Monday, July 30, 2012

Yellowstone/Playmill....3rd trip

We headed to West Yellowstone for the 3rd time, last weekend.  This time with Wanee, Holly, Tami and Rob.  We had a great time traveling together, seeing the beautiful park and watching the Playmill shows featuring Addison and Bre.  Our favorite was Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  
 Holly was treated  like a queen by all of the Playmill kids....and was so happy to be with her favorite nephew, Addison.
 We came up with a TOP TEN Best for this trip:
1.  Having Holly go up on stage to be  sung Happy Birthday to.  She was the definition of true JOY.
2.  Wanee drying off with the bath mat because she was sacrificing the bath towels for Wayne and me.
3.  Walking down to the Brink of the Lower Falls. It is so impressive at the bottom. We knew Wanee could do it, but Holly even walked down and back up.  Good thing she has been exercising!
 4.  Seeing  all 3 of the musicals.  Addison and Bre just SHINE!  They have so many characters and accents and just sing beautifully.
5.  Holly's new BFF... Jennie Moss... one of the Playmill players that made Holly feel so special.
6.  Firehole Swimming... Rob, Addison, Bre and Laila all took turns going through the geyser currents.
7. Lunch time with Rob and Tami.  They take such care and are so precise when they make their sandwiches.  By the time they are ready with  their masterpieces, and begin eating, Wayne and I are finished.
8.  Wanee riding through the park searching for Animals and commenting on the trees again and again.
9.  Getting a face charm necklace that Addison made me for my birthday.  It's filled with personality. 
10.  Laila participating in Playmill Prom... a giant dance party at midnight.  All the kids dress up in costumes.  Laila got to be part of the Mary Poppins' group as Anne Banks, and stay up til 2am dancing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

TGIF....Happy Pioneer day!

Family Foto for Father ..... (I didn't get the  - don't smile we are pioneers -  note).... 1974

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our first Biff on the Bikes

When Wayne got home from riding around Bear Lake he was pretty confident that it was time for us to trade our regular bike pedals in and get clips and shoes instead.  I was a bit hesitant, but as usual I jumped in feet first and got clips and shoes for my sweet Dolce bike.
This is a huge step in the biking world
We tried them out at the bike store and clipped in and out over and over to get the feel of it.  Then we had a "lesson" on the track at MPJH.  We clipped in and clipped out and rode around and around.  We got our confidence built. It was a lot easier clipping in while riding, that's for sure.
We read a lot about technique and the best way to do this, but were warned over and over that we would fall down for sure.  Once or twice.  Most likely in front of many people.    I thought..."Really?  This isn't that hard."
Time for the open road.
 Day one.. no problem.  Of course, we didn't stop very much, but when we did one shoe clipped out and we leaned to the right and we were saved.
Day two.... Disaster strikes.  We were heading to the stop on Davis Blvd and Val Verda Road.  Wayne comes to a stop, clips out his right foot.  I clip out my right foot.  There is a car across from us, there is a car behind us and many cars coming down the hill. what feels like slow motion, Wayne
 ( who has balance issues) begins leaning toward his  left and falls to the pavement while I yell out..... "Wayne" and reach to my left, which then effects my balance.  I fall to the pavement on top of Wayne's bike.  
Two turtles on their backs.... 
Once we assessed that we were all right-- just a skinned knee, skinned elbow, bruised thigh, greasy shins, bruised ego.....I couldn't stop laughing.  I also couldn't get my shoe unclipped so we could get up.  We were trapped while I struggled with my shoe clip and cars just  had to go out around us.  I wasn't making any type of eye contact with the drivers.  They wanted to know if we were okay....I think the laughter let them know we were.  I finally got my shoe off and was able to get off of Wayne and  stand up which enabled Wayne to stand up and move our bikes off to the side of the road.  
Still No eye contact.... "just move along folks.  Nothing to see here"...except two embarrassed bikers.
It was so funny.
I couldn't unclip my shoe off of the bike, even standing up.   Wayne had to pop it off for me, then I was able to get it back on and we rode off into the sunset...but not before the  brown car guy, who saw the entire thing happen, came back around the block to check on us again.
A thumbs up was all he needed.
 Ay ay ay.
I am laughing even while I write this.  It should be on American's Funniest...but I am glad that no one caught us on tape.  We were basically stopped, and then just, fell over.... just like that.
We are now unclipping both shoes, just to be safe, until we get the bike clip thing. Our bikes have some gashes and bruises too, so they are sufficiently broken in.
When I look at me in this biking get up ... I don't recognize myself.  Let's hope no one did on Val Verda road either.
Hoping it's our last fall....but it probably isn't. Next time I'm just going to relax and aim for my bum.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF...... I'm 5?

I'm  5 in this picture.  This is my birthday cake and pool toy Sammy the seal.

Me, Liz---  at 3 months old, Momma Sheri and Adam.   I'm pretty sure Marcie was taking the picture.  We loved to take the picture and not be in the picture.   Mom would make and decorate all of our cakes with yummy royal icing.  She did beautiful icing flowers and specialized in roses.
 Laila always comments on the short hair of the 60's.  So many little girls with short hair.  IT was because of the famous model Twiggy and pixie cut actress, Audrey Hepburn.  They  rocked the short hair cut and so did I??  Marcie had the long hair....she had the tangles and the tears.  I did not.
I just turned 5 times 10 this week!

My birthday was filled with biking with Wayne a pedicure with Laila, Lunch with some girl friends, a pie run to Marie Callendars for my favorite Rhubarb pie which I then proceeded to eat 1/2 of proving that the self control I had at 49 is still with me at 50, dinner with Wanee, Holly, Wayne, Landon, Laila, Sheri and Lyle...and then crashing on the couch to catch up on Design Star and BunHeads tv shows.
I didn't do one thing I didn't want to do.....
It's been fun to look at  my old pictures and reminisce.  I have to get my pics into a nice album like I have for Wayne and the rest of the kids.  The tape in the old books is pretty much non existant and the books are in shambles.   I have my work cut out for me.....but I do enjoy scrapbooking, so it will be fun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 10 Bear Lake Highlights

We are back from another year at Bear Lake.  We have been doing this for 40 years and not much changes year after year....we like it that way!

TOP 10 List:
1-- Ice cream  cone or Shakes every day
2 --The big floating Island ....stayed on the water for hours, which brought about many sunburns
3--50 miles around the lake on our bikes
4--Having  cousin Savannah Bentley with us this year.. she is a delightful, fun, talkative child.
5--Hunkering under our 4 canopies while the storms swirled around us and chased everyone else off the beach.  Dad even stayed under the U of U canopy...but only because he had his BYU hat on.
6--Jenna sharing matching swim suits with a stranger
8-- Mom making sandwiches every lunch time on the beach
9--Volleyball with no fighting and all playing
10--Matching Towels...

The Island heading out to sea
We read and sit and sit and read some more.

Love Mom's sassy read hair!
Laila reading on the beach.  Savannah laughing.  Laila puts on her crazy sun screen
Marcie with her grand baby Ryan

Golfing with Savannah, Laila and Preston.... 

Wayne actually played volley ball every time... he was the secret weapon on his team...not even dizzy
Volley ball winners!!!   You can see our towels in the back ground hanging over our condo decks.
We play a ton of games
Al, Liz, Melinda, Landon, Jenna, Rachel...and the 3 Call boys .....who really love each other
Mom and Dad gave everyone towels for Christmas with our names on them...

Gary worked on a new hair product while we were there. He straightened Laila's hair.  Laila informed us:
"I think straight hair makes me look so much older.  Curly hair makes me look like I'm six."

Laila read the Hunger Games during our vacay week.  This is the first time she has actually joined us in reading on the beach.

Monday, July 16, 2012

50 in 50

 50 lessons learned in 50 years
Lessons I have learned, collected, observed… If I list something it’s because I truly believe it –
 1.  “Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.  This is the beginning of a very long quote extolling the virtues of Enthusiasm that I first memorized as a sophomore at BHS.  It has stayed with me and I use it was my mantra.  Enthusiasm comes from a Greek root that means “with God.”

 2.  “People are more important than things”  Grandma Butters

 3.  “There is beauty all around, when there’s love at home.” LDS Hymn

 4.  “The Sun will come out tomorrow.”  -- Annie

 5.  Change is good and I am good with change

 6.  We make our own “ happily ever after.”  

 7.  Look for connections….My Sweet mother In law, Wanee, is so wonderful at this.  She is always trying to find some one who knows some one who  she knows.  It’s a great exercise and a way to feel like we are all part of this life experience together.

 8.  Choose the right…except at Disneyland and then I think choosing the left line will always get you on the ride faster

 9.  Be You.  We are all one and onlys.

 10. Relax and breathe.  I liked the To Do list I had in my home for awhile. “To do today…..#1. Breathe  #2.  Relax”

 11.  Pray with spouse.  We have done this off and on throughout our marriage.  It’s better when we are on. 

 12.  Date night is important—continue to date your spouse. 

13.  In charge of your own Happiness.  Let “Happy” be your most felt emotion.

14.  Choose your attitude. 

15.  Be a good hugger.  30 second hugs are what get the endorphins flowing

16.  Spend money on vacations – Memories are made and shared

17.  Hold children while you can.  They really do grow up so quickly

18.  Spiritual moments bring the most joy

19.  My parents really, really love me… I know this now, because of how much I really, really love my own children.

20.  It’s okay not to watch the news or read the newspaper

21.  People get good at things through practice

22.  Read—Books are my friends

23.  Wash face every night

24.  Everyone has their own bucket of stuff.  I have my stuff, your have your stuff...seen or unseen we all have problems and issues and stuff.

25.  Don’t judge or assume—When you look at a person any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them.

26.  Love is the Answer—and the key--- Love anyway.  Forgive anyway.

27.  Don’t yuck on someone else’s yum

28.  Kindness matters

29.  Try  new stuff….don’t get stuck in the same old, same old.

30.  People don’t come to see how clean your house is, they come to see YOU

31.  Good enough is okay in so many areas

32.  Processed food is killing us… we need to eat whole, good food...

33.  There are all types of people in this world….and we are all children of God.

34.  Work on friendships…. Make time for friends

35.  A smile is a gift you give to the world and to your face. 

36.  Missions turn boys into men

37.  Marry for Love

38.  Exercise for fun.  Find an outside activity that you enjoy and do it often.

39.  Eat for pleasure….

40.  Faith not fear. Let your faith be bigger than your fear

41.  Clean up as you  go… no big messes

42.  Make your bed every day, then your room is “clean.”

43.  Don’t yell—try not to—whisper instead

44.  SUNSCREEN – trust me

45.  Visit parents and grandparents on Sunday

46.  Temple brings peace…Go often

47.  Learn to make a good Sunday meal.. some special dessert…kids will think  you are a good cook

48.  Miracles happen all around us

49.  Prayers are answered

50.  Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer

Sunday, July 15, 2012

50 miles!

 Well we did it...we went 50 miles around Bear Lake.  Wayne actually did it twice.  Show Off.  It hurt my knee half way through the first time, so I was out of it, except for little rides the rest of the week.  I was really proud of us though.  We did the ride in 3 hours and 33 minutes.   The Lake is a great place to ride bikes.   We are going to do it atleast 3 times during the week next then I will be in better biking shape.

Laila saw us in our biking gear and said.... "Whoa I can't believe my dad is really wearing that.  No child should have to see her parents dressed  that way.  "   She is going to need therapy for sure.

Friday, July 13, 2012

TGIF...Bear Lake

COLE COUSINS: Baby Becca, Jordan, Rachel, Landon, Truman, Addison,Nelson, Aaron, Megan...... Bear Lake Condos...Summer of '92.

We are all at Bear Lake again this year.   We love the relaxed family time that we share.  We have many great memories.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pre-Birthday Bash

I had a 50th birthday party at the Farleys.  They along with the Belnaps and Wayne threw this shindig for me.   It feels kind of weird to know this is really happening.   I am going to be 50…. Not depressing, but just kind of weird. 
 Many family and friends showed up for a potluck dinner. 
Dessert table featured my 5th grade pink pant suit pose with a cast on my arm
 Gary, Me, Marcie, Christine and Adam--
 Just Linda and Me---
 An Off key rendition of " Happy Birthday" was perfect..... Bob led the crazy choir.
 Liz told me that, "50 Sucks"...... and she wouldn't know yet.
 Nick Cash made sure I knew I was "still a Hottie!"
  Landon sang me a beautiful song, called “Momma Don’t cry”…. So of course I did. 
   Wayne gave me 50 glow sticks, because I light up his life…. And he gave me beautiful roses…and he danced with me.  Holly is the only other person to dance with me….   I love dancing with Holly…her face is so delightful and she knows all of the moves. 
  I received many hugs, sweet cards and well wishes, plus I got 50 suckers, 50 kisses, 50 cherry  chocolates,  50 cherries, 50 pins, 50 hearts, 50 sour balls, 50 cheesecakes, 50 doves chocolates, 50 dark chocolates, 50 tootsie rolls,  50 Ibuprofen, 50 jelly bean flavors, 50 assorted things in  a bag from Laura, that reminded her of me. 50 bucks on a movie card,  50$ restaurant certificate, 50 Hot tamales….And…. “50 beers for 50 years”—cans of apple beer from the Farleys.   It was all very random and fun. 

 I wish I would have been more prepared about what to say to everyone who came out besides thanks.  I have been thinking since and probably could have said something about changes I have made as I move toward this half century mark….. no soda pop, no theatre popcorn, more green smoothies, more bike riding, more chopstix usage, more temple attendance, more hugs and an abstract painting class ……I guess this is what Melinda…as a 50 year old does. 
 Thanks to Diane, Laura and Kimi for the great evening......and everyone who attended.  I felt very loved. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

TGIF..... Landon 12th birthday

Grandpa Tom, Momma Melinda,  Landon looking over, Grandma Sheri, Grandma Butters, Aunt Angela....

All gathering for Landon's 12th birthday......
And now he's 24!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Fun Freedom Festivities

We got to spend this holiday with a lot of our favorite People.
The Rigby party with the Belnaps is always a highlight.  It's a huge americana pot luck in a gorgeous setting with a country band, mechanical bull riding  and dancing.
After our 20 mile bike ride, Wayne and I with Landon and Laila, traveled down to Spanish Fork to be with the Morleys and many other Butters side relatives.
Adam impressed us all with a whale watermelon carving.
Laila, Adam and Preston going off the high dive!
 Krystin and me..... with our mom's-- Lynette and Sheri,  and 4th of July licorice wraps.  Mom made over 200 scones...which all got consumed, then put on her red, white and blue wig to celebrate. I had my British flag cover up on.  It almost felt sacrilegious, but I used it as an example of how far our county has come.
Truman got to have a much needed day off from Pest Control selling, and spent the day with friends at a pool in SanJose California.  He was sporting a Mohawk for the occasion.

We received a fun, unexpected,  text-pic of Monson and companion at a member's BBQ.  
 Oakley Rodeo with the Fosters.  Laila didn't quite know what to think.  Did she like it?  Would she go again?  She felt really sorry for the calves getting roped and thrown down to tie up.  At one point when I thought a cowboy was going to be trampled by a bull, I did shout.... "Cover her eyes."  Crisis averted.

What a great holiday!  We all fell into bed exhausted.