Friday, October 24, 2008

Real LIfe Trauma

My baby is in the Neuro -Trauma Unit at Primaries.
She had a big head bonk when she fell off of an orphan's shoulders at an Annie rehearsal at BHS. She got hurt doing something she loves.
"Being in a show with the big kids on the big stage -- with lines this time."

She has a traumatic brain injury and has concussive symptoms.

I can't believe all of the love and support from families and friends--it's been overwhelming and comforting.

Oh well.
It's been hard.

I should be in China right now on the trip I have planned with wonderful friends, seeing amazing things, experiencing a new culture and holding my Wayne.
Instead I'm with wonderful family and friends, seeing my amazing Laila lying with 7 tubes and wires in her body, experiencing the medical culture and holding my boys.

It's been a real wake up call for slowing down and enjoying my sweet 61/2 year old chiquita, bonita, Lalita more! All my kids more. Slow down my life, more.

Sometimes real life gets in the way of my fun life.

Wayne is struggling as he is trying to get home from China-- The fast way puts him home on Saturday at midnight. Talk about the slow boat from China. Uugh!

No food or weight or body traumas this time.....just real life trauma .


Amanda said...

Found you over at Mormon Mommy Blogs

Thoughts and prayers being sent your way

Mechelle said...

I am so sorry. I hope you find peace in the love of Jesus Christ and hope in the faith of Jesus Christ. m