Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Super Hero Incredible Dads Party

I have been planning my Father's day extravaganza party ever since I found out that the Incredibles 2 movie was coming out on Father's day weekend.  I knew it had great potential to be awesome.  I sent out a save the date invite  weeks in advance, and made everyone commit so I could get the tix.  

We all thought the movie was good.... the kids are little enough not to really get the "dark" parts and we adults appreciated the older themes.  Our babies just slept and played through it it was good kick off.    We ended up in our back yard for a BBQ and activities.

I wanted to recognize the super heroes that our Dad’s really are.  I love watching my boys do their dad  thing ( and guncle)  it really is a very sweet.    This quote about HEROES really fits.
I had Addison make up a Poster with all of the men in the family on it  dressed as Super Heroes.   We then talked about every dad's super powers and put them in some of the white blanks on the poster for each man.    Qualities like dependable, happy, wise, fun, patient and kind were on the lists.
It was great to have cute decorations and this stand up cut out to complete the motif.  All of the men were really great sports to go along with all of this.  
The kids colored super hero capes then jumped on the tramp and did their best tricks.    We all sat around and just visited and loved on each other.   It was a perfect night  for this mama's heart.

The night before our party I got to sing the National Anthem for Ventriloquist, Terry Fator at the Layton Amphi theatre.  I did GOOD.  Last time I sang the anthem I forgot the word "hailed" and I as I practiced this week, I kept messing up other I was a wee bit nervous.  I pulled the words up on my phone just in case I needed them....but I didn't.   I sang out loud and strong and was so happy to not miss a word of the song that I have been singing and around for 55 years.  Brain cramps are real people. My number one fan - Wayne- was in the audience...he whistled and clapped loudly.  Everyone else was there to see amazing, singing, impersonation ventriloquism, but Wayne was there for me.   We really enjoyed Terry Fator's show's amazing what he can do with his mouth closed.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Motorcyle ride with Wangsgaards

I love summer and some of what I love about it is getting on the back of Wayne's Motorcycle, blasting the stereo and seeing pretty parts of Utah.  We headed out with the Wangsgaards to Antelope Island to see the buffalo.  It's always great to be with Tim and Linda .   


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Swimsuit challenge

I love my mom!  She taught me so many things.  One of these was your weight doesn't define you and you are never too old to have fun.   She always wore a swimsuit when we went to Bear Lake or Grandma Butters' pool.  She didn't care about how big or small her body was. She got in the sand and made sand castles with the kids.  She splashed and played in the water if she was in "swim suit shape" or just had a shape. She was a great example to me of just forgetting yourself and enjoying life. 

I found this on the interweb...and I like it. It's really what mom taught me through her example.  

The Swimsuit Challenge

Please commit with me this summer to not flinch, cringe, make faces, or put down your body verbally when wearing a swimsuit. Wear it with pride. Have fun in the water with your kids. Remember that the people who you have the most fun with are not the ones who constantly rip on themselves.
People who constantly tug at their clothes and cover up and talk about their body insecurities become the ones whose body imperfections everyone notices. Because they constantly advertise them. Don’t be that person. Get your confidence on.
 Bear Lake July 2012
Mom always made sandwiches on the beach for anyone who wanted one.  She was master of this...and we got used to sandy sandwiches.  The key to a non sandy sandwich is to not put the sandwich down...just keep it in your clean hand. 

I love this mom pic 2005.  She is painting on the beach.  She found painting after age 50 and has been a great example to me on this one too.  We can constantly reinvent our selves....find more talents and joy.... ...add to what we have been doing for decades- bear lake beach time -  to make it a bit richer.    Plus look at little brown Laila in the corner.  

Friday, June 8, 2018

New Family Pics

We did it...  Family pictures 2018 are in the books... the above pic is really the best of the lot because everyone, even the babies are looking forward.  We had a small window to take these in because we had to be done by  8 for the Buzelli's to be in Orem by 9.   Truman drove in at 4 in the morning and we had these taken at 7:30 in the morn.  He's a good sport.   Heck we are all good sports. 

Front:  Laila, Andrew, Sophia,Alfie, Poppy, Lady, Tayla
Back;  Truman, Alex, Landon, Wayne, Melinda, Addison, Bre, Monson, Lexi

This is us racing from the apparent Zombie Apocalypse..... it makes me laugh....especially Andrew's serious face. 

                                                           We love these GRANDS!
 Poppa Wayne is in HEAVEN with these cuties!  I am too
  Addison's little family with Alfie, Addi, Bre and Poppy

My Darling 5!  I'm glad they like each other and get along in all of their varied life styles.  
 These are the people who made me a mother and I'm grateful I get to be their mom.
 This is the pic we have been taken of Laila and the Brothers since she was born..... Love it
 Loving this quote by Richard Needham...."You don't marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you "

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What's going on?

 Monson and Lexi- Tayla and Lady have been at our home for a few weeks now.  The basement is a giant mess and it's going to be hard for Monson and Lexi to be in upheaval for a few months while they wait for their home to be built in Saratoga Springs.  We love having them here though, especially little Tayla.  She is such a joyful child.  She greets us in the morning and every time we come in from outside with a squeal and a hug and a "Papa or  Mimi" shout.   The poem There was a little Girl was written specifically for her.  There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead, and when she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid!   Tayla is really good at temper tantrums and has a stubborn streak a mile wide.  She is speaking in sentences with  mostly comprehensible words. 
 Laila finished her Sophomore year  amazingly well.  She got a 4.0 every term and learned a lot about herself, teachers, friendships, how to work at Chick fil a,  boys she likes and boys who like her, kissing, choir, being an many good things.  She has finished the Book of Mormon this year and continues to go to the temple for baptisms.  She is getting excited for Scotland in July and will be working on an online class all through June.
 Wayne performed his first wedding as a Bishop for one of our YSA's --Bryce and Patricia.  Patricia got baptized, by Wayne in April and now he married them in June.  He did a  great  job. 
 We are on our bikes again!  Wayne is getting ready for a 100 miler end of June and I'm working for a 100 miler end of August.  I'm still deciding if I'm really going to do it.  I do like being on my bike though.  It's different this summer, not having a show that I'm in, so I have a lot of time to do other things.
 Truman came in to town for a quick weekend.  We had family pics taken, then he came home and dyed his hair blue and went to Pride activities with friends in SLC.  It was good to have him here for a bit.  He is doing good in Portland..and then he struggles...and he does good again.  These past 5 months have been harder for him than he wants to admit....moving to Portland, breaking up with Van, quitting Delta.  So many changes. 
We have had amazing summer sunsets.  I love summer.  I love everything about it.  Sleeping in or getting up early....Walking with friends, yoga, biking....working in the yard, sitting in the sun, swimming, reading books, Bear lake vacay, boating, bbq's, out door concerts, motorcycling, staying up late, movies...more family time.  Just everything.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Happy Addison-shine day.

What happened?
 I turned around and suddenly you’re older. 
It’s been 32 years since I held you for the first time and named you Addison-shine. You are every bit of who I had hoped you would be. 
You are kind. 
You are loving.
You are smart. 
You are gentle. 
You can create something amazing out of nothing. So imaginative. So inventive. 
You sing at the top of your lungs even if you don’t know the words.
 You laugh loud and tell a great story. 
You are a caring dad, husband and son. 
You have amazing hair. 
You are magical on stage and off. 
I'm so glad you were born.

 We celebrated Addison's birthday with an early dinner at Chile Amor before Addison and Bre had to go to Hale Center Theatre for a show and rehearsal and we took the kids to our home for baby sitting and a sleep over. 

Like father in a sombrero...Like Son.
Bre spoiled this boy with clothes, voice lessons a fun swim day with Alfie and Poppy at Crystal Hot Springs and then dinner at Chile Amor.  Addison said  he read some where , "You know that you made it when the things you are currently complaining about are the things you were previously dreaming about"....and he totally gets this.    Addison is "complaining" about performing Music Man on his Birthday, having too much art work to get to and so little time and teaching at CPT Academy.  All things which are blessings in his life.