Saturday, October 18, 2008

Food is everywhere

A freezing cold football game on a bleak, frigid night in Bountiful is just right with a steaming, hot cup of cocoa.
We sat and froze while Bountiful kicked Skyview all over the field. It was a beautiful thing.
But sitting and freezing definitely was helped by Hot Cocoa and Hot baked potatoes.
My friend Michelle knew what she was doing when she showed up with a container of baked potatoes wrapped in foil--at half time she started passing them out to anyone who would take one-- I took two. Ahhh, heaven, as my hands and heart warmed up. I was ready to pack up and leave prior to the potato passing.

It's amazing to me how food plays into every aspect of life.

Ladies who Lunch.
Parents and pastries. (aargh)
Relief Society Enrichment nights.
Young women's/men's activities.
Seminary graduation.
Concessions at Movies and live theatre shows.
Jazz Games, Bees Games, University ball games.
The Circus
Candle parties, tupperware parties, jewelry parties, pampered chef
A visiting teacher treat with a message of course.
Get will wishes
Wedding and Baby showers
Thank you notes
Scrapbooking snacks
Wedding receptions
Opening night treats
Closing night treats
1/2 marathon running along the route and after the race.
It truly is mind boggling.

Any event just isn't complete with out the " light refreshments served," at the end.

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