Monday, June 20, 2016

Fathers Day....... and catch up....

A lot has been going on the first 2 weeks of Summer. 
I was able to perform in the Center Point Gala Season Reveal show.  Just a quick 10 minutes, but it was great to be with theatre friends and meet new theatre people as well.  These are my girls Maurie Tarbox and Lori Reese from my "9 to 5" days.  Next year CPT is doing 9 to 5  the Musical and I'm hoping to be in that show again. 
I got to sing "Before the Parade passes By" from Hello Dolly  too.  I"m really looking forward to this show and I have loved the rehearsals so far. 
The littles have been busy.  Alfie lives by a splash pad that is just THE GREATEST.  He shared some of his enthusiasm  and water with Andrew and Sophia.   When they start playing you have to DRAG or BRIBE them away.  
I had my first ever Paint day with the grandkids.  I felt like I was channeling my mother.  Mom always had these periodically with her grandkids.  We used our creativity and lots of paint and some spilled water to make amazing things happen. I look forward to more of these.

 The Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James won the NBA championship game this year and the Monson Welch family couldn't be more excited.  I heard crying and cheers coming from Fresno California all the way to my ears in Bountiful.  Monson has been true to LeBron James since his Jr. High days.  Monson is doing good with Pest control sales and he and Lexi are enjoying their California adventure.
 Wayne flew in for one over night stay this week to Fresno, so he could hold Tayla and take these two out for dinner and fun.    Good thing our free flight benefits have kicked in, thanks to Truman.

ANd speaking of Truman...he is doing actual flights now.  He flew to Chicago and back on Fathers day and did all of the Flight Attendee things that he has been learning.  He has 12 days left then we fly out to Atlanta for his graduation.  He will be stationed in Minneapolis for 6 months, but is hoping to make it less than 6 weeks. As soon as he gets there he's applying for an NYC transfer. 

 I took Laila to see the Broadway touring company of NEWSIES...and it is now Laila's favorite musical!  She feel in love with the dancing, the story and all of the men and boys on stage.

 Laila wouldn't get in the Seize the Day picture with me before the show...but after she definitely wanted a pic of something to remember this night. Even though this pic is dark, it's worth saving.
 Wayne has been of horsing around with Eric Belnap.  They are getting the horses ready for our ward's girls camp.  It's a Kings Peak Hike with girls and horses hiking into base camp.  It will definitely be a high adventure camp.  Wayne has also been going on long hikes up our mountain to get in hiking shape.
 And finally............... Father's Day.  Wayne had a good one with all of his kids here with him and the ones out of state checking in.  He received a beautiful painting of the Savior walking on water.  His kids told Wayne they thought of him when they saw this gorgeous painting because Wayne has Faith like that.  Laila got Wayne some Poo- pouri bathroom spray.  Not quite as sweet, but very useful.  He also got U of U football tix from Monson and Lexi for Nov. 19.
We had our traditional Father's Day BBQ at the Calls.  This is our first one without Marcie and Dad.  It was tangible that they weren't in attendance.  We all powered through.  Last year, Father's Day was the beginning of the end for Marcie. Cancer and Chemo were kicking her butt and she just went down hill from there.   I miss my angel Father and I worry I'm going to forget so much about him...Mom and Marcie....and I don't want to.  I have Marcie's beautiful face as the pic on my phone screen.  That's how I want to remember her.  Memories are funny.  I feel like I'm the keeper now of so many...and I need to write and share, or they will be lost forever.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Flight school...

 Truman is so happy to be in Atlanta training to be a DELTA flight attendant.  He's made it through three weeks and has done soooo well.  He actually had his instructors pull him aside and tell him he is first in his class.  This is such good news.  It seems like such a great job fit for Tru.
 They have had to learn all sorts of emergency procedures and practice them.  These pics are all of the water drills etc...  These pics are also like a "where's Waldo... I mean Truman..."  Can you spot him?
 Delta is all about rules and procedures.  Very strict.  6 people from Truman have gotten sent home/kicked out of the program because of infractions.  One for poor grades, one for having a black watch band, two for wispy hair and one for being 10 seconds late to class.  It's very strict and very rigorous.  There are 100 people training broken into 3 groups.  One group trains from 8-8, one 10 -10 and Truman's is noon to midnight.  Only Sunday off.   He is liking it though, and his group and he's excited he is half way done!

Wayne and I head to Atlanta at the end of this month for Truman's graduation ceremony.  We fly for free  of course!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Addison's 30!

I can't believe I have a 30 year old child.  Am I old enough for this to happen?  I'm probably having  a a harder time with Addison turning 30 than he is. 

  Bre celebrated Addison by putting together " 30 hours of Addison Fun."  She packaged it so cute, she should be in advertising. 

Bre took him to Lagoon with Alfie, and then Alf came to my house and Addison and Bre continued to play, 
Then a Sushi dinner ( a sleep at their new house) .... breakfast with Ogden/theatre friends, and Lunch with CPT theatre friends, a matinee movie of Alice in Wonderland,  then a family swim party at the Butters pool. 

 Addison has had 22 swim birthday parties at this very pool.  It's sentimental to all of us.  He learned to swim here. Spent every summer holiday swimming here.  Taught swim lessons here....
 Brad and Karen were so sweet to oblige us.

Addison is a wonderful human.  He is kind,  creative, happy and willing.  It is so fun to watch him be a dad to our Alfie.  He is so involved and good at it.  Add is busy trying to keep all of his jobs going.  He's like a juggler....  He is acting at Hale Center theatre.  He is doing his art and selling it under the name The Coral Lamp post on ETSY and at boutiques. He is choreographing HEllo Dolly at CPT this summer.   He is teaching dance classes at the Centerpoint Academy and is in charge of the CPT summer theatre camps.....and he helps Bre with their photography business, Pepperfox photo too.  My mind boggles with all of the things he has going.

I'm happy to be his mom.  He brings me so much joy as he continues to be my Addison-shine!