Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where to eat?

What's up with the restaurants in Bountiful? I know I'm starting to sound like my snobby foody friends ( You all know who you are...) , but I want to know.

Here are my Bountiful restaurant reviews-- no stars given, just attitude.

Marie Callendars: The service is so slow, only go there if you have 3 hours to kill for lunch. It has carpeting which is a plus for the sound level--you can actually have a conversation and hear each other. Stick to the soup and corn bread only for food but ......Bonus: The pie is great!
There are only 3 kinds of pie I like. Hot Pie, Cold Pie and More Pie. This is just an old Grandpa Welch joke, but I relate to it.

Robintino's: Pizza is not spicy, odd really, and only "old" Bountiful people really like it. The salads are all iceberg-- and what's with the pink thousand island dressing to cover it up?

Dees, Village Inn (VI), IHOP, Denny's: You know, not real restaurants. ....only good after a show around midnight for winding down with friends. Service stinks, food stinks, customers stink. (Man I'm on one.)

Cr-Applebees-- the name says it all.

Rumbi's : I'm sick of the over priced salads-- and bland food. Plus I want to be waited on, not stand in a line and order.

Cafe Rio: Over rated. See Rumbi problem-PLUS- the "disney-esque" turn style wait in line isn't any fun at all.

Wingers: Food marginal-- Dessert good, but the best part is the diet coke and popcorn before the meal comes, and now I'm off diet coke--- and you know how I am with popcorn, I can't go there any more.

Pei Wei: Can you say pee-yew--- except for the edamame

Paradise Cafe: Wait in line. Pricey. NOISEY. Only good if you get to have a cookie or a bakery item too... can't have those, so why eat there?

Plates and Palates: I actually like all of the green salads, but I the way they seat you...wait for whole party, sit at little round tables, that don't really fit 4 let along 6 people. Plus, the name is totally confusing...eating or exercising, I ask you. Don't order the soup!

Royal India: Pricey. Have you seen the tiny bowls of curry that show up at your table for $15.00-- it's truly ridiculous. They say they feed 2 people. I want to see how small Indian people really are. Weird smells.

Joy Luck: Otherwise called-- Joy hope you get lucky. Uneven. Some days good, some days not so good, never really great. Waitresses with attitudes and accents. ....and a fish tank that I can't drag Laila away from.

Mandarin: The Wait isn't worth it. If you go at odd times during the day and night, you can get right in, but who is that odd? And..... Why do some tables get table cloths and some don't? It baffles me.

ALL of the Mexican restaurants in Bountiful--El Matador, Lorena's, Alicia's, Su Casa, La Cocina,I know I can't remember all of their llamos, but, DISGUSTING. I really don't like any of those. Mal, muy mal.

So, Wayne asks me where we should go to dinner.....I say....Salt Lake.

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corrine said...

wait, wait, wait... did SI write this? you are just too funny. I really do love reading your blog and I do read it every day. Thanks for the candid laughs and fabulous writing Melinda! love you!