Friday, April 28, 2017

What are you doing right now?

Well.... I'm at the end of my work day, feeling a little lonely since Wayne is in China and Laila is at Cheer and no one else is in my house.  I'm watching mindless Tv....and... so I sent out a family plea... Send me a pic of what you are doing RIGHT NOW.

I am watching Super Store.  I've been busy with School testing, and paperwork and phone calls.  I'm trying to keep my nights booked so I don't miss Wayne so much.  I have seen 4 plays, gone to a memorial for Jenessa Bowen, did a High Fitness work out class twice and helped Si Foster with a cooking demonstration!    

Laila is at BHS Cheer... she fell during  a stunt and got a big scratch on her back.  She's pretty tough though.  Laila has tumbling and cheer taking up a lot of her time. She is working on her online school classes as well and trying to catch up on her sleep.
Wayne is in a Taxi heading to the airport.  It takes him a few days to finally get home from China.. layovers and what not.  He  is ready to be home and trying not to feel so jet lagged.  He comes home and jumps right back into Bishop-ing, which is really all consuming for him.

 Truman is in Hawaii vacationing with is friend Van Welch and they stopped and had lunch with cousin's Stuart and Emily Wolthuis.   Hawaiian Ice, sky diving, beach time and palm trees.
 Monson is home from his work with VISA and is watching the NFL draft...  Tayla is being a charmer, of course, playing at Analise and Packer Morley's house.  Lexi isn't feeling very good.  Lexi got home from a weekend in Las Vegas with friends seeing the Back Street Boys concert.  She and Monson are homeless still.... 2 months now...waiting for the plumbing, pipes and flooring to be replaced  in their basement apartment so they can move back in.  They are being spoiled at the Morley house though with all of the kids for Tayla to play with and all of the young mothers for Lexi to talk to.

Bre is trying not to feel so sick and exhausted. She just finished filming an infomercial for Ryan Seacrest.  Addison is walking in from the mail box...not very exciting although he reports he did exciting things ALL DAY.  Alf is playing with silly putty.  Photography, ART , singing and Theatre keep these guys really busy.

  Landon just walked out of the LONGEST meeting of his life and is ready for his work day to be done. He is his own boss at Buzelli Behavioral.... he goes into different charter and public schools and helps with special needs kids and makes sure Behavioral plans are in  place.
Sophia and Andrew are busy with Karate and Musial theatre class...and piano practice.      So....basically the only one not shown is ALEX.....but I know he is busy earning money so they can officially purchase and move into a new home in Riverton this June.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Extravaganza

We had our Saturday Easter celebration with the grandkids.   We decorated bags, colored eggs, hunted candy filled eggs and had a lesson on why we celebrate Easter in the first place. I got out our old Symbols of Easter egg carton, that was made over twenty years ago, and Poppa Wayne took the grandkids through the last days of Christ's life and explained the crucifixion, 3 days in the tomb, resurrection and why this Redeeming gift is so important. My heart was full of gratitude for my Savior and for my darling grandkids as they listened so intently. Andrew, Sophia, Alfie and Tayla are all learning and growing and trying to be more like Jesus. So why do we celebrate Easter with eggs and chocolate? ( eggs symbolize rebirth and new life and candy a sweet gift and colored eggs how we can be changed through Christ etc....) Sophia answered, "Because Jesus loves eggs and chocolate?"

I love blowing bubbles for the kids.. They are bubble hunters and don't want any to touch the ground before they get them.  

HAPPY EASTER.  We enjoyed Easter Sunday with a YSA Stake Conference.  This is really different, and not as festive as I wanted, but ok.  The last speaker did speak about the last week of Jesus’ life and the beauty of the resurrection… so that was good. And Landon recorded the Hallelujah chorus at his church…so I sang along to that on the way home.  I love this holiday.  It’s one of gratitude and Thanksgiving.  I’m so  grateful for the love and sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know he lives.  I know he loves me and I know he is my redeemer and died for me that I may live eternally one day.     I loved singing “I know that my Redeemer  lives“ today.  The words seemed more poignant  and special.  I know that my redeemer lives.  What comfort this sweet sentence gives.

BHS Cheer and Tumbling

Laila read her letter in the car and then SQUEALED ...she was so relieved.  KP was so excited for her.  KP read her letter at home, then Laila ran to KP's house and they hugged and cried

It’s been a wild week…first Laila had cheer clinics all week.  She had to be at the school conditioning which included running from BHS up the Millstreet hill to the top and back, and learning  the school song, a dance routine, a jump sequence and stunt work from 4-6:30 every day..then Friday from 3- 7 were the tryouts. 
  Laila had to  take 10 cheer treats-- "It's O-Fish-al you are a great part of our team." hooked to gold fish cracker packages.  Take 10 sport treats - mandarin oranges with black lines drawn on to look like basketballs  placed in a clear net shaped cup with "Go Basketball..Nothing but Net!"    Make a Poster... She delegated that to Addison... 

She had to make up and perform an Original Cheer..
Oh, Bountiful of you we're Proud
We like to sing and shout it Loud.
The Red and Gray our colors fly
You lift the Brave school spirit high
In victory we stand above
So Glorious this school we love

Red and Gray
Bountiful Braves  (repeated 3 times)

It was exhausting and stressful and made it all worth it when Laila and her BFF Katelyn Pattison both made the Bountiful High Cheer team.  What a relief.   

Laila had her State tumbling competition on Saturday..she was exhausted but still did well.  She took 3rd in Floor and 1st in Double mini. She has regionals in Las Vegas in May.

some of the FUZION team

Kiersten Nelson and Laila compete together in the same levels.  

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wanda's Funeral

Bre took this photo of Wanee and Wanda Nov 2016.  They are priceless!
My sweet Aunt Wanda... Wanee's twin sister passed away on April 6th and her funeral was today.  I was so grateful to attend along with Wayne, Lindsey and Landon.
Wanda was celebrated as the Sunshine Chairman, a humble, spiritual being, and an Angel.  She truly was all of this.   I have been greatly influenced by this great Lady.  She supported me and my kids events and lives.  She read my Welch Week out loud to Uncle Dell every week..for years.  She would comment on how great or how loving my own little family was.   She came to all of my shows and was one of my biggest fans.  I always felt pure love from her.    Wanda did her own family newsletter every week and was a huge journal and record keeper.  She has an office with over 52 binders filled with thoughts and letters and talks she wrote and gospel doctrine lessons she gave.  What an amazing historian.

2 Nephi 25:26 is a perfect scripture to describe what Wanda's life was all about.  I changed the we to She.....

  "And she talked of Christ, she rejoiced in Christ, she preached of Christ, she prophesied of Christ, and she wrote according to her prophecies, that her children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."

3 musical numbers were provided all with Home as the theme.  "Bring him Home"  "Going Home"  and  "Love at Home."   

Many of us can become more "angelic" as we age.  We slow down, are less judgmental, more loving, but Wanda and also Wanee have been angels their whole lives. 

Wayne with Mark and Don. Don and his quartet sang "Love at Home." Wayne and Mark were "favorite" cousins growing up.
 Wanee with Wanda's sweet, husband-- my Uncle Dell.  It's hard to be a widow.
 So many cousins came out to support.  Emily Welch Bennet, Kimberly Shurtz Brown, Lizzy Welch, Grandma Wanee, Tanisha Reynolds, Landon Welch Buzelli and Lindsey Welch Andrus.    They all felt tremendous love from Aunt Wanda....that was one of her talents.

learning..always learning

I'm putting in the work and studying  Intuitive Eating and Self care.  I'm looking for transformation.  I Need to make a life long shift in my relationship to food and my body.  My goal is lasting change.   I've discovered there are 3 keys to this.  So here are the keys and some of my thoughts about each one.

1.  Reclaim a connection with my body.  Mindfulness.  Feel all parts and love on it.  No shame.  No diet I've ever been on has ever worked in the long run and I never want to do it again.  I want to be comfortable in my skin.  No more judgment.    Tune into body signals of what's enough.

2.  Connect to feelings and being kind to self.  Don't shove feelings down with food.  Need to really feel the feelings.  It's important to embrace all feelings and  and learn about myself more. Feelings are neither good or bad...behavior is.  All feelings are welcome.   How are you feeling? Good.  Good is not a feeling.

3.  Name a deeper positive reason keeping the weight on.    I'm giving my weight my power.  It's consuming and fills my thoughts and my day.  I'm disowning my power and giving it to my weight.  It's my power and I can take it back.    Don't have to fulfill talent potential...weight stops me every time..... hide behind weight so I don't try out .  SO instead of trying out when I'm thinner and not getting a part, I can blame it on my weight..instead of lack of talent.  When thinner...... Unasked for attention from men this causes trouble in my relationship with my Wayne.

 so............What really want to do now?
  I  want to go to a body love/mindfulness retreat with either Jamie Mendell or Geneen Roth.

I don't want to pass on the legacy of body loathing that I learned from my mom.

Size of my body does not define the size of my life.  I want a BIG beautiful Life. Filled with love, delicious food, adventure and magic.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break Vacation

We just returned from our Carlsbad, California Spring Break vacation...and we had a great time.  We stayed in a beautiful resort called the Marbrisa by Hilton.  Angela, Guy and Preston joined us... so did Truman for 2 days.  We had a road trip with reading books, listening and singing to music, sleeping, eating junk food and just enjoying each other.  Laila got to bring her friend Katelyn Pattison (KP) along.

Taken from our window... 2 pools, three hot tubs...beautiful palm trees and view

 Here are some of the highlights:  
Day 1
Laila : Yelling "nipples" in Spanish in Casa de Bandini 
Kp:  making Melinda laugh really hard because of all the sand coming out of swimsuit. 
Wayne: singing in the car 
 Me :  Mexican food and laughing about all of the sand that came out of Kp's swim suit from being at the beach.  

Day 2 
Wayne :  Watching Laila. Kp. And Tru eat a full family size bag of lays chips. 
Laila:  boogie boarding with wet suits
Kp:  being almost drowned in the ocean because of the boogie boards
Me: sushi and mud face masks. 
Tru: being on the beach. Sound of ocean, horchata ice cream

Day 3
Laila: three frozen butter beers
Kp:  when the wand chose me at Olivanders
Try:  finding the drag queen Trixie shirt
Me:  starting day off with my first ever Voodoo doughnut (bacon and maple)
Wayne:  turkey leg 

Day 4:
Wayne:  baptisms 
Melinda: attack of the pigeons at Horton plaza 
Laila: Mexican coke, baptisms 
KP: churro from old town San Diego, baptisms

Day 5
Me:  sunset at the beach watching surfers and tide roll in 
Laila: pedicures 
KP: pie place- Betty's  pie whole saloon. 

Wayne: beating Katelyn at shuffleboard. Sitting by pool with new Bose headphones