Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MONSON is 18!

Monson has been in my life for 18 years.

 It has been a definite roller coaster ride being his mom.  I love him for keeping me on my toes.
Being the 4th boy is rough.
Being the baby boy can be tough....except Monson is tougher.

Monson was a scheduled delivery.  I knew I was going to the hospital on Dec 29th..checking in at 8 am and hopefully delivering around noon. This is exactly what happened.  No problems.  The fun part of the story is Wayne's little sister Tami was having her first born and went to the hospital a day earlier...she delivered Tyler right after midnight...12 hours earlier than I did with Monson.  Tami and I shared the same hospital room at Lakeview Hospital.  She was miserable with her first delivery.  My body was stretched and I knew what to expect and I was fine.
The nurses couldn't believe that we were related and wanted to be in the same was great to be there together and get double the visitors.
Both our boys share a birthday.  Both of our babies have red hair.    Both our babies also had reflux and had to sleep on reflux boards for awhile.  (What are the chances of that?)
Monson actually looks like he belongs to Tami.  It's spooky.
                 Tyler and Monson wearing their birthday buttons around Disney cute
                        (Monson holding Laila, and Melinda all watching the Disneyland parade)

Monson is a lot like his brothers in many ways.  He has many friends, he is funny, he is adaptable, he is spiritual, he does well in school, he isn't easily embarrassed, he is kind, he loves to sing, he is a good dancer, he is so sweet to his sister and his grandparents, he is a sleeper.
Monson is also, very different from his brothers.... he has red hair, he is built totally different..stocky and muscley...he is quiet, he is an athlete, he is tough, he has always been a lady's man, he taught himself the piano and guitar, he loves to pull a face for the camera, he masters video games-guitar hero etc., he consumes large quantities of food--pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and fries being top on his list, it's difficult to tell what his moods are or what he is thinking about, he's not much of a talker.

We are celebrating his big day by being in California....Disneyland all week!
Today we let him sleep in.
It's raining and now we are deciding a plan B.... Sleep, Shop, Movie and Dinner and do the Land on Thursday and Friday when the weather is supposed to be drier.  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONSON!!! What a great boyfriend!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Speaking to your missionary son on Christmas day is the best gift!! It's even better when it' a SKYPE call and we can hear and see Truman and he can hear and see all of us.  FANTASTIC.  Technology is grand.  He looked so good.  He sounded great...a bit of a british accent.  He was "lovely" and "right proper" and "well good."  He laughed about the 2 inches of snow that closed down all of England, the crazy driving he has to do a ton of and what his plans were for boxing day.  Tru bore a strong testimony and laughed and cried a little. I just wanted to reach through the screen and give him a big hug!!! LOVED IT!  Merry Christmas to this missionary momma.

I made and gave away 2 quilts this year.  One to my sweet Lindsey and one to my new DIL-- Bre.  I love cutting up fabric and sewing it back together in new and interesting shapes and designs. Lindsey's is black denim with 3 different black, green and pink flannel patterns.  It's soft and I love how my cousin Laurie did the machine quilting with flowers and leaves.  So gorgeous.  In pink thread of course.
Bre's is yellow and purple.....her two favorite colors.  It's mostly creamy white with windows of pink, purple, green and yellow showing through.  3 large flower shape come up from the bottom on the left hand side.  It also has beautiful stitching, thanks to Laurie, and a soft butter yellow backing.

I put together a HARMONY family picture book of our family from 1986 to the present day.  I made one for all of the kids, and our 2 grandmas.  It's 24 years of Wayne and Melinda Welch family life... our family motto, how we looked, where we lived, grandparents, traditions, our bear lake tree, family song, scripture, rings, banner.  All of the stuff we have established as a family.  This was a good year to do this culminating book.  We had 5 kids...and now we are adding more.  We have a new family direction starting with Add and Bre's wedding. We are excited to be extending our family tree.

We have kidnapped Laila and Monson for the week...from Christmas to New Years and we are spending it in California at Disneyland and Universal Studios with the Madsen, Mark Welch and Terry Welch families.  There are 22 of us on this epic adventure.  
This was the big gift for this year!
This morning Laila and Monson opened alternating notes that read : "Get Ready. Get Set.  Is it sunny? You bet.  Pack your bags.  We are leaving today.  Going to DISNEYLAND...hip, hip, hooray!"
 Laila squealed with delight...Monson looked quizzical..."Really?!?"
Two hours later our car was loaded and we were off.  
Trying to find food on Christmas night in Las Vegas...means smokey Casinos.  We have eaten, swam in the hotel pool, and we are off to bed; ready for church and the rest of the drive to Anaheim on Sunday.
I am thrilled to have Monson to myself for a week.  Had we stayed home, I probably wouldn't have seen him much.  He will celebrate his 18th birthday with cousin Tyler and all of us, in Disneyland.  I am excited about this thought.  My baby boy is turning

Family vacations are always fraught with stress and anxiety....laughs and fun, fun memories!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

“Our prayer this Christmas season is that the light and testimony of the Savior's divine mission will come into our hearts and be reflected in our lives and in our homes.”  

Find JOY in the everyday!!
First Presidency message 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is what I is sweet!

Laila made a graham cracker/gingerbread house at school.  Her class christmas party.  This was a huge endeavor on her teacher's part.  Especially since she has only one arm, because of a recent shoulder surgery.  Many parents had to pitch in to make this work.  It was fun for me to be there and watch the process and fill baggies with royal frosting.   There was candy and frosting everywhere--including Laila's shirt, bum and  hair.  WOW.  I really enjoyed Preston's conglomeration house with added graham cracker  extensions and 5 roof tops.  It was impressive, if you are a redneck.
I left and the kids were still crafting.
When I picked Laila up her nice, peppermint and gummibear decorated  house had turned into a candy storage bin.  IMPRESSIVE.
We are calling it the Bishop's  candy store house- for needy families with sweet tooths.

                                              Monson's Elves......
Monson did his Eagle project today.  He got 56 gift bags put together for the Detox Center in SLC.  Our good friend Bob Lake is involved with Volunteers of America.  He clued Monson in on the possibility of this project.  The gift bags have gloves, hats, deodorant, candy, a nice christmas card, more candy, notebooks, pens, underwear, socks, a hygiene kit, razors and chapstick.  He had to get all of this donated and then he had his friends gather this morning to put them together. It looked like Santa's workshop full of assorted athletes.  It made me smile.  Monson will deliver these 56 bags on Monday. My Living room is full!!!

We haven't heard from Add and Bre....which is as it should be.  Add has texted an occasional picture of them on a ride, screaming or smiling.  They have had 3 days of rain, rain and rain.  In his last text he wrote:  "Happiness equals a pair of dry socks."    Can't wait to see them on Sunday!!!
School is officially out for 3 full weekends. I love it when it works out this way.  We have some fun plans for the holidays that I am really looking forward to.  I want to see a few movies.   Go to the live nativity at Liberty park.  Help with Sub for Santa for 5 families in SLC. We have the Welch family party and my own children party with new ornaments presented.  My kids also really love that we go bowling every Christmas Eve after a fun Cole family breakfast.  I am really looking forward to my Truman phone call on Christmas morn.  I love my missionary!
Laila said as she was putting on her pink, wool, winter coat, "I love wearing this coat.  It makes me look so rich."
My Cole Sibling party was last night.  We gathered at JOY LUCK and feasted.  Then up to Mom's house for more goodies, laughter and talk.  Mom and Dad gave each of us a Christmas Ornament that Grandma Butters put on  her Christmas tree for over 50 years.   I have always loved these ornate ornaments...and the story behind them.  Mom and her sisters all crafted these with Grandma Butters on her bed.  Pins everywhere.  The bed was a nightmare to sleep in for awhile and the carpet was  difficult to walk on with out getting poked, but the end result was worth it.
 Mom had them encased  and the presentation is beautiful.  What a thoughtful, memorable gift.

Wayne renamed his Jaguar -- "The Beast"  This is because his odometer reached 66666--- he actually pulled over to get a picture of this.  He makes me smile.

Really enjoyed Monson's choir concert.  The Christmas music was beautiful.  I love watching Monson sing... I know I say this way too much, but he is a joy.   The orchestra joined Acapella with  "Oh Holy Night" and another Tab choir one....then at the end all of the choirs sang "The FIrst Nowell"   So pretty!!! To top it all off Larry Smith wants to start a new tradition of choir, orchestra and audience all joining in to sing the Hallelujah chorus.  It was so awesome.  I loved singing my soprano guts out.

This is what I know.........Life is sweet.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wedding Good Idea...Bad idea

Costa Vida catering the luncheon....Good Idea
Serving 110 people with 2 workers and taking one hour to get through the line...Bad idea
Happy people eating good food...that we all didn't have to make and bring ourselves....Good Idea
Awesome family and friends who did the dishes and helped set up and clean up.........Good idea

Waking up at 4:30 to let the dog out of Laila's room...Good Idea
Whacking your face on the door causing an almost broken nose and a swollen lip just hours before your first son's wedding and a day filled with pictures.....Bad idea
Ice packing face at 4:35...Good idea

Finding the perfect Peacock motif shoe for the peacock motif wedding....Good Idea
Wearing the perfect Peacock shoe for the next 13 hours .......Bad idea
Bringing pink slippers to wear, to help with the clean up and put away at the end of the day .....Good idea

Giving the mother of the groom a special Silver sticker to wear at the Temple....Good Idea
Not having the sticker and getting hassled to check my purse while there.....Bad idea
Flashing the sticker the rest of the morning to get anything I wanted......Good idea
Having the photographer ask me to take off the well earned sticker.....Bad Idea
Taking it off cheerfully so the pictures wouldn't be weird.....Good idea

Fabulous Spring weather on Dec. 13..........Good Idea
Traffic and road construction leading up to the reception center........Bad idea
So many people coming out to the far away reception center because of the great weather.......Good idea
Packed, crowded, no place to sit reception center...........Bad idea

Wanting Elder Truman to be in the Wedding pictures.....Good Idea
Making a "creepy cardboard cut out " with his face glued on.....Bad Idea
Thinking about having a Fabio cut out with long hair and a bare chest with Truman's face glued on...even Worse idea
Not doing any of this, because he isn't at the wedding, he is serving a mission in England...Good idea

Not having to stand in a formal reception line........Good idea
Peppermint cheese cake..........Bad idea
Singing at my son's wedding.............Good idea

Addison and Bre getting married at the Salt Lake Temple........Good idea

Addison and Bre changing clothes in the same dressing room at the reception center..........Good/Bad/weird idea.  ( cuz I'm the Mother)

Making boutinere's and centerpieces and aprons and cake toppers, etc because your son is so creative....Good idea
Messy house and dining room table and stuff EVERYWHERE........Bad Idea
                                          SUCH A MESS

 Add and Bre  honeymooning in Disney Land.........Good Idea

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tribute to Addison, on his Wedding day.

The wedding day is here.
The one I have been dreaming of since the day Addison was born, is here. 
This day, my heart is with my Addison,  my first born.

What can I say about my Addison-shine?
We have made every  text book mistake that can be made on a first born….and he survived it all.

I have so many memories flooding my thoughts….
Addison as a toddler, smearing white eucerine on his entire body, and the walls, and his crib.    Doing his stinging dance….with his bad eczema.
Addison ‘s first day of school…he was so little, skinny, big questioning eyes…a  bear back pack, huge glasses.
Addison  with 3 little brothers….he had to do everything first…he was my biggest helper.  My most empathetic child.
Addison with a squished hamster in his hand…tears in his eyes.
Addison on stage with his little singing group….cousins involved too….and clogging competitions.  Playing "show" in the basement.  Making movies.  Costuming and make-uping brothers.
Addison— my homeschooling him in 6th grade.  Just trying to boost his self esteem….and get some mom time.
Addison in Jr. High training a guide dog.  Taking Stephi-dog to school and church and every where with him.
Addison in speech and drama in High school.  Competing and excelling.....a wet pants experience!!
Addison so proud of his  new little baby  sister.  Showing her off to his high school friends.
Addison playing Joseph in the high School production.  He was the most sincere Joseph ever.
Addison off to Louisiana for his mission.  A joyous, spirit filled time.  He came home a man.
Addison performing at Weber State….Icabod Crane.
Addison’s engagement day….. and here we are……

I like this quote about marriage: 
I want to share what kind of person Addison is.

 I asked around to neighbors and  friends what do they think of when they hear Addison’s name….these are the qualities mentioned…..
Kind, lanky, great story teller, awkward, sweet, creative, gentle, sensitive to the Spirit, charming, faithful, innocent, musical, talented, funny, easy to talk to, cheerful,  dreamer, great dancer, loyal, trustworthy….  Spiritual……full of Faith and Optimistic.
This last quality I would really agree with.  He has immense faith. 
I was  reading in Isaiah…41: 10 and 13…it just reminded me so much of Addison. 
“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will up hold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.  For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not: I will help thee."

Any advice I could give on this day?  Love, Laugh, Pray....together , always.
 Don’t focus on each other’s faults

I am reminded of this Grapefruit story….probably because I peel grapefuits just like the way that bugged the wife in the story……

My husband and I had been married about two years when I read an article recommending that married couples discuss truthfully and candidly the habits or mannerisms they find annoying in each other. The theory was that if partners knew of such annoyances, they could correct them before resentful feelings developed.
It made sense to me. I talked with my husband about the idea. After some hesitation, he agreed to give it a try.
As I recall, we were to name five things we found annoying. I started off. After more than 50 years, I remember only my first complaint: grapefruit. I told him I didn’t like the way he ate grapefruit. Instead of cutting it open and eating it with a spoon, he peeled it and ate it a section at a time. Nobody else I knew ate grapefruit like that. Could I be expected to spend a lifetime, and even eternity, watching my husband eat grapefruit like that? Although I have forgotten them, I’m sure my other complaints were of similar importance.
Then it was his turn. It has been more than half a century, but I still carry a mental image of my husband’s thoughtful, puzzled expression. He looked at me and said, “I can’t think of anything I don’t like about you.”
Gasp. I quickly turned my back, not knowing how to explain my tears. I had found fault with him over such trivial things, while he hadn’t even noticed any of my peculiar and no doubt annoying habits.
I wish I could say this experience completely cured me of faultfinding. It didn’t. But it did teach me early in my marriage that we need to keep in perspective, and usually ignore, the small differences in our spouse’s habits and personalities. Whenever I hear of married couples being incompatible, I always wonder if they are suffering from what I now call the grapefruit syndrome.

I am thankful that Addison has lived a virtuous life. 
I am thankful for  his great example to our younger siblings. 
I am thankful he has chosen a kind, faithful, wonderful daughter of God to be his eternal mate.
This is truly a day of rejoicing.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful heart Thursday

My heart is full.

I am thankful for Weddings.
We have 4 days to the wedding and it is getting a little crazy around here.  Lots of last minute to doings.  I work best under pressure, so I am glad for this.  I would feel bad with nothing wedding-to- do. We have peacock boutonnieres to put together, dresses and garters to fix, a tie to buy,  food to order, cookies to bake and package, centerpieces to figure out, table cloths to iron and table and chairs set up at the church on Sunday night.  WOW.  
I know this is all extraneous wedding trappings, that we all buy into.
The important part is the temple ceremony.  I am so happy for  Addison and Bre.
I had a special sacred experience at the temple on Tuesday.  Bre took out her endowments, and I was so blessed to be there.   I cried a lot....   I know Addison and Bre are meant to be together, and will be for this life time and into the eternities.
I am so happy to be adding her in as a Welch girl!!


I am thankful for nativities.

We are focusing on putting Christ into Christmas at our home.
We are using the book by Emily Freeman, "A Christ centered Christmas" as our jumping off point.
I really like this little book with many good ideas and themes to discuss.
It suggests taking the characters of the nativity and talking about one a week, up to Christmas.
You really could do one a day or even all in one night...if you wanted.
We are doing the one a week plan.

The first family night we talked about Mary and how she  "pondered it in her heart."  Our challenge as a  family was to ponder the true meaning of Christmas more, and to be more thoughtful this time of year.

Last week we discussed Joseph.  His theme is all about small acts of service and being in tune enough to the spirit to really listen.  We decided to listen for "the bell" this holiday season; the Salvation Army Santa bell, and do our best to give something every time we pass by.   It was good for me to give my change at Smiths, Shopko and Walmart as I went in and out. I would have done this in the past maybe once or twice during the holiday season.  The challenge this year is EVERY time.

On Monday, we read about Angels and the GOOD NEWS they bring.  We sang our favorite christmas carols and shared why we liked them.  The Angels were all about the Joy, the Song and the message of Christ's birth.
We were all there on that holy night.  We were the Angels.
I like thinking that everyone in Heaven can sing-- beautifully.  No monotone, off pitch, non singers there.
Everyone sounds angelic. idea of heaven.

We have the Wisemen, the Shepherds and lamb, and the Christ child left to talk about.

I have a thankful heart.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Night's Note

I got this as I was getting Laila to bed last night.....late, again, as usual.
She wanted to read earlier in the evening.
I was supposed to remind her.
She forgot.
I forgot.
I told her she could read after school....she said " that didn't sound fun at all."
She asked me to remind her  to read any way....she needs AR points.
I said...."that didn't sound fun at all"...she would just yell at me.

Hence the note.
I love this girl!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Random ramblings....

We are at the rodeo with a group of friends in Las Vegas.  The National championship finals opened here last night.  The city is filled with rhinestones, huge belt buckles, hats and boots.
I really like the timed's easy to tell who the winner is on steer wrestling,  team roping, tie down roping and barrel racing, but the judges events I could never really tell what was what?  Fun to watch though.
The BULL riding was amazing last night.  IT was a wild ride as the bull riders did their 8 seconds and many almost got  trampled.  A rider's spur got caught in the rope and he couldn't release from the bull.... I screamed a lot  and the clowns had to really do their distracting job.  CRAZY.
It was fun last night.
We have Cowboy Christmas today.....booth after booth of cowboy and ranch gear.  Then to the "O Splash" show tonight....all under water.  I will hold my breath through the whole thing.  Landon has seen this show and he promises me this is true.
Can't wait!!!
Going out of town is always a little tough.  I have to organize Laila's life and get her here, there and everywhere.  I am grateful to have grandmas and friends and relatives who pitch in.  Laila is great at being shuffled around as long as she has a schedule in her back pack and knows what is supposed to happen next.  I am sad to miss her Festival of Trees performance.  I hope someone video tapes it and I can see it eventually.

So proud of my almost daughter BRE!  She received an Irene Ryan nomination for her performance in Five Carols for Christmas.  She played Carol Ling....and sang and acted beautifully.  She is a joy to watch on the stage.  I am so happy that she is being recognized for her talents.

We have 10 days to the Wedding..... wow.  I can't believe how time is flying. I got to go to two showers last Saturday.  It was good to meet more of Bre's relatives.   Addison is happy because he is now counting down on two hands.  We have luncheon plans to still figure out, and some last minute stuff to take care of, but I am so looking forward to December 13!!

Monson got named to 2nd team ALL STATE for football.   ( First team All Region)
We are so happy for him and his accomplishments on the football field this year.  He has hopes to play in college, so this nomination will help him towards this goal.

I got the Velma Von Tussel part in RMT's production of HAIRSPRAY.  This opens in February and I am so happy to be in a show again. This will be the first show in the new theatre in Centerville.
I love playing a villainess...... ( wicked cackle)
I had many relatives that tried out for this....half of us made it.  Theatre is difficult because you come to the audition with your puzzle piece and if it doesn't fit into the director's vision of the puzzle, no matter how talented you are, you are not going to make it.  That's the business.    I also think that when you don't make a show, your life ( Heavenly Father)  has other things that are more important that you need to be doing.  It works out how it's supposed to. 

I am done rambling...............see a great day!