Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mexican Food = DC

We had Cafe Rio salads brought into the hospital last night for dinner from Landon's friend. I love a good salad, and my mouth was watering, especially after eating candy, cookies and trail mix all day long.
I have lots of treats here. I had my carry on luggage packed for the China trip so now it's at the hospital with me. I seem very prepared for this hospital visit. I have treats, candy and more treats; magazines and a book to read, oh, and my lap top.

The perfect treat after an entirely traumatic, sleepless night, and a no nap day is ......drumroll please.......a Diet Coke.

I miss my Diet Coke. I know I've already blogged about this....but I do.
Some mornings I wake up and just want that taste in my mouth.
So I had a Diet Coke yesterday to keep me awake and functioning through out my zombie day.
It tasted Great!

I've decided Mexican food and Diet Coke are the perfect match.
I can't even think of having Mexican food with out a diet coke.....Cafe Rio is good because it actually has caffeine free Diet coke., but most Mexican places don't.

I've decided I'm going to allow myself diet coke when I eat Mexican food and when I'm in the Hospital trying to stay awake.

I think I'll eat Mexican food every day this week!

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