Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Flashback Funny


Laila had her 5th Birthday party celebrating with 6 girls from the ward.  Haley Whitman, Heather Kofford, Sydney Blake, Katelyn Hauck ( Melenee Barne's daughter) and 2 new girls --Camilla Skinner and Emily Oram. She had a dream about a beautiful princess cake, she described it perfectly, so I had to order one from Dick's Bakery to fit the bill.
We decorated the dining room with princess barbies and figurines in the middle of the table and crepe paper streamers and balloons in the corners with streamers hanging from the ceiling too.  Laila thinks it's so beautiful and asked if we could leave it up until she turns 10.
The girls came and we played games, broke Laila's pinata that she made at Christmas time, opened presents and ate birthday cake.  Then we took off to McDonald's playland for the end of the party and some ice cream.   Laila was in heaven.
For her Guest's wishes, when they gave her  presents...she wished them "more belief in God" or "the best family ever. " And my personal favorite, she wished "that God would never leave you. " I think the little girls were just hoping for a pony or a million dollars, but they got Laila wishes instead.

Girls Camp

 This was my 5th girls camp in the past 5 years... good thing I love it.    This year I was on the Stake committee in charge of the YCL's along with Mel Evans.  We had one girl from each ward that ran the show, sang the crazy camp songs, did devotionals and were all around great sports.  It was a ton of fun. Slip n slides, floating the river, hikes, games, skits, eating in the lodge with everyone..and the best part is I didn't have to make it or clean it fire singing.   I found out that Jo Cash and Mel Evans are Fanilows, just like me, and know every word to every Barry Manilow song!  We did them all around the camp fire one night.  So. Much. Fun.

Breanne, Bethany Farr, Melinda, Mel Evan, Shannon and Samantha...some our our YCL's in their capes!!

While I was hot and sweaty and dirty and stinky at Camp.....Tru was basking in the California sun with his buddies, Jared Fadel and Adam Jones.    And now... Wayne is in China...again...the 4th time in 4 solve more factory problems.  
Our summer is rolling on... we have Cabin Time, and Bear Lake coming up !!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney World without ME

I can't believe we really thought it was a good idea to send Laila and Truman off to Florida to be with Addison and Bre without ME!!!
I know they had a great time and ran around like wild people...staying up too late, eating their way through the parks, doing everything and anything they wanted....without MOM to tell them NO....they only had each other to say...GO, GO, GO.  They even got to visit Goofy and Ariel....
Hopefully it was a memory making trip.  We are so grateful that Addison and Bre could have them at their apartment and show them the sites.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Flashback Funnies

Laila had some funny sayings this week-- I went to cut her fingernails and she didn't want me to.  She said, "I need them long to get the bad guys and the crooks."  She was doing her part to protect our family.
She played a lot with Jarret, her imaginary friend in the cereal cupboard and informed us that, "Jarret is so much smarter than me."

Monson is always watching a basketball game on tv and Laila said, "Monson how come you always watch basketball, basketball, basketball?  You need to watch something else like a kid show like me.  If you want to stay a kid, you will watch kids shows."

Laila is always standing on her head.  On Sunday, I ran Truman up to BYC  and I had just pulled Laila out of the shower. Wen I got home she was a "big Girl" and had put her blue dress on and was ready to go to church.  After church, I turn around from the sink, see Laila  was standing on her head without any underwear on, and scream from shock.  This was the first time she realized it too.  She started to cry, "I forgot my underwear..." It was funny, and then we had a modesty talk about why it's important to wear underwear and to double check before you leave the house.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Pics and Remember When.....

Laila and Grandpa Lyle.... She thanked him for helping her through her toughest times....
Marcie set up a grand hot dog bar, with all the toppings and homemade corndogs fresh out of the fryer...yumo! Liz figured out mom's Macaroni Salad recipe... she is now in charge of this.
Poppa Wayne with Sophia, Laila and Andrew 
Wayne and his crew this Father's Day.... Tru, Sophia, Andrew, Alex, Landon and Laila
The Grandkids love Grandpa....Gpa Lyle wanted all of the kids and grandkids who were there to get in the pic with him.... We gave him an ipad so he is busy learning about the gospel libray program, facebook, insta and face time.  He has already posted some pics. 
Sibling Pic--We were missing Angela...(she is off to Alabama for Debate nationals.)  Adam and Christine are moving on Thursday so this was our chance to get a sibling pic... Marcie, Liz, Dad, Melinda and Adam....

Dear Dad--- Daddy-o--Poppa Wayne,

Remember when you came all the way to our little place in Ogden at night just to help fix our computer problem? that was do thoughtful!! -bre

Remember when you were my scout master and we went on hikes, even a 50 miler (ugh) which I didn't want to do but you made me do it anyway, I was so glad I did. And we built snow caves and slept in them? Ours weren't the coolest looking but we were the warmest out of everyone else.- Addison

Remember when we went to fathers and sons, and we played ultimate frisbee, and Mark Briggs knocked you out?- Addison

Remember when I came to XAXdesign with you once a week. That was my favorite day. I felt special, especially when we'd go out to the little pond in the front and drive your little remote control boat with moms face on it? – Addison

Remember when you gave me a fathers blessing in the random church parking lot right before I left in the MTC? -Addison

Remember when you danced like a crazy man for Laila on the cruise ship and won a trophy? -- Addison

Remember when we were golfing at Bear Lake for my one and only time and you let me drive the cart in circles over and over?  Yeah. -- Landon

Remember when we were at the dinner table and Sophia kept yelling hey and when you answered she pointed at you and said, “You’re my best friend.”?  -Landon

Remember when we went ice caving in the canyon, only all the ice caves decided they should melt?  –Landon

Remember when you were traveling and I was really little and you would just bring me back the peanuts from the plane and coasters from Chile’s as a present?  –Landon

Remember when you took me scuba diving at Bear Lake and afterwards I got so sick so we had to leave camp? – Landon

Remember when you would take me on the back of your motorcycle.  I had a huge, wobbly helmet on, and we would go down to Maverick and get white donuts? –Laila

Remember when I was on a mission in Michigan and you wrote me letters every week and helped me with scriptures and stuff? –Monson

Remember that one time when  you picked me up and threw me in Grandma Butters pool?  That was fun.  – Laila

Remember that one time we had a tickle fight.  And all my friends would scream and run away? –Laila

Remember when we would walk over to the ball park and you would get me a tigers blood sno cone?  -- Laila

Remember when you would stand and pop all of the popcorn for my carnival?  --Laila

Remember that one time we topped at the gas station and you bought powdered donuts?  -- Tru

Remember when we would stay up late and you would turn into the tickle monster?  Tru

Remember when you were dancing on the cruise ship and you started break dancing on your back, and we all thought you had fallen over?  -- Tru

Remember when I fell out of the truck as we were driving and you  came and picked me up from the middle of the road? – Tru

Thanks for Remembering.—Love your KIDS

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pictures of my dad

We take a lot of pics now a days....not so many while I was growing up.  But in my mind's eye I have many pictures of my dad.
Moments etched in time.
I can see Dad  telling us to all lie down at  the Fairview Cemetery to make sure we all fit if we ever need to be buried there.
I can see Dad being the  self announced "silver bullet"  as he would bounce off the diving board, spring into the air and hold in perfect stillness a swan--arms spread wide--before the dive.

I can see Dad running the bases after an arching, perfectly hit ball to left field.
I can see Dad putting his hand to his mouth and calling out to us... "Kerloo, kerloo"
I can see Dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen, whistling and singing.  He was always so happy in the morning while his sleepy eyed kids glared at him.
I can see Dad bringing a fresh cut flower from his yard into the house to surprise my mom with.
I can see Dad in his suit and tie all dressed up for church or a night out with mom.  He always smelled so good.
I can see Dad walking on water at Pineview Reservoir.  Mom was driving the boat.  Dad was skiing behind.  I was the spotter.  We went into an inlet and there was an unseen sand bar... Dad took off his skis and  walked to the boat in bewilderment.

I can see Dad and mom standing at the edge of the blue water, gazing out onto Bear Lake, hand in hand, at the end of a hot July day.

I can see Dad announcing with a smile on his face,  as he is driving away on a family vacation, "As of now, I am on flexible schedule."
I can see dad sitting in the van waiting while we
 went from shop to shop on our sister's trip.  Dad was an every faithful chauffeur.

I can see Dad in his chair a few nights before momma passed away.  I was trying to sleep on the floor by mom's bed, so I would be ready to help when needed with throw up and meds.  It was 3am.... Dad was holding mom's hand and telling her gently, "It's okay Sheri, you can go.  I'll be alright.  We'll all be alright, you have taught us well. You can go."

I love my dad.  Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Laila's Carnival.....again

 We had Laila's carnival today...and it was a great success. We raised over 900 dollars for Primary Children's hospital and Cancer Research.    We had  cotton candy, popcorn, Si Cookies, sponge throw, fish pond, clown toss, find the frog, face painting, penny pitch, silly pictures, plus the tramp and the swing set for kids to do and enjoy.   Laila and friends are old enough to "work" the carnival we were grateful for the little kids that showed up...and the adults with the money, as well.

Max Eiting
Andrew and Sophia
Megan Call facepainting
Heather Kofford helping with the fish pond
Genacie and Savannah running the bean bag in the Clown toss
Holly throws a sponge.
Preston showing off his gecco
Gpa Lyle joins in the Cotton Candy festivities.
Alex helps run the fish pond..and Nash fishes 20 times!
Kimi and Melinda... as the check in table
Wayne is king of the popcorn, and Kimi spins the cotton candy!
Workers:  Genacie Ekker, Jonah Ekker, Max Eiting, Heather Kofford, Becca Welch, Brooklyn Farr, Laila, Andi Farley
Other workers:  Megan Call, Savannah Bentley, Alex Madsen  and Courtney Egers....

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Flashback Funnies

Laila has had some interesting conversations this week.  She saw Landon's Japanese friend, Emily Iwasaki and asked her, "Are you Chinese?"   Emily said she was Japanese.  Laila replied, "Well your people look like my people.  I look Chinese except my eyes don't go like this."  She then pulled on her eyes and said the only limited Chinese she knows, "Nee How" and ended with  a spanish "Vamanos" for good bye.    She is a hoot.

When one of Landon's friends sarcastically said," Oh I hate you."  Laila pulled out the lecture.  "We shouldn't hate anyone .  Do you want to be like God? God doesn't hate anyone."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Counting my Blessings....
1.  I am thankful that Wayne returned safe and happy from his quick, 5 day, China trip.   He had to go and see what was really happening at a dish factory so he was telling the truth to his customer.  The bonus is he got to spend some time with the awesome Newman family again in Shanghai and go to church and stuff.   Too bad the jet lag and sore body  have to be endured for a few days on return.

2.  I am thankful for walking.  I love to walk up to the cemetery and visit my momma.  The green grass and view of the temple really fill my soul.   Plus it's good to work up a sweat.

3.  I'm thankful for books. I'm reading a total "Sheri" book right now.  It's called "Wife for Life" by Ramona Zabriskie .  It's about turning a good marriage into a grand one.

4.  I'm thankful for slow summer days. Sitting outside with the  sun on my eyelids.

5.  I'm thankful for my dad.... my daddy-o, my poppa..... He is still, as he calls it, "burbling" every day. It's a pity party cry fest one minute, then he's spreading joy and moving through his day just fine the next.   Losing a spouse is such a difficult thing.  I can only imagine...but I don't want to.....

6.  I'm thankful for good television.   Bre got me all hooked into "Call the Midwife," a BBC show set in the 1950's with wonderful period music, interesting characters and tug at my heart strings story there are babies and births, and deaths and all of the great stuff that make up our lives.  No vampires, zombies or werewolves or fantastical science fiction...just life.   LOVE IT!

7.  I'm thankful Monson is loving his mission and gets to be in  a new area.  Traverse City will be cooler for the summer, and filled with tourists.   He only has 6 months left.

Elder Welch with the Miller Family and Jacob Nixon

Sunday, June 9, 2013

In a fog

I've been in a fog as of late.  
It probably has something to do with my momma not being here.

We are now going through a lot of firsts..... the first time with out mom type of stuff.
Dad took as many of the family as he could get together, out to dinner Friday night to Joy Luck to celebrate his 54th wedding Anniversary.  Mom was there in spirit.  It was sweet.  We made it through with just a few tears.

I'm reading a really interesting book.... "Wife for Life" mom would love it.  It's right up her alley.  She would discuss the crap out of it.  I wish she was here so I could dissect it with her.  I would love to hear her top 10 things she does to remember who she is to feel alive.   It's called "romancing yourself."    Mine include sitting in the sun, exercising, biking, reading, blogging, family dinner, singing, pedicures, being in shows and going to the temple.

I still cry so easily when ANYONE comments about my sweet mom.  "I'm okay if I just don't have to talk to people".....that's what dad keeps saying.

I loved the funeral.  We have a recording available now and I've listened to it twice.  Such a celebration.  Now I'm going to find my Grandma Butter's funeral recording and listen to that just so I can hear my mom's voice.  I miss her voice.

Sitting here watching the Tony's.  I love the Tony award's show every year.  It's truly my favorite.  I enjoy watching the snippets of Musicals and plays and hearing the heartfelt acceptance speeches.  I need to get back to NYC to see some new theatre.  I know I get my theatre love from my mom.  We had all of the current Musical albums at our house growing up, and she was always dragging us to theatres all over the valley with her directing/choreography talents.
We would go to any it or hate it; and then discuss it, tear it apart and  put it back together.  This could take hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.  My dad did not.

I'm wondering what show to audition for?   I'm going to sing every day this summer and not just in my car as I'm driving around town.

Making goals this summer is hard for me.  I'm usually all over it. Mom would cajole me into it. "Time is going to pass anyway, you might as well have something to show for it."   She would then pull out her chunky little notebook to write them down.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Flashback

Laila has had some fascinating insights this week.  She was out laying in the snow with the boys on Sunday night, throwing snowballs and what not.  She came in and I gave everyone hot cocoa.  She drinks hers then announced, "Mom, hot chocolate makes my arm pits warm."

She has  on her "dreams"  part of her Christmas see Jesus.

She told Monson when he was bugging her: "If you keep bugging me,when I get older and I can drive, I'm going to tell my birth mother on you."

Laila is always standing on her head.  This started about in October and she is constantly doing it.  Her hair is always messed up as a result.

She has an imaginary friend named Jarrett.  He lives in the cereal cupboard.  Laila loves to clear out all of the cereal and be in there with him.  She has decorated his home with stickers.  Jarret is very smart and Laila talks to him a lot.  She is very sad if the boys pretend to step on Jarret.  She actually cries.  When she wants to stay home and not go with me places, she says, "It's ok Jarret will tend me."  Or, when we leave Monson home or Landon she tells them that Jarret is here with them..... and the Holy Ghost.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Love these Ladies!

Aunt Eva Fay, Aunt Wanda and my favorite Mother in Law of all time.....Ever.....Sweet Wanee....
These three sisters  are so much alike I would say they share the same brain...but they are all so smart I'm pretty sure they have their own.  I'm so glad they have each other still.  They are interested and caring and salt of the earth type of people.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Fun-day

Bre, Addison, Melinda, Wayne, Truman, Alex, Landon and in front Andrew, Laila and Sophia.
We had family dinner today with some of my favorite people... the above pictured crazies, and Poppa Lyle, Wanee, Holly and Bre's parents: Julie and Rob Briggs.
It's been fun getting to know Alex and his children, Andrew and Sophia, better.  They seem to fit right in.  Andrew reminds me of little Addison with his glasses and silliness and gentle ways.  Sophia is dramatic, loving and out of control.  Alex is a very patient father.
It was so great to get together.   Having Addison and Bre here for the week has been such a blessing.

At dinner I looked around and really felt momma Sheri missing.   It's so hard sometimes I can't breathe.

My Dad said his testimony meeting could have been called the Sheri Show part many sweet remembrances about momma were shared.  Dad made it through sacrament meeting then spent Sunday school time up at momma's graveside reading a book to her.   He says mornings are the hardest.

I bore my testimony today in honor of my momma.  I have a grateful heart.


I loved standing by my dad at the viewing.  He would introduce me to his old friends and tell them that I was the most like Sheri.  I loved that!   But then he would do a finger-circle thing by his head and add..."You know they are both crazy."  Why couldn't dad just let the first half of the sentence stand alone?  He got a good chuckle so he used it two or three more times.  Love him.

The flowers at the cemetery are still out and gorgeous.  I have walked up there the past few days and I have felt such peace being at momma's grave.  I also had my own private pity party....too many tears.

At the end of the viewing...after we were all exhausted from so many hugs and greetings, Dad had us all gather and sing, "Once I went in Swimming."  The funeral directors wondered what was happening.  We couldn't stop laughing.

I was really touched by childhood friends, teacher friends, ward friends, old teachers and so many relatives at this shindig.  We printed 400 programs, because that's what the mortuary said was a lot of programs.  We ran out.  We should have done 500.

 We put the FUN in it that's for sure.   When Adam started his talk by saying there are many people that he wanted to see dead before his mother....and that some of them are here brought the house down.

I couldn't believe Marcie fell as we were coming off of the stand from singing in the Christmas choir.  It was great when she stood up, smiled and held both arms up to show she was okay. She said she knew she was going down, but it was like angels stepped in to stop her fall and keep her from being hurt.

I'm thinking how crazy Jordan and Ryan were at the funeral.  It was a start and stop Eulogy.  I never really loved the reading of the obituary at a funeral anyway, so this one will always be memorable. I knew Momma loved I love it.  Everyone is just trying their best.

I love my Uncle Steve.  The story he shared about mom being described as a teenager as having more personality in her little pinky than most people have in their whole body was priceless.

Playing Sousa Marches for the Ham and Funeral Potato luncheon was perfect.  Momma requested it and said no one would be sad with Marches playing.  She was right.

The Christmas choir was so fun to sing in.  We sounded pretty good for inviting people to sing out of the audience and not practicing.   I loved singing my guts out and feeling the love from all of the choir members for Sheri.  Sheri certainly sucked them all in, just like Angela said.

As we were leaving the cemetery, Marcie's grandson, Ryan found a huge puddle and stomped and splashed up a storm.  He had a devilish smile on and couldn't stop laughing  No one could get him out without ruining their own sunday clothes, so he got totally soaked before he was finished.