Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Lord knows me

I have to recertify as an elementary school teacher this summer. I’m a secondary teacher working in a K-8 school and now the state is cracking down on things like that, so unless I want to teach HS again, I need to certify.  

 I have had to get my college transcripts from 30+ years ago from Weber and pay ACT to try and find my old scores from 1979… Well the transcripts were easy, the ACT scores hard.  After paying my 60 bucks, ACT couldn’t find me.  I have to have these or I will be taking some math college courses.  I don’t want that to happen. I was fretting over this and got an idea  ( the spirit told me) to look in my old HS journal.  So I got the old box down out my closet and read and read.  There was NOTHING there…but I did read about the first time Wayne told me he loved me… March 21, 1979…we were married on that very date March 21st 1983… 4 years later… coincidence? 

Ok.  Back to my ACT saga…. I was still sick.  I didn’t know what to do about these scores… as I was putting my journal back in the box I noticed my old Sterling Scholar portfolio.   I started thumbing through this book, and lo and behold, a certified ACT document was in this book!!! Thank you Spirit.    I love times like this when I remember that the Lord knows me and is involved in my life.   

 Now for the hard PRAXIS test this summer on LA, Math, science and history .

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Obligatory Mother's Day pics 2017

I've always had a pretty good relationship with Mother's Day.  I think it's because my mom  always had a good relationship with Mother's day- My mom and then Wayne's mom always were comfortable with who they were and loved this day too. Mom taught me to take charge of this day. Make it what you want. Tell your spouse and kids so they don't have to guess. If it's a total pj and family movie day-great. If it's a church and family dinner day-awesome. I get myself what I want as a gift and I'm never disappointed. 🎁 I expect a picture of me with each child and grandkid. I told my kids Years ago that I don't want breakfast in bed...yucky. I do want love notes, good food and hugs. Anything else that my kids do is just gravy. ❤️❤️❤️ The sharing Sheri-13 days of giving continues. Wayne helped a random family from Cali get their car fixed πŸš—and back on the road for a funeral in Nebraska. πŸ‘πŸ½Ask for opportunities to help and give and the Lord will manifest them. It's up to us to listen and then follow through.

Addison drew me this Home Sweet Home of my house on 915 East... I love it so much.  Home is definitely where MY heart is.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Regional Tumbling tournament

We just got back from Laila's Regional Tumbling tournament in Las Vegas. We  (Wayne , Laila and I) decided our best and worst for the trip
10 BEST ... in no particular order 

Saltado at Viva Chicken

1st place in Tumbling pass
  1. Viva Chicken food the Peruvian restaurant in St George 
  2. Benihana experience. The hibachi chef was so funny
  3. 1st place in tumbling in her division even with a mess up 
  4. Our hotel and venue all in same place and off the strip
  5. Great weather. Able to be poolside 
On top of the Stratosphere with Taylor Newton
6.  Stratosphere rides 
7.  Laila drove between St George and Las Vegas... even through the gorge which was terrifying 
 8. I completed 3 knitted baby blankets
9. Cool lobby chairs at the Westgate  

10.  Laila got closer to fuzion teammates - Taylor and Mason

At Benihana's with Trinity and Kate Call
  1. Wayne burned his feet in the hot cement pool deck he forgot sandals
  2. Laila blew her 2nd pass on the double mini after an almost perfect 29.00 on her first one. Ended up 3rd. 
  3. Long car ride
  4. Yama sushi was Yama-yucky this time
  5. Spent too much at the outlets

  6. Smokey casino 
  7. Sleeping snug in a double bed ... we love our King 

It was a good, quick jaunt and now we are evaluating what to do about competition team next year. 

What I really want for Mother's Day

I red this on the internet and It's everything I want to say about Mother's Day..... so I'm putting it here to save it..

Every year my children ask me the same question. After thinking about it, I decided I'd give them my real answer:
What do I want for Mother's Day? I want you. I want you to keep coming around, I want you to bring your kids around, I want you to ask me questions, ask my advice, tell me your problems, ask for my opinion, ask for my help. I want you to come over and rant about your problems, rant about life, whatever. Tell me about your job, your worries, your kids, your fur babies.
I want you to continue sharing your life with me. Come over and laugh with me, or laugh at me, I don't care. Hearing you laugh is music to me.
I spent the better part of my life raising you the best way I knew how. Now, give me time to sit back and admire my work.
Raid my refrigerator, help yourself, I really don't mind. In fact, I wouldn't want it any other way.

I want you to spend your money making a better life for you and your family, I have the things I need. I want to see you happy and healthy. When you ask me what I want for Mother's Day, I say "nothing" because you've already been giving me my gift all year. I want you.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Old Chick... New Trick

So the following is I'm an Old Chick...yet I'm learning a new trick...experience.

I have sloped shoulders.  My bra straps have fallen off of my shoulders on a daily basis since I started wearing one at age 12.   So much so, that I don't even think about it any more as I reach inside my shirt to grab my bra strap and put it back into place while talking to family, friends and even total strangers.  It's weird.
So, I finally gave up at finding a bra that doesn't do this... I have searched  for 40 years... and succumbed to a cross back bra.  It was hard.  It totally bugged me the first, second and even the tenth time I put it on. It was a struggle to pull it over my head, t-shirt style and blindly do up the hooks with my hands behind my back, but I survived and I'm happy to report  that you will no longer see me reaching inside my shirt anymore at random-awkward times to fix myself.  

This is an Old chick learning  new tricks.   It can be done.

a little this and that..

Mother's day is coming and there are all sorts of quizzes online to see what kind of mother you favorite is what Disney character mother.  I'm sure it's scientific.  I got Tala- the grandmother from Moana. I loved what it said about her..and hopefully about me. 

Laila is officially working out and preparing with the BHS cheer squad.  She is loving it and I'm proud that she's a BRAVE.  Laila is right in the middle of the picture. 

 Today was Teacher appreciation day.  It got me thinking about all of the years I've been in the classroom and all of the students I have known.  It's amazing to me.  I've taught off and on for 17 years at Bountiful High and Utah Online School.  This year I have to prepare to get my license as an elementary school teacher officially.  I have to take the Praxis test to see my base of knowledge.  Then I really can teach K-12.

Sharing Sheri Challenge

Mom’s birthday is May 9th and we are celebrating with a sibling lunch at plates and palates…but I was also sleepless last night having another Sharing Sheri Idea that I hope family and friends participate in …..   

 It's May, it's May, the lusty Month of May  ( song from Camelot)  and I can't help but think of our sweet  momma/ grandma Sheri.   Mom was born May 9th and passed away on May 21st and in between those is Mother’s day May 14th…so this is definitely her month.   But what to give my angel momma in heaven?  This posed a big challenge.... so......
The challenge is to give something away each day.  13 somethings!!!!!  From May 9th to May 21st.
Ideas:   Time, a flower, a note, clothes, kind word, favorite book, treat, $, help, compliment, hug.... 

Give it away with intention and think of  mom when you do it. I'm sure she will inspire all of us to do and be better. I think this is a beautiful exercise and we can share about this when we get together.   So  take on this challenge and see what happens.