Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter is Awesome. 
I know that my Redeemer lives.  What comfort this sweet sentence gives. He lives.  He lives who once was dead.  He lives my ever living head.  

Easter festivities took over this week. 
We colored eggs, read the story of Jesus,  found baskets, and candy, did the annual Welch egg hunt and roll..or should I say throw, new Easter dresses, had a wonderful Easter Sunday with a few choir numbers and then Easter dinner at Mom's. 
 I love Spring time and I'm so grateful for the atonement and resurrection of my LORD!  

We woke Tru up early to join in the basket and egg finding fun with Laila.

Tru throws some eggs for Holly
Wayne and Holly at the Egg throwing hill
Welch cousins are in the house.... Blaine, Tru, Stockton, Holly, Hunter, Shelby
Gave, Bridgers, Nash, Carson, Alex, Andrew, Andrew, Savannah, Laila. Abby, Kylie holding Annalee, Sophia and Hailey.
Landon came with Alex and his cute kids Andrew and Sophia.  They joined in the crazy fun.

Melinda with Sophia counting the eggs and candy...and Me with Laila showing off our new Easter dressess

In other news:   Wayne and I went to a Sushi making class....we learned how to make sticky rice, how to prepare the veggies and the meat to assemble the rolls...then how to roll them, decorate them, and eat them.  Delicious! It was fun to do something different for date night.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Funny Flashback Friday

Laila is still full of wit and wisdom.  As I'm taking her up to bed this week, she informs me that, "God wants us to smile."  Then she tells Wayne, out of the blue, "We went to the temple so I could be in your family."  She is intuitive and spiritual.  Her prayers are great.  She says them very loud.  They kind of sound protestant.  God wants us to do this and that.  It's funny.  We laugh--and then of course she gets mad--"I'm cute, not funny."

Last night, even after reminding her how to pray and say what we are thankful for then ask for blessings, at family prayer time she said, "Heavenly Father, we love God, and we are God's children.  Addison is supposed to be in an airplane but he's in Louisiana so we don't want to lose him.  We love each other in our family and we don't want to be lost. Amen."  What was that?  We had tears rolling down our faces from laughing.    So back to the prayer lessons again.

Laila asked for "pickles for my eyes."  I was confused.  "You know,  pickles so I can sleep like on tv."  She meant cucumbers.....

She woke up this morning by hollering, "cock a doodle doo" really loud.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Waiting, Hoping, Thinking

Waiting for the big China Trip...can't wait to be with Kathleen Newman and scour the streets of Shanghai with all of the sights, sounds and smells.
Waiting for Spring for spring bulbs to start popping up.
Waiting for my house to clean itself and the back yard to get whipped into shape.
Waiting for the deer bedded down in my back yard to go away.
Waiting for Easter
Waiting for all people to be kind to one another

Hoping my mom really kicks this cancer out of her system and starts feeling better.
Hoping to get better at my job.  I need to know how to handle all of the technology stuff and making videos and marketing.  Yikes.
Hoping to have a fun spring break in St. George with Wayne and Laila
Hoping to make some good "clean " recipes.  I'm getting tired of the same old salad and oatmeal.
Hoping to find a good book to read.
Hoping that the weather is awesome this weekend, and we have a good Easter Egg roll and picnic

Thinking about summer
Thinking about swimming at Morley's awesome pool
Thinking about girls camp and getting the youth corp organized and excited
Thinking about riding a 100 miler in butt is going to be singing!
Thinking about how relationships are what define a life.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3 things that are working for me

3 things that are working for me.....
1.  Green Smoothies.  It's almost been a year since we started on our green smoothie quest. I have used my Blendtec over 1600 blends--that's about 800 smoothies.  We try to have a quart every morning filled with spinach, kale, broccoli, flax seed, apple, orange, pineapple and strawberries....and some plant based protein powder.  Yummy.  I actually really like them and miss our greens when it doesn't happen.    We are also trying to eat clean.  No processed  food, no sugar or white flour.  It's hard, but worth it.  The added benefit is we have all lost weight.   Wayne has lost 28 pounds, I have lost 24 pounds and Landon 20+ pounds.  I really am a salt, sugar and fat addict.  This has been a huge step for me and some times it feels like a roller coaster...but I know it's worth it.

2.  Exercise.  I go to the gym with Si atleast 4 days a week, and then with Wayne on Saturday. It's great to move and be warm....but it's better to be outside.  I love biking and walking on the blvd.  much more than in the gym, that's for sure.  Yeah for the beautiful weather.

3. No Soda.  I went off of all soda last April.  It's almost  been one year.  I haven't really missed it, just now and then when I think about Mexican food. I'm glad I took this step.  I was drinking atleast 54oz. of Diet Coke a day!   Like I said, I have an addictive personality.  I just do.  So it was all or nothing.  Going off soda is a healthy choice and one that's reinforced when I read all of the bad things soda does to the body.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lost contact

I lost my contact  and couldn’t find it.  I was standing in my bed room touching my eye....and I didn’t feel it come out, but it did.  It’s a hard lens so I  knew it must be on the ground or even on our bed.  
Losing a contact is different than losing your keys, or a book or credit card.  Those items you really have to think about the last time your saw it or used it. You have to look everywhere.  A contact is really in about a three foot radius from your eye. 
The trouble with losing a contact though,  is you can’t really see to find it.  I tiptoed to the bath room and took out my other lens and put my glasses on.  We got a flash light and began systematically looking through the shag carpet.  
NO luck.  
We searched over the bed and white coverlet, under the bed, in the dirty laundry bins.  Laila helped us search.  She reminded me to pray.  I was hesitant because it was just a lost contact that we could easily find in this small space.    I was on my knees, anyway, so I said a prayer.  I just knew the contact couldn’t have gone far.  
We kept searching.  
I took off my clothes and searched through them.  We checked through all of the shoes.  More looking through the carpet fibers.  It was so frustrating.  It just disappeared.  We broadened our search to the bathroom and other parts of the bedroom and looked  some more. 
 An hour had gone by. 
I kept wanting to call it quits, but once I said that prayer, I felt like I just had to keep looking.  
Wayne and Laila searched too.  
No luck.   
Well…. I was done… I walked to my side of the bed and just flipped back the corner of the white coverlet on our bedspread, more in resignation, than in actual looking, and there it was…
...all shiny and safe.  
My contact. 
I said a prayer of thanksgiving and put on my contact. 
 I was blind but now I see!  
So why did I have to lose my contact when I had much better things to do with over an hour of my day? 
 I have been thinking about some lessons learned and re-learned--

Prayer always helps, even if it takes Laila’s reminder for it to happen.  But once the  prayer was said I felt like I couldn’t stop.  I had to sincerely do my part for the Lord to do his.  The Lord comforted me and kept me from ranting and raving and turning into my natural state as we searched.  I just peacefully kept looking.

It helps to be looking together.  I was grateful that Wayne was just as invested in finding this contact as I was.  He never deserted me or gave up, which made me not give up.  We are on this earth to help and lift each other.

Life’s little irritations can get us  down…but oh what joy was felt when the contact was found.  It really was so exciting.   
I only found it after "all I could do" then the Lord stepped in and gave me the reward. ( Just like the scriptures say...)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Flashback Friday

Laila likes to make up her own songs and speak in tongues.  Many times we don't know what she is saying.  For prayer one night she went on for about a minute in gibberish.  Finally Dad said, "In English, please," which made us all start laughing and the prayer came to a halt.

We drove past the WX city nativity scene and Laila exclaimed, "Hey, there's God."

She is still so cuddly and happy most of the time.  She loves to play with her cousins, even the big ones.
Laila was wonderding why cousin Lindsey is always at Gramma Welch's.  She finally figured out that Gramma is Lindsey's Gramma too.  "So why do you have so many sleep overs?"  "You are a sister, you need to come to my house and sleep."

Laila asked Aunt Cyrrena if she could "be my #3 mom?"  She decided she already has 2 mom's and it's working out, so she needs a third one.  She also figured out that she is like Jesus.  "Jesus has 2 dads and I have 2 moms. Same, same."  She is sooo smart.  She is always swaying random, spiritual things.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 30th Anniversary

I can't believe I've been married for 30 years. 
  The time has flown by and crawled by all at once.
Marriage is fun and hard and wonderful and one of the best decisions I have ever made.
 It helps that I chose Wayne.  
We have lost weight together, been in shows together, bought cars and houses together, worked out together, argued and made up together, vacationed together, gained weight together, took up hobbies together, had babies together,  raised children together, prayed together and loved together.

30 Things I LOVE about my no particular order....
1.  He is Handsome....easy on the eyes
2.  He is spiritual
3.  He supports me in my theatre hobby and other artsy stuff I do
4.  He loves his mother
5.  He is so sweet to his sister Holly, even when he teases her
6.  He is a caring, loving, tender, accepting father
7.  He strives to be healthy ....takes care of himself
8.  He loves to cuddle
9.  He helps keep me on the straight and narrow
10.  He gives his all to his church callings
11.  He is interested in others and serves others willingly
12.  He likes to bike.....motor and road
13.  He tells a great story
14.  He is a lifter
15.  He is knowledgable about a lot of smart
16.  He loves to travel with me
17.  He "gets" me
18.  He loved me first
19.  He was my first kiss
20. He is still my boyfriend
21. He brings me flowers just because
22.  He is a hard worker
23.  He makes my dreams come true
24.  He is the perfect height
25.  He magnifies his priesthood
26.  He loves his family and MY family
27.  He doesn't complain....even with his dizzy
28.  He loves to read
29.  He loves good music 
30.  He makes me laugh

I'm glad I picked a good one.  
Happy Anniversay!

Addison created this for us in celebration of our 30th Anniversary!
...and this is the sweetest note from Holly....

Monday, March 18, 2013


 We celebrated St. Patrick's weekend with fun, food, friends and family!  No pinching was happening around here.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

True Love

Bre is being swooned by Goofy.....gawrsh!
 Addison's in love with Ariel..... and is ready to sweep her off her feet!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Flashback Friday

Laila had her Cinderella pics taken this week.  She is a big momma's girl.

Laila is back in pullups at night and is once again sleeping through..which means I am sleeping through the night again too.  YEAH!
She has gotten to know Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Lyle a bit better because of grandma Welch's operation on her shoulder.  This has been a blessing for them.  She goes there in the morning and they eat sugar waffles together and then she gets dressed and they take her to preschool. So it's been fun.  She loves to play hide and seek with Grandpa Lyle.  She only hides and he only seeks.  Then they laugh.
She is a real monkey, she can climb on and up anything.  Sunday at family circle time, we hear a scream  coming from Grandma Sheri's garage.   We run in there and Laila has climbed all of the way to the top of the garage door and is hanging on by her finger tips, screaming, because now she is stuck.

Laila's best girl friend is Heather Kofford.  Laila calls her "Heaver."  We try to get her to say it correctly.  We say, " stick your tongue out and say th."  She does, then pulls it back in really fast and says, "v".  It's so funny to watch her.  She really, seriously tries though.  Sometimes Heather can't understand what Laila is saying, so she tells us, "Laila is speaking Spanish."

Laila likes to call her hair, " Circle Hair," not curly hair.  She is much more accurate with her words.  She doesn't now why she is so lucky!  The only problem  is she wants to brush her hair and it's almost impossible to do this once it is dry.

I told Laila she had a "cute butt" one day as she was running in to the bath tub.  She stopped and replied, "Sanks mom.  You have a beautiful bum too."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's on my mind.....

I dream.....about going to China.  I loved it the first time, and I am looking forward to being in Shanghai with my Wayne and spending time with the Newmans.

I  stress about my Tru.  Someone committed online banking fraud and took all of his money out of  his checking and savings.   We hope he gets at least some of it back eventually.

I like...this quote  “Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more. He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion which polish you for your everlasting benefit.” ― Richard G. Scott

I collect globes, wooden figures, hand sculptures and dust

I want to be in a, what to audition for?

I love my Wayne.  I was pretty scared when he had his heart pain and was in the hospital overnight.  What would I do with out him?  He's been in China for the past week and I'm glad he's finally home.

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about Love and Charity, Kindness and Acceptance.

I miss my missionary son, my Grandma Butters and my kids in Florida.

I balance ....a lot better than Mr. Dizzy

I celebrate my mom.  She has been so courageous this past year and a half. She is fighting the cancer fight. We just keep praying.

I work on my painting and my drawing skills

I create green smoothies...every day.... I'm just not so good at creating dinner

I move  quickly and lose stuff, keys, letters, important docs all of the time. 

I eat mostly "clean" with a few sugar slip ups now and then

I change my house decor, walls, furniture, pictures, paint color a lot

I try to be a good sister, interested friend, caring daughter,  and loving mother

I listen to XM Broadway radio while I drive around in my Yelocar

I watch Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Smash, Nashville, Modern Family, Parenthood, Scandal and     White Collar

I laugh daily.  It was fun to play Headbandz with the Belnaps on Sunday.  We laughed til we cried.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Funny flashback Friday

Laila has said some cute things lately.  She told us that one day a boy is going to come and she is going to get married and then she is going to dance and then  kiss.  And it's ok, "cuz I can't be a baby forever.  I'm gonna grow up."

She was really sad when I told her we had to kill the snails because they were eating our flowers.  She cried, "that is so sad."

She loves Brother Cash ( her nursery singing leader) and actually called him on the phone to tell him so.  He was thrilled.
Three year olds.....Preston and Laila at Bear Lake

Laila, all summer long, was asking everyone, "What you want for Christmas?"  It was quite funny that she was thinking of this so early.  It took a lot of people off guard, especially the ones that would call on the phone and she would answer, and then she would ask them, "What you want for Christmas?"

The other night, Laila and I had a --you are using too much toothpaste-- fight. It went on for a long time and she wouldn't back down.  But boy, she was so mad at me.  So..... at family prayer time she always has to be called on.  She raises her hand and everything--"Let Laila Say it, Let Laila."  She said the prayer.  "Bless mom to be nice to me.  We are all God's children and we need to love each other...Amen."  It was funny, sweet and amazing.

3/8/2013  .......and now for  a Winning Mother Moment.....
The other night, Laila asked me what a diaphragm was?  I took a deep breath and launched into birth control devices with gusto.  After all, she has 5th grade maturation coming up and all things female reproduction related have been on my mind.  My little girl is growing up.
As I explained, her eyes got bigger and then her face looked really confused.  She interrupted me....."Harry got hit in the diaphragm?   In my Harry Potter book it says, Harry got hit in the diaphragm."
"Oh," I said.  "That's right......there are two types of diaphragms."   The birth control device and the one used for  breathing which is down in your gut.  That's the one she needed explained.
She rolled her eyes at me and we laughed.
I don't think she's going to invite me to her 5th grade maturation now.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life of Cry

I just got done watching a "What not to Wear" episode on TLC.  I teared up through out the entire show.  I don't know why it's just  so touching to see how makeup  and clothes and a new hair style can make all the difference to someone's life.  I know it's weird that I cried.'s what I do.

I am a crier.
There.  I've said it.  I'm really good at it.

I cry all of the time.  I get it from my father.  He always joked that his kidneys were right below his eyelids and so that's why he always had water coming out of his eyes.  All I know is I got the same genetic make up.  As my dad gets older, the tears flow more freely.  As I get tears are right at the surface as well,  ready to bubble up and drip down my cheeks.

I literally cry every Sunday.  Something will set me off.  Seeing someone else get choked up and teary.  Watching the deacons pass the sacrament and remembering when I had awkward 12 year old boys living in my home.  Hearing a heart warming experience.  Sharing my testimony.  Singing.  Thinking that Laila is going to be a Beehive next year at this time. Looking over my left shoulder during a meeting to catch my friend Si's eye, and having her NOT THERE.  (She just moved out of the ward) Really just anything.  I used to be bugged by my church crying, but now I just know it's me.

There is a  "cryer group" in my ward.  All the wardies know  it's Nick Cash, Nan Bruske, Lois Keiffer, Chris Capson, Bishop Barlow and Me.   Laura Belnap can join in too.  She's a pretty good crier.

Nick Cash says that he used to be bothered by his church crying, but now he says when he gets choked up he thinks there is a little angel sitting on his shoulder testifying.  I like it.

I cry at commercials.    Hallmark commercials are the worst...but so are car commercials, laundry commercials, Dorito commercials, baby product commercials.......

I cry at tv shows ...and in movies.... and during beauty pageants....when I relate stories.... when I read missionary letters ......when I sing at funerals-even when I don't know the people......when I see a beautiful sunset ........and while watching the news.

I have some family members and friends who are "rocks."  I know they are feeling it, but no tears are dropping.  How would that be?

I cry therefore I am.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tubing Soldier Hollow

We  had a great time at Soldier Hollow.  This is our 4th year of doing this, and I told Wayne, I hope to be doing this with our grandkids some day, when I'm old and gray!!!
We all took a friend this year.  I took Wayne...of course.   Landon took Karina Gillette, Laila took Kinsley Jensen, and Truman took Emily Hill.  We totally missed Monson, Addison and Bre.....
It was warm this year.  The snow hill was kind of slow to begin with, but as the hours went by, it got faster and faster.  So much fun and so beautiful.
We laugh every time as we remember our first experience tubing at Soldier Hollow.  This was Addison and Bre's first date.  We made a tube-train to go down the slide.  I was holding on to Bre's tube and as we got to the bottom, I let go of it and she went sliding into the fence.  Not a good first impression of her future mother in law.  Good thing she didn't get hurt, and loved Addison enough to keep dating him.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Funny Friday Flashback

Laila is still asking what time is it?... all of the time, and she really wants to know, like time is the most important thing in the world to her.  She is being teased by her brothers to the point of tears lately.  She is getting smarter  though to know when they are just kidding.  We ate at a restaurant this week with the Farley family, and Colin Farley (8) and Laila were running around.  We asked them to stop and sit down and Laila just looked at us parents, pointed to Colin and said, "He started it!"  She folds her arms and frowns and acts like she is mad, then says, "Just kidding."  It is a hoot.

Laila sings songs at the top of her lungs now--especially some musical theatre songs that I play and sing at the top of my lungs in the car.  "Mama, mama, mama." from Spelling Bee.

We were eating hamburgers and hotdogs at Bear Lake, and she wanted a bite of my hotdog.  I told her I eat it "naked" without anything on it.  She took one bite, pulled a face and said, "I like mine dressed up."

She was lying on my chest one morning at the condo and she said, as usual, "What does your heart say?"  I said my usual response, "It says, I love Laila. I love Laila."  "No," she insisted.  "I sink it says, I miss Addison, I miss Addison."  (Addison left on his Louisiana mission just 2 months  ago)

She is really interested in having two moms.  One that she was in her tummy and one to love and keep her and help her to grow.  She quite loves this idea.