his dinner.  He meows when he can't think of anything else to say.

The best meow story happened on the football field.  Some guy was trash talking, across the line, at Monson all night.  When Monson finally put him on his back and could have cussed the guy out, he just got up really close to the guy's face mask and said......."meow"...... It totally freaked his opponent out.
If the guy didn't think this line man was crazy before.... he definitely knew #42  was now.
I could just imagine this kid telling his team mates how weird "Mr. meow-man" was......
"Don't mess with him, he's crazy.  He thinks he's a cat!"
It makes me chuckle even as I write it.
Just thinking about it makes my eyes red and itchy.
Is there a cat in here?

Saturday, September 4, 2010


#1:  Wayne asked Laila if he could walk down the hill with her to school.  She thought long and hard, screwed her face up and finally said yes.  On the way to school Wayne thanked her for letting him go.  SHe said, "Yeah I decided I shouldn't be embarrassed cuz, when I'm a grandma I won't have any good pictures in my scrapbook if I don't do things."

#2  "My hair totally slows me down.  I wish I could cut it all off...but I wouldn't look good."

#3  "I think I'm the fastest reader in my class....but I make things up sometimes when I read."

#4  "Dallas says the best prayers...he says things like Dear, Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father...."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1.  I am thankful for my job.  I enjoy being an online school teacher.  I love the women I work with and the time I spend with them.  I have been in St. George all week at teacher training meetings.  It's hard being in hot St. George and never really seeing or feeling the sun.  We are in the basement at the district in a windowless room.  OH well.  I love brainstorming and problem solving and creating new ideas to empower parents to teach their children. 

2.  I am thankful for my hubby.  Wayne is my rock.  He is doing great with Laila and Monson and running our household while I am away.    I love his wild texts throughout my day and phone calls at night.

3.  I am thankful for technology.  It continues to amaze me and I am glad that I can learn and grow in this arena as well.

4.  I am thankful for diet coke and sugar free candy to get me through my munchy days.

5.  I am thankful for my own bed and pillow.  Marriott beds are great, but my own bed with my snuggly  Wayne is better.

6.  I am thankful for my mom.  She is an online school teacher as well.  It's fun to come down here and spend time with her. I love watching her relate to other teachers and share her hard earned knowledge and experience with us. I love sharing a room with her.  I feel so blessed that I am her child.

7.  I am thankful for my friend, Heidi.  She just moved to St. George with her family. They have been Bountiful-ites forever, but just felt like it was time for a change.  Time to get warm.   Time to get closer to her California kids.   Time for a fresh start. 
This takes so much courage. 
I love her spirit and sense of adventure.  (She is out of her comfort zone! )
It was fun to be here and see her "work in progress" house and go to a Movie.  Heidi loves movies and she let's me share her popcorn and raisenettes.  I am glad to know this friendship isn't over -- we have just relocated it.

8.  I am thankful.