Monday, October 20, 2008

Chinese Conundrum

Eating in China is going to be an adventure!!

Bob and Wayne and Eric will eat anything. I'm sure there are a few exceptions, but I'm not exactly clear on that. They are excited about the interesting delicacies and the authentic places we will eat on our vacay.
On the Other hand, Laura and Kimi are thinking McDonalds-- alot and often-- sounds great!

I plan on trying most everything, as long as you don't tell me what it is before hand. I'm better with the unknown. I can probably eat a baby chick brain, if I don't know I'm eating a baby chick brain.
I loved watching the Olympics and seeing the night food market--lizards, scorpion, set my mouth to watering.
(Just kidding.)
But it would be interesting to experience, or atleast interesting to take pictures of the experience.

L. and K. were going to take an entire suitcase filled with granola bars, licorice, hot tamales, dots..."normal" food to get them through for 12 days. Now they are reconsidering and hoping this time in China will be a good diet jump start for them to lose weight.

I'm in a conundrum....or I just like that I can use that word finally, but whatever it is, I'm in it. Do I participate in the Chinese fasting with L. and K. or do I "man" up and eat all the freaky food with W. and B. and E.?
I guess the scales will tell when I come back and weigh myself after the vacation.

Yep, It's going to be an adventure.

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barbyb said...

Oh! and the music! Ha!