Sunday, June 29, 2014

Holly's Little Mermaid

I love theatre...and I love when Special angels like Holly and many other special needs kids participate in it.  It was an absolute treat on Saturday to go to The Little Mermaid over at CenterPointe Theatre and watch the joy that filled the stage.

Holly always exudes Joy in her productions.  She is in her element on stage as she sings and dances.  I  really can't wait to meet her in the here after and see her perfected body.
Holly got featured in a news article about this amazing show. 

Almost the entire Welch clan was there to support Holly and clap and cheer for everyone.  Families are so important. Holly is always thinking of all of us with letters, and notes, dinners and special pictures that she shares with each of us.  She was so happy to see everyone and doubl- hand-waved at us all from the stage.  We always can count on a thumbs up and lots of shimmies as well.

Sarah Willard played Ariel.  She knew every word and sang with gusto over a pre recorded track.  I have never heard  "Part of Your World" sung with so much heart and meaning.  I couldn't hold back the tears and neither could the entire audience.   We all felt the spirit testify to each of us to be kinder and gentler to these special angels, while they are  "part of our world."  WOW.... it was so special.......

We loved King Triton's bellow of "Ariel!!!".  We loved little Jetsom in the background doing actions.  We loved Ursula walking around shreiking with her hands in the air.  We loved little Scutle the seagull strutting and squaking.  The costumes were so great and the tenderness of the staff and directors was evident.  
Shelley Davies and her group are Saints to make this happen for these kids.  LOVED IT!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bear Lake 2014

Bear Lake TOP 15.... compiled by the group in no particular order.....
1.  All of the Family togetherness
2.  More Alfie time...hugs, loves and laughs.
3.  Tubing with Addi, Bre, Tru, Laila, Monson and Lexi
4. Watching Sophia and Andrew sing and dance at the camp fire...Let Your Freak Flag FLy
5. LeBeau's Shakes, Fries and Onion Rings
6. Daily Dr. Peppers, Sprites, Diet Cokes
7. Late night talks
8. Braids and hair do's by Landon
9. Liz and Al's Cafe Rio Salads night!  Yeah for Mexican food
10. Boating with Poppa Wayne
11. Wake Surfing
12.  Playing cards everynight
13. Volleyball game
14.  Grandpa Lyle and the Motel room
15. Bike riding around the Lake

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I love this guy. He is an amazing husband and father. 

And Grandfather. 

We took Family pics for Mother's Day...and I got them all blown up and framed for Father's Day!
Out of all of the  different poses we tried, the best one was the big family HUG!

I love this day set aside to think of Father’s and how much they impact us.  
I am  thinking about my fabulous Grandpa Butters… many called him Sir Grant because he acted like he was descended from royalty…and he was, as are all of us as children of God.  He had style and flair and was  self appointed head of the wonderful committee.  HE made everyone feel better about themselves just by being in his presence.  What a gracious, loving grandpa.  I really adored him so much and I love when I have sweet dreams with him in them….
I am thinking about my hard working father in law, Tom.  What a stalwart in the gospel and a quiet giant.  He was kind to all and really loved his grandkids. 
I am thinking on my own daddy-O.   Dad is a true Gentle man.  He taught me to work and to dream big.  To be kind to everyone, no matter who, and to turn the other cheek.  He is very Christ like.  He was so sweet to mom as she lay dying…just as he was so in love with her  through their 54 years of marriage.   
And then there’s my Wayne.  What a superhero he is to our children….always helping and lifting and loving unconditionally.   He is so wise and smart.   He loves nature and gets excited about nests, eggs and baby birds in our yard.  He is strong and passionate and loves the Gospel.  Couldn’t ask for anyone better to hang around with.

Fathers .....the standard by which we measure all other men.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Things my dad used to say....

I love my Dad and I'm so gald he's here to celebrate Father's Day with.  
We are off to Bear Lake...the place where everything stays the same  as we all grow older. We will all be on "flexible schedule" all week.  That's dad code for let's all get along and take it easy. 
2002:Wayne with a book, Dad with Baby Laila and Preston, Angela.....all in front of the Condos...

 3 FUNNY THINGS MY DAD USED TO SAY TO US KIDS..............when he would burn our toast for breakfast (which seemed to be often)… he would tell us it was good for us and that it would put hair on our chest (good for Adam perhaps, not so much for girls).    

When he wanted us to eat our crusts he told us that crusts would help us become good whistlers.  

As a family of 5 rowdy Cole kids, we were always spilling our water at the dinner table.  We spilled it so much that Dad finally got tired of having a wet towel accompany his meal, and made a deal with us that if we could go a week without anyone spilling their water, he would take the entire family to the Hotel Utah Roof restaurant for a special dinner.  This was an exciting plan. We counted the days between spills, and every time a glass of water went crashing down we would holler out, "Hotel Utah" and our count would have to start all over again.  Needless to say, we never made it to the Roof Restaurant as kids.   We had Dad over to Sunday dinner a few weeks ago, and Wayne spilled his water and Dad called out, "Hotel Utah."  So funny. To this day if anyone tips their glass over at the dinner table, a "Hotel Utah" rings out from the lips of one of my siblings.  We have been well trained.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fabulous summer 2014

To make this summer bearable with an "old" mother and a "new" teenager, Laila and I have come up with a plan.  We have titled each of our days and have activities assigned for each day.  Laila has some lessons, and theatre for The Little Mermaid show 3 days a week  and she wants to earn some money.  I want to keep her busy and not "wasting" away her days on her device or sitting in front of the tv.  SO........ she has 2-3 chores she has to get done each day then........
Monday is Shopping day
Tuesday is Swimming day
Wednesday is Lagoon day / Painting day
Thursday is Temple day/ movie day
Friday is FREE...hopefully we will have great weekend plans that fill this day as well.

That's the plan.  Let the Fabulous Summer begin!

Two paintings I am working on...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Looking forward

Summer is my season. 
I love the heat. 
I love the lack of schedule. 
I love the extended family time.  
I love the sunsets.  
I love the motorcycle rides.  
I love swimming with cousins. 

One thing I’m really looking forward to this summer is Bear Lake.  We are going up in June, instead of our traditional July-over-my-birthday time.  It’s going to be sweatshirts on the beach and wetsuits in the water, but delicious none the less.  We have a motel room on the beach for daddy-o this year.  This is a first for's just a bed and bathroom, but the plus is-- no stairs!  We have talked about renting this for years, but with his slowing down, and the fact that our condo’s are on the 3rd floor…this option is perfect for him. 

I'm looking forward to having Raspberry shakes from LeBeaus and  diet cokes on the beach.
I'm looking forward to reading book after book.
I'm looking forward to nightly strolls with Wayne and eating outside under the trees....and not having to make dinner every night, just once that entire week!
I'm looking forward to riding my bike around the lake-- atleast 3's 50 miles a shot, but so beautiful and totally worth it. Wayne may go 100!
I'm looking forward to playing card games at night til we are so bleary eyed we just drop to sleep and don't even notice the many bodies snoring around us. 
I'm looking forward to being out on our boat, and watching the kids tube, ski and board.

Last summer was our first time with out Mom...I was kind of in a daze...we all were....and just tried to get through that week without too many tears.   But this year......

.....I'm looking forward.