Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This game has been fun for me.
 I have enjoyed the guesses and comments in person and online.  
It was actually a topic at a lunch as well.   
( I want all of my blogging friends to do this game on their blogs, so I can guess.)  
So what's the LIE?

TRUTH---1.  I  have had my skirt fall off while singing and dancing. I was in Student Prince at Weber State.  I was a freshman chorus member.  I was supposed to be a German frauline ( spelling?)  serving ale to the students and singing.   My hands were filled with a mug and a tray.  I could feel my skirt slipping down, but before I could empty my hands and grab it, it went straight to the ground, and I was left in my tan nylons, character shoes and little else.  The Audience roared.  I  just scooped my skirt back in place, kept singing, and couldn't wait to dash off stage.  Ah, the theatre!!!

TRUTH--2.  I can grow a mustache.  It's just sad that NO ONE--except Laila-- picked this as the lie.  So I guess you have all seen my little black hairs that cause me so much grief.  If I was on Survivor I would take tweezers and a mirror as my "can't live without" items, otherwise, before I could get voted off the island I would look like the bearded lady at the Freak Show.    And, yes.... I have tried Lazer Hair removal....5 times.....

LIE---3.  I know every word to ACDC's song, Anything Goes.  I don't even like nor ever have listened to  a Hard Rock song from beginning to end........but I do know every word to Cole Porter's, Anything Goes.  I love Broadway, baby!

TRUTH--4.  I have traveled to 30 United States. THIS IS TRUE!  I can't wait to add to my state list.  I really want to go to Alaska, on a cruise, of course; and I would love to visit Boston, MA...and do the Autumn Leaf tour up through Vermont and Maine.  

TRUTH--5.  I was never going to have children.  This is just plain silly and selfish, but true.   I am glad I changed my mind. My kids bring me so much joy, and I can't imagine my life without  them.  (It helps having the 5 best children ever sent to earth.)

TRUTH--6.  I have seen the changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace.  
 I was with my much older sistie, Marcie.  We were only in London for two days and were enjoying all of the touristy things.  We got to Buckingham Palace early and got our spots outside the gate.  At the appointed hour, a live orchestra brought out chairs and set up.  They played songs as we watched the guards, precision march and  change.  The funny part is the first song played was, I  Feel Pretty, from West Side Story.  We looked at each other and laughed.   We were standing by an exasperated American family from Brooklyn--- Mom and Dad and a teenage boy.  The entire time the Mom kept hollering at the boy to come and "check out the guards.    Get over here.  Get away from that tree and get over here.  We didn't bring you all the way here just so you could not see this.  Come and see this.  Get over here."  
"Ma... I don't wanna, " he would holler back in his Brooklyn accent.
 The boy never came over.    
 Love this memory.

Good guessing everyone.

Monday, March 28, 2011

5 truths and a Lie

1.  I  have had my skirt fall off while singing and dancing.

2.  I can grow a mustache.

3.  I know every word to ACDC's song, Anything Goes.

4.  I have traveled to 30 United States.

5.  I was never going to have children.

6.  I have seen the changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace.
Which is the LIE?

BONUS PIC:  Look what my friend found.....Mustache Pacifiers in honor of MUSTACHE MARCH!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marcie is 50!

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” Marion C. Garretty

I can't believe my Sistie is Fifty! 

 I found this great poem, by Suzy Toronto, that expresses what my relationship is like with my Sweet,  Sister Marcie..............
They Who Are Sisters
You've been through it all....
Growing pains, sibling rivalry, teasing,
Clothes swapping,
Boys, family vacations....
Even Mom's "Tuna Surprise."

You didn't choose each other...
Fate took care of that.
Bound by blood and upbringing,
You've shared experiences
That have shaped you 
Into the women that you are.
Alike in so many ways, yet so different.
Sometimes you question
Whether you came
From the same gene pool
Much less the same planet.
But an eternal bond
That transcends friendship
Fuses you together
With a never-ending
unquestionable love.

Bottom line....
She really is the one you can call
At four in the morning.
She really is the one that's always there...
Thick or thin, no matter what!
And you thank God you have a sister.

Me, Marc and Mom......
I will always be grateful for the vigil Marcie kept with me, in the hospital, that horrible night Laila was fighting for her life after her head injury.  
Wayne was stuck in China.  
Marcie...was at my side.
Happy 50!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is where I just ramble.........

I am loving the new garment fabric and style......ClarinessaII........ I believe it is called.  It's almost like shape smooth, with no lines to show.  We  went to the distribution center to get some and came out twirling our bags over our heads..........kind of like, Mormon Girls Gone Wild!

Truman is back on email and done with 6 weeks of slow, snail mail letter writing.  I much prefer the instant gratification of the internet...........regular mail is such a drag!

I guess it's official.  Monson is going to Dixie next fall.  We put a down payment on his housing today.  Now he just needs to get a JOB!!!


After a week of waiting in the early morning hours, only to be told..."the ipads are all gone".........Wayne scored two IPADS!!! He is so excited.  I am excited for his excitement.  More gadgets for the gadget man.

I like Snowshoeing.  I tried it for the first time this March. It was like a great walk out in the snow with sticks.  I didn't really use my poles (sticks) except to hold people back so I could be the leader.   Being the leader  while snowshoeing is over rated.  I kept having to turn my head to talk and then my feet would get all tangled up and I would fall over.
The Snow shoes are amazing though.  As soon as we took them off we sunk up past our knees in snow.
The Sticks aren't working..........


The SNow Bunny!

And one more thing............Thia and 4 other American Idol contestants have got to be voted off the island, before I can watch this show with any kind of enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 28th

We got married on a Monday, 28 years ago.  Wow!  Time sure flies when you are having a life.  
This is what we looked like then............

And now..........  
Wayne and I take turns being in charge of our Anniversaries. 
 This works out great for him....because he plans getaways and  I get a trip at least every other year. 
 On my non trip year, I have to come up with stuff to do. 
 This year we decided on RAOK as our theme. 
   ROAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. 
 I liked the idea of doing at least 28 ROAK to celebrate our being together.  
Wayne-- always the good sport, agreed. 

We saw The Adjustment Bureau at the Movie theatre. This was a random movie, and we filled up on popcorn and diet coke.  It was a kindness to each of us, because we hadn't seen a movie in a very long time....and there was acting in it.  Not exactly a random act of kindness....but it was close.
We went to Costco to get our supplies ......Roses and Gum!
I had made up a little poem to hook onto the flowers  and gum.  
Love is Good
Marriage is Great
Have a little treat
As we celebrate our 28th
We had  plans to put our gifts together and then walk around parking lots etc...and hand them out to random people. Well, it was freezing, we couldn't stand outside;  the wind was blowing, so we couldn't leave it on people's wind shields either.    
We drove around in our Prius, and handed stuff to people out of our window. 
"Here, this is for you....Have a Great Day!"
 It worked  pretty good.  It was fun to see all of the varied reactions.  
We laughed a lot.
Some, once they read the poem, shouted  back at us...."Happy Anniversary!"
Our next random act was to go through drive through eating places and pay for  food orders from cars behind us in line.  
This was a blast.   
We liked it so much we did it twice.  

We got a kick out of  being in a Prius and paying for the guy in the Mercedes behind us. 
We also loved helping the "beater" car...........
We ended up out at Sushi Time in Sandy-- Our neighbors awesome restaurant....the Hahms.   
(Wayne kind of looks asian in this picture...maybe that's what eating too much sushi does?)
We have been together since we were 16 years old....... 
 I love my Wayne.
......He puts up with my Random, he is Kind and Acts like he loves me too.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Step forward with Faith.....

.................Addison and Bre are great examples of this.

Add and Bre got married on very little money, a hope and a prayer.  Even with no income, school scholarships, and little time to work, they were determined to apply for the Theatre Study Abroad program with BYU.  They were accepted and thrilled about this upcoming adventure.  
The problem.
How to pay for it?

They have been doing everything in their power to make money for this experience.  They moved in to Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Lyle's basement in an effort to save rent money.  They have sold Bre's car.  Bre continues to find some time to put some hours in at her father's optical office.  Add has detailed car interiors, house/ baby sat kids,  given plasma,  done odd jobs for people.......any service they could think of and offer to make more money. 

As the different payment deadlines came into view, they always seemed to have just that exact  amount of money to cover it. 

They are really "offering" all they can to make this happen. 
 Even when day to day life and circumstances are telling them  it's not going to work,
they are moving forward with faith, knowing that it will.

  The Lord has blessed them with opportunity and lovely people around to hire them.  The Lord also blessed them with unexpected grant money to help on their adventure.  
WOW-- .
---A total answer to prayer.

They are going to have an amazing time on their London Honeymoon.
Now they can actually eat and see shows while they are there.

I am proud of them.
What good examples they are of this step forward with Faith  principle.

Addison's life motto:  "Do Good, Don't Worry, Trust God"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Be Kind

 "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."  Plato

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad March

I love a reason to celebrate and March is loaded with them.  We got together and celebrated Mustache March, March Basketball Madness, Mardi Gras, St. Patricks and Pi day all in one giant, yellow, purple and green Family Night.                      

                                      Addison grew a "real" mustache for this special occasion!

Mardi Gras inspired food....Jambalya, Salad, rolls----(rice and weinies for Monson)

After a short Gospel discussion on having good Judgment, we................Drew mustaches on everyone's upper lip and laughed a lot!

(Any meal is better with everyone sporting a hairy upper lip!)

Filled out the Basketball brackets with our predictions on who is going to win the College Championship this year....(my Dad has BYU going all the way.........of course.)

Wrote why we are the Luckiest on the Chalk board door....this earned you  mardi gras necklaces.

Shot baskets......Wayne did the best--much to Monson's chagrin.

Decorated Masks

Did our own team we could compete in a........
 a crazy scavenger photo shoot....with masks and mustaches of course.

We had a 45 minute time limit and 7 pics that needed to be taken.....

Pic at the Park, playing on the equipment

Pic at a grocery store with the carts

Pic at Arctic Circle eating courtesy cones

Pic with a Stranger----girl scouts are pretty strange!

Pic with something ST. Pat-ish...we found Irish Spring at Walgreens....and a green toad.

Pic with Friends.....yeah for the Belnaps....they were shocked and surprised.

Pic on 5th and 5th waving at cars..
We made it back home in record time......We Sham-rocked it!

Dessert:    King Cake with a baby hidden in it..............and Banana Cream Pie......for Pi day-- 3.14

It made it all worth it when I put Laila to bed and asked her how she liked family night?  She said, "It was fun.  I loved it and I love you so, so much. If I was a boy I would marry you!"  (High Praise.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last Tuesday...........14.5 new inches of snow.............WHITE EVERYWHERE!!!!

This snow in sight, just brown grass and thoughts of Spring Clean up!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Hat?

A Mustache Hat?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birds and the Bees

"Laila do you know where babies come from?"


"Where........ and....what do you know about  it..........?"

"I know it's spelled S.   E.    and you have to whisper the X part.  It's something the kids at school giggle at and then the teachers say we  aren't supposed to talk about it.  It has something to do with puberty?"

That was exactly what she said.  

It was time  for "the talk."

With recent happenings in our neighborhood......with a little friend at Laila's school, I knew I had put this important talk off long enough.   But I rationalized.............

She's my baby.....and I want to keep her little as long as I can. 

Plus, I already told her about Santa Claus; she didn't need any more new information.   

I could have stayed in my la- la land forever....hoping in my mother's heart that my child could stay innocent............but.........

When we got married, Wayne and I made a deal....he would tell what ever sons we had about the birds and the bees and I would tell the daughters.  4 boys later, he has done all of the talking. 
 Now it was my turn.
   Prayed about it. 
Went to the library.
 Got books. 
 Looked online.  
I wanted to do this right.

It was actually a lot of fun for me....and Laila handled all of the information thoughtfully.  She was most interested in the the sperm, egg, baby growth part...and how it really came out of a mommy's tummy. 
 The pictures helped.
  She was really confused on how the sperm meets up with the egg in the first place.

 "That body part just looks so floppy!?!"

I explained.  
She looked concerned.

More conversations will be needed.  
Atleast we have opened the door.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Stop!  Don't!  No.....Please!
 My Hairspray gig at CPT has been a riot!
  Every night is so much fun.  I love the behind stage chatter and comraderie  as much as the on stage character and singing.    Dave Marsden as Edna is a blast.  MaryAnne West plays many parts and is always lovely to be in a show with....and you can't beat crazy, fun Meredith Gibson.
Two headed Big Blonde and Beautiful with Janzel...the other blondes in the cast include Amanda
 and Taryn

 The character I a great villainess.  
She of course thinks she is perfect and right and all of her opinions and biases are correct.  Velma is nuts!  
She doesn't like heavy people, or black people, or rock and roll....just the tried and true, old school mentality......Blackmail!
Velma will lie, cheat and steal to get her much for values.  
My sister called me, "Deliciously evil"  
I'll take that!
I have received many flattering remarks and sweet comments and notes from so many people.  
I have had many people HATE me.....and couldn't believe how crazy I was.  
 I have also had many people think I look like my mother on the stage. 
I had one person ask if I was married to Lyle Cole..........?!?  Hello, He's my dad......
That one was weird. 
( I guess I should just be grateful to my mother for looking so smashing at her age!)

My all time favorite note is from my UMOZ friend, Laurie.  She has perfect calligraphy hand writing--  She is Amahzing...and her note read,
"Melinda....Just three words:  You are wicked!"

I say.....Paint me green and get me a pointed black hat!!!

PS.....It's  been awesome to share the stage with Jenna and talented neice and nephew. 
I'll be sad when this is all over and I'm back to real life. 
 I hope I can get Wayne to break out in riotous applause  for me, every day, as I take my bows.