Thursday, September 25, 2008

Junk Food

I eat junk food. I don't really love it, but it's cheap and sweet or cheap and salty and I do love the cheap part.
Why is good food and the making of good food sooooo expensive. By the time I buy all of the ingredients, I might as well eat at a restaurant every day-- pricey, but good.
My friend Si-- doesn't eat junk food, although we have been trying to keep a twinkie rumor alive for years, oh wait, that's my friend Kimi who eats those, never mind.
Back to Si--she doesn't eat anything cheap or bad. She counts box cake mix as cheap and she loves cake, but anything you have to take the time to make-- even a box cake mix-- isn't in the junk food category. Sorry Si.

If junk food is sitting around, even when I tell myself I won't eat it, within the half hour I'm snarffing it down.

I tried to quit buying it so it wouldn't be in my house, and now I'm making my own with whatever odds and ends I can find in my house. Chocolate chips and potato chip crumbs, or a yucky no name sandwich cookie dressed up with jam. I found an extra petrified m-n-m in the cupboard the other day, easily fit for the garbage...I ate it.

I love a good piece of fruit. But more times than not, I've bought the orange and it's inedible. It's dry or woody or not sweet. Just yuck. Same with Watermelon, Apples, cantelope, peaches, grapes, pineapple....they are not all created equal. A snickers bar, on the other hand, tastes the same every time.
Hello......Mother Nature -- you need to work on this.

And I need to work on my addiction to Junk food.

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Si said...

I'm sending the little men in white suits to your house. Eating a petrified choc chip???? Come over here and at least get a good piece of Frans Caramel with sea salt on it. Geez.