Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I almost killed myself!

I just about killed myself this morning. I was taking my obligatory 6 vitamins etc...and threw them all in my mouth at one time, as usual, and they all got caught together, stuck, in my throat. No water would dislodge them. They were right below the gag reflex, so even gagging, convulsing, didn't bring them back. My throat was throbbing-- I could actually feel them through my skin. I tried massaging and pushing them down-- no luck.
I'm coughing and spewing and burping and wretching and crying at the kitchen sink.

Meanwhile, Laila is wondering what is wrong with Mother-- I can't really talk about it, because I can't talk.

Anyway it was crazy.. I did quiz Laila later to see if she knew how to call 911....she didn't.

I'm only taking my vitamins so I can stay healthy and strong and right now I'm not feeling very strong.
I take a multi vitamin, a B-50 for energy , an extra Fish oil pill, because who doesn't need fish oil. I take an allergy pill for my sinuses and my beloved DHEA-- so I can stay positive and not be so moody. And let's not forget my Glucosomine and Chondroitin for my knees, so I can continue walking and not be in pain.

I feel like I'm turning into my father. I remember him standing at the sink every morning with a mountain of pills in front of him. He would swallow and sing and swallow and sing. He loved to sing in the morning. He also made hot breakfast for all of us- -- a true morning person.
I'm like him in the pill category and maybe the singing, but not the morning breakfast thing.

So this morning in my quest to survive, I almost didn't.'s a one pill-at-a-time day for me tomorrow and maybe for the rest of my life.


Si said...

Im glad you were still around to walk and talk this morning. BTW- Please change that so unnatractive picture of the feet on your page. I know you said they weren't your feet, but they gross me out. What would our friend TAMN say? bleck!

Peggy said...

So dramatic! You must one of those theater types. Glad you're still on your feet and walking.