Sunday, January 21, 2018

Adelaide Joy - Jan. 19

Adelaide Joy came into our world Jan 19, and we are so  happy. 

 Lexi had a scheduled C section down at Timpanogas hospital in Orem.  Her mom-Rebecca and Kaitlyn came to town from Michigan.      Little Lady Joy has had quite a time of it ever since her first scream at 8:00 am.   8 minutes later and Lady was rushed to the NICU with all sorts of issues, an infection that they are fighting with two antibiotics, a high heart rate, and a high respiratory rate…so she has been on a cpap machine, that created a leak in one of her lungs, but hopefully will heal it self.  (She is now on regular oxygen tubes. )  She has low red blood cells .  She should be around 60 and she is  29, if it gets to 25 then she will need a blood transfusion, and in the mean time they are doing a treatment plan.  So…. Lexi has yet to feed her and really the only thing that calms Lady down is skin to skin with momma and daddy… they are all working that out together.   Adelaide will be in the NICU atleast til Thursday and then we shall see.   Lexi and Monson are feeling over whelmed, but very blessed and taken care of at the same time.  TAYLA  has been spending time with Landon and Alex and the kids and we are so grateful for them.  We are also grateful for Monson’s job and that he gets 10 weeks paid paternity leave.  This will definitely come in handy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Headband or Reading glasses

Do you see it? 
Is it a headband? 
No it’s a pair of reading glasses used as a headband! 

I have now officially become that lady who wears glasses like a headband on her head every day because without those reading glasses I can’t see.

I don’t know when I got so blind but I do remember the very moment my eyes turned. I was 47, at a young women’s activity and some girl asked me to thread a needle and I couldn’t see the thread - couldn’t see the hole— the day before I was sewing at my house and I saw the needle and the hole just fine. I just started laughing and I thought this is it!!

So it’s been the last eight years but really just the last year that I have come to wearing readers on my head every day —- so I can read my phone, so I can read ingredients at the store, so I can make out prices, so I can read my computer screen, so I can read a recipe— it’s just crazy. I guess it’s just one more step in my earthly existence.

I should look forward to these steps by now I’ve had enough of them........getting my drivers license, getting married, graduating from college,  having babies, being a grandma I guess it’s just the evolution of life —wearing glasses on my head. It’s what I do.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

We will miss Pres. Monson

I loved Pres. Thomas S. Monson- he was a Prophet for the People.   He did so many good things in his life and was a great example of Love and Service to all of us.    He felt really accessible --  like he was one of us.  I hope I can learn to follow and heed the Spirit's promptings as well as he did.

These last few conferences, watching Pres. Monson's energy wane...was difficult.  He literally wore out his life serving the Lord and serving all of us.

We named our son, Monson after this great man and then found out later when Pres. Monson showed off his wiggling ears talent, that our Monson could wiggle his ears too.

I was touched listening to Pres. Monson's funeral and  remembering is wonderful-ness.  I really loved his musical selections of Consider the Lilies of the Field and Oh Divine Redeemer.  Two of my favorite songs...and evidently his favorites too.

I didn't want to let this time go without honoring this great man.  I know he was thrilled to greet his two best friends again...his wife Francis, and Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful for my testimony of life after death and the Plan of Salvation.

One of my favorite quotes by Pres. Monson:   "Fear not.  Be of Good cheer.  For your future is as bright as your Faith"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wayne's birthday

We celebrated Wayne's birthday with Poppy's blessing day.  Wayne got two new Sunday suits and was able to wear his Birthday Suit around all day.  
I took this Quiz on behalf of Wayne..... so I don't know how accurate it is, but it's pretty close. 

- What is something I say a lot?   "What’s Laila doing?"
"Where are you?"

- How tall am I? 5’ 10”

- If I became famous, what would it be for? Writing a novel

- What makes you proud of me? How committed you are to your callings and your family.

- What is my favorite food? Sushi

- What is my favorite restaurant? Thai. Chinese. Anyplace with really good Sushi

- If I could live anywhere, where would I live? Where ever Melinda wants to live--
Bountiful, Utah

- What do I do to annoy you? Make me take these quizzes

- What is a favorite movie? Star Wars saga

- You get a phone call that I am in trouble. Who am I with?
Eric Belnap or Bob Farley

-What is my dream job/career?   Finding stuff for people...a sourcer?  Biking.  Getting paid for reading.
 Wayne can do SOOOO many things.  He's a jack of all trades....he's just not a master of any. 

-If I could have dinner with someone famous, living or deceased, who would it be? Jesus

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Family top ten for 2017

1. became bishop of a YSA ward
2. served in Mexico..poured cement
3. went through the pyramids and inside a pyramid at night
4. went scuba diving again.
5. Played Basketball with an injury and hurt back
6. Still dizzy
7. Lost weight
8. Put front yard in
9. Para-motored in China mountains
10. Got an E bike

1.  Toe surgery--recovered for 6 months--used a knee scooter for first time in my life--began wearing orthopedic shoes
2. Knit blankets for whole family, many babies and friends
3. help build kitchen with the Mayan Miracle foundation in Mexico
4. Starred in 9 to 5 the Musical
5. Founded Soul Sisters Retreats
6. Read the Book of Mormon twice!
7. Attended YSA ward for 1 year
8. Practiced self compassion and no diet culture.. haven't stepped on a scale in a year...don't plan to.
9. Texted my entire contact list a positive message
10. Trip to NYC for some Truman time and shows!  

1. Illustrated first Children's book, "Once I went a Swimmin' "
2. Played Bob Cratchitt in A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theatre
3. Bought Fine Art Printer...print all art now and ship out
4. Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil is life changing  and has helped me grow so much as an artist
5. Love watching Alfie be a big Brother to baby Poppy
6.  Birth of Poppy
7. Got first new car- The Edge-- no more car troubles. 
8. Grew hair out and LOVE it
9. Choreographed Mary Poppins and Joseph
10. fun trip to Washington DC

1. Grew a garden
2. Had a baby
3. Went on a cruise
4. Made my first cake
5. Fine tuned our businesses
6. Went to Washington DC
7. Became a better friend
8. Learned how to take things slower
9. Went to Disneyland

10.Learned how to be on a film set

1. knows number up to 20-10  which is 30.
2. started preschool
3. loves to draw 
4. still love CARS
5. can write the entire alphabet
6. can sign the entire alphabet
7. loves letters and spelling
8. calls Poppy, "Pop-star"'s her new "neck name" 
9. does chores every day: feeds the dog, brushes teeth, picks up toys
10. takes pictures with mom's camera and phone and now his own camera

1. Bought a house
2. Remodeled a house
3. Expanded education/psych consultant company
4. Traveled to Brazil for the first time
5. Washington DC political and spiritual conference with Truman
6. Had a dessert filled birthday day present from Andrew and Sophia (6 different bakeries visited for treats)
7. Disneyland trip
8. Watching the kids grow and overcome past fears and anxieties (roller coasters, being alone, performing, punching boards etc)
9. Setting up and then taking down the backyard pool complete with green water and a flooded back yard
10. Feeling, seeing, and benefiting from The love and kindness and amazingness of Alex (and my parents and siblings and kids)
11. Reading books with Mom

1. Talked Landon into living on the southwest side of the valley
2. Bought a house
3. Remodeled a house
4. One year mark at Propay
5. Studying HR
6. National Genealogy conference
7. Disneyland trip and the Hunted Mansion dinner set from it
8. Karaoke nights in the basement
9. Spending time with and laughing with the kids
10. Spending time with, traveling with, and laughing with Landon (and the parents, inlaws, and kids)

1. Started 5th grade
2. Became a lego master builder
3. First piano recital - 3 songs completely memorized
4.  from shriek in theater production
5. Figured out the public library
6. Seeing family in their shows--- Memaw as Dolly is this years current favorite show for Andrew
7. Disneyland trip
8. Getting to Orange belt in Taekwondo
9. Self teaching Stop Motion movies and editing them together
10. Backyard above ground swimming pool

1. Stared 3rd grade
2. Math rockstar in school
3. First piano recital- 3 songs completely memorized
4. Flora the fairy in theater production
5. Figured out the public library
6. Wonder Woman birthday party with actual Wonder Woman
7. Disneyland trip
8. Weekly karaoke nights
9. Getting to Orange belt in Taekwondo

10. Backyard above ground swimming pool


1. I learned how to be present/ in the moment.
2. I was awarded top 5% customer service for in flight service.
3. I went skydiving in Hawaii!
4. I read at least one book a month.
5. I Survived my First full calendar year on my own!
6. I Learned how to do drag makeup.
7. I love taking care of plants!
8. I fell in love with Tokyo.
9. I fell in love with being single/ on my own.
10. I started doing hot yoga and arial stunts.

1. Bought first home
2. Moved to Spanish Fork
3. Top Salesman on VISA team
4. Split my pants 3 times at work
5. Grew a Kris Kringle beard
6. Learned how to un install and re install a dishwasher
7. Became a professional gamer
8. didn't kill my primary class
9. Started a rap the first song done
10. posted only 1 time on instagram

1. got pregnant
2. bought a car that I hate
3. bought first home
4. moved to Spanish fork
5. fell on Tayla and broke her leg
6. started exercising with TRX bands
7. Enjoyed teaching primary class
8. Trip to Michigan
9. became a Utahonline Mentor
10. Survived 4 months with no place to live from Feb- May while the Butter's basement plumbing exploded. 

1.  says 20 words
2.  knows all of the animal sounds
3.  is very stubborn and opinionated..throws a great fit
4. loves all babies
5. loves stuffed animals
6. watches shows
7. runs around in a diaper
8. loves singing, especially karaoke
9. broken leg
10. crazy morning hair

1. made cheerleader at BHS
2. dog died
3. got straight A's
4. Ate at In and Out  (hamburger) probably 100 times
5. California Spring Break with KP and Truman
6. learned to Boogie Board
7. served in Mexico with Mayan Miracle Foundation
8. went Scuba Diving
9. 1st place at a national tumbling competition in my category
10. learned to drive

Friday, December 29, 2017

top 9 posts on Instagram

1. Monson and Lexi moving into home in Spanish Fork
2. Honoring my 4 sons for Father's day
3.  My Mother's day hugs...this just shows Addison, but I also had 10 other pics with all of the kids.
4. My new Pepper fox photo pic
5.  Halloween fun and pulling scones
6.  Wayne as a new bishop
7.  Poppy Eileen born Oct. 28, 2017
8.  My appearance to advertise Soul Sisters on Good Day Utah
9. Family PJ pic for the light's on party

Monson - a quarter of a century

 We went to Top Golf to celebrate Monson turning 25!  Can't believe he will have another daughter in just a few weeks. He is a darling dad and ecellent husband.  He has had a lot of changes this last year with moving to Spanish Fork, spending a year in his VISA job, and having a sick pregnant wife.