Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF.....5th grade

My 5th grade picture.  I am in the front fow....far right with the sailor dress....and the glasses.  I got them in the 4th grade. ( I couldn't believe the mountains actually had trees on them that one could see.)
This is Mrs. Bosch's class at Oak Hills elementary. We moved to our new home and neighborhood in the summer between 4th and 5th grades and I was so nervous about attending a new school, but I loved it.  I remember being bugged that I wasn't standing with the tall girls on the back row.  I know I was taller than Karen Barlow and Corinda Dyring...but with that bun-head she beat me.

Wayne is the 2nd one in on the 2nd row.... Blue v neck sweater.... so cute.
Wayne was at Bountiful Elementary for 5th grade with Mr. Todd.  Wayne loooved this teacher.  He taught him self esteem and confidence along with the 3 R's.   Wayne needed this. When he moved in a year earlier from little North Logan, big Bountiful was very difficult for him.  Plus Wayne had moved away from the familiarity of the family farm filled with cousins, aunts, uncles and his beloved Grandma Israelsen.   In 4th grade Wayne spent many lunch recesses crying at the school yard fence which looked over to his own, new backyard.  His momma Wanee greeted him and cried too.   5th grade was a big turning point for Wayne thanks to a great teacher.

Laila begins 5th grade this next week.  She is sooooo excited!  She got the teacher she wants, and almost all of the kids in our neighborhood, her age, are in her class.  Laila has her school supplies purchased and knows what she is wearing for the first day.  She is ready!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorite girl names

I was just over at Pioneer Woman's blog and she was writing about her favorite girl names...even though she's done having am I.  She had a lovely list, although Jerusalem was one of the girl names she loved.   Whatever...
I've created my own list.
So.........If I was going to have more babies, and had to name a baby girl again, what would I choose?  Hmmmmmm  Or what favorite names have I already used?

Laila-- I still love this name and always will. It reminds me of my Grandma Butters.  I still remember telling her I was going to name my first daughter after her.  She said, "Eulala?  No, no, no just do Laila instead."  I agreed with Grandma and the name Laila has been perfect for my daughter.  When we finally got to use this name, after 4 boys, we looked up in the "what does this name mean?" book and found out Laila means Dark Beauty.

Shanae-- A mash-up name of Sheri and Wanee...both of our wonderful mothers. I like how this sounds too.  Very french?  Very feminine.

Savannah--I have always loved this name.  It comes from my Savannah Smiles movie days as a teenager.  What a sweet show.  When Sandy and Clark were coming up with another "S" name for their eighth child, I was thrilled when Savannah was chosen.

Lyle-- I know you think this is a boys name.  It's my Father's name, but when I was growing up we had four  Lyles in my ward.  Two men and two women.  I know, weird.  But the older I get the more I like this name.....for a girl.....sorry dad.  In France it's used for girls.  It means from the Island.  I'm thinking palm trees and blue water.    If Laila was a twin, it would have been a great matchy twin name, for boy or girl.

Phoebe -- This is Wayne's Grandma Welch's name.  It's old fashioned and lovely. It means bright, shining one.

Liberty-- This could be my Jerusalem... don't roll your eyes.    I always loved this name growing up.  I remember thinking up names as a child and knowing that this would be the coolest name ever!  Hello?  It means Freedom! Shorten it to Libby....still love it.

Mia - it means Mine or wished for child.  So endearing. So tender.

Georgia -- It's an old Ray Charles song that just speaks to me plus I  have a friend named this who is so creative and talented so it has good connotations all the way around.

Ruby -- My birthstone. It means precious jewel. It sounds cute baby  and old lady all at the same time.

Roseanne-- I had a childhood friend named Rosie.    I remember thinking how lucky she was to have an unusual name.  She was the only Rosie I knew in the 70's.  Then Roseanne Bahr took it off my list, but Laila's birth mom has put it back on.  It means selfless love to me now.  It's a name filled with gratitude. It means favored or grace.   Rose or Rosie for short....Laila wants to use this name for one of her children too.

Honorable Mentions:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My wonderful Sunday.....

Guess who came to Dinner?
                                            ALMOST ALL OF MY BOYFRIENDS!!!

                                                    AND MY GIRLS TOO!!!
The Welches are in the house!  Can I get a holler?!?!    Can't you just smell the roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy with raspberry trifle for dessert?
We had guests in town too, Jenny and Aaron Moss; Add and Bre's friends from Playmill.
They were trying to make sense of who all of our family looks like.
Addison takes after Grandma Welch's side...the Israelsens.   Monson looks like Grandpa Welch.  Truman is a Butters, and that leaves Landon to be a Cole... Laila chimed in, "...and I look like a Puerto Rican."   She is correct.   Love her.

Friday, August 24, 2012

TGIF......little cowboys

Monson and Truman playing cowboys up at the Welch family cabin 1997..... I love these two yahoos.
Truman got home for a minute and now he is off again moving all of his stuff down to Provo.  His UVU school begins on Monday.    Life keeps moving forward... good thing I have pictures to look back on.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What are you doing right now?

I sent this question out and rreceived back all of these pictures....
Laila is eating dino nuggets for lunch with Heather Kofford and Becca Welch
Addison is working in the Playmill Box office taking ticket calls
Truman is selling Pest Control... his last 3 days of talking about spiders
Bre is blogging in the dark.....
Wayne is working in his office...Bountiful Industries...amd looking very handsome.
Landon is at his new work at Spectrum Academy trying to make sense of his classroom
Melinda is making and eating cookie dough!
Monson is being a MISSIONARY... this is a picture of his Family tree....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A cabin on the lake.

There were squirrels and chipmunks everywhere..... even a fake one on my shoulder.  I tried my first Idaho Spud candy bar.... Michelle loves these.  Me?  Not so much.
The Woods, Michelle and Von, invited us up to their cabin on Hebgen Lake, Island Park, Montana, for the Weekend.  It just so happens our kids are doing shows up there this summer as of couse we said yes.    We had a great time....eating, laughing, playing cards, sitting at the lake, going on walks, wave runner-ing and taking naps.   Loved it.  We also ventured into West Yellowstone one last time to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  starring  Addison and Bre.  
At the Play..... We went to the 8:30 show.... good thing we all had a nap so we could stay awake through it.  
Add and Bre joined us for Wave Runner time.  
Pizza at Wild West Pizzeria.... Eric and Laura, LaRue, Michelle and Von, Me and Wayne....and a buffalo.

I am modeling LaRue Paul's 1960, double polyester swim suit with an iron clad, pointy bust built in.  It was amazing.  I'm just glad I had something to wear in the water.

I love couple get aways.  We discuss gospel principles, laugh at our selves a lot, solve all of our children's problems and just have a wonderful time being together.

Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF...First grade

With school getting back into session, and with me working on my baby book/ scrapbook this summer, I wanted to share my first grade picture.    Bountiful Elementary with Principal McBride...he was scary.  
I am on in the middle row with the big green bow on my head.... just in case I wasn't tall enough.   
 I loved my first grade teacher, Mrs. Lindsey.  She loved me right back.  I could feel it.   I was always racing around at recess like a wild child, falling down and skinning my elbows or knees.  We all wore dresses back then, so my knees had very little protection.   Mrs. Lindsey would bandage me up, wipe the tears and send me back out to play with the boys.    She joked that she could quit her teaching job and make more money being my nurse.  
 I still see her around town...and those same warm feelings always surface. 
 Teachers are important. 
 They can make a huge difference in a child's life. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I love Tomatoes.... they are my favorite summer time treat.  A vine ripened tomato on white bread with salt and pepper.... ummmmm good.

Monday, August 13, 2012

White Party

Landon had a  "White Party" in honor of his birthday ( last month)
Landon with Kyle and Richard
Cousins Rachel and Jenna-- Dancing Queens... love the hanging balloons.

We decorated with white balloons, white accessories, white table cloths and even had white food..sort of:  Coconut cupcakes, rice krispie treats, cucumber sandwiches, white key lime cookies , cheese cake and  white cranberry sparkling punch. He borrowed tea cups and saucers to eat off of.   It was very fun.

Playground, playing....

We set up a photo frame for pics.

Kirsten, Dave and Roman Smith and Charlotte, Mickey and Alex Larsen

Laura, Eric Belnap, Landon, Jon and Emilee Dahl

Taylor and Landon

Sean, Landon and Emily

Melinda and Mel Evans...the true Dancing Queens

 Everyone wore white--except for me and Wayne.  We didn't get an invite, we don't own white clothing ( except for.... you know)  and we figured we were the Help.
 Landon had about 30 friends and cousins come and support him, and had a dance party at the end.

 I think the White party could be an annual event.  I’m just sad that with all of this "white" food Landon ended up with a big headache.   

I told him next year to have a green party… I would have something to wear, we could decorate with kermit the frogs and we could serve green smoothies and no headaches.

Friday, August 10, 2012

TGIF..... Donuts

Who loves doughnuts?   Laila love doughnuts....
2006.....4 years old

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Green Smoothie Anyone?

I have had a green smoothie every day since April 21st. 108 Days!  Almost 200 Green Smoothies!

 After our initial 3 weeks of only green smoothies and raw foods, we transitioned to Green Smoothies in the morning.   It's an acquired taste, but one I'm glad I took the time to acquire.  When I first started drinking these,  I had to have it in a mug with a lid and an opaque straw.  I really didn't want to see what I was drinking.  Now I love looking at the green!

When else in my life have I had Spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots, apples, bananas, oranges, blue berries or strawberries every day?

It's so healthy... and now my body actually craves it.

Landon, Wayne, Mom, Dad and I are all drinking them.
 We are committed for a year... and hopefully for life.

Eating Green has really helped Landon's headaches.  He still has a day a week of migraines, but that's better than 4 days a week.

I wish I could say my skin is so awesome, or that I lost all sorts of weight, but I can say I feel healthier.
It's good for my head, my heart and my innards....

Here's how I make 2 quarts of Green Goodness.
in a Blendtec Blender I put 2 cups of Cold water, then 2 handfuls of spinach ( bag from Costco), some broccoli flowerets, handful of baby carrots.  Blend.... 40 seconds.....this ends up to be about 4 cups.  Then I add 2 Stevia packets for sweetening.  1  cored Apple, 1 peeled orange, 1 banana, 10 frozen strawberries and 6 ice cubes.  Blend....40 seconds... pour and enjoy.
 Wayne has found a plant based raw protein powder that we mix in it now as well... SunWarrior brand.   I make 4 quarts a day, atleast, and keep a good stock of quart jars in my fridge.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Painting

I have been in my Flora Bowley painting classes since June... and have been adding layer upon marked layer  of paint  to canvasses ever since.  This is an organic process.  I don't start out even knowing what I'm painting.  I try to get out of my own way, turn music on and just play until something emerges.   I have gone from this:

TO This:
I call it "Calm in the Crazy"
I like the color palette... I like the woman's face..... I like how it emerged.   I have 5 more assorted size canvasses in the works, and hopefully many more in the coming year.  
I like painting this way.  It's modern, and free and fun.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Tom and Wanee Welch family.....1963
Tom with Jane, Wanee with Sandy and baby Terry, Grandma Phoebe Welch with  one year old Wayne and Grandpa Sam Welch.
Tom's birthday is in August.
We miss him so much at family BBQ's and Cabin time. Every time we eat a watermelon sour patch candy or find a penny we think of him.  We found 7 pennies while in West Yellowstone. We knew he was with us on that trip.