Thursday, October 16, 2008

Food as a Block

I've been doing an Artist workshop for 10 weeks-- it's a 12 week program to help unlock creativity. I've really enjoyed the reading and the tasks involved.
I used to think I was a creative person and had a colorful changing home, and wild apparel and being in shows to prove it. I used to feel more creative and now I'm just stuck....I'm using this workshop to help me get back to me.
Anyway--I was reading and I came upon this Aha-moment.
This is what the book said about food:

"For some people, food is a creativity issue. Eating sugar or fats or certain carbohydrates may leave them feeling dulled, hung over, unable to focus--blurry. They use food to block energy and change. As a shaky feeling comes over them that they are going too fast and God knows where, that they are about to fly apart, these people reach for food. A big bowl of ice cream, an evening of junk food, and their system clogs: What was I thinking? What...? Oh, never mind....
Food is good in itself. It is the abuse of it that makes it a creativity issue.
If creativity is like a burst of the universe's breath through the straw that is each of us, we pinch that straw whenever we pick up one of our blocks. We shut down our flow. And we do it on purpose.
This block drowns out the little voice that suggests rearranging the living room, taking a pottery class, trying a new top on the story that's stymied. The minute a creative thought raises its head, it is lopped off by the obsession( with food ) which blocks fear and prevents risk.

Blocking is essentially an issue of faith. Rather than trust our intuition, our talent, our skill, our desire, we fear where our creator is taking us with this creativity. Rather than paint, write, dance, audition, and see where it takes us, we pickup a block. Blocked, we know who and what we are: unhappy people. Unblocked, we may be something much more threatening--happy!"

I found this so fascinating and true for me....This is exactly what I have been doing in my life for years. In trying to juggle too many balls and keep my home moving forward, I've been using food and busyness to stop being the creative me.

This is a lot for me to think about and digest...but I like what it's saying to me.
Forward to Creativity.....

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barbyb said...

Oh, I'm so happy you love the Artist's Way. . .I have a book. . .wait till I tell you. . .