Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving at my home

With all of the change this year, I hosted Thanksgiving at my home for the first time ever. We moved furniture to the garage and brought in two church tables and set it all up for 29 people.
It was good to have most of the Cole side here. (We were missing Becca and  Casey and Jordan's family) We had great turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, potatoes and dressing...4 variations of green bean casseroles, delicious creamed onions, carrots and cabbage and bacon Brussel sprouts.  The rolls were dough balls with only the tops being done and the bottoms not cooked thanks to dad's faulty oven.  

We had pies coming out of our eyes with the remnants of the Call's pie party. They had more pies and people than ever before. I called it the "pity pie party" since after all of the deaths this year everyone came to show their support. It was actually very nice. It was our family's 37th pie party. We recounted the history and how it all began....we used to always go to Grandma Butters the night before Thanksgiving to set the tables and mom would deliver her fresh baked pies that night and Grandpa Butters always wanted a piece of pie because it would taste better if he wasn't so full of turkey. He was right. Eventually all the family had a piece of pie the night before and then mom started inviting extended family and friends and had her famous one sliver of each kind of pie or a one of each... "Oneofitch" Russian serving...and eventually was featured in magazine articles in the early 90's. She was a pie party pioneer and now there are pie parties everywhere carrying on her legacy. 
I passed around the Thankful journal and of course we went around the tables and said what/ who we are thankful for. We had Aisha Nalder and Fernando's sister Luz and brother in law as our guests. It's always good to share our blessings and abundance. 
We all went down to mom's house after for a final grandkids go through of things and stuff and now everything left in the house will be taken to the DI. 
We finished up with a movie-The Good Dinosaur.   It's how we like to celebrate and have our dinner of popcorn and soda to end our day of gratitude. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My parent's lists...

We have been busy cleaning out my parent's home trying to get it decluttered and ready to sell.  In the process of going through so many things and papers we came across my DAD'S BUCKET LIST and my MOM'S THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY LIST.

I love seeing their handwriting

Monday, November 16, 2015

Marcie and Gratitude Journal

Every year when I pull my Gratitude Thanksgiving Journal out and pass it around the table to have everyone write in, I'm received with little enthusiasm.  But this Journal has definitnely become a treasure for me.
The Last Cole Thanksgiving was in 2013.  This was the last Thanksgiving meal we enjoyed together.
Cole Sisters...Thanksgiving Pie Party at Marcie's home, 2014

This is what Marcie wrote:
I am thankful for- Life.  Life is good.
Modern Coneniences- Central air and heat.  I would have been a poor pioneer.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
My family
My cute missionary Hayden who loves what he is doing.
Nelson who keeps me in line.
Megan who is my friend.
Jordan and Laurie for their unconditional love.
Ryan and Carson- being a grandma is awesome.
Gary, my rock, my soul, my love.
I am blessed.

Holly's singing

I love singing by my sweet sister in law, Holly.
I had the privelege of being with Holly through two sacrament meetings yesterday.  I got to hear her sing the hymns and I was reminded what an amazing thing singing in church can be.   Holly  sings every hymn loud and with gusto.  She doesn't care if she says the words just right, or if she hits the notes just right ...she just loves to sing praises.

It makes me smile.

When you catch her eye while she's singing, there is a sparkle and a joy that is undescribable.

Holly sings with abandon and love.
We can learn a lot from her exuberance.
This is Holly receiving her Ipad for her birthday May 2015. She uses this to sing all of her church songs now.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Counting blessings

The opening song in my ward Sacrament meeting was  Count Your Blessings. So I did.  I am so grateful for family and friends and our life journey that we get to travel together. Verse 1 and 2 of Count Your Many Blessings...took my breath away and made me stop...then the 4th verse of the song started and I knew it was a message from the Lord that I needed.  

"So amid the conflict, whether great or small, Do not be discouraged; God is overall. Count your many blessings; Angels will attend. (Mom, Dad, Marcie and Tom) Help and comfort give you to your journey's end."

The past few days I've been in deep reflection. I have wept and felt anger and felt peace. This is what I know today...I have been taught for over 50 years to LOVE, love my family, my fellow man, everyone and that is what I have and continue to strive to do. I have been taught how to serve, to be positive, to be compassionate, to mourn, to respect, to uplift, to grieve, to care, to forgive, to learn by faith, to grow, to be a Mother and a Grandmother, to pray, to teach and to be taught, to receive , to give, to understand and to seek understanding, to find my Savior and to feel his love and the peace that comes from him. And SO much more. 

I've tried to teach my children these same things and know that each of my children have a deep spiritual connection with their Savior and they have come to know Him in their own way.  

ALL that cannot be taken away by a new guideline . It can't. 

As I count my blessings, I feel peace that only my Savior can give me. That is what I will hold to today and tomorrow and going forward.  

God is good. 

Counting my blessings brought peace and perspective. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween re-cap

HALLOWEEN...Welch style means everyone dresses up  and we eat and party some where.... This year the party was at Add and Bre's with a fun drop in style affair.  They had Hocus Pocus playing on the tv and a puzzle to put together, plus plenty of  food and a picture session for everyone who came.   It was different this year for me not to evn attempt mom's donuts...but it was always so stressful for me and making me not like this holiday.  I can buy donuts and be just as happy.   Wayne went to the U of U black out game with Monson so his Halloween costume was a Ute fan.
This was the amazing Sleepy Hollow themed, 8 layer spice pumpkin cake that Add and Bre traded some art work for.  It was moist, and delicious.   I loved cutting into it.

Laila as Beyonce.  Jenna did her hair and make up and she is actually wearing 5 inch heels from DI and the leotard is Aunt Angela's from her 5th grade dance I guess it's vintage from the 70's

Monson's Halloween costume was Money...since he is Money... Lexi was spare change with pennies glued on a t shirt and Tayla was the Million dollar baby in a money bag with a monopoly money head piece

Addison was the Hitch Hiking Ghost.  Bre the Trapeze lady in the Haunted Mansion with the Alf--igator under neath her trying to swallow her up.  It was a Disney Haunted Mansion motif.   ALfie was not excited about wearing his Alligator head piece.
Bat Lady.  I always just go into my costume closet and see what speaks to me...this year it was a robe with a scallop that reminded me of bats so I found this mask and wallah....I am Bat Lady
Loving this Alf-igator!
Truman with a group of his friends went as "me at your funeral."  Basically it makes me never want to die.  He actually looks like my sister Liz with a's freaky.  
Pumpkin carving was fun....although by the end I actaully had to do mine, finish Laila's and add a Ghost to Monson and Lexi's I did 3. 

Gross pumpkin guts!!
Halloween is Laila's favorite holiday...she loves all the gross, the scary and gore..she loves dressing up and the haunted houses and all of the candy and costumes.  She is sad every year when I put the decorations away and move onto Thanksgiving.