Saturday, October 4, 2008

I love the Fall

I have friends who rave about loving fall-- "sweater weather" they call it.

I'm actually a big summer lover-- no schedules, lots of swim and vacation time. It's probably one of the reasons I wanted to be a teacher-- SUMMER break.

I love fall too-- but not for the obvious reasons.

I love that my time doing yard work is at an end. I love that I can look at my dying,wilting flower pots and not care anymore.
I love that I don't have to dust my house anymore. I just call the dust Halloween decor and go with it. Spider webs too. It's all just ambiance. I'll dust again when I pull the fall decorations down and set up Christmas decor. It's a great break for me.

I love Halloween. I love to dress up and be crazy. I have been known to surprise my children by walking around their schools in a costume and just popping my head in their door and saying hi. Total embarrassment for some of the boys-- they will probably be on Oprah one day and talk about their shame and trauma in growing up Welch.

I look forward to Halloween for the treats as well.
I love the doughnuts my mom, and recently my brother, makes on Halloween. I love them-- especially the next day for breakfast. Greasy and sweet and good.

I love Halloween candy. I always go through my kids candy bags and pull out all of the "good" candy bars.
(Say in a big monster voice) " Mmmmmmm-- I love the candy!"
Stealing candy out of their bags works good when the kids are under 8-- after that, they want the candy bars too.
I probably make my kids go to more houses than they really want to because I want the candy. I Know I could just go buy what I want at the store, but it's not the same. The Halloween candy is like a gift. I can't turn it down-- I have to eat it.

Yep ...I love this time of year.

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