Sunday, February 18, 2018

Temple times

We had a speaker in church today retell some times in his families lives when the Temple was such a blessing to them...and really a sacred ,special place. 
 I started to  think and recount in my own life when I felt the power and specialness of the Temple.
1.  I loved going to the Salt Lake Temple when Grandma and Grandpa Butters were temple workers there.  One time Grandpa took me through the veil, one time they were Adam and Eve and one time Grandpa played Satan.  It was extraordinary! 
2.  We took Addison through a session at the Salt Lake Temple and he was given a Chinese name to do, and as we were waiting for him in the Celestial room…he came in very emotional and said it was so real, he could see a small, black haired man going through the veil with him.
 3.  It was such a sacred day when we were sealed as a family to baby Laila Nov. 2002…it was a joyous occasion.  It was the one time all of my children were in the temple together.  
4.  I felt so privileged to be the "Bride's mom" when Lexi took out her endowments and got married. It was special being in the Bride's room with her at the Bountiful Temple.
5.  I love sitting by Wanee in the temple...we always giggle about something.
6.  I loved going when Bre took her endowments out... I finally felt connected to her in a very sacred way.
7.  I loved seeing my Dad dressed in his temple whites when he was a temple worker.  He was so jolly when he greeted people. 
8.  I have had many sacred experiences with answers to prayers and putting people's names on the temple prayer roll for different reasons.
9.  When we were deciding to adopt, we went to the temple often and every time I would make a deal with the Lord..that if we were supposed to adopt we would be the witness couple on the session and EVERY TIME we were.

I haven't been that specific...because I can't put words to the sacredness of these occasions, but I hold them all dear to my heart. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Laila's Sweethearts dance

Laila went to her first Sweetheart's dance with David Richter.  She had a wonderful time and it was so great to see her all dressed up and having fun.

Laila went with 7 other couples...mostly cheerleader friends.  

Taylor Newton, Laila , Hannah, ?,  Morgan, Kiersten Nielsen, Katelyn Pattison, Whitney

These lyrics from Mama Mia... and Abba say what I'm feeling as I look at my beautiful little girl growing up to be a beautiful woman.... Sometimes i just want time to stop so I can enjoy her a little bit longer. 

Slipping through my fingers all the time
I try to capture every minute
The feeling in it
Slipping through my fingers all the time
Do I really see what's in her mind
Each time I think I'm close to knowing
She keeps on growing
Slipping through my fingers all the time

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tru moves to Portland

 Tru got into town after driving 32 hours from NYC, crashed for a bit, then began repacking his car and packing my car so we could get his stuff to Portland on Wednesday.  We had a great family night ordering in Joy Luck - with most my kids here and the grands for Tru to play with.  I love hearing Alfie and Tayla call him “Chooch.”   Tru did some visiting and more packing..then headed to Portland. 

  I followed him in the morning.  I got to listen to two books on audible while I traveled which made up for not having room to take anyone with me.  The drive to Portland is actually very doable..and I hope to return soon. 
 I had to hit up Voodoo doughnut on my way home.  I love that maple and bacon one.  Delicious.  

 Truman is in a really nice two bedroom apartment living with his friend Mars.  She is in art school there and Tru will now be scrounging to find a job and start getting some money coming in.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

BHS Cheer First in State!

by Catherine Garrett
Clipper sportswriter
SALT LAKE CITY–The Bountiful High cheerleading squad placed first in four routines at the 5A state cheerleading competition Jan. 26 at Salt Lake Community College. The Braves came out on top in Song Pom, Timeout Dance, Timeout Cheer and Fight Song, while also placing third in Show Cheer.
“This team performed so well,” head coach Heather Larsen said. “They competed in five routines and almost every routine was perfect! They had no falls and no deductions.”
The only real flaw for Bountiful at state was a bow falling off one of the dancers during the timeout dance, which resulted in a minor penalty that had no bearings on the outcome.        The week before state was busier than usual with athletic events, sophomore orientation and additional practices, and her girls worked particularly hard leading up to the competition. “It was crazy, but the girls were so determined to win,” Larsen said.      The 2017-18 Bountiful team included seniors Olivia Frasier, Rylee Sainsbury, Ellie White and Mykol Wray; juniors Katie Adams, Lindsay Black, Marissa Brewster, Megan Hendrickson, Annie Numbers, Abby Orchard, Emma Thomas and Sheyenne Watkins; and sophomores Hannah Anderson, Tegan Felt, Victoria Feo, Whitney Hendricks, Kiley Johnson, Taylor Newton, Kirsten Nielsen, Katelyn Pattison, Morgan Tidwell, Laila Welch and Sydney Yannotti.

This state championship was SOOO awesome for these girls.   They took 2nd place in Region behind WX and then beat WX in all areas at State.   4 first Places and 1 third place.  It was a wonderful day.

 Sophomore Cheerleaders.

Last week of January

 Adelaide is home and doing okay.  She got released after 9 days n the NICU. Her oxygen numbers are up and her heart rate is down.  Both good things.  She is eating like a champ and is just very sleepy all of the time.  Some of that is because of her low red blood count. Lady is darling and her big sister Tayla is doing great with her.   She is very protective already and goes around telling everyone to  " quiet. Baby."
Mel Larsen, Angie, Lisa Titmus, Angela Moon, Annie Kuehne, Marin Thomasma, Lupe, Angie, Karen Smith, Me and Mel Evans.
 This has been a weird January.  So little snow and so much spring like weather.  It's amazing how many times I've been able to walk outside.    There was  a blue moon the end of the month.. two full moons in one a group of ladies from the ward went on a night hike up the Wild Rose trail to see it.  We got to the top of the mountain and the moon was hiding behind the clouds so we didn't get to see that but the city lights were great and  it was good to do something just a little bit crazy.

There is a book  called "The Precious Present."  It's a simple read about someone searching high and low for a precious "present" he had been promised.  In the end he realizes that "present" is actually the "present"...what was happening right in front of him.  He had been so worried about looking for it elsewhere that he had forgotten to enjoy it while it was happening. 

I think that happens so much in life...we think when such-and-such happens then we will be happy.  But man alive, the present is such a present!  That's one of the reasons I chose "present" as my "one word" a few years ago.   I want to "be there" and not somewhere else.   It was really good to be on this hike and be in the present...I had to be because of the snow and mud and slippery situation..I had to keep my head in the present not to fall.  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Update on Lady Joy

After a week in the NICU things are improving for Lady joy. 
She has moved into a hospital crib.
She is wearing a NICU onesie
She is back to normal for white blood cell count, which means her infection is gone.
She is a good nurser...and making Lexi's breastfeeding experience far better than with Tayla.  When Lady falls asleep then Lexi pumps.
She loves snuggling.  And we have gotten a chance to hold her finally. -- all 7 of us allowed in the NICU with her that is. 
She loves to get her levels dangerously high and needs to be monitored for respiratory and heart rate still.  She is totally dependent on oxygen when she sleeps. 
For some reason her red blood cell count is still very, very, very low!  They are now trying a couple of other things to get that working faster.    Having a low red blood cell count makes Lady really lethargic and fatigued. 
Lady Joy is a beautiful  baby and  we know she will be home soon.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

BIG 16!

Laila turned 16...and we celebrated all weekend.  Laila had her region cheer tournament on Saturday with her team and best friend, KP.  BHS took home two 1st place trophies and three 2nd place trophies.
 Then....we went down to Spanish Fork to pick up Fielding Morley so he could have an overnighter with Laila.  He is one of her BFF's that's for sure.  They ate Floriberto's gut bomb burrito, watched movies, went to church, helped with Sunday dinner, and played xbox.
 Holly had a special sparkly necklace and special card for  her special niece, Laila.  It was sooo sweet.  Laila also received money and spa treatments....massage, waxing etc.
 On Monday... Laila became an official driver!She's been practicing for a year..and now she is ready.  She will be driving the big, blue truck, which she isn't that excited about because it's so big, and she's so little.  The blue truck knows it's way around the BHS parking lot and will serve her well.  I think she's going to call it Pappa Smurf, like her brothers did.
 Monday night, we took Laila out to the Cheesecake factory with her friend Taylor Newton.  THe girls got dressed up cute and had a fun time trying calamari, chicken bellagio, fettucini alfredo and specialty drinks.
 Then....when we got home, KP surprised Laila with pics all over of the two of them, a sweet video of happy birthdays that she collected from different people in Laila's life, and cupcakes.  Laila cried.  She felt very special and taken care of.

16 things we love about Laila on  her 16th birthday:

1. She’s Sweet with her Aunt Holly

2. She goes to lunch with her Grandma Welch and asks about her as a girl

3. She’s Very empathetic

4. Her smile and sparkly eyes

5. She can talk and relate to little kids, adults and strangers

6. She’s kind

7. She cares about her school classes and grades

8. She could eat at In and Out every meal

9. She loves massages

10. Her beautiful skin

11. She’s responsible

12. She’s fun

13. We all love a Laila hug

14. She’ll say "I love you" unsolicited

15. She sings beautifully

16. She stands up for herself and what she believes in. She's not afraid to take the unpopular cause  in class and debate about it.