Monday, October 6, 2008

Keva Juice= Brain Freeze

I was busy painting my mother in laws kitchen on Saturday, listening to conference of course and had a huge craving for a Keva Juice. Wayne showed up just in time to indulge me and soon a Tropical Princess was in my hand.
I took a big suck on the straw and ..... and..... Brain freeze.
I knew this was going to happen. I do it all of the time. I can't take little sucks-- that would suck. (Sorry dad for the use of the word suck over and over....he totally loathes this word.)

But....I need a lot in my mouth. I want to taste it. It kind of goes back to how I eat popcorn. No lady like bites for me.
I'll endure anything for a sweet, slushy treat. I just keep guzzling it and hoping my brain freeze will abate. I rub my tongue on the roof of my mouth. I put my warm thumb in my mouth-- I drink hot water....... trying to get my nerve endings to lighten up and go away.
When I'm feeling good again, I take another big swig and OWWW! The brain freeze returns. You would think I would stop this .
I don't.
I have to finish all 24 ozs. as quickly as possible.

This is how I eat everything-- no control, even if I'm in pain.

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