Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday 5 fave......Cars

Today I will list my 5 favorite Cars!!!
1. Red
2. Yellow
3. Royal Blue
4. Pearly White
5. Green

I pretty much can't tell one car from the next, much to my husband's chagrin. Maybe I will do better with my favorite trucks  list ?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saw this out in cyberspace today.....and LOVED it.  Had to share.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

We celebrated Dad's  80th Birthday on Sunday.  He is a wonderful, good, kind, handsome  Man.  These are just some of the attributes shared about him as we took our turns around the tables saying what we loved about Lyle.   We gathered for a family dinner of Swiss Steak, potatoes and squash, followed by Raspberry Trifle.  Just what dad ordered.  He fell down on Thursday and wrenched his good shoulder, probably a torn rotator cuff, he already had a bad shoulder.  Not fun.  So, he wasn't his usual jolly self, but he did enjoy the company and the gift. All of us wrote our testimonies down and put them in a COLE FAMILY TESTIMONY book just for him.  What else do you get an 80 year old?

Landon , Nelson, Aaron, Megan, Addison and Bre
Jenna, Becca, Hayden

Jordan, Laurie, Rachel, Anthony

Christine, Adam Sheri, Lyle

Angela and Guy

Al and Liz

Wayne, Melinda, Marcie

Marcie, Nelson, Gary
Angela, Dad, Megan, Rachel looking at Testimony Book


Uncle Floyd Israelsen's funeral was on Saturday.  He was 92.  He was a Saint of a farmer and the Stake patriarch in Logan.  He gave 934 blessings.   His family did a great job honoring him. One of the messages that I keep thinking about was given by his son, Clark.  He said at his mom's funeral an older gentleman came up to him and said, "As good as your parents are, you really should have turned out better."  The man didn't laugh, just turned and walked away.  Clark was shocked, but he thought about it and realized the man was probably right.  Wow.   I know my parents are perfectly fabulous, and I want to try to turn out to be better.  More loving.  More kind.  More gentle. More inclusive.  More.
Pres. Uchtdorf's talk on Forget Me Nots touched me and has stayed with me.  Part of this is because he is a  master speech writer.
1.  Forget Not  to be patient with your self.
2.  Forget Not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.
3.  Forget not to be HAPPY now.
4.  Forget not the WHY of the Gospel.
5.  Forget not that the LORD Loves YOU!
He uses sign posts, gives great examples and wraps up at the end with a review.
He would get an A in my  speech class.  I am really looking forward to Conference.
Speaking of my class, a student from 1985 just sent me his first published book in the mail.  Rejiggering the Thingamajig and other stories.   Eric Stone is a science fiction writer who has received numerous awards.  He sent me a note along with the book thanking me for encouraging his creativity, and I am also listed in the book's acknowledgements.   It was so nice to unexpectedly receive this from him.
So many times as a teacher I wonder if I make any difference at all.
Wayne and I have started eating "good" again.  We have to do something because the scale keeps going up.  We are at the nothing fits stage and look like sausages in the clothes that we put on every day.  Laila loves us just the way we are.  As we discuss new eating patterns and losing weight, she is always disgusted with us.  When I told her I would have to buy new clothes if I didn't lose some weight, she optimistically said, "maybe it's just a growth spurt!?!"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday 5 fave..........New Musicals

NEW MUSICALS  (in the last 30 years)

This list was equally difficult.  (All you theatre geeks out there, try this exercise.)  It is truly overwhelming to whittle the list down to only 5.  I had to tell myself that only 5 would fit in my "life boat" or my "handcart."... it was a silly notion, but it  helped my decisions.  I probably like all of these shows because I saw them on Broadway or with the original casts... and just relished the entire experience.

Again, in no particular order.......

1.  The Secret Garden is a musical based on the 1911 novel of the same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The musical's book and lyrics are by Marsha Norman, with music by Lucy Simon. It premiered on Broadway in 1991.
I love this classic tale of a little girl with no parents who just wants to find her place.
Wayne took me to this with actor/singer Mandy Patinkin in the main part, in LA.  We were almost on the back row, yet the scenery and story were breathtaking.  When Mandy sang the duet of "Lilly's Eyes" was silent....then thunderous applause.

2. Wicked is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Winnie Holzman. It is based on the Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West , a parallel novel of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and L. Frank Baum's classic story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The musical is told from the perspective of the witches of the Land of OzElphaba, the misunderstood girl with emerald-green skin, and Galinda, later Glinda, the beautiful, ambitious and popular blonde.  IT debuted in 2003.
  I have seen this 3 times  ( NYC, NYC and San Fran)....and could see it again, and be equally satisfied. Any kind of injustice story tugs at my heart, plus the little twist at the end....priceless.  I love to crank up this sound track in my car and sing at the top of my lungs.

3.  Les Misérables  --translated variously from the French as The Miserable OnesThe WretchedThe Poor OnesThe Wretched Poor, or The Victims), is an 1862 French novel by author Victor Hugo and is widely considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century.  The Muscial  was produced by Cameron Mackintosh and adapted and directed by Trevor Nunn and John Caird. The lyrics were written byHerbert Kretzmer and opened on Broadway in 1987.  
This is a  timeless story about the power of forgiveness and love. I listened to the  London cast soundtrack when it first came out over and over again.  My little boys favorite song was "Lovely Ladies."   I saw my first production with Wayne in NYC.  Fantastic.  The highschool has done the school edition of Les Mis twice, and even with student actors,  and a small orchestra I am moved.  
The 25th Anniversary edition was just on was so fun to listen to, I even survived the token Jonas Brother.  At the encore  the four past/current Val Jeans sing, "Bring Him Home".........chills. that's musical theatre.
You can click HERE to watch it.

4.  Sunset Boulevard is a musical with book and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Based on the 1950 film of the same title, the plot revolves around Norma Desmond, a faded star of the silent screen era, living in the past in her decaying mansion on the fabled Los Angeles street. When young screenwriter Joe Gillis accidentally crosses her path, she sees in him an opportunity to make her comeback to the big screen. Romance and tragedy follow.  This opened on Broadway in 1994.    
 This is a total star vehicle female role....and the part of Norma Desmond is one I would love, love to play some day.  So meaty and filled with power vocals.   I saw this in LA with Glenn Close in the part.  We were on the 4th row, and actually got spit on by Ms. Close.  I didn't wash my arm for.....awhile.  She was very impressive.  I really love the Andrew Lloyd Webber beautiful.

5.  The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical with book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar and music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison. It opened on Broadway on 1 May 2006. The show won the Tony Award for Best Book and Best Score
We first saw this show with Standing room only tickets in NYC.  We stood in the back through the entire 2 hours with our friends the Fowers.  None of us even minded standing because the show was so fun, uplifting and contagious.  
This is a perfect show for me because of the narrator man in chair part.  He breaks the 4th wall and includes the audience throughout the show.    The Man in Chair says everything that I feel and love about Musical Theatre.  What I think in the dark prior to the opening curtain; how musical theatre transports me to a new place; how I identify with the characters and am interested in the actor's lives who play them; how musical theatre is an inclusive medium that brings people together.
  I saw a sub-standard production in West Yellowstone, and I still liked the show.........

Honorable Mention:    Stephen Sondheim's  INTO THE WOODS.... Brilliant.  Love the characters, the messages the amazing lyrics and fairytale quality.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple of My Eye

We had an "Apple of My Eye" family night.  It was a great recipe for fun!
Attendees:  Grandma Welch, Holly, Grandma Sheri, Grandpa Lyle, Addison and Bre, Landon, Laila, Wayne and ME
Decorations:  Red and Green dishes, apples for the centerpiece and an "Apple of my Eye" banner.
Dinner:  Pork Chops and apple slices, baby green apples (Peas), Gma Welch potatoes, apple and feta salad.
Dessert;  Gma Sheri's Apple pie and ice cream
Lesson:  Wayne taught on the basics of the Gospel ...which is Love and Service.
Game:  Apples to Apples....Landon won, with Holly coming in 2nd.
Activity:  Bobbing for Apples and Dipping Carmel Apples. Mmmmmmmmm!

 "You are the Apple of my Eye......that's why I'll always be around."  Sung to Sunshine of my Life

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday 5 fave....Hymns

Music is very important to me.  I love having it playing around my house, when I exercise and in my car.  Pandora's Radio is my new bff.  On Sunday I like Sunday music.  It settles our home, and gets us ready to worship.  Hymns are so powerful.   I have been known to sing loud, and mostly on pitch in Sacrament meeting.  All of  my children go through a phase where they tell me I am singing too loud in church... I just smile,  say yes...and keep on singing.......even louder. 
Top Favorite Hymns in no particular order.

How Great Thou Art  I enjoy singing this acapella....and when I can keep it together...I sing it soft, loud and passionately.  The verses talk about the beauty in our world, Christ's sacrifice for all of us and his coming again..   Can't wait!

I know that My Redeemer Lives.   I know a couple of variations on this hymn and enjoy them all.  I love the Testimony bearing part of this hymn.  "He lives... He lives... He lives."

Love One Another  --  I recognized I truly had a testimony of the gospel, while singing this hymn in a Young Women's Stake Choir as a Sophomore. I was so overcome, I couldn't keep singing, and the Spirit testified to me of God's love and our duty to Love each other. This is a song that my grandparents Butters, would sing to us, and about us to remind us to Love each other. All of these memories come flooding back every time I sing it.

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today-- This upbeat, positive hymn is filled with glorious messages of Sunshine, Music, Gladness and Springtime.  My fave lyric is , "There is music in my soul today, a carol to my King, and Jesus listening can hear the songs I cannot sing."    THis hymn goes through my head a lot when I am out walking.

Love at Home --This is a Tom Welch family hymn.  Wayne remembers singing it around his Grandpa Israelsen's death bed.  We joined family hands and sang it around Tom's bed in the hospital, as well.  It was also sung at Addison's mission farewell, and we all felt Grandpa Welch's spirit with us on that day.    "There is Beauty all around when there's LOVE at Home."   SO true.

I know I have missed a number of good ones...but my list is top 5 after all.
What are some of yours???

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Call

We drove down to St. George to deliver Monson's mission call to him.  He is a busy athlete, so he couldn't even meet with us til after 9 at night. We had big plans to SKYPE all those who wanted to be involved in his grand opening.  The thought was good, but the execution wasn't.  The hotel internet was too slow, so we had to kick some people off....glad they are our friends and not easily offended.  Anyway, once the technical difficulties were worked out. Monson was ready for the unveiling in front of 4 people in the hotel room, and grandparents and brothers on skype.
 We have been taking guesses on where Monson would serve.  I prayed that he would go state side, much to Wayne's chagrin.   I knew any state would be great, except Ohio...because of Ohio state football.  Monson hates the team and thus the state.
 When Monson opened his call...he couldn't stop smiling.  Lansing, MICHIGAN!!!!
Lindsey actually guessed Michigan because she knew Monson loved it-- she wins the $ prize.
 Monson has been a huge Michigan fan from the time he was in grade school. He  has Michigan shoes, flags, pillow cases, key rings, shirts,  sweatshirts.  You name it.   For a boy who is "red" through and through, he really embraced the yellow and blue of the Michigan Wolverines.  He even has an entire painted blue wall in his bedroom, with a giant yellow " M " on it.
  He loves Michigan!
 Monson was thrilled and loved calling friends and family who couldn't skype in. He shared his news happily.  It was really cute.  More enthusiasm than I have seen or heard from my baby boy in a long time.  He goes to the MTC on Jan. 4th....just 6 days after he turns 19.  PERFECT!
We celebrated with a  late night DENNY's dinner!!!

I just felt so at peace once the call was read. I know the Lord Loves my Monson and is so aware of him and his wants and needs.  Mons doesn't need to worry about what to eat and  possibly losing weight and living conditions while on his mission.  He can just dig in and preach the gospel.  He will love the Michigan people and they will love him.  I know Monson has a strong Testimony of the gospel.  It is a joy to watch him grow and progress.  I love having missionaries out in the field.

  We will have 2 boys out in the field for 3 months, til Truman returns.

I also know Lansing, Michigan will be better than the Detroit, Michigan Mission for Monson.  (Try saying that 3 times fast)  Being right in the thick of the UofM would be a bit too much for Monson.   (Like sending me to NYC and telling me not to see a Broadway play.)  SHeesh.   This way he can talk Michigan football to people who care, yet not be so drawn into the games.   He can keep his eye on the GLORY!
In other news:   Laila polled her classmates to see who had the OLDEST mother.  She won....I am the oldest!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Band Party

We had our... I don't know how many, annual BAND party at the Belnaps.  It's always filled with too much food, lots of people, a great band and dancing.  It was a perfect night even though a huge rain storm came through at 3:30 and threatened our 6:30 start.  Dave Busk's  Get Back-- Beatles band played all of the best music and we sang at the top of our lungs... Get Back, Oh-bla- dee, Hey Jude.... you get the musical drift.  Loved it. 
 Eric, Bob  and Wayne took care of the meat extravaganza.....pulled pork, tri-tip, ribs, chicken, turkey breast, salmon and 60 hamburgers in the freezer just in case we ran out.    We never run out.
                Mom and Dad graced us with their presence even though the BYU game was on.
                                                       Get Back Band .........
                                   Bob pulling a scrumptious face as he eats his smoked turkey.....
            Group of neighbors listening and eating on the lawn.... Kimi is in there somewhere.  (I tried to get a pick of the Belnaps, Farleys and Welchs....since it's our party that I am trying to document it. )
 The U of U game was on the TV.... it looks like Alan and Myrne are in time out, instead of watching football.  We had a lot of people in the house watching the games....that was all right.  Too bad BYU and the UofU  lost.
                        Crazy Dancers, (Me, Emilee and Mel) just doing our thing, as usual.
                   We were missing the Dancing Queen-- Erica.
 As the lights got low many more dancers came to the dance asphalt.
              Laila and Wayne take a spin around the floor.
                                                           Laila slow dancing with Laura.
          Laila is one of three children allowed at the party. Good thing she loves to dance.
Me with Just LInda.   Tate and Tim Wangsgaard came too...but they were stuck in front of the UofU game all night
Dave and Penny Bohn with Laurie Cutler in the Center
Jo Cash, Si Foster, Mel Evans

Myrne Collier at the Dessert Table

Annette Pond, Shawnell Larsen and Hubby, Laura
Laurie Chapman, Jan Hedberg, Kellie Chapman and Angela

More proof that Wayne is a dancing machine, even if he is dizzy.  Always a good sport.
The Band party was GREAT.  We even got enough in the til to pay the band the appropriate amount this a tip.    We were so happy so many family and friends could make it...and feel bad we were missing Erica, Heidi and Erin.....  Maybe next year!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday 5 fave....books

I love to read.  I enjoy all types of books, but this list is about fiction.  Stories that stay with me and I continue to think about long after the last turn of the page.   (This list would probably be different the next time I was asked my 5 fave books...but for today...this is it.)

1.  The Agony and the Ecstasy-- a biographical novel about Michaelangelo by Irving Stone.  This is based on 495 letters of correspondence written by Michaelangelo. It describes living and painting conditions, and how the Vatican really ruled everything in the Rennaissance era.   I only read it because Marjorie Peay Hinkley said it was her favorite book...and now it's one of mine too.
2.  The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.  I received my first copy of this book as a birthday present in 7th grade.  I thought....really....a WW2 book?  But I loved it, and have re-read it several times.  The books description , as found on Amazon, is:  As the nazi madness swept across Europe, a quiet watchmaker's family in Holland risked everything for the sake of others, and for the love of Christ. Despite the danger and threat of discovery, they courageously offered shelter to persecuted Jews. Then a trap brought about the family's arrest. Could God's love shine through, even in a nazi prison camp and beyond?    Let's just say Corrie Ten Boom is a hero and an example of mine.

3.  To Kill a Mockingbird- by Harper Lee.  This is a wonderful story filled with universal themes about fairness, race, and stereotypes, as told by Scout....a 6 year old girl about her lawyer father, Atticus Finch when he represents a black man accused of raping a white girl.  I read it in my Sophomore English class..then read and taught this book to groups of Sophomores when I taught English as a beginning teacher.  It is filled with insights.

4.  Three Weeks with my Brother -by Nicolas Sparks.  I now you are thinking....really?  But I can't get this book out of my mind, and heart.  It's about a 3 week trip around the world and  he reminisces along the way about his growing up years and his mother's love, real tragedies and finally author triumph.  This is all told with stops at Mayan Ruins,  Machu Pichu, Taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids and the Northern Lights to name a few. Sparks's account shows how he and his brother both evolved on this voyage. "Somehow there was a chance we could help each other, and in that way, I began to think of the trip less as a journey around the world than a journey to rediscover who I was and how I developed the way I did."

I would love a "three weeks with my sisters" trip around the that would be something.

5.  Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  This is on my top movie list and top book list for a reason.  It's expanisve and historical filled with characters that stay with you.  It's really an anti war novel about the women left behind.  -- James Lee Burke said it well:  "Gone with the Wind is one of those rare books that we never forget. We read it when we're young and fall in love with the characters, then we watch the film and read the book again and watch the film again and never get tired of revisiting an era that is the most important in our history. Rhett and Scarlet and Melanie and Ashley and Big Sam and Mammy and Archie the convict are characters who always remain with us. No one ever forgets the scene when Scarlet wanders among the wounded in the Atlanta train yard; no one ever forgets the moment Melanie and Scarlet drag the body of the dead Federal soldier down the staircase, a step at a time. Gone with the Wind is an epic story. Anyone who has not read it has missed one of the greatest literary experiences a reader can have."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Art

My online art class is finished but I am not.
I can't stop creating.
The Tomlinson chick aka my instructor has unleashed a mixed media monster.
She taught different techniques, then I had to get into my art-flo and just let it happen. 
I wanted to share some of my creations since many of you won't ever come to my home and actually see them in person.   These are 3 D ( Paint, paper, newspaper, magazine, card board, buttons, yarn, twine, )  and won't lay flat on the scanner, so appear a bit blurry and washed out, but you will get the idea.  
Now for the unveiling......drum roll puhlease............

This first one is a pattern of Christy Tomlinson's 
The next 5 are called "She Art"  and it's about mixing this woman figure with sayings and color..

"Make your own kind of Happy."
She likes her ARTSY with a little bit of Fartsy
She doesn't really want to spend time with people who don't find her hilarious.
It's just so hard being so darn pretty.
She likes to color outside the lines.
She knew the days were long, but the years were short.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Own Summer--Sept. Goal

I really can't believe we are in September.  I am looking back at my Summer of 2011 and wondering what happened? 
I found the following quote that kind of typifies my feelings:

“Every man makes his own summer. The season has no character of its own, unless one is a farmer with a professional concern for the weather. Circumstances have not allowed me to make a good summer for myself this year…My summer has been overcast by my own heaviness of spirit. I have not had any adventures, and adventures are what make a summer.”
-- Robertson Davies, “Three Worlds, Three Summers,

I want a Fall filled with adventure, so I can continue making my own Summer...........

My goal for this month is to have more gatherings....I want to have reunions, sleepovers, parties, dinners out, Birthday parties, family dinners and ball games...... these will be my adventures, and my summer can go on and on. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday 5 fave....types of Food

"People who love to eat are the best kind of people."  Julie Child
Food and I have a long history. 
I eat to live and I live to eat.
As I have put together my Friday 5 fave lists, food has been always on my mind.
 I have decided to  "list out" categories of  food...desserts, cookies, dinner, breakfast, get  my tasty drift.
Today's list is about types of food. 
When I eat out my number one thing that I order is a Salad. 
I really love it.
I don't make it much at home, infact Monson insists that he is "allergic" to all vegetables except mashed potatoes. 
  I love Salads with all the works--full of veggies, yummy dressings and nuts. I like the specialty salad ordered off the menu and not the all you can eat salad bar.  I am not eating this for diet food peeps, infact many salads are full of calories. I get this, but I really do love this type of food.
Hence my preference order..........
1.  Salad-- any kind, any place, anywhere....
2.  Mexican
3.  Italian
4. Chinese
5. Good ol' American..burger and fries joint
I also like Indian, Greek, Thai...okay....I digress...I have to go eat and so I must stop.