Tuesday, September 29, 2009

h1n1 anyone?

The H1N1 ( swine) flu has hit our home.
Addison called from College saying he is coughing and is totally congested and just feels lousy.
He also said three other kids in the theatre department, including one who coughed on him, all have h1n1 . So......he is thinking maybe he has that too.  I told him it's only hay fever or a cold.
No big deal.

He came home and got a flu test, and it turned up positive three times,  much to the doctor's amazement, since his only symptoms are a dry cough and congestion.

(Disclaimer:  Addison doesn't really look like this, he is not turning into any swine, or creature because of the flu, it's just a weird  fish eye pic)

They couldn't believe it would be detected so early.

He is now quarantined to the basement.
I have sprayed and scrubbed down the house.
We are on germ alert.
He is not allowed out of his room without wearing a mask.
He's not happy.
I'm not happy.

Let the Flu games begin!
Sometimes College STINKS-- especially when it gets my kids sick.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pennies for Primary's

We had an amazing CARNIVAL to raise money for Primary Children's Hospital.
You won't believe how much we raised....???!!!

Laila wanted to have another carnival, since her one last year was so much fun, but it was hard for me to get behind it, until she came up with the idea of earning money for Primarys.  Laila spent time there last October, after she hit her head at a rehearsal.  Her skull was cracked, she had bleeding on the brain...and it was all terrible, then a miracle happened and  it was great.  We are so thankful for the care and support we received from Primary Children's Hospital.  ( For the head story click here)

She had  a great idea for the carnival, and
 I couldn't have been  more pleased with her thoughtfulness.

Laila has  been planning this Carnival for months.

 Laila has been doing chores around the house for a nickel and a dime all summer long.  She has earned $17.00  This was the first money to go into the donation jar. 

As the date drew closer, we made fliers and got them passed out to all of the second graders at Valley View.  We passed out fliers around our neighborhood and we sent out email invites.  She wanted it to be a penny carnival where everyone brings pennies and pays for each game and treat.  She hoped to earn a hundred dollars.....  We changed this a bit and just had a donation jar at the door-- then people could play and eat and play to their hearts content.

Laila is a great salesman, and she talked it up daily,on the play ground to all of the kids, and pretty much everyone she met.

The day finally arrived and it was a blast!
  We had popcorn, cotton candy, pace bars and snow cones.  We had face painting and games galore with candy for prizes.  We also had a fish pond with many donated beanie babies and spider rings and straws as prizes.  We even had a special 3 legged visitor drop by to entertain.

The kids and adults started showing up and the jar started filling up and Laila was smiling!

We would like to thank so many relatives and friends who helped out with games, donated food stuffs and money. 

We are pleased to announce that Laila ( we) will be donating almost $800.00 to Primary Children's hospital.
Thanks to all!!!
 If she is planning this at 7, who knows what type of extravaganza we will be holding at 17?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Football tally

It was fun to sit inthe heat on Thursday afternoon and watch Monson "Money" Welch play football.
He had........2 interceptions
He knocked 2 passes  out of the air
He blocked 2 extra points
He  stripped  the ball out of the running backs hands in the endzone with BHS recovering it....touchdown !!!
He got to play offense and defense
He only hobbled off the field once with a calf cramp that put him on the sidelines for 5 minutes
Bountiful JV beat Viewmont's JV  17 to 12.
IT was a great game for Monson!!!
He was the play maker and play breaker

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1.  I'm thankful that the cobwebs and dust currently residing in my living room, can now be considered Halloween decorations...  I had my VT's in the Good Room, yesterday, and much to my dismay, cobwebs were hanging from the lights, and draping themselves gracefully to the windows.  Then I remembered Oct. is just around the corner and I smiled!

2.  I'm thankful for Laila's prayers.  She is on a Thankful kick.....which means she is only giving thanks and not asking for anything in her nightly prayers.  This makes for very long, rambling prayers, which are very interesting and funny.....Sample:  "Thanks for Earth so we don't have to live in space, cuz it would be really hard to find stuff.  Thanks for clothes so we don't have to go around nude except to shower so we can get ready for Church on Sunday,  and thanks for Church and for volunteer teachers who teach us about you.  And thanks for planning everything so well, so we can all be resurrected, even the angels.  Amen.

3.  I'm thankful for Service club..... ( movie anyone?) ..... nuf said.

4.  I'm thankful for Mass Transit, and that Landon has a way to get to Bountiful, without me going into SLC to pick him up.  I don't think I told you about me picking Landon and Josh up for Labor Day.  Landon called after noon and said he was ready, so I jumped out of the pool, put on my coverup and ran to  my car.  I accidentally  left my phone and purse at the pool.  I got into SLC and there was no way to contact Landon to tell him I was there. He lives in a lock down building with security key cards, because it's in a really bad neighborhood.   I thought maybe he would be outside already.....no luck.  I waited.  Finally I got out of my car, in my little coverup, with all of the homeless and crazy  people looking on, and screamed up to his third story window,  "Landon, Landon!"  No one heard me except for the one hundred aimless people on the streets who are now thinking, "Who's crazy?"    I was just getting ready to turn around and head back to Bountiful, when someone came out of his building.  I grabbed the door just as it was closing and climbed the stairs to Landon's apartment.  By the time I reached his rooms, I was so mad at him, because I left my phone at home.   I don't understand the logic either....but I was angry.    Anyway, I'm thankful there will be no more of this, for Landon is moving into a new, safer place next week!!

5.  I'm thankful for tender mercies....this time it came in the form of Elk Hamburger :)

6.  I'm thankful that I"m moving closer and closer to my dream of having a new kitchen!

7.  I'm thankful for FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL and FOOTBALL  ( JV, Varsity and College)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Televison Trash

I am going to make an announcement that may shock some of you.
I actually like the new GLEE  tv show on FOX.
I don't want to watch it with anyone under 14, or anyone who doesn't get the satire  and social commentary the show offers....but all in all.....I love the fierce vocals, great choreography ( Mercy from episode 3 was a-ma-zing),  and the amusing one liners.

 I like shows about inspiring teachers,  kids realizing that being different is what makes one great, and knowing it's never too late to go after your dream.

Examples of dialogue  from the show:

In the 3rd episode, they were coming up with names for their male acapella group....the names they came up with were:  The Testostertones (because it sounded manly), the Crescendudes and the one they used, Acafellas....  How great are these names??

Said by the Cheerleading coach to the cheerleaders, "Total disaster ladies.  I'm going to ask you to smell your armpits.  That's the smell of failure  and it's stinking up my office. I'm revoking your tanning priveleges."  The cheerleaders leave in tears.

Said by the mean choreographer, " Wheelchair boy, you are cut for not trying hard enough.....at walking!"  "You are cut because you are freakishly tall.  I feel like a woodland creature."

Said about the mean choreographer, " He's a monster.  You can't leave rehearsal for any reason and that includes Heat Exhaustion and Crones Disease."

Said by choir teacher, " I love Josh Groban.   I've been friends with him since he accidentally friended my on MySpace."

Said to the OCD guidance counselor when she supported the GLee carwash, " I like the way you use your mental illness  to help these kids."

Said when asked what  the coach tells you to help  with baseball, "If you charge the pitcher, bring a bat."

Said from Coach, "I am a minority, they can't fire me."

Said from Coach to football player, "I am going to put my fist so far down your throat, you can taste my armpit hairs."

Said from one kid to another when trying to do choreographed movements, "My bowels have better moves than you."

 I think this show is supposed to make one think and gasp and bop one's head to the music. It's definitely rated TV 14
I have to watch it by myself.
I like it.
I've decided it's my weekly guilty pleasure.

PS  I love that Donny Osmond is on Dancing with the Stars too....my  pre-teen crush continues!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football confessions

IT was a sad day college football in Utah yesterday!
  The U got trashed and the Y got thrashed!

We love football at our house.
We have a great time with team rivalry too.
 We aren't a "U" family and we are not a "Y" family.
I went to Weber. Wayne attended the U. Landon UVU. Addison Weber. But....growing up my house was a "Y" house. My parents met and married while at BYU.
All of Wayne's side grew up in North Logan so USU was everything...then when they moved to Bountiful all of his brothers and inaws went to the U--now the U is everything for most of the Welch's.
We are mixed on our allegiances, although Wayne does have season football and partial season basketball tickets to the U. He also just purchased a U of U tent/sun shade thing......so he is turning more and more into a U man.

I love watching the "U" play and win.
I love watching the "Y" play and win.
When the U plays the Y-- I'm all about the Y winning. It's a childhood instinct of mine that is difficult to shake.
Laila's teacher went around her first grade class this last winter, and asked what team the children were voting for when the U played the Y.
Laila piped up-- "Michigan." She could care less about the Utah teams. Monson has her completely brainwashed that Michigan is the best.
Confession time.
We did a crazy thing to some die hard U and Y families in our neighborhood.
 One family is true blue and the other bleeds red.
You get the idea.
Well we got our hands on some styrofoam U's and Y's and other football paraphanalia and decided it would be so fun to decorate their yards with this stuff. Put the Y stuff on the U family front yard and decorate with the U stuff on the Y families grass.
My boys were all over this.
At midnight they packed up our treasures and followed through with our plan. They staked, and taped, and decorated. In the morning-- at church--- we heard all about what happened. OF course, these families blamed each other . . . . We snickered in silence.
Now I'm confessing, even though this happened years ago, It's been weighing on my conscience too much lately.
 I need to wipe the slate clean.
As Laila would say...."Please forgive"

Yes it was a sad day for Utah College football yesterday.  Next week has got to be better.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fav. quote

I know this quote has been around for a while, but every time I read it I feel inspired.....

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good, Weird and Fun

It's weird and it's good to be away from home.

I'm at teacher meetings all week with a group of  friend-teachers in St. George.
We are freezing in a flourescent-lit basement room with no windows, while the sun is shining outside.  The airconditioning is on HIGH(there is no way to change it) ....and I am wearing long sleeve sweaters and snuggling under my pashmina scarf..
Everything down here is over airconditioned!!
We are learning about new technology and ways to make our school run better.  We are trying to be better at "knitting" our community together with love.
My family is carrying on at home, without me.  Wayne is handling getting Monson and Laila up, having scriptures and heading off to school..  HE is also handling homework , dinner and bedtime just fine with out me.
How dare they!
It's weird. I don't want things to fall apart while I'm away.  I try to have everything worked out in advance so they won't fall apart.  Then I'm a little sad when they don't and I find out my family is capable of LIFE sans MOTHER.

 After doing these teacher meetings, twice a year, for the past 6 years, I've come to the conclusion that I'm really bad at meetings.
It's hard for me to stay focused and not make flippant comments that I'm sure will make those around me laugh.  I say it and they usually do.  Sometimes I whisper just loud enough so the person next to me hears it.  Sometimes I share with a few around me.  Sometimes the whole group gets my silly commentary.
It's kind of the same problem I have in relief society every week.
I know I should be good and respectful....but stuff just slips out.
I apologize.
I've come to another conclusion, these 3 1/2 days of meetings would probably be a lot shorter if I could just keep my mouth shut.
Shorter, but definitely not as much  fun.
Fun wins out again!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Loaves and Fishes

This Sunday I knew I wasn't going to be cooking for a crowd, namely, my family of seven.  Wayne was coming home from Louisiana.  Tru  was in Logan.  Addison was in Ogden.  Landon was in Salt Lake.  I thought it was just going to be Monson and Laila .... so....
 I threw a few chicken breasts in the crock pot with seasonings to make a sauce and knew I could cook up some rice  after church and call it good.

When I got home from church, my whole family was there!
....I immediately thought of the paltry amount of chicken I had chunked up for the crock pot, and figured I better come up with something and do it quick, or it would be cold cereal again for these boys.
My boys are okay with cold cereal, but after a week of eating it for almost every meal while away, they want a home cooked meal when they return.
Now I'm no Si....
We all know my foodie friend who can turn a piece of meat into Beef Bourginione (spelling?) at the drop of a hat....
But I fed the masses and it felt almost biblical.

I added to the sauce of the chicken.  Cooked up mounds of rice.  Threw some instant mash potatoes together.  Created some quick dressing. Heated up a veggie.  Threw some bread and butter and tomatoes on the table....and we had a feast.

The boys kept scooping food onto their plates, seconds and thirds actually.  The food just kept coming,  AND you would have thought I was a fantastic cook.  The compliments were flying.
We never ran out and I even had left overs to send home with Landon.

So Julia Child-- eat your heart out.
Thank goodness for poor college food.  IT makes what I serve up taste so much better.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homecoming BHS

Homecoming Bountiful High.
This event is filled with Nostalgia for me.
I remember as a 10 year old going to my first BHS game.  We only lived two blocks from BHS and could always hear the games being played.  My parents, in an effort to make sure we didn't turn out to be hoodlums,  said we could only go to the Homecoming game. 
I felt very independent and grown up to be able to do this. 

(Prior to the game, Marcie and I probably went to Franescos....now it's Robintinos-- which was located in the building where the Mandarin is --- and order pizza and garlic bread, and pay the entire bill from our penny jar!    It took a lot of counting out.  I'm sure the pizza  people just loved us.  I remember dumping out the change from a mason jar that we took with us in a large purse.......)
I digress...

Last Friday night was incredibly beautiful.
The sun was out....there wasn't a breeze.
The grass was greener and the sky bluer than I remembered it.  The stadium was littered with blankets and decorated in red and white balloons.
When the BHS band took the field for the National Anthem...I was in awe.  They actually had marching band uniforms on!!!!  This hasn't happened at this school for a number of years.
IT looks as if Band is back at Bountiful.
The traditional helicopter flew in, (it used to be Hoskins Helicopters), last night it was the National Guard Helicopter with 3 different servicemen, delivering the game ball.
I got choked up...What day is this?
The first note of the national anthem rang out and I was immediately overcome with a feeling of love I have for this great country of ours.  I'm so blessed to be an American.  Tears coursed down my cheeks, and I couldn't eek out one note.
I knew this was 9/11 all day, but hadn't really internalized it.
...this night, at this moment, the big picture became a small little stroke of paint, for me.
The troops are fighting for  my little world....not the big one.

They  are fighting so  I can have an "Americana" slice of life.
So my son can play football, and I can hear his name announced over the loud speaker.
So my daughter can have warpaint make-uped on her face and run around with the kids being hoodlums. 
So Homecoming royalty can sit in convertibles and ride around the track and wave. 
So my T can go off to College, and return with his buddies to cheer with the hometown crowd. 
So I can sit among friends at a Friday night football game and cry, because, for one minute, all is right in my world.
We need to remember 9/11 and make sure it doesn't happen again.
God Bless our Troops.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prayer for the Pickles

Laila came home from school yesterday and announced she formed a new club.
It's called the, "I Hate Pickels club and anyone who hates pickles can be in it, but it's mostly just girls, cuz boys are not gentle."

I remember those recess/club days.

The first 2 weeks of school, for recess, she played cops and robbers, which then turned into CIA and bad guys.  She was teaching eveyone what her daddy does, she announced.   So hysterical.
Wayne ran down from elephant rock  on a Saturday morning.  He tripped and scratched up his arm and such.    Laila is convinced he didn't go on any run, he just went and took out a bad guy and then returned.  Mr. CIA agent.  Her brothers are so proud of this conjecture.

ANyway, back to clubbin......

Last night in her prayers, she was sincerely praying about all of the school rules. 
You know,
"Bless me not to have to use the bathroom hall pass, if i don't really need to."
"Bless everyone to follow the rules, and not cry."
"Bless that no one ever, ever, ever gets a Falcon Fumble."

It went on and on. 

Towards the end she said,
 "Help us to have fun games to play in our I hate Pickles club.  And bless all of the kids who love pickles that they can start their own club........ Amen."

Right after that, she asked what would my last words be if I was on my death bed and dying....
I told her, " I love you." 
She told me, "See you in heaven."

So funny.  She comes up with the strangest, sweetest things. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't fight over made beds

We had our usual school morning ritual..... I worked on my computer, fed Laila breakfast and then sat around and watched Tweetie Bird cartoons.  
It was a beautiful thing, til I saw that it was 8:00 and we had to be out of here in 15 minutes.  We went upstairs, picked out some clothes  and I started making her bed, straightening her covers really.....well she 
I was so confused.
I wasn't doing it right?
She wanted to make her own bed?
I stepped on her pillows?
That's not how the Troy Bolton blanket from High School Musical goes on my bed?
It was amazing!!!!
She fell apart  - big time.
She was crying and "hrrumphing" and yelling.......
"I hate you"
All of this from me trying to speed her along and straighten her bed.  
What's up with that?
She was in a "mood" and mad at her mother all of the way to school.
I apologized. 
I begged her forgiveness.
How dare I think I could help my daughter and make her bed?
What was I thinking?
 (She didn't finish making her bed...she was too livid!)
All I could think of was......
Who is this alien yelling at me and what happened to my sweet Laila?
I drove her to school, as recompense....and I told her I loved her.  
She scowled at me.
I told her when I picked her up after school she better have a smile on her face.
Well the school day flew by....
Laila came skipping out of the school building happy as can be.  The first thing out of her mouth was,   "I'm sorry. " Then she said, "Sometimes we get mad at each other, but it's okay, because we can forgive." 
Skip to  bedtime prayers.
Laila prays, "Please help me and mom to only ever have one fight a year.  Amen."
And I say, "Amen" to that!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why do you have to Leave me?

My house is emptying out faster than rats on a sinking ship.
(Excuse the metaphor-- I love my sons and don't mean to imply that there is anything rat-ish about any one of them, although they do like to sleep in the dark-dark, have a fondness for cheese  and an uncanny ability to scrounge for food.)
Anyway, back to my boys all leaving me.........
Addison is living in Ogden going to Weber State.
Truman is living in  Logan going to  Utah State.
Landon is living in Salt Lake, working at an Elementary school, trying to get back into school.

I remember being crazy just last March with a house full of five grown men all taking up space.  Space that didn't feel so crowded just a few years earlier with little bodies,  but now was claustrophobic.
We had......Too much laundry, too many gallons of milk, not enough hot water or shower time, too many size 10, 11, 12 and 13 shoes kicked off just inside the back door, so many dishes in the sink.
 Now it's gone.
From 7 to 4 in a blink of  an eye.
I'm an almost empty nester.
 (You can tell you are living in Utah when having only 2 kids at home feels like an empty nest. )
I kind of got teary loading Truman up with food for his dorm room.  I got choked up a bit as I was getting Landon to take the left over roast from Sunday, so he would have some protein to eat this week while he waits for a much needed pay check to come.  I did cry as we drove away from Addison's house after dropping off his bed and the last of his things from his down stairs bed room. 

Wow....everyone is growing and moving forward.  My parenting is moving to a new level as well....I can suggest, but they are adults, and will do what they want anyway.

I mentioned this sadness to a friend of mine.  She thought I was nuts.
She said , "Enjoy it while it lasts...they always come back!"  

Now, for a little while anyway,  all I have to pester and parent is Monson and Laila.
I'll ENJOY that!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Year Anniversary - give A way

I have been blogging for one year.
I posted my first blog on Sept 6th, 2008....one year and many blogs later, I am still enjoying it.
However, I'm wondering if I have succeeded at any of my "alleged" goals, of why I started this blog.
2008 GOALS:
I was going to change my relationship with food
I was going to lose weight
I was going to gain perspective on my body issues
I was going to share some weight loss tips
I was going to get in "control" of my eating.
I was going to kick up my exercise 
I was going to be an inspiration to others with diet success
I was going to lose weight, once and for all....
In the year since I made my goals, I went from 162 pounds, down to 151 pounds and back up to 172.
My lament last year was, "162, I can't believe I weigh 162.!!"
Now it's....."Atleast I'm not heavier than 172."
My perspective has sure changed...   I don't know if I've given in, or given up.
Everyone Loves a Give a way on a Blog!!
So let's have a GIVE A WAY!  
I'm going to give away my writing about chub any longer!
AND...... to celebrate my one year blog- a-versary...I'm changing the idea of my site from Sick of Chub.....to....drum roll please......wait for it, wait for it.....
Embrace my Chub!
Maybe if I embrace what and who I am, I will get farther ahead. Or atleast not feel so bad about being so far behind.
Spread Happiness
Enjoy food  more
No weight loss tips
More random stuff that floats around in my head.
Funny family stories
So that's it...
that's where I'm at one year into blogging.

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Hot" time in NYC

Wayne and I turned the corner on 7th Ave....and came face to face with a burned up Taxi cab....still smoking.  I don't know how or why.....but it was a wonder.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1.  I'm thankful to be in New York City with my Wayne.  I just love this place.  The crazy  people.  The many languages that reach my ears.  The sound of construction floating into our hotel window.  The fabulous nightly shows.  The incredible food. Walking and walking.  I love it all.    I love getting away with my sweetheart the most!

2.  I'm thankful I'm not pregnant at my age.  Can you imagine?  My period came over a week late this month.  This is very unusual for regular 27 day me..... I had a fleeting thought of, "I'm pregnant?"  Then I remembered....."I'm old."   I chalk it up to being on the cusp of menopause.  Oooo...that sounds nasty........Yeah me.

3.  I'm thankful for cheese cake, in particular Cheesecake from Carnegie Deli in....you guessed it....NYC.  I'm thankful for chipotle laced brownies from the Chocolate bar and for Blueberry scones from Amy's Bread and Banana and Caramel Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.  If you ever wonder what we spend our time doing during the day in NYC, it's eating!

4.  I'm thankful for relatives who helped my Landon get a bike to ride to school.  He probably won't pedal  it much, but he tried and now he has an option  It's hard to get to school when it's far away, without a car. But he's figuring it out.

5. I'm thankful Addison got the role he wanted at Weber State.  He is still in Yellowstone, but he came down for auditions. He is going to play Icabod Crane in the New Musical of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Can''t wait to see him.  I'm also Thankful his Yellowstone/Playmill stint is over and he's back in School, even though this year, it means he's living in Ogden.

6.  I'm thankful College Football has begun.  We got season tickets to Utes games this year...Go Utes..!  (Sorry Dad)

7.  I'm thankful for  tap water and flushing toilets.....Note to self:If you don't pay the water bill...it gets shut off.   Interesting.

8.  I'm thankful