Friday, June 26, 2015

Marriage equality and SCOTUS

There are a few moments in history that I remember where I was....
When the announcement came that the black members of our LDS church could get the priesthood in 1978,  I was in my home, had just finished my sophomore year in High school, helping our cleaning lady Eugenia Chapman change some sheets.  The radio was on KSL  and the announcement came over the airwaves and we were surprised and happy about it.  

When the space shuttle blew up in the 80's... I was teaching at Bountiful high school.  I was on my free period, so I ventured up to the media center to watch on TV the space shuttle launch.  I was standing their with Veon Cox, the media lady, and we were excited and then shocked and in  tears when we witnessed the disaster.

When the twin towers were crashed into in 2001... I was substitute teaching for Angela while she was having baby Preston.  It was the beginning of the day, the 7:30 bell had just wrung when a student came screaming into the drama room, that a plane had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers.  At this point we all though it was an accident and not terrorism.  We switched on the tv and were stunned when a few minutes later another plane crashed into the second tower.    By lunch time, school was excused and everyone went home to watch tv and listen to the news  reports.

I will remember where I was when the Marriage equality announcement was made..... driving down with Wayne to ride our bikes on the trail. 

 Tears have been shed that's for sure.... I'm so glad we are in this day and age when being LGBT isn't criminal, or secretive or something to be ashamed of.    The Lord knows and loves all of his children. I don't know why marriage equality has to be an either or argument.. either you are for traditional marriage between a man or a woman or you are for same sex marriage.  Why can't we be FOR both of these under the law?

I really like how the Supreme court decision was worded....

Thank you to family and friends that are sending their love and support to the Welch/ Cole  family this day. Although we may not see eye to eye on marriage equality that doesn't matter. You have wrapped your arms around us anyway. I feel very loved! You show me what a true disciple of Christ looks like and for that you will be in my heart forever.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June is busting out all over.....

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
I really do love it.
I love the heat, the slowness, the sun not setting til 9 or so, the beautiful sunsets, having nothing to do .... ( there's always yard work, but I'm not doing that)....sleeping in, biking with Wayne, swimming and blowing bubbles with Alf.

Other June highlights include Truman bleaching his hair 
Having lots of Alfie time while Bre is in Mermaid and Addison  has Wiz of oz rehearsals 
Tuesday swim day at Morleys. The hour drive to Spanish a Fork is worth it when there's favorite cousins Cindy and Krystin at the pool to visit with..and many other loved ones 
Monson's tie and sock company is growing. AnomalE clothing 
Monson and Lexi traveled to Muchigan for sister Kate's graduation, a lot of family time and a baby shower for Tayla
I got a quick trip in with Maurie  and Jan to St George. We swam, shopped went to the temple and saw two  Tuacahn shows 
Bre opened her Little Mermaid show at HCT. She is perfect for this part. Such a joy to watch her. 
It's especially fun to see her meet and greet with the kids after the show. Her Disney World training comes in handy 
Wayne did an 80 mile mountain bike ride on the white rim trail in Moab for the priest and teachers High adventure camp 
He loved sharing this with his buddies, Kevin Martin, Bob Lake and Eric Belnap

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My dad

This is my dad when he was about my age.... 50 something..... walking on the beach in Mexico.
Dad's body won't let him take long walks on the beach anymore, but we have our memories.

A few things my dad has taught me through his aging years..
1. Stay positive.  My dad is still very fun and funny.   He is friendly to everyone.
2. Talk to your family every day.  Phone calls of course and we have nightly dinners set up so we all get to visit one on one with dad each week while ee enjoy a meal.  Plus having Adam  and Chris live there for a bit has helped him have family in his life.
3. Continue to make plans.  I'm so happy dad is coming to Bear lake again this year.
4. Go outside every day.  Dad walks down to get his mail.  He sits outside and admires his flowers or sits out in his drive to wave at cars and speak to passersby.
5. Pray for your spouse .  My dad is continually praying for mom and hoping she's having a great day in Heaven.  Sometimes she visits him and of course he doesn't want to move or speak or she will leave.  He's always been very sweet to his sweetheart. 

It's a Happy Father's Day to him-- I love my daddy-o so much!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The King and I

Laila is in Center  Point theatre's The King and I. She is one of the oldest in the  children's group.  This is a good thing and a bad thing for her.  She likes being in a show, but hate's being treated like a 6 year old.  Too many kid rules.  It's hard to be at that inbetween age.
With Laila being in this show, it completes the circle for our family.  We have ALL been in the king and I now.   I have been in it twice; I played Anna in College and LOVED it so much, then our boy family was in it on Bountiful High's stage with my mom directing it for Bountiful Community Theatre in 1998.   Landon was Louis, Wayne was the Kralahome, I was a wife and Addison, Truman and Monson were all children..... Addison also danced in the Uncle Tom's Cabin ballet.
We had to put on body makeup and spray everyone's hair black.  This was a good idea for everyone except Monson.  He was a crazy 5 year old...and didn't want to sit still.  He would run around back stage so by the second act death scene he had black sweat running down his face and his red hair was coming through in spots.  He looked like a calico cat with the red and black markings.
Monson had to stand up at one point in the school room scene and say a line.  One night his feet caught his pull-up-elastic-waist-Siamese pants, and he stood up and his pants stayed down.   He stood there in his Power ranger underwear.  It was a hoot for everyone, except Monson.  He was so embarrassed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Marcie's a fighter

My beautiful Sister, Marcie is fighting the battle of her life.  She is on her second chemo treatment and it has been rough.  It's kicking her butt....but it's also kicking the cancer because her cancer markers have already begun to go down. This is such good news.   She has 4 treatments then they do another CT scan to see if the tumors have shrunk.
Marcie is a fighter.  She has decided that the Lord loves fighters. ..and I agree with her.  We are not talking about fighting...but fighters who battle for good.   We had a war in heaven where he fought for our free agency.  We are to "fight" for truth  righteousness in these latter days.  The Book of Mormon is filled with examples of courageous fighters...Nephi, Alma, Capt. Moroni, Samuel the Lamanite and Helaman to name a few.  All of these men had to go through battles to survive and to stay on the Lord's side.
This is a battle Marcie didn't ask for...but she is staying positive and hopeful.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mr. and Mr. Buzelli Wedding highlights

The Wedding (even though it was stinking hot, like an August wedding), went beautifully.  

Welch/Buzelli men:  Monson. Wayne, Andrew, Landon, Alex, Addison, Alfie, Tru
Laila, Patty Buzelli, Melinda, Sophia, Lexi, Ana Paula, Bre

Alex, Grandpa Lyle, Landon

Landon, Grandma Welch, Alex

Alfie was in heaven once he got stripped down, had his own balloon tied to his shoe and could get a treat off the table whenever he wanted.

Andrew and Sophia got to hlep cut and eat the cake 
Wayne is the photobomber  over Addison, Bre, Landon and Alex 
Landon, Al, Liz and Alex.   

Laila and Lindsey

We gathered at 4:00 for pictures and to review the program, set up the tablecloths and balloons and check in table.  At the table we had ribbons to wear for those who wanted to support marriage equality, wishes to write down for Landon and Alex, a bird cage for cards, and round circles to sign names on that will be put into a  balloon type poster of who attended instead of a guest book.  

We had fans for everyone…which were very needed…with the ceremony happenings on one side and a picture I spy wedding picture game on the other.  

Mickey Larsen was our wedding boss and she kept things organized.  
At 5:15…The wedding party walked down the aisle and I will forever love the scene of Andrew, Alfie, and Sophia all holding hands and balloons and walking down the aisle.  

I was able to give Landon away and give him one last love.   

Liz was the officiator and did a masterful job with advice  to the boys and  keeping things going.
There was a poetic reading from 4 of their friends, and  then  Bre sang  “At Last” just beautifully.  
Landon’s vows were to Alex and Andrew and Sophia.

All very sweet….and when they did kiss…Holly and all of us cheered, and blew bubbles at them  as they went up the aisle. 
Thanks to many of my friends for treats, and set up, tables and chairs, and decorating and food, and running the wedding.  Maurie, Si, Julie, Jan, Meaghan, Holly, Mel, Jo, Kim, Diane, Laura, Jill, Barbara, Jan…. and my  family—Tami, Jill, Sandy, Cyrrena, Marcie, Christine ....
The dinner was Si’s Chicken teriyaki salad, rolls and fruit…it was delicious with plenty for everyone.  

We had to move tables into the shade since we were literally baking.  Addison, Alex’s sister Patty, Tru, Monson, Lexi , Bre and Laila all paid tribute to Landon and Alex , then Holly had her turn.

We had more people show up at 7 and the band start playing for an after party and dancing.  We partied and played til 9:00.    It was a great evening.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Holly at the wedding

On Sunday Morning Wanee called Wayne and asked for advice and help in explaining Landon’s wedding to Holly.  She wasn’t going to tell Holly about it, but for Holly’s birthday a week before she got an ipad and her own facebook account. So there was nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and siblings that would be talking about it.  Wayne went down and had a sweet talk with his sister.  "Holly have you ever heard of two men getting married?” She said she was confused, and nervous.   Wayne went on to explain that in the temple it’s only between a man and a woman sealed together, but out in the world,   there are many options and that Landon and Alex were getting married.  Holly said, nervously, “that’s wonderful, that’s wonderful.”  Holly had to say a prayer over breakfast right then and said, “Heavenly Father, there’s some strange things going on today….”   Holly was really sweet about it and her only questions were will Landon and Alex kiss?  Wayne said yes …and will they hold flowers while they walk down the aisle?  No.    Holly said, “This makes me nervous.” But…. Holly  said she loved Landon and wanted to come because she was excited to get a new nephew. (Alex)

At the wedding, while we were eating and doing toasts and speeches,  Holly raced to the microphone because she had something to say.  I  hit Wayne’s leg and said, “oh no…” but she just said what many people were thinking.    She said, “I was confused when I heard about two men getting married, I am confused, but  I love Landon my favorite nephew and  I am excited to have Alex as my new nephew and Sophia and Andrew as part of my family. So I’m happy.  Now I will sing my favorite song… Can my favorite nephew Addison stand up?  I want you all to join with me in singing Happy Birthday to Addison.”  It was so great!!!  I really wish we had videoed it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Wedding ceremony

The cutting of the cake was cute..having 4 hands on the knife…Landon, Alex, Andrew and Sophia.  
On the way to Maurie’s house I was holding the cake, and it was really hot in the car.  The  top layer of the cake started to slide and the cake was tipping.  I called out, “Wayne the cake isn’t straight.’  He said really quickly, “It will be’s for a gay wedding.”    

Liz's wedding ceremony:
Welcome – Everyone!  We gather here today to celebrate the wedding of Alex Gerhardt Buzelli and Landon Cole Welch. 
You have come here to share in this formal commitment Alex and Landon make to one another - to offer your love and support to this union and to allow them to start the ‘married’ stage of their life together surrounded by the people dearest and most important to them and by those watching from above.
Alex and Landon - I want you to take a look around you – Look at all of the love and support that is with you today.  There are people in this world who do not understand your love.  But – those of us who know you and love you, we see it – and we know that it is real.
So - we are here to affirm what is already a fact – the love that exists in your hearts - and that love has been strengthened by your differences and will grow in the hundred daily details of the life you build together.  We also know that you do not enter into this commitment alone.  Alex brings with him two wonderful, spunky, amazing children – Andrew and Sophia (our Best Man and Maid of Honor).  Over the past few years you have all gotten to know each other – living together, sharing meals, doing homework, vacationing together, performing musicals together (maybe not Alex) and just spending time together.  You have successfully melded into a modern-day family.  It’s all about Love.  And - Love is Love.

We will now have a reading by Patricia Buzelli . . . . .
Followed by the poem ‘Unitl We Could’ which will be read by Shawna & Traci Kalian-Laws and Alfie & Jim Derrick-Travassos

A wise women – who we all know( Gma Sheri)  – taught most of us about the 5 Love Languages.  We speak about this quite often in our family.  This philosophy has helped us all not only in our dealings with each other in general, but most importantly, the relationship we share with our spouse. 

Know your partner, learn with them and change with them through the years.  Ask anyone here who has been married –whether it be one year or over 50 years – and they will tell you it seems like yesterday when they met and fell in love – It is all worthwhile - but it also takes a lot of patience and work.  Look to them as examples of love, faith and family as they have learned the language of love.  And at last – you too can enter into this commitment.
Bre Welch will now perform ‘At Last’

Alex and Landon – today you celebrate one of life’s greatest moments and give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, as you join together in the vows of marriage.
Please face each other and take each other’s hands so that you may see the gift that they are to you.  These are the hands of your best friend, strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow and forever.
These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, and with the slightest touch will comfort you like no other. 
These are the hands that will give you strength when you need it, support and encouragement to pursue your dreams, and comfort in difficult times.  And lastly, these are the hands that even years from now will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just one touch.

I would like you to now read the vows you have written for each other.
 Landon. . . . .Alex . . . . . .

And now, let’s seal your promises to each other with the rings as a symbol of your life shared together. 
Landon – repeat after me –
Alex Gerhardt Buzelli – this ring I give as a token and a pledge.  As a sign of my love and devotion, with this ring I thee wed

Now Alex – repeat after me –
Landon Cole Welch – this ring I give as a token and a pledge.  As a sign of my love and devotion, with this ring I thee wed

Pastor Jean Schwien will now offer a Blessing of Marriage

Marriage is a precious gift – it is a lifelong dedication to love and a daily challenge to love one another more fully and more freely.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.  Love never ends. Love is Love.
Alex and Landon, by the power of your love and commitment today, I now pronounce you married – you may kiss!

I now present to you – Alex & Landon Buzelli!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Landon's wedding

So happy to be at this wedding today.  So happy that we can be at this point where can celebrate this union.  I know God loves all of his children, and I believe Landon and Alex are two of his favorites.  I know that there is room for all at God’s table.  I feel so blessed that Landon has found a partner  to love and support him without conditions  and to raise a family with.  They are committed to sharing both joys and sorrows for the rest of their lives. They are great at living and sharing Christ like principles in their home.  It’s really a beautiful match.

Landon has been a bright light in our family since the day he was born.    He insisted on wearing his blanket tied onto him like a dress and even went through a nun stage where his blanket was on his head all of the time and he prayed with steeple hands. 
In every family video Landon is the one running right up to the camera and speaking in his high soprano…look at me, look at me….He used to say the cutest, funniest things….
"You know those fat things on girls that we call boobs? Well… Jesus calls them breasts."
Once when he was screaming  as I was carrying him out of sacrament meeting he yelled back into the room, “I know I’m just sick about myself.”
In his 3 year old prayers he said, “and please bless the whole world, even the top and the bottom and all the way around.”

Landon has many gifts.  I would like to address just three.  His spirituality, his ability to talk/argue and to love. Landon has always been very spiritual.  He was a willing family scripture reader, a general conference note taker and always felt angels around him.   He had an angel face and was the very best for his primary and church leaders.  He would be his normal crazy, can’t sit still self, all week long, but for the two hours of primary he was the model child.  He knew every answer, sang every song and his teachers bragged about how good he was to us.  We would always say, “Landon?  Are you sure?”   Landon loves his Savior.

Landon can argue with the best of them…he would make a great lawyer or be your fiercest advocate. You want him on your side.  He is a natural born talker…taking after Grandpa Welch and Grandma Sheri. When he was in school he would get in trouble for talking too much.  Landon couldn’t say his “r”s so he would call him self a taco.  He would say,  “I can’t help it mom, I was bone to talk… I’m a talk-o.”  There’s a video out there on the internet  of a little  boy trying to get his way with his mother, saying, “Linda, but Linda, just listen Linda”…. Over and over….this was Landon.   I loved being at Bountiful High School as Landon’s debate teacher.  He has a natural ability to take what ever side and see the arguable points.   He also had a natural ability as a teenager  to debate Wayne and me til he was blue in the face. Ay yay yay. He can be very headstrong, but this gift  also helps him to see both sides of every situation and to be compassionate and empathetic and stand up for the underdog.

Landon has a large capacity to love.  He accepts all into his circle.   He has a big heart  Landon was a great asset as a nurse and caregiver to my mom as she was going through her last weeks on earth.  His expertise and skill with shots and hooking up insulin and medicine bags  etc… was a lifesaver for us.   He always had a special bond with his Grandma Sheri. She is now one of his angels.  Landon has taught me about unconditional love.  That means to love without conditions….I don’t care if he’s  tall, short, rich, poor, straight or gay… I love him and will continue to honor and support him.

When Landon came out at 18…. It was a difficult time for all of us.  Only because it felt like one plan or  dream died, and  we were in a bit of limbo until another dream rose to take it’s place.   Landon always promised me  he would get married and have a family one day.  This was always so important to him.   I couldn’t see it happening.  Well I was wrong.  His dream and ours has come true.
We are happy to officially welcome Alex as  our Son…and his beautiful children, Sophia and Andrew as our grandchildren.

 I am 100% sure that after I die, no one is going to condemn me for loving too much. It't easy to hate people. It is courageous to love. That is what Jesus wants us to remember.  Love is what we are celebrating today and I wouldn’t miss this day for the world.