Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween gingerbread house

Scene opens: A beautiful, just fresh from the ER, brown eyed , happily creating a Halloween gingerbread house with her mother.

"Please pass the candy, mother," says Laila.
"Yes, Darling. " responds Mother. " Oh, this Halloween kit is just wonderful. The icing totally holds the cookie structure together with no problems."
"Yes, we are having a lovely bonding time, mother, more sprinkles please," replies Laila, sweetly, as she puts orange jack-o-lanterns in a line on the roof top.
"This is the perfect out of the hospital project. I'm so glad we have this," laughs mother.
"I love you mother," says Laila with a tight squeeze.
" And I love you Laila," says mother as she holds up the picture perfect Haunted Cookie House that looks just like the one on the box. Everyone is smiling.

Now for......Real Life:

L: I can do this myself...I don't need any help.
M: I will help you or we are putting it away right now.
L: Why isn't the icing holding this together?
M: Oh my word you have black and orange icing everywhere. We need to wash your hands.
L: The candies aren't sticking. I don't want the icing there, that's not how it looks on the box!
M: The icing isn't working. Let's try microwaving it. Bad idea.
L: The house fell down again-- what is wrong with this?
M: Wash your hands-- you are turning all of the candy black.
L: Oops, I dropped all of the candy on the floor, the dog is eating it!!
M: The roof fell off again!!!
L: You ruin everything!!!!!!! ( Screamed at the top of her lungs.)
M: ( Silence as she tries not to say anything she will regret)


L: I forgive you.
M: Get the Glue gun!
L: I can't eat it if we glue it.
M: You won't eat it anyway. Let's go change our clothes. I love you Laila.
L: Yeah, yeah, I love you too mom.


barbyb said...

that was awesome. . .

The Bentley Family said...

Love it!

Si said...

You know those things are "fool proof" :)

So Not Telling You said...

Okay Chick, I think I'm smitten. You're an absolute hoot and I love your insights here.

I feel like if I keep reading here I'll lose the weight just by giggling.

If I do, I'm so dropping your name during my Today Show interview or whatever.