Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Meal Wagon

Wayne had his TTumor operation and we are in recuperation mode.
My mom in law said she would bring in dinner for us--I said no.
I would really like this if I actually made dinner for my family each night and thought I would be out of commission being a nurse maid to Wayne and all. Running ragged filling ice bags and keeping him comfortable, listening for the "bell," answering his every whim. But no.
I realize I'm missing out on a good thing here -- I told everyone who offered we don't need meals brought in. Now I'm having second thoughts. I love eating other people's food! I love eating.
I only make dinner 3 days a week ( Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) and the rest of the time the boys have to do the freezer forage and Laila eats a piece of melted cheese bread.
But alas, I will cook and the boys will eat it whether they like it or not. Had I been thinking and conniving I could have set up Relief Society meals for a month--or atleast a week. Oh well.
It has been fun having cookies and pie brought in as get-well-soon treats. Yeah for that.
As you can tell. I'm still off the wagon. I'm so far off the diet wagon I don't even know where the wagon is any more.
I'll find it again some day I'm sure, along with my marbles.
Living in Crazy town.
Bye---gotta go make dinner.....

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