Friday, March 28, 2014


What happens when a beautiful Mermaid...
...and a strong Merman get together??
They make a baby Alfie!!!

Addison, Bre and Alfie have one month left in Florida.  They are making the most of it doing all if the things they have put off for a year. Wayne and I fly to Florida April 28 to help drive them back to Utah. Bre and Alfie are flying home, Addison, Wayne and I are having a three day road trip.  Looking forward to being with my Merman .....and I don't mean Ethel!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Marcie Memory

  As a child I loved laying under the green and lavender patchwork, Grandma Rawlings quilt.  I shared a bed with my sister, Marcie til I was 10.   We would steal covers and drive each other crazy as we struggled to fall asleep each night.  We loved to choose a colorful quilt square snd play " I spy with my little eye" and figure out which square we were looking at.  We shared  grade school secrets under the covers.  A couple of times a week as we were falling asleep Marcie or I would take turns playing "timber." I knew I was in trouble when in the dark, I felt her arm straight up in the air and heard a chopping motion with her other hand...then a few wavering squeaks and her "arm-tree" would come crashing down across my body.  It was a bit painful, but fun.  We would go on and on with this game chopping and screaming until mom would poke her head in and tell us to  "go to sleep." Our chopping down trees bedtime routine is a family legend now and we love telling our kids about it and watching their eyes grow big.

Cole kids 1972
It's Marcie's birthday today..... She has been one of my best friends and allies for 51 years.  She is strong, wise and beautiful.  She knows how to put an outfit together and is an amazing interior decorator.  She is artisitc and creative.  Marcie is a fierce momma bear and has a strong testimony.

We  have had a difficult year with mom's passing and trying to figure out the best way to help our dad.  I'm glad I have siblings to share all this with.

Marcie is a great "oldest."  I love her so much.  Happy Birthday sis.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happiness Day

.....Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth...
I really like this Despicalbe Me 2 song.... it's so fun and light hearted, although I don't want to live in a room with out a roof.....which is what the song says........anyways................

Today is International Happiness Day...  So I'm getting in the spirit and listing some things I'm happy about.
1.  Happy to be driving a car, that needs very little care and up keep and just keeps rolling along, even if it is black and not YELLOW
2.  Happy to live in Bountiful, Utah with the temple so close, and good friends and family close by and pretty much everything I love is here....although it could use a few more good restaurants.
3.  Happy to be a doesn't really seem real, since I don't get to spend too much time with them, but I look forward to more grandkid time in the near future.
4.  Happy my dad is doing better healthwise, and has such a positive attitude.  He's my daddy-o and I love him.
5.  Happy to be having my Happy 31st Anniversary tomorrow.  Where has the time gone?  Wayne and I are getting to be the "old" people.  Happy to have gone through most of this life together.
6.  Happy for sunshine and not such a harsh winter as they are getting back East.  We will be setting up the swings and tramp this weekend...a month earlier than normal because of the great weather.
7.  Happy for the gospel of Jesus Christ which centers me and anchors me through my challenges and struggles.
8.  Happy to be doing a show.  Sound of Music is so fun for me.  It's been my therapy .... I can go and laugh and sing and escape for just a bit. I love  being in stage for the opening if the show when the big, red, Austrian curtain goes up. It's such a great sound and feeling. 
9.  Happy for sisters to go to lunch with and share burdens with and laugh with and go through life with.

My old friend, Janet, went to Scottland and asked a kilted Scotsman what he wore under his kilt. He looked at her, smiled and said....."Happiness."    (He might have said something else, his accent got in the way. )  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky or Blessed?

Our Little Leprechaun..... Alfie is probably wondering what his parents are doing to him.  I just want to squeeze him.
St. Paddy's day around here complete with traditional cabbage, green rolls, corn and beef... not corned beef....and cheesy potatoes, followed by basketball bracket choosing, limerick making and mint ice cream and donut eating.

I wish I knew how to write limericks
The words and the rhythm give me fits
Don't know what to do
Not clever like you
So I'll just rip it into Melinda
There once was a month with a madness
It was way better than the movie with Katnis
We all make our brackets
There will be tons of racket
Hopefully I win so I don'thave to deal with Monson's Lexi

There once was a team oh so good
They were feared by all in the hood
They'd make you shagrin, cause they're
from Michigan
They're just like that old Robin Monson
A big gray cat named Tom
Tried to kill Jerry with a bomb
It blew up beside him
and detached a limb
And he never wanted to write a Laila

The sun comes out a new day
With waves a crash on the bay
The storm clouds are gone
There's no need to dwell on
For GOd will carry you Landon
In the gym where I work on my fitness
What I tell you is not fictitious
You know I ain't easy
You know I ain't sleazy
That's right I am dang Truman

There once was a beautiful Lass
Who had a problem with violent gas
She loved to eat beans
and gross collard greens
On a date she's a total big Wayne

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mickey Alfie

Alfie is ready to see Mickey  today at the Magic Kingdom.   

Friday, March 7, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mumbling Monday

Just when I feel like I am making headway with my work  and organizing my life and getting on top of things around my house, a new challenge crops up and my mind goes whirling and my energy drops and I realize I'm still in mourning, and maybe always will be.  It kills.

I keep pondering on my one word for this year....COURAGE.

It's helping me be bolder in what I think about, want to discuss, changes in my life, want to do....but it's also a bit challenging, because maybe I'm feeling small...maybe I want to climb back into bed for the day...and eat or cry........but then that's why this word is good.

I want to keep it at the fore front of my life like a banner that moves me forward.

SO...... Fresh courage take.....

Sound of Music has finally begun.  I love being "just a nun" in the show.  Sister Berthe means No makeup or hair to worry about.  I just show up,  sing beautiful harmony, help tell a lovely story, do some Leisle costume changes, then it's over and I quickly change to come home.  It's great.   Mickey Larsen, our family friend, who plays Maria, is amazing.  She is uber talented and I had no idea she could sing high soprano.  It was great having the family come see preview so we could talk about the show and the people in it and discuss the high and lows of the production.

My Daddy-o is doing better and continues to convalesce at Orchard Cove. He is excited to "bust out of the joint" on Saturday and get back to his own chair and rural/farming tv station. He has decided not to drive any longer, which is a good thing.  His feet aren't working too well.  He will keep his car and we can drive him around in it.   I took Laila and her two friends to do some service for Gpa and rub his feet with essential oils.  They were okay with it, until we took off  his socks and saw his swollen feet. They looked like water ballloons with hotdog was quite a shock.  We all ended up laughing and .....gently rubbing his feet.

I am having pre teen daughter challenges.  Laila has decided she doesn't need parenting  or parents in the morning.  She wants us to read scriptures with her at 7 and then just go back to bed.  Stay out of her way while she gets dressed, eats and plays piano.  She doesn't want to hear a reminder or a nag about what she should be doing.  Well... she is funny, but this is my last chance to "nag" a 12 year old and I'm going to do it...with vigor!

Monson is dating Lexi Jewell-- his Michigan sweetheart.  He is very devoted to her.  He gave her a promise ring for Valentines.  She has a job in Bountiful now and has moved into a house with 3 other girls in West Boutniful.  She doesn't have a car, so he leaves our home early every morning to pick her up and get her to work...then one of us picks her up at 5 and she hangs out at our home til Monson is off work at 7.   They spend a lot of time together....probably too much, and it will be good when Monson gets more on his plate besides just work from 2-7.   Monson is the Priest Basketball coach.  He really loves this.  The team took 1st place in our stake with a double overitme, at the bucket shot for the win.... and are headed into region.

Tru is busy "finding" himself.  He is at a crossroads in his life with so many things.  The good news is he is starting a job at Golden West Credit Union.  Money coming in will be good.   He does make money here and there with his photoshop skills.  He is very helpful around the house and sings and laughs a lot but didn't think he would be 23 and living at home still.  

Add, Bre and Alfie have decided to move back to Utah.  Their Florida Disney gig was temporary when they began it, and baby Alfie has extended their life there a few months.  They will be home in May...who knows where they will live or what they will do for work or what is going to happen next for their darling family, but one thing I do know....they will move forward with Faith.  Can't wait for more Alfie time!  He is such a good mix of Addison and Bre.
Landon and Alex are doing well and despite all of their effforts to move out of Eagle Mountain, they will be there for a while longer.  Alex and Sophia are a hoot and have fallen in love with Monson almost instantly, although Laila and Tru continue to be the favorites.

Wayne is so good to me.  He continues to amaze.  He doesn't feel good lately, some intestinal something.  He has low energy, is easily dizzy, so tired...yet he serves and lifts and helps and loves.

Sometimes I think I used to be more.  More fun, more happy, more organized, more spiritual, more of everything and now I'm just not.  I don't know if that's true, or if I just see things more realistically now.  I wonder if I met myself today, if I would even like me.
Anyway....just mumbing away on my Monday