Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paybacks will be sweet!

Wayne dragged me out of bed on Saturday morning, bright and early, so our family could participate in our Stake's Fun Run. It really was a great event. We had runners and walkers, (over 900 people), go from the Stake Center to the Bountiful Temple and back. It was a 5K. I loved it. A beautiful day. A Healthy Activity. Oranges and Wheat Bread at the end of the race.

Perfect.....then I got home.
The boys decided they wanted brownies and ice cream for BREAKFAST!! They did this just to spite me, of course. They went to the grocery store in between the fun run and coming home. Landon and Laila made brownies. A half hour later I had an incredible chocolate smell permeating my house. I couldn't believe it. I felt betrayed. They don't care if I lose weight or not. They keep telling me, "chubby people are funny." I wasn't laughing!
I stayed strong as they ate in front of me and followed me through out the house with their bowls of hot brownie melting ice cream. They love to tease their mom.

Oh, but I'll get them back one day.

I can't wait til they have their own homes, and they are trying to eat healthy. I'll just show up one morning with my own brownie ingredients, and just use their oven to bake it in and then put on the vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmm.
I can just hear the screams now, "Mom, what are you doing?" "Mom this is my kitchen."
If they have children by then, all the better. I can inflict my brownie on my grandkids too.
On this same day, I'll go to their bathroom, use a towel and throw it on the floor, leave the toilet seat up, and not flush the contents; squeeze some toothpaste in their sink and make sure the mirror gets good and splashed on. Then I'll get in their kitchen towel drawer and wipe my hands on all of the contents inside, mess the towels up real good, then just close the drawer.

Oh it will be a beautiful day.
Paybacks will be Sweet!

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Si said...

I was wondering what was up with all of the healthy food after the
5K. Landon should have invited me over.