Sunday, October 19, 2008

Channeling Julia Child

Raced home from Church , filled with the spirit and wanted to fill my belly as well. I had cooking on my mind. In the past 2 hours since...I cleaned out the fridge and found ingredients for the following:
Chicken Enchilada's ( Si's recipe)
French Bread ( Di's Recipe)
and Cheese Broccoli soup (Marcie's recipe)
We are going to have some mighty good eating today!
I don't know why I'm channeling Julie Child all of a sudden, but it feels good.
Maybe I'm making up for my upcoming lack of kitchen time, whilst I'm in China for 12 days. Or...
Maybe I'm trying to be the Ultimate Mother of Zion as it proclaims on my license plate. Or...
Maybe I'm sick of all of the frozen food hiding out in the garage.
I don't know -
But I'm feeling the "Joy of Cooking."
If my family will just eat everything I made, I will be a real success.
(Score 10 extra points.)

It's going to be a full day of eating all the way around.
We have Cole family birthdays tonight too....more cake and ice cream and treats!

I have a headache today...I've actually had one over my eye and /or behind my ear for 3 days now. I would blame it on caffeine withdrawals with the no diet coke , but I did that weeks ago, so I don't know why my head is pounding. Maybe food will help me to feel better. I learned this feed a cold/ feed a fever/ feed whatever ails you nursing trick from my mother.
Love her.
So I'm cooking today....

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barbyb said...

"Whilst"?. . .my, aren't we becoming the Anglophile. . .whilst we need to be the Chinophile. . . .(we had a way boring dinner compared to all that--I hope your head is better--judging from your running down the street, yes'm, it is.)