Friday, November 30, 2012

TGIF......3 amigos

Summer 1993.... three cousins....Brady Bentley, Landon, Richard Shurtz
I was reminded of the above picture at Thanksgiving time, when the 3 amigos were sitting together again.  They are all so different, yet they remain good friends.
Thanksgiving 2012.... Bridger Bentley, Truman, Brady, Landon, Richard.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful my mom is moving forward with her Chemo.  She is feeling "crappy" which is to be expected. Who would have thought that a year ago when she started this chemo process for the first time, she would still be at it a year later.  Her hair and tastebuds are gone, and everything tastes like "wallpaper paste."  (I don't know how she is an expert on what that tastes like, but that's what she claims.) We continue to hope and pray that this time all of the cancer cells will go away .....and not come back!

I'm thankful Addison and Bre are moving to Orlando, FL and Bre is going to be "friends" with Ariel and Pluto at Disney World!  Addison will audition as soon as they get there and hopefully get a job like Bre's.  Such a wonderful adventure for them.   They are a bit crazy with  finding an apartment, another car, figuring out what to do with their stuff that's in storage, working on finances, finishing up their Hale Center work.  All is starting to come together though. Bre is a great planner and list maker and  Addison has a move forward with Faith attitude about  this move and life in general  so this helps.
This pic is from our recent family vacation... Addison, Truman, Bre, Ariel, Landon in the Grotto.

I'm thankful my missionary boy is doing good.  His wrist still plagues him, and I pray every night for his healing.  State side missions are a different type of hard.  Surroundings and conveniences are pretty much like home but there are many hearts that need to be melted...and day after week, after month of tracting and being told "No" again and again is difficult.  Baptisms are few and far between and faith is tested.  I'm thankful for Monson's good attitude and efforts at absolute obedience. He is still silly evidenced in his Mr. Cat pic.  I love that the cat has a wrist brace on too.
I'm thankful Elder Ben Belnap made it home from his Columbia mission safe and sound.  He had a great mission....and his momma can relax now.

I'm thankful for Christmas.  I really treasure all of the moments leading up to this day.  The decorating, family time, traditions, music,  I love it all.   I got my baby Jesus tree put up.  I've pulled out my nativities and put the nostalgic family/kid ornaments on the garland bannister.  Our outside lights look pretty good this year too. Truman took that over and did a great job.

I'm thankful for Si.  She just turned 50 and is finally in my club.  Si is a wonderful friend to me. We have half-marathoned, went on best pastry shop hunts, scrapbooked, vacationed, cooked, laughed and cried together.  I really love our morning exercise/therapy time.  I'm sad Si is moving out of my ward, but I'm glad it's not too far away.

I'm thankful.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Carols and Jingle Jacks

5 Carols for Christmas opens tonight!  I can't wait.  This show has such heart and nostalgia.  It's about putting on a show...which is what I love to do.  The many years of Cole Collection singing has prepared me for this.
This has been a new experience in some ways.  I'm singing the low alto part, which is truly a challenge.  I am trying to channel my inner Sheri and Liz and just keep aiming for the low F.  
I love singing in 4 and 5 part harmony beautiful Christmas music.  
I love my friends in this show, old and new.  It's great to be with like minded actresses, and being in a show with Jan Smith and Maurie Tarbox make going to the theatre a laugh filled time.
I love being a brunette.
I love that I get to wear my Grandma Butter's poinsettia sweater.  She sang with the Sweet Adeline's for years and really knew how to put on a show.

I  love that the show is short...and I can be home getting Laila in bed each night.
I love that it's sweet and sentimental and so funny!

Friday, November 23, 2012

TGIF...10th Anniversary of our Sealing

     Excerpts from my Journal:
      Nov. 14th 2002:  We had our final home study on Nov 13th.  Laila "performed" beautifully.  Shar, the homestudy lady, was very impressed.  Laila said "hi", kissed Stephi -the dog, danced, clapped, gave loves, climbed over everything, smiled and laughed.  She knew she was on display and we were all talking about her.  It was very sweet and cute.  Life is good since Laila came.
     Nov. 24th:  We went to court on THursday morning, Nov. 21st.  All of the boys had to go too.  We got up bright and early, got into our Sunday clothes and drove to layton's District courthouse.
     Wayne and Terry, (our bro in law lawyer) were very nervous.  Terry had never done an adoption before and he didn't want any trouble.  I asked Wayne if we should be worried-- he said no-- so I didn't worry.  Just Terry and Wayne worried.
      Judge Kay was so nice.  He talked to us and the boys.  I testified under oath that we have a crazy house, but one that is full of love.  Wayne questioned me on using the word "crazy"--but I said it and it's true.  We have the whole thing video taped.  We took pictures with the judge and outside of the building.  We have to document these scrapbook moments.  Laila washer usual busy self--laughing and climbing over everyone and everything.
     We all went to IHOP for breakfast afterwards to celebrate.  Then the boys and i all had to rush back to school--it was great!!  That night Wayne walked in the door from work ad laila took 2 steps toward him--it was amazing.  She has good balance.  SHe loves her daddy.  She will be walking soon.
     We went to the Bountiful Temple on Sat, Nov. 23, 2012 at 5:00pm to be sealed to Laila for all eternity.  We checked the boys and Laila into the Youth Center.  They got on white clothes and Laila got changed into her Blessing/temple dress.  She hates getting her clothes changed, so the boys say she was screaming.  She is so funny.   She has a little giggle now that is just darling.
     Wayne and I were treated like anew bride and groom.  We got dressed in our Temple robes and I even got to go into the Bride's room.  I stood and cried and had flashes of 20 years into the future of being here again with my daughter.  As I was looking in the mirrors, I could see Laila at 8 years being baptized by one of her brothers, and at 12 going into Young Women's and at 18 graduating from high school.  I have tears even now as I write this.  She is such a blessing in my life.  And now I am an official mother of a daughter--sealed on this earth and in heaven.  WOW!
     We got to wait in the Celestial room.  Wanee was there too, all dressed in white.  I couldn't believe it was really happening.  I thanked Wayne for making al of my dreams come true  We met with Elder Gerald Lund--our old Bishop-- in the hallway, and we were so pleased to see him. He was so nice to do this for us.  He was "on call" this weekend as a GA, so he might have had to go and speak somewhere, but it all worked out.
     We walked into the sealing room and saw so many loving faces.  Our parents, grandma Butters, brothers and sistes, and friends.  (I was just so sad Laura and Eric Belnap couldn't join us.)  Tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  The brothers and Laila were all brought in and I wish I would have, right then and there, hugged and kissed them all.  They are the best boys.
     Laila scrambled onto my lap.  She tried to pull my veil off, then she stood on my lap and waved across the altar at Grandpa Welch and Elder Lund.  She was fascinated by the chandelier and when we moved to kneel around the altar, Grandma Welch got to hold Laila and help put her hand on ours.  She didn't want it to stay for long, but we did make it through the prayer, thanks to Grandma.

     Now Laila is ours, as if she was born to us.  This is amazing.  The Lord can work this miracle, and I felt it happen.  SHe just fills my heart  with such love.  After the sealing the boys gathered around the altar and we looked into the never-ending mirrors.  So beautiful.  You really can see forever.  We told the boys to try and remember everything because we wouldn't be together in the temple again as a family for probably another 20 years.  But, oh that day will be joyous!!
     We stood in a line and got loves and well wishes from all our family, and Laila tried to grab everyone's jewelry as they passed by.  She especially loves her aunt Marcie because of her jewelry.  We stayed in our white clothes and went into the basement, around the atrium  and had a family picture taken to remember this day.  Laila and the boys were just incredible.  Hugs and kisses to all.  We ate at the temple cafeteria, just so the boys could be in the temple a little longer and feel of the spirit.  What a great peaceful time!  Families can be together FOREVER!
( My one sadness... all of the pics from this time period have a big blurr spot on them....this was before digital cameras, and I had no idea there was a smudge on the lens, until the pics were developed....sad.)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Disney World...Family Vacation!

We --Wayne, Melinda, Addison, Bre, Landon, Truman and Laila--had a wonderful family vacation with the Madsen's --Rob, Tami, Kylie, Hunter, Alex and Nash.
  We flew out of SLC on Nov. 9th in the beginnings of a snow storm and actually, by the time the storm stopped there was 30 inches in Bountiful... but we flew into beautiful blue, sunshiney skies!  We had some mechanical airplane delays and ended up not making it to Orlando on Friday...but only to Kentucky.  Delta put us up in a hotel and gave us food vouchers and a little overnight kit.  We were stuck in our clothes, without our luggage, but it all turned out great.  Erica Belnap Haskell and her two boys drove up to have dinner with us.  Those kids are darling...and it was good to have some Erica time.    Laila made sure to bring Winston ( Monson's stuffed panda) along...and represent Monson, so he wouldn't miss out.
Stuck at the airport....
 We finally made it to Orlando on Saturday at noon.  Rob and Tami ended up doing all of the "grunt" work, that we were supposed to do....pick up the Van, get the groceries, get checked into the Condo etc.. They were good sports about it though.  We also changed up our amusement park schedule as a result....but it ended up being  perfect.   We got our clothes changed, unpacked and we headed  to EPCOT for the rest of the day.  This was a good beginning park.  Not many was more about the country experience.  Hunter kept wondering where all of the rides were...but he was fine.  He gets a "Guest Assistance card" because of his we get into all of the rides without waiting in long lines.  This helped us out all week long.   Today was Rob's birthday, so we all got Celebrate buttons and many disney workers wished Rob a happy day!  We took a lot of Character pics.  Landon ended up with a headache and walked like an old man, barely making it out of the park and back to the condo....we will  get a  wheelchair for the days ahead.  Our favorite parts for this day included:
Bre:  The Viking ride in Norway, eating chocolate crepe in France, and seeing Goofy
Add:  Mexico and all of the art
Lando: finally making it to Orlando, eating School bread in Norway
Tru:  eating School Bread, eating a turkey leg and talking to the Brittish people in England.
Laila:  Mission to Mars ride and having Alex and the cousins with me all week.
Wayne: eating Turkey legs  and playing checkers with Truman
Melinda:  Having everyone soak their legs in the giant hot tub at the end of the day, laughing a lot, eating school bread in Norway.

How many people can fit in an English phone booth?

Sunday was our Church-Ocean day!  It was a gorgeous day...and the beach had some awesome waves with the softest sand.
We traveled around in a big 15 passenger van and told stories, joked and laughed a lot! I brought my Blendtec and Tami packed her Vitamix...and we made green smoothies every morning for any one who wanted one.   We found time at the end of most days to go to the pool or atleast soak our feet in the giant tub in the Master bedroom at the condo.

 Monday was our Harry Potter Land day!  It was thrilling to be there.  There was so much hype leading up to it, but the kids weren't disappointed.  Their expressions were priceless.
We all had Butter Beer...Laila liked the Frozen, but Tru and I preferred the regular, it was more flavorful and didn't give me a brain freeze.  Laila wasn't tall enough to do the Dragon roller took Alex's shoes off..and Laila put them on and we put her hair in a high ponytail and...  ta-dah...she got on the Dragon Coaster.  Laila loves all of the coasters!! We got Landon a Wheelchair...which really helped his head situation, and reminded us of our trip here from 8 years ago.  Only once did Addison push him onto a splash pad and try to walk away.  Nash liked to ride on Landon. ( That was his best ride...most of the other ones scared him.)  Add and Bre loved the Hogwarts castle ride, and HoneyDukes candy store.  We went into Olivander's and Alex was chosen  to get "the wand."  It was magical. Most of the kids bought wands and cast spells on each other the rest of the time.
We went on all of the water rides in Universal....everyone eded up wringing wet...literally...we had to go into the bathrooms and take off clothes and wring them out and put them back on.  It was crazy, wet fun.  We also liked the Super hero comic book land with the giant Hulk coaster and Seussville.
Wayne took us all for deep dish pizza at Giordanno's to end our day!

 Day 5 was our Magic Kingdom day! We were up every day early, to make it to the parks right when they opened and we stayed there til they closed. This was the perfect day for this was open late, there were extra shows playing, and the new part of fantasy land which included a new Ariel ride, Ariel's grotto, Belle's story time and a Gaston restuarant and fountain were all having a dress rehearsal.  LOVED IT!  The other cool part was the Color Celebration show that is projected on the castle and the fireworks!  It's better than  the projections on the water. We also discovered and devoured handmade ice cream sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square.  Warm Choco chunk cookies with mint or vanilla ice cream smashed in between.  Made to order.  Delish!

Wednesday we headed to Hollywood Studios Disney-- if you like Movies, you like this park. Tower of Terror is the bomb!  We all love it.  Good thing for the Hunter pass because the lines were long, but not for us.  Even Nash went on it after much cajoling and some bribery.  Tami had to "talk" him into a lot of rides.  He is so funny.  One time as she is pulling him onto a ride, because she knows he will like it, he is reaching out and speaking to any worker who will listen, "Help mom is making me go on this ride. Please.  Anyone?"    We all loved Fantasmic, and the Chrismas Street lights at the end of the day were Amazing!

 Day 7 was a Universal day again.  This time we started at the other park...hit the Rock It Roller coaster many times and some of the fun rides. Tru and Laila got chosen to be in the Disaster movie show...Laila looked at the Rock and  Truman had rocks fall on his head.  This was an over cast day.  It never rained, but it misted and we weren't prepared.  By the time he made it into Harry Potter Land for one last hurrah...all of us were freezing.  We had to buy Harry Potter Sweatshirts for everyone!!!    Laila only wanted a Ravenclaw hoodie...which they didn't have in her she went with out...and is going to order one online.  Good thing she is a warm body.  

 We had 5 Ravenclaws, 2 Hufflepuffs, 2 Slytherins and 4 Gryffindor's on this trip.  It was a wonderful family time.   So glad we could share it with the Madsens.

Friday, November 16, 2012 feathers

Our Beautiful Baby Laila at 6 months old.  Oh those Cheeks....and the Eyebrows kill me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Laila is quite the philosopher and poet.  She had the basic school assignment to write what she is thankful for using the the letters in THANKSGIVING.  I'm always amazed at how her mind works......

Teachers --appreciation and time they put in to help individuals 
Helping hands around the world
Answers that come to us slow and fast
Never going hungry
Knowing that we are free to choose who to marry
Singing and acting in musicals that bring good cheer to me and my family
Giving to others that don't have the best life
Imagining a world without hatred and sometimes it comes true for a moment
Valentines day that spreads love through out that week
Inhaling the fresh mountain air
Noble ancestors that set excellent examples
Gentleman that are polite and well behaved

At her age I was still writing T is for Turkey.....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sound Waves Painting

My latest painting is called Sound Waves.   It's a 2X4 Acrylic.   I'm enjoying my class, but I am coming to an end and need new instruction come January.

Friday, November 9, 2012

TGIF.....Disney World

The last time our family was in Disney World was 8 years ago.  Laila, Melinda, Lindsey, Truman, Monson, Landon in wheelchair, Addison and Wayne.
My camera was messed up and took blurry, bad pics the entire vacation.
We went with the Farley family.  We have many great memories of pushing Landon around in the wheel chair and princesses speaking to him like he was mentally handicapped.  We left the Farley camera bag in England at Epcot..and by the time we realized it, the bomb squad had yellow taped off the area and a dog was sniffing the bag.  Tanner Farley just walked over, picked up the bag and said..."sorry."  We called it the bomb for the rest of the trip.  There are crowds of people getting to and from "the World" on the ferry.  After a very hot and sweaty day, the ferry does not smell very good.  At this time, a  little boy kept crying and crawling out of his stroller...the mom was fed up and kept sitting him back down.  Finally the little boy screamed out..."But mom, it smells like butt down here."
Memories.....Love it.
We are going to have a great time this week in DisneyWorld and HARRY POTTER LAND!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

TGIF............old fashioned

Remember when the old fashioned black and white litte kid pics were all the rage???
I made my own in 1996.   This is Truman and Monson ....being well.... Truman and Monson.
Miss these is at school and one is on a mission.

We got together with the Terry and Cyrrena Welch kids to do this photo shoot at Memory Grove.
Addison, Nicole, Landon, Truman, Patrick, Emily and Monson.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had a great time at our home.  Laila was Rue from the Hunger Games...her BFF Heather was Katniss.  Laila wanted to cut her hair off to really look like Rue...momma said NO.

 Laila had a dance-friend Halloween party complete with eating donuts from a string, a scream contest,  photo shoot, tramp ticks, pizza and a Black magic game.

Mom's Halloween donut tradition lives on!  We had  many family and friends stop by to partake
Sheri, Angela, Eileen and Baby 
The Incredible Mr. and Mrs. Fox dropped by...Addison and Bre
Wayne was the donut king....frying for hours.  We used a heating pad under the donuts this year to make sure they would rise.  Wayne just got home from China and his costume this year is "Jet-lagged Baker"
Rock Star- Brett Michaels, aka Adam,  dropped by. He went all out with tatoo's, painted nails,  he even grew a mustache and beard.  Eileen said in Scotland for Halloween you have to perform  a song, dance or poem at every house to get a treat.  I like this  idea.
Newlyweds Casey and Becca 
Mitt Romney made a campaign stop.....aka Hayden
Gypsy girl and Chuckie doll... Megan and Marcie are in the Halloween spirit.
More witchy donut dipping!  
Mr. Cat.....and Bre
Bob and Kimi....and the photo bomber
               Laila is exhausted after her trick or treating night.  She loves this holiday so much.  It's kind of funny because she doesn't really like candy...she just likes the hunt for candy and costumes.